Postcard From An Underground Dweller

The Underground Dweller

I peer around cautiously before emerging from my underground bolt hole like nervous Meerkat checking for birds and humans of prey.

Squinting my eyes to the strong sunshine against a deep blue sky, it dawns on me that the World is still in one piece for now. All I have to do is check for signs of life. I checked for intelligent life before I went underground but did not find any.

Whether I will be looking for survivors depends if things have kicked off yet amongst the surface dwellers of Planet Earth and those leading them into the destruction of broken down societies.

It must be another leap of evolution. From the Stone Age to the Bronze Age to the Iron Age to the Steam Age to the Technology Age we live in now. What comes next? How about the Dark Age?

Last time I was up here on surface world, things were getting a little scary and tense. In fact it seems that I am spending increasingly more time below these days. A trend that has grown each year since 2005. The World has become more dangerous since then. Much more dangerous and much more volatile. That is why I hate these forays into the open. Chaos can erupt at any time. Then again, I must observe and witness any changes for posterity.

Like others who sought refuge underground, I witnessed madness sweeping across the Planet.

Watched the huddled multitudes sleepwalking into futureless limbo without a glint of question in their eyes.

A manic insanity that is steering life and order as we know it, hurtling towards the great abyss which has devoured many once great civilizations during the History of mankind. A History steeped in bloodshed that has left us a weary road of death, destruction and countless wars. Conflicts that leave the infrastructures of countries devastated and its people bankrupt. Warfare that causes setbacks in our progress and evolution as human beings.

We have not grown or evolved into a higher dimension as was the grand design of creation. The masses strayed from the path of enlightenment many Moons ago. They are no longer interested in Who they are, Why they are here and Where they are going. They ask what “life is all about” with a shrug of shoulders before walking away from their own question. They have become detached from the Earth and forgotten that they are creatures of the Earths Nature.

The Earth is having great difficulty resonating with them. The reason why more people are getting sicker and more depressed.

One of the biggest but most underestimated killers on the Planet is “Stress” with a capital S. It is a great nullifier.

That is one reason why most people cannot see reason itself. They are led by entities who are not beneficial to their welfare or future. Therefore their insight has been dulled. It cannot penetrate the vague mist of illusion, therefore they cannot see that those who are causing them stress are the same ones who are leading them astray as easily as a naive child.


Propaganda Is Alive And Well

The first thing I do is check the Disinformation level. Propaganda that passes itself off as News and events. More are awakening to the many lies and contradictions within the media, but for the most part the old adage is alive and well.

“If its on TV or in the Newspapers then it must be true”. What a wonderful tool for Auto Suggestion. Rub your nose… its itching!

Last time I was up here on the surface of this mad crazy world, there was news of yet another Russian Satellite failure. This time it was called GRUNT. There was concern because it still had full tanks of a highly toxic octane fuel having not being able to start its journey to Mars. Whether it would ignite or shower us with deadly toxin instead was not known. Bugger this says I and went into shutdown faster than a ferret down a rabbit hole. False alarm though because three weeks ago I am talking to someone and there on RT – Russia Today TV, the news ticker tape clearly said that GRUNT had crash landed in Siberia. No damage had been done to property nor soul.

Anyways, all clear says I and emerged to catch a few rays while the Sunshine is still relatively safe and immediately stepped into a time warp. Life began repeating itself. The Grunt satellite which crashed back to Earth three weeks ago was still falling out of orbit until it crashed into the Pacific this weekend?

I think I will sue. Had I known this flying death bomb was on a downward spiral above me like a loose cannon I would still be safely bunkered down. Their lies caused me Stress for no good reason. Why do they lie when we all know that the Truth always comes out in the end. The MS Media is one of mankinds enemies and indeed is likewise controlled by its enemies.

At the first moment of surface there it was. The Western MS Media still relentlessly instigating the beginning of WW3. The rhetoric against Iran and Syria has been stepped up another few notches I see. Another Middle Eastern war is afoot and is now inevitable unless the unsung heroes within can sabotage the agenda.

