Vatican – The Dark side

None Wisdom

Today we will mega-slog and ramble about everything under the sun.

While the Mainstream Media has been busy averting public eyes over Mumbai, or at the least eyes of naive people, other things have flared up around the planet. Things that are ignored or barely mentioned. Protests are becoming violent, we have people who refuse to step down from power even though they are destroying their country and foisting hardship upon their own people.

The Whore Of Babylon, Conda Lizzard Rice has surfaced in India of all places. (Well knock me over with a feather) I wondered when she would smell a war to be had because she was conspicuous by her absence. Looking at her track record we are now 99.9% certain of conflict there because she leaves a trail of blood and corpses everywhere she goes.

But what IS she doing there beating her war drums with less than 2 months left to serve?

Interesting! Surely a new Government of CHANGE would be gagging her evil mouth.

Almost non existent in the MSM are the recent clashes in Nigeria leaving over 400 dead. Another 7,000 were forced to flee. Homes were burnt to the ground with people still in them. Homes, churches, mosques and schools were also razed to the ground. In fact it’s been going on for quite a while now, the only difference is that it’s escalating.

Here we go again you might say. Churches and Mosques. Bloody religious fanatics must be at it again. Killing each other to prove who’s God is the best. But in this case you would be wrong. The riots are about rigged elections and were stirred up by those rigging the elections, namely religious leaders seeking power.

When will people realize that not only has their governments been infiltrated, but their religions have been too.

I am torn between Anger, Pity and Astonishment when confronted with the fact that the majority of people still believe what they hear or see in the MS News. Try to explain something otherwise and they will have none of it. Even days later when you are proved to be right and the Media wrong, they shrug and continue blindly listening and believing the next flood of lies time and time again.

An attitude that will lead them into a dead end road of hardship, worry and strife.

What the hell are they putting in the water these days besides poisonous Fluoride? That my friends is the power of the Media and TV auto suggestion. How can these people be dumber than dumb? The fact is they are. It is time to stop trying to convince the unconvincible because they think know more than you. Yet they still moan about about the position they now find themselves in. Still they don’t listen. Soon they will see things get worse for themselves. Still they won’t listen.

Alas, you will tire of flogging dead horses. You will eventually reach the point where I am. I just don’t suffer fools gladly! People out there everyday are fighting mental illnesses and related problems. Yet these dumb people have healthy brains but just can’t be bothered to use them. I have no time for these sorts. Nor pity either when there time comes to bear.

Deadly Virus

Then there are those who have caught the deadly virus of Religion or are beginning to turn to it in hope some God or other will look after them through the frugal times on the horizon. Most of them will have not given a damn about anyone but themselves when credit and easy money were flowing. Their self indulgence blinded them to the need of others, even relatives and friends when they hit a difficult period. You must remember them, when like true hypocrites, they come knock, knock knocking on your door for help.

When they get the message that nobody wants to know them, they will selfishly pray for help and only for themselves at that. The help will not come except in a lesson of humble humility and a period for reflection in strife and hardship.

People kill and be killed in the name of their God, a supernatural entity that they have never seen nor ever will. Dying and killing for an invisible cause is beyond me, but everyone to their own. But dying for an invisible cause that promotes death and destruction of innocents is another thing. They never entertain the thought that religions are supposed to promote peace and love of thy fellow man, all living things etc. Nowhere in any Untampered, Genuine, Ancient religious texts will you see… Kill your fellowman, blow limbs off women and children and make war not love.

Why? Because religions have been hijacked or re-invented. It is easy to do because ancient cults like religions have been tampered with in order to manipulate. You see my friends, the Gods of men are not the true essence of what God IS. Millions pile into Mosques and Churches to worship, but they are not really aware of the true essence we call God. They are merely following the mainstream like sheep unable or to lazy to find what the thing we call God really IS. Who knows, maybe their mind would crack!

And another thing. God is not connected to any religion that you have been conditioned to believe no matter what your colour of skin or nationality. So your search for God in churches and mosques is fruitless. Only the cults and charlatans who run these establishments benefit from the great deception.

If each person would make an effort to research their respective religions, they would have a divine heart attack when they realize that all religions have the same stories. The only difference is a change of names and places. There doesn’t seem enough Difference to argue let alone kill and hate each other. It would be wiser to unite in a scholarly way to find an answer to this enigma. Why are the stories so similar in ALL religions? More importantly, what are the messages trying to be passed down from our ancestors that are lost in translation yet are basically the same?

The answers and occult (Hidden) messages will never be found while mankind allows his religious leaders to blur the truth by preaching hatred against his brothers.

What Colour Is Your Blood?

I’m a classed as a white man! I like a tan. My blood is red! What colour is yours?

If it’s red, then we are related, no matter what your skin tone. You are my Spiritual Brothers and Spiritual Sisters like it not. We are all traveling the same path in this journey of life. We are all heading in the same direction and to the same purpose. We laugh and we cry at the same things. We suffer the same pressures and demands of life. We are born the same and we die the same. More intriguing is that we are all making the same journey at the same moment of time in the same space of time.

Nature brings us into this strange world of reality and solid mass to give us life. It also takes us from this life by accident, illness or age. Nowhere have I ever found ancient, occult or metaphysical knowledge that says man can play Nature and decide another human being’s death or existence. Nature is billions of years older than mankind. We haven’t been around two seconds compared in Earth time, yet we think we have become better and wiser than Nature and Supernature. We can kill without mercy because a man in a suit and another in a robe can play God.

If Politicians and Religious leaders thirst for blood, death and power so much, it’s time we changed the rules of war. If they stir up a conflict, we should stop them running to their bunkers or crawling back under their rocks. They should be dispatched to the frontline forthwith along with any family old enough to hold a gun. Politicians could then earn respect by showing us bravery in death and the Sky Pilots could show us the power of their God when he makes them immune to bullets and bombs.

If the world made this law compulsory, war would become extinct overnight.

Meanwhile, the powers that be will send your children to fight and die, not theirs. These new Kings of the future need our ignorance in order to become Kings. You cannot be a King without subjects to rule over.

Believe Every Lie

What a sick world we live in. That is how much civilization has declined and rotted. And so it will continue to rot until the masses refuse to go along with them and begin to take charge of their own lives instead of relying on a bunch of False Prophets and Kings. Every one of us posses a gift called Free Will. If we continue to allow Free Will to be corrupted by those who seek power, then we must stop complaining and buckle down to what they have planned. We must keep believing every lie by the MS Media and organized Politicians without question. No matter how many times we discover their lies, we must quickly forget and believe the next one without question, because sooner than you think, it will become under compulsion.

What is the difference between any of us? None, except Free Will. But even the gift of Free Will is the same, there is only the difference of how we use it. To kill or to live and let live. To be Kind or to be Cruel. To endure the hardship of what the elite have created or not listen to them at all.

I don’t care who believes in what. I won’t laugh in your face at your beliefs, even if you worship a Patron Saint of Carrots… well I probably would but that’s not the point. That is Free Will at work. Let them worship that, and those worship this but let each other be. Live and let Live sounds better than Kill and be Killed to me.

Surely we cannot translate religious wisdom as, Sin all week, go to church, get forgiven, sin all next week, go to church, get forgiven. Go to war, kill, go to church, get forgiven, go to war, kill… Only one artificial religion does that.

If the coming heightening of consciousness up to 2012 reveals the real true Code of what God IS to them, I will guarantee one thing. There would not be one single Church nor Mosque standing anywhere on Earth and no sign of the religious leaders who ran them. Even Popes are made aware of that fact.

In fact they are terrified of a certain prohesy

The Prophesy of Fatima’s Third Secret, now under Vatican lock and key foretells that this time will come. It’s about the fall of, and destruction of the Catholic Church. More on that below.

You truth seekers out there who have opted to be curious when instinct tells you there is more to something than meets the eye, will soon discover an ability to ride the coming storm of uncertainty and disruption of normal life with considerable ease compared to those who will be caught unawares. After all, things like Inflation and Depression are man made tools, not a Metaphysical phenomenon that just happen for no reason. People seem to forget that we go through a downturn every ten years. We call them Recessions. By laws of averages, within ten of those recessions (100 years) we will encounter one big one we call a Depression, but this one is arriving early. It may be best to view it as a regulator for when things have become to silly like house prices, endless credit… and beer!

Nature does not cause Recessions or Depressions, nor do the Gods, men do. Greedy men and their incompetent little lackeys of great stupidity. Nobody in their right mind would bring hardship on themselves or others on purpose. But someone who is warped or unbalanced would. To them it’s translated as power. It makes them feel good. They get a buzz from creating misery for others and becoming rich off the poverty of others. Misery and Poverty that does not affect them in the slightest.