Unfortunately we may get halfway into a war before that can be achieved now.

There are many other things afoot but from what I see the majority are either genuinely still not aware of them or they are ignoring them in futile hope that the bogey man will simply go away.

They love their internet freedom yet they do not keep track of what the men in suits are doing behind their backs. As more people are exposed to media lies, contradictions and scare mongering, they turn away from it and opt for the internet. But the PTB need to control by propaganda. They need people to be hooked on TV, especially the news. Having people strike out independently and discovering the Truth behind a story and seeing how the media is lying or twisting a story is enlightening. It is also dangerous to the PTB so they have been busy stepping the agenda to regulate the internet.

Should they succeed, they will have the majority of control once again over what you see and hear and what they do not want you to know. So whatever is on TV, in the Newspapers and on the Internet must be true innit?

I cannot say I was surprised when accusations starting flying about that it may have been an Iranian submarine that sunk the Ferry of the coast of Italy because one was in the “Area” but no mention about submarines of other nationalities closer to the event. Fortunately the rumour and disinformation failed to take root and go viral. Nevertheless, it exposes the media for what it is. A war mongering and misery spreading machine.

The main reason I surfaced is to check on the tense situation between the USAE – the US Anglo Empire against Iran. As I thought, it has escalated. What surprises me is how those have infiltrated the US Admin can keep finding New Enemies to make. The US military is now based in over 150 countries or as the Art of War would say… they are now strategically placed to wage a guerrilla type world war on a very wide scale. But that is not it.

This strange energy we call madness has evolved where we have not.

I doubt we will ever make sense of it. The enigma which makes the Nobel Peace Prize Warmonger Barry Obama and his dog handlers think they can take on Iran, China and Russia et al and win! At the same time as trying to pick this fight, the war mongering usurper in the White House announces that the US Military machine is being scaled down.

Its one of those decisions made by politicians which leaves the sane mind dumbfounded and confused like when the UK Government decided to scrap some warships, awacs and jet fighters then went to war with Libya?

This kind of thinking by our wise leaders will ensure we will lose every single war and end up as a banana republic without any bananas.

Thats why I went rogue. I went underground because when the masses fail to question things that do not make sense or lose the ability to think for themselves, then the trail of history shows what comes next. It is like stepping back into history and witnessing an apocalyptic event that has effected the human race and thrown it back into stagnation. The signs back then are almost the same as now. The same signs that lead to the downfall of many civilizations.

It is now just a question of time. Time that is running out I might add.

In this case America does not stand alone. The civilization I speak of is the Western one.

When a nation or nations go bankrupt morally and financially, the final step is war. That is the way it has always been. You do not have to look back into the mists of time to see the similarities. Just take a look Hitlers Germany before WW2 broke out. The USA itself has morphed into a strange mixture of a Communist Gestapo Fascist Government.

The Nobel Peace Prize usurper President has not only escalated wars, he has now reached status of Supreme Dictator. He actually went ahead and signed into law that he has the power to hold any US Citizen indefinitely without trial and can also assassinate any US Citizen while being immune from prosecution for life… not that he has a long one ahead of him.

That is why I have to descend into the underworld. The masses simply do not see the big picture. They are walking blindfolded into the ultimate chaos being prepared for them.

The perfect Art of War tactic has succeeded and been executed brilliantly. No matter what you may think of the PTB personally, it would be petty not to doff your hat to them if not only for their daring audacity.

The Sting

You cannot slay a Dragon like America. It is too big and powerful. So how does the Art of War show the inferior warrior how to bring down a Super Power when he cannot match it with sheer force?

He builds a Trojan Horse. First he infiltrates then destroys from within. When his men have all ascended to prominent positions within the ranks of the enemy, what looks like mistakes are really purposeful agendas to sabotage.