But this time they have gone to far and the Grand Plan seems to be wobbling out of control as I have said before.

Fork In The River

Those here who can clearly see the staged managed events we see in Life and recognize the media hype and fruitless speculation of events before facts are found, are in a quandary. What do we do? Do we try to open peoples eyes before they walk blindly into a harsh life trap, or do we shrug and say, Alright, don’t say you wasn’t warned? It is time to stop playing the good Samaritan.

Let the stragglers catch up and leave the rest where they are now. They have made their beds, let them lay in them.

I am mentioning this now because we are all reaching a point of no return. We are about to shoot the fast moving rapids of 2009 and there is a rocky fork in the river approaching us rapidly. The blinkered will not see the fork until it’s to late to think. When that happens, they will have no alternative other than to go with the mainstream flow. They will be carried by the raging torrent of the panicking masses and miss the alternative fork of calm.

Thinking is needed now. Which fork do I take when I get there? Do I stay with the mainstream or chance the smaller calmer river fork where waters run deep? Even by the time you have thought that thought, the fork has become nearer and collision is imminent. You know that by hesitating to long, things will become disastrous because you will crash into the the rocky point where land separates the two rivers. It’s called the third choice.

You would not normaly choose the third choice unless there was absolutely no other option. Say for instance, both forks in the river eventually come to a raging thousand foot drop waterfall of oblivion. The decision would be easy with this knowledge. Crash into the headland and take your chances from there on foot.

But what if certain entities wanted to harm or disrupt you for whatever reason? What if they gave you a false map and told you to stick to the mainstream of the river with the majority of people because the calmer fork is misleading and dangerous. You would naturally follow the crowd thinking if all these people are going that way it must be the safest route. Only idiots would chance the other route.

What if suddenly, before you climb into your raft and set off to reach that fork on the map, a stranger appeared.

The stranger tells you he has been traveling UP Stream and has seen the horrors of the mainstream left hand fork. The stranger warns you not to take the route you have been told to, because he has seen the killer waterfall and he has also seen the smashed corpses being looted by those who told the innocent victims it was the safest route. Would you or could you believe in a stranger? After all, he’s traveling UP Stream. He has already seen what lay beyond the fork and the true fateful destination of your journey. He has seen your destiny before it has happened. In a way he has seen the future because the stranger is traveling in an opposite direction than you. He is coming from your destination. Likewise, you know what lies upstream, therefore you know what he is going to encounter later on his journey.

Decisions, decisions. But at least now you have food for thought and are a little wiser. At least you know that there IS a fork in the river and a dangerous waterfall. You have gained time to allow you to think along the journey instead of having the danger thrust upon you unawares, forcing you to make a rash decision.

Deadline 2009 AD

The fork of which I speak does exist. I have seen it. I am the stranger.

There is a great significance about 2009 which is only known to a few wise bods compared to the masses because the masses are simply not bothered… YET!

I will tell you what the significance is when the time is right. Meanwhile I will tell you this.

Look what I have told you over the past few years. Many impossible things that were hard believe at the time nor wanted to be believed. Who can blame you? Nor do I take great joy in bringing bad tidings. But the caption atop the website slog is –

Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est. Meaning Knowledge Is Power

And so it is. Knowing in advance means gaining the Edge. It’s a simple but powerful tool of wisdom.

But in the reality of the present, we are all in the middle of some of those Predictions like it or not. My numerous and pointless ramblings of an imminent Global financial crash and such may have been hard to swallow last year and even this year, but nevertheless here we are. Water under the bridge my friends, but by no means over.

More turmoil is yet to come. As mentioned, I feel things are out of control, or should I say, the Timing is out of sync. The Conspirators and Machinators have no choice now, other than to go with the flow. This is good for us believe it or not because they are going into unchartered territory ahead of us. They are hurtling towards the fork in the raging river and it is about to surprise them when it appears unannounced and catches them by surprise. Watch them.

They cannot go down the dangerous left fork because they know about the waterfall they kept secret from you.

They cannot take the other fork, because although unchartered, they know it’s safe and slow moving calm. No good because we will soon catch sight of them.

They need time to think but the time is no longer affordable. They have no choice but to take the Third Option. Try to crash into the rocky headland so those who survive can move on foot. It buys time for thought and more scheming but ultimately, it will slow down their progress. Besides those who crashed or were pushed, other acolytes will be left on the rocky point. They will shout and wave their arms in a last ditch effort to convince you to take the dangerous fork. Like they care about you.

Wise and awakening people will spot these acts of treachery, they will tear up the map and chance the calm route of slow moving deep waters. The route we should have been guided to in the first place. By this act, they will eventually overtake those who crashed and are now moving painfully on foot.

Time Warp?

In fact you are seeing the future now in a way. You have skipped through a time warp. The global finance enigma that we are witnessing now, should not be happening until late next year or start of 2010. This was supposed to be another routine dry run that slowly strips away health, wealth and happiness.. An exercise of market manipulation and a test of public apathy. You knew something was wrong when almost everything went up in price at the same time. I have never seen anything like it. Governments and big companies alike began testing an already struggling public. They began trying to squeeze blood out of a stone but underestimated how much pillaging they had already done.

You can image our great leaders and captains of industry discussing and laughing at us as they tuck into their five star meals and expensive wines like they do.

“Let’s test out the peasants. Let’s see how far we can squeeze the buggers before the big one in 2010.”

Something happened around that time. They became mesmerized by their own power. They watched as people began to struggle. They became fascinated watching small business crumble to the tune of 140 per week. At that point they should have said OK, we have seen enough now to gauge a public reaction for when we really nail them to the floor. Let’s back off a little and give them some air.

But they could not stop the financial onslaught and became hooked on greed until it spiraled out of control. You could see the fear in their eyes as they flew around the globe in an endless flurry of meeting after meeting trying to save their own skins, not the economy. Now they have another worry. nobody is spending. They think we are all addicted to spending as they are to power. They thought people would stampede to the high street and spend spend spend.

They did not realize that their exercise in Elite Power Management had gone far to far. They have scared people. People have had a rude awakening literally. The majority have suddenly realized how frail the system is. They know that one day they can wake up and everything has changed into a world where money has become tight and loose easy credit has suddenly dried up.

No use will come out of denial any longer either. A far better attitude is to stay positive. Know by common sense that Tinkerbell is not going to sprinkle magic stardust on the situation and make things better overnight. Know that strange things have and are still happening. Face it and make preparations. Use your head not just by thinking, but by getting your mind into the right frame and attitude. Don’t cry over spilt milk.

Remember that I coined 2008 The year of Stagnation. A pulling of two halves where many would be awakened.

It’s like an unevenly matched tug of war between Authority and Freedom therefore not much progress can be made either way leading to Stagnation.

People begin to question and mistrust their Leaders and Politicians. They don’t know why or how the feeling got there, but there it is anyhow, pecking away at the subconscious that something isn’t quite right.

I think I am safe in saying that we are well and truly experiencing that Stagnation now. So much so that the Worlds economies are grinding to halt, to a stage so serious that Trillions of Quadrillions are needed to pump into the bottomless abyss… and it will fix nothing. If it had, you would not be hearing the dire hints of politicians. (If you still listen to them that is.) Yet the question still begs to be asked.

Where is all the bailout money disappearing to?

We are witnessing another enigma. Money is being printed overtime or so it’s claimed. The presses are running red hot, so it’s claimed. But somewhere between the Mint/Treasury and the public, there must be a Bermuda Triangle or hole into another dimension because the new money is just not getting through to the struggling masses. It’s disappearing into thin air. It must be so, because surely the elite, our leaders and their henchmen are far to honest to be removing money from circulation into Swiss and other secret bank accounts. Besides, they would never dare… would they?

At least there is one victory, although a hollow one. The MSM and puppet politicians are now forced to use OUR word, RECESSION, instead of their made up sissy and ultimately misleading term Credit Crunch. We then abandoned the word Recession months ago in favour of a more descriptive word, DEPRESSION. How long before they summon the courage to utter that word because it is taboo for any government and means the end of office for them. Unless of course, they can force you under their control first.

Opposite Of Stagnation

Hands up anyone who knows what word means the opposite of Stagnation. Anyone know? Well neither do I but ‘Flow’ is good enough or ‘Movement’, something that is not still or stagnant.