Now it is plain to see yet still unbelievable because it is so audacious. A criminal but extremely powerful cabal has managed to infiltrated the highest office in the USA. A cabal of entities who actually hate Americans and freedom and who intend to bring America to its knees both financially and military wise. It does not make sense to stretch your military across the world, streamline it and then go out and start picking fights with two heavy weights like China and Russia while taunting Iran, a dog that will bite back and bite back hard.

In other words my surface dwelling friends, America is being set up for the kill by its Commander in Chief and his international Jewish dual citizen handlers in the interest of Isra-Hell, another sacrificial lamb in the grand scheme of things.

I have had few laughs up here however. Trust me, you need a sense of humour for what is happening. It is no good letting the suits continually anger you or stress you out and keep you struggling. That is what they get paid to do so deny them by shaking your head and laughing. The strange breed we call politicians will not be in charge soon after they have lost control and the last ounce of trust. People in the future will laugh at this part of history. They will shake their head with a smile and be ever dumbfounded as to why we let ourselves be ruled by a bunch of self centered incompetent entities while letting them rob the public coffers blind to start wars and destabilize the planet.

Unusually Busy Precognitive Activity Period

Time to replenish my supplies and inform the Private bloggers that the first batch of my Predictions will be released later today or tomorrow.

I repeat that they are different this year. More Predictions and much more details. They have been exceptionally hard this time around. For instance…

I have released the natural disasters first this year. After all it is supposed to be the end of the World according to most death wishers. The reason I have done this is because many might think the end of the World is nigh when they experience what natures lessons have in store.

Hear this. Many Moons ago I warned that every year leading up 2012 AD will become more intense than the last one. Forget politics. You can take those man made problems to the bank.

Stronger Quakes and Freak Weather is the issue here. It matters not that I warned you about this phenomena, it does matter that you have witnessed it and are fully aware that this year will beat a few of the last ones combined.

We saw my impossible 9 Point Quake make its appearance in Japan. There are others on the way which could possibly be stronger because this year we could very well hear about Quakes reaching the fabled 12 Pointer scale which is basically off the scale after 10 Points. Mega Quakes like these have not been witnessed since prehistoric times.

We have also witnessed other warnings about Freak Weather becoming more extreme. I no longer have to justify these warnings because they have now become reality. This year you can expect not only extreme freak weather but bizarre weather patterns too. It will snow in hot places while raining in dry places.

The extent of what is hovering on the horizon is reflected in the Predictions. For instance tomorrow the content released amounts to 25 Pages dedicated to the subject of natural or unnatural disasters. I have never ever done that much before so some big events have yet to come down.

I have also made a statement that this year, Nature will claim more lives than all the wars combined.

I doubt it is out of step with the End Times scenario. As mentioned, to some people it will seem to be the end of the world and for many it will be. If you are in the SE Asia Zone prepare for a very rough ride but not the Worlds end. In a nutshell I doubt anywhere will escape some anomaly be it Quakes or freak weather caused by the eleven year Sun cycle which peaks in December 2012 and is expected to be many more times stronger than we have witnessed before.

The downside is this. Regarding the earth changes of bygone times our ancestors have survived quite well even with the mini ice age. But back then they did not depend on technology like we do today. A solar flare back then had no electricity to knock out. Nor did it effect phones and laptops et al because they had not been invented yet so past MSE’s or Mass Solar Ejections would only have minimal effects on our ancestors.

Today though, our societies have become dependent on technology which can be knocked out by Strong solar activity and we have a generation who know nothing else. Should be interesting…

Stay Positive – Levi


You should be able to access first part of 2012 World Predictions tomorrow at latest.

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Tarot Video Tutorial project was setback due to other things that needed to be dealt with and the Predictions have taken a huge amount of my time. However I can soon begin to finalize the beta videos for feedback then final release in March. They can only be done once so cannot be rushed. Having said that I have the formula to making a complicated subject easy to understand so very happy with the progress there. Thank You for being patient. They are well worth waiting for.


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