When I mentioned earlier about a tug of war going nowhere, we can now see movement. One team is weakening more than than the other. At last we are breaking out of a stagnant period into a time of action. But did you notice I sneaked a word in before Tug of war? I said ‘Uneven’. We are the team who is tired through apathy. The politicians are in control and dragging us to the edge of the Great Abyss. They are pulling hard gathering rhythm, momentum and also the advantage. They knew we were falling asleep and caught us while we were sleeping. Not fair or gentlemanly but they play for keeps.

Shaken and stirred as we may be, it is time to dig the heels in to slow things down and regain composure. We are still losing ground because they still have the momentum, but digging our heels in will definitely force them to adjust their rhythm and slow their momentum. (Or force a crash into the rocky headland)

How you dig your heels in is up to you. But I know what I and others are doing. We are refusing to spend on luxuries or extravagance. The greed merchants fear this tactic greatly, especially this time of year when traditionally they make fortune by ripping off their faithful customers. Now they are getting a taste of their own medicine and are shaking in their expensive shoes.

Hold Your Nerve – Don’t Shop

I have mentioned this tactic before. The more you keep cool in the run up to xmas, the cheaper things will get. The big retailers have no choice. Already we are seeing shipping containers and new cars piling up on docks all over the world. Big stores are refusing to accept them because they have no room until they dispense of the stock they have now. They are snookered because xmas stock can only be sold at this time of the year and time is running out. Winter stock has to make way for Spring and Summer stock. And here is a little secret you should know.

The big overstock and liquidation warehouses are filled to bursting point. Another reason the docks are piling up containers. Even they have told their big store clients No More! We don’t have the room until we unload the last lot. They have said that in order to unload what they already have, prices will have to be slashed to cut throat proportions.

Here’s a prediction for you. Do not shop until the very last minute and you will guarantee December sales. January will be a giveaway. They have no other option. winter stock must go to make way for Spring stock. If not, more big business empires will crumble.

If the majority could stick together, it would demonstrate the greatest force on Earth. People Power. It would send a devastating message to the greed and power merchants of this planet. Enough is enough, the buck stops here and we are taking back our lives, our Governments, our Religions and the Freedom that we owe our Children and Grandchildren.

People Power cannot happen yet because of the Moron section of society. Morons like the scum in America who trampled a store worker to death in a sale. Five am in the morning, these Morons could not wait their turn to get through the door because the Me First morons got wedged in the doorway. What did they do? They smashed the shop front windows to get in and killed this poor guy in the process. They devastated a whole family just to save a few bucks and they don’t give a monkeys.

Want some fun instead of droning none action politicians? Vote for me to become the King of the World for six weeks and I will show you fair but rough justice.

Do you know what I would have done with those greed filled Morons? I would have locked them in and burned the place down to the ground. I would have snipers all around the building to shoot any escapees or any good samaritan who tried to help them.

Of course I would use the best snipers. The same ones who I used to wipe out all the bent politicians and bankers last week. Go on, you know it makes sense. give old Levi six weeks of power and I will cleanse the Planet of scum and Morons for you, from the bottom to the highest level of society. No excuses and no quarter given.

Then and only then, when every lying Sky Pilot, Politician and self elected Elite have been routed out and punished, I would transfer back to where it truly belongs. In the hands of the people. Oh yes, and you could abolish Public Hanging that I would have temporary reinstated. Just a deterrent for future political and religious parasites you understand.

Meanwhile as you decide on my election for King of the World for six weeks, do not expect normal movement in anything like starting a slow pull then gradually picking up speed and pace.

2009 will be more like the snapping of the public elastic. Sudden Contraction. The point of that sudden snap has not quite been reached yet, but the elastic is under strain and will reach it’s absolute threshold of endurance in 2009. If arrogant leaders are not worried about 2009… they should be and will be. We will see the yellow streak which runs down their backs.

Which way it snaps and how loud is another enigma for now. Personally I can’t wait.

2009 Predictions

Besides dropping hints, I must clear up something here for a few people who may have also got a little lost in translation. Maybe it’s my habit of rambling without checking my bad grammar or spelling.

Some people are under the impression that I am not going to release my Predictions 2009 at all. That would be a nice little daydream in calmer times.

Unfortunately, we have left calm safe harbors for more turbulent waters and I have been delegated to pilot you through them if you wish.

My Nautical Chart is not as precise as a real one you can touch, but it is precise enough to avoid the hidden dangers you cannot see. It can also guide safely through waters still not yet chartered should we be forced to navigate them against our will. By knowing where a hidden reefs are, and when we are getting close, enables us to avoid the danger of shipwreck.

The 2009 Predictions will be made available, but just not in the usual or traditional way that’s all.

As for not telling you what is hidden for now, would be a mild act of betrayal on my part, especially concerning 2009. It promises to be something else, trust me.

I have already seen much 0f 2009 on my journey UP Stream, but more things keep penetrating through the misty spray and will become clear enough for revelation eventually and with time to spare.

Hope that clears up a few worries and disappointments.

Fatima’s Third Prediction Released

Finally, I would like to draw your attention to my old adversary… the Church. My quiet Prediction about scandal did happen but was not confirmed here. It’s old news now but it was about a pope in a pointy hat trying to cover up long standing problem of sexual perversion and child abuse in the Church. No big deal really, nobody seemed the least bit surprised.

It is important to realize that the church has been penetrated by liars and dark entities posing as spiritual and wise men when they are nothing more than religious politicians. There are many who are wise and spiritual, but just like in our society, it has been infiltrated by oppressors of truth.

The church does not bother me these days but it wasn’t always like that. If you are unfamiliar with the story, it was the church who tried to brand me evil. It was the church who cleverly spotted that the name Levi is an anagram of Evil and Vile. I really had never given thought to it before, but there it was. They never mentioned the third anagram which is Live, only the evil and vile thing to try and discredit me and the ancient art of the Tarot. They condemn any form of divination as Satan’s tools and those who practice it as evil.

Whom is it then, who dresses in robes, burns incense and candles, uses red wine to represent blood and worship an unseen force at a stone altar and their highest representative sits on a chair in the Vatican with an upside down cross carved into it?

I’ll give you a clue.. it’s not me.

I’m not a lover of hypocrisy and false rumour, of which the church are very adept because they have become masters of the art. I laid down the gauntlet and invited the slur mongers to a live radio discussion but they backed down when they realized just how much I knew about them and their book that I am not supposed to know.

I can finish them off with Genesis alone and prove where their Bible stories truly originate. So do not write off the Bible alone. It contains much older wisdom than you know. Just do not be misled that the content belongs exclusively the church or that particular religion.

Even to this day I occasionally have a dig at them in hope they will step forward and finish what they started. After all, they drew first blood. Unfortunately, it seems they are having none of it these days because there is a growing awareness that was not present in the immediate past. It does not really matter anymore, because they are doing a better job of exposing themselves than I could ever have done. Forget the attempted Vatican cover up of deprivation and sexual abuse of children, they have put their foot in it once again.

Dong, Dong, Dong. – The End Of The Church Is Nigh!

When I was a young whipper snapper, I became interested in what became known as the ‘The Three Prophesies Of Lady Fatima’ or ‘The Miracle At Fatima”.

In Portugal 1917 an apparition of the Blessed Mother is said to have appeared to three young shepherd children. The apparition revealed Three Prophesies of which only two were released to the public which predicted the two wars. It’s said that the Third Prediction should not be revealed until 1960 AD, Forty Three years later. Since then it has laid in limbo deep in the Vatican Vaults under lock and key along with other Artifacts and Ancient texts that are not supposed to exist.

That is why the Vatican is a secret State within a State, so no one can access them.

Since 1960, every Pope has refused to reveal the Secret Prophesy or Prediction. Each one has denied it is connected to his time. It’s said one new Pope, John the XXIII, was so horrified, he collapsed when he first read it. Many churchgoers miss the fact that each Pope since 1960 has refused to carry out the divine order of the spirit to which the very foundations of the church is built on. A Pope, the highest of God’s representatives here on Earth, has defied the request of a Holy Spirit.

The very secrecy around the Prophesy intrigued me. What was so frightening about it that it could paralyze the church with fear? What was so disturbing that a Pope should neglect his duty to a messenger of the God who he is sworn to serve?

We know one thing for sure. The church took the prophesies with deadly seriousness. That was their first mistake.

Surely it would have been easier to play the story down. After all, we are talking about three poor shepherd children about ten years old. But they didn’t, so it soon became a millstone around the Vatican’s neck. No matter how much they prayed to make it forgotten, the Prophesy would not go away. So here we are now roughly 92 years after the event and 48 years late in revealing the long awaited enigma, it has now been released.

What an anti climax. In 48 years, you would think it ample time to make up something better than the feeble revelation they have come out with. Maybe they have forgotten people like myself who already knew what the Prophesy was really about. Or clever people and researchers who are not having any of it and have had their intelligence insulted by the church. The so called Revelation has been branded a ‘Whitewash by the church’ by many sources.

They are trying to say the Prophesy was a Prediction of an attempted assassination of a future Pope, meaning Pope John Paul. I don’t know about you, but it certainly does not gel with me. Pope John Paul was shot in 198. That was 27 years ago believe it or not. Should the church not have released this millstone back then and be done with it? Or at least after Pope john died.

The Last Pope

I am uncertain whether this was to be the last Pope or next to the last. I will stick with the last Pope claim I think, because the man is cloaked in dark energy. His energy field is similar to someone with mental illness but heavier. In other words, he’s not right in the head. He also fits a description of who I saw all those years ago when I focused on the Fatima enigma. If there is one more pope to go, he will be nothing more than a frontman making it appear that he his trying to stop it’s decline, another illusionist.

Remember I was quite young back then and the memory has not changed one iota since that time. Other Psychics and Remote Viewers have followed later and proved to me that I am not alone in what I saw. Some of them also know about about things in the Vatican Vault that are not supposed to be there. Things which in themselves could bring the church to it’s knees overnight. That’s what I mean when I say ‘The Church Is Not All That It Seems’.

The Pope you see now is what we call the Anti Pope as in Anti Christ. Also he should not be the pope. It was supposed to be a smaller but rounder man, Italian I think. But shenanigans were at play similar to the vote rigging which is now rife around the world and what you see now is the result. The Anti pope or last pope will be the one to sell out the church to Satanic rule or be controlled by undesirable forces.

This evil man is ruthless. That is how he managed to usurp the real and preferred choice. Remember that he used to be the Enforcer for Pope John Paul. He is a very powerful man.

He is also part of the Illuminati and the New World Order vision. It is the sole duty of this man to bring religions down, especially Islam. The idea is to have a One World Religion for the One World Order. In this new global church, all men will worship one God.

I’m afraid you will find this hard to swallow at first, but you must be used to that by now.

The God they want you to worship is the one they already worship along with the Elite.

I gave you a clue earlier. The popes chair. I think it’s called the Chair of St Peter? Correct yourself if I’ve got it wrong. If you saw the pope being crowned with his pointy hat on TV, you may have briefly noticed the carving of a cross on the chair.

An Upside Down Cross!

I’m no church goer my friends, but I have encountered much metaphysical and Occult knowledge and experiences in my years. More than enough to know what an upside down cross means. It is an ancient symbol of worship to the fallen angel we know as Lucifer or Satan. It means they support and feed off dark negative energy and beliefs.

When I see people going to church, I feel sorry for some of them who deserve better. Nice God fearing folk, (Not all of them) who are under the illusion that they are worshiping a benevolent force of goodness when in truth, they are worshiping what they know as Satan or Demonic Forces.

And that is what the Fatima Prophesy was about. The church being infiltrated be dark forces and a Pope who would betray the soul of the church, his flock and his brethren brothers. Although it may have been some kind of symbolism, I will mention that many bodies of church elders were strewn about the Vatican as if a massacre had taken place. I know of four other genuine people who have seen similar without any prompting from myself. How strange is that?

So it seems that in an attempt to form a one world religion, something will go terribly wrong, leading the church to destruction. If not symbolism. The dead men in church robes could also mean a terrorist attack from other religions who the church have declared war on.

I cannot go into it deeper right now but there was more of the Prophesy being covered up.

It related to great destruction in 2012 – 2013 caused by a possible appearance from heaven. Namely Nibiru or Planet X. But that my friends is for another day.

The point is that scandal after scandal leaks out of the church. Now this massive attempt to lie and cover up once again and witholding or stealing knowledge belonging to the people. Like their bedfellows the politicians, it demonstrates how stupid they regard the public and the control they still have over them.

Remember also that this False Pope recently blessed and converted the two biggest war criminals in modern history. Georgie Dubya Busch and Tony Blair. Two mass murderers with blood soaked hands of innocents. Is that the action of a good Pope? To reward the mass executioners of Muslims. If that is religion my friend, they can keep it.

And they have the audacity to call me Evil?

Peace – Evi.. oops sorry Levi!

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