Reporting From A Dimensional Time Slip

US Debt Clock Runs Out Of Digits

The US Debt Clock displayed in Times Square, New York City has run out of digits because it can only count up to $10 Trillion, which is in itself, a truly mind bending figure to grasp. Now the clock needs to be upgraded with another two zeros so it can reflect the true American debt and count to a Quadrillion.

A quadrillion? Now there is a number that renders me gobsmacked because I cannot even begin to truly grasp the meaning of it. In fact, I gave up at a Trillion. What next, a Zillion, then tens of zillions or a zillion quadrillions?

You Could Not Make It Up If You Tried

I still insist that I have somehow slipped into an Alternate Universe of strange dimensions and I want to go home now.

Maybe CERN’s Hadron Collider did produce Stranglets after all and reality is becoming warped into a distorted non reality.

It must be true. The other day, I watched the most gripping TV segment in living memory. I was riveted to the screen because I now had my proof that either I have slipped through some Time Warp or what I am passing through now is some kind of strange dream state.

I saw this man being roasted by a panel of Congress People. This man was the CEO of Lehman Brothers, I can’t even recall his name he was so unimpressive. He spoke slowly and deliberately in response to every gut wrenching question. He acted this way because he was analyzing and filtering every word to make sure he made no damaging mistakes that could land him in jail.

Since 2002, this man has personally pocketed over $400 million on the back of Lehman Brothers. It may have been billions but it was an obscene amount. He was asked if he thought it was fair that the US is in dire straights and people are loosing their homes because of the mess he has helped create, especially when he sits on a fortune made from their misery. Apparently not.

He squirmed. But all the way through his grilling, he blamed everybody and everything except himself.

You see. I am in a strange dimension. Where I come from, this guy would have had his assets froze and been slung in prison with the Enron boys. And the fact that he lacked any human emotion proves my theory.

There is an upside though. It’s reported that someone walked up to him in a gym and knocked him out. Poor puppy.

More Proof Of Unreality

Then there are the UK banks. Listen to this, it’s a corker. The banks now want the people to bail them out. Laugh? I was eating the carpet when I heard that one.

These banks couldn’t be the same arrogant banks who are fighting a dirty legal battle to avoid refunding illegal penalty charges they have stolen from their customers could it?

Nah! You see back on my Earth dimension, we would have made a deal, see. We will bail you out but let’s start with those charges you owe with interest. Then we will dictate a nice big share. We will have to remove your ridiculous perks and bonus’s though to pay for our share. And we will remove your arrogant attitude while we are at it.

Yes, I’m sure that would have happened on the Earth I know.

At least this strange dimension has a sense of humour, although a bizarre one.

Like the American version of elections. To the outside world they have always been over the top with flag waving morons, but the one that is going on in this warped dimension is more like a surreal circus. The Americans back on my real Earth would be up in arms if they saw what was going on here. They would choke on their big macs.

What the hell! they would shout. You want us to pick a President from these two dumb ass idiots? Kiss my ass, we’d rather keep ol’ Dubya Bush. Better the retard you know, than the retard you don’t! Damn right! they would philosophize. Now go away boy, your bothering me!

Yep. The Yanks back home would be kicking ass big style.

Maybe I’m Not Alone

What if it was the Hadron Collider experiment? After all, something did go wrong. Ten there was that explosion there a few weeks ago.

What if they did punch a hole in the fabric of time and others were sucked into the portal with me. Now there is a comforting thought. After all, there are still a few sane people out there who can see what’s going on here. The native citizens in this dimension are easy to spot. They walk around in limbo and don’t seem to realize anything. Or if they do, they certainly don’t let on or even care.

Mind you, it could be something to do with the energy here. It’s like a constant atmosphere of impending doom. It’s strange. They walk around like zombies with worried expressions but stay silent. It’s almost like the end of the world is coming but they just accept it.

I must try to remember this strange atmosphere when I slip back into my normal dimension. No matter what worldly troubles I left behind, I will always thank my lucky stars that we do not have this kind of atmosphere. It’s horrible and unnerving.

Same with the people here. They look normal, but if you watch and listen carefully, you discover something scary. More than half of them are mad going on insane. It’s as though there has been a mass mental breakdown at some point. I’m not only talking average people. There are others who are in very high and powerful positions. They make choices which affects millions upon millions of people, and guess what? They are mentally insane.

In my home dimension of Earth, we would automatically know this and remove them from power while they undergo therapy.

I doubt that can happen here though. They are to far gone. They appear not to have a soul and see things through lifeless eyes.

Why Am I Here In This Strange Dimension

I must make sure I don’t join the masses and go mad during this slip. I must keep a grip and hope it’s not contagious.

This is definitely a time slip, like a Bermuda Triangle deal. When I eventually slip back through the broken portal, I’ll bet it will seem that I have only missing for a day, but the stories I will have to tell. Stories that will make old Earth, with all it’s faults, seem like paradise.

Meanwhile, I must be here to observe. Just like others around the world who have also Time Slipped and found themselves here. Some of them who do not possess any occult or metaphysical knowledge must be scared to death. One morning they just woke up and found themselves in this new dimension, but still think they are in the old one. Maybe they think it is themselves who are going mad!

Maybe I can assure them through this message that this life could be but an illusion. After all, this world did not exist a few months ago. It just suddenly appeared from nowhere. A strange place where people are being screwed to the floor with barely a murmur of protest.

That’s probably why some of us have been sucked through a rip in time. We are here to see where all this is leading so we can all go back and make sure our Earth Dimension does not suffer the same fate. Then again, who would believe us?

We Can See The Future From Here

Another weird thing in this Parallel World is that it is easy to see what is coming. The native inhabitants however, seem oblivious. It’s like being Psychic but just as useless because nobody listens until it’s to late. So for us that are visiting, we can only watch this fascinating self destruction of wealth, freedom and individuality.

Back on real Earth we have sheeple. People who need to follow each other like sheep, none knowing where they are going nor why. But at least sheep can be herded and guided. Here in this place, they are more like lemmings. Those rat like creatures who teem towards the cliff edge so they can hurl themselves off in their thousands. Masses of them committing suicide for no reason or explanation. Mindless, thoughtless destruction, the likes of which I have never witnessed before.

It looks as if this strange atmosphere will worsen by the end of October. It seems that many were misled by the mainstream media over the past few months, so have been in denial. They have allowed themselves to be sucked in by the media. They arrogantly told people everything would be made good by the end of September on the strength of the media.

Now they hearing the exact opposite from that same media. Lies only have a short life span. But that’s how upside down this alternate universe is. They are still watching, reading, listening and believing that same media who has constantly manipulated them.

Talk about stupid as. It’s like a world of Forrest Gumps who make old Forrest look like a genius. Nobody will believe me when I get back from this adventure. They will say I’m making it up.

What idiot would be suckered twice? they would cry. I would never watch or listen to that crap ever again they if they lied to me they would boast. I’d switch them off in heartbeat and withdraw my subscription! they would threaten. That would teach their sorry asses!

Yes my friends, things are very different in my old reality. My world is full of folly and greed. It has it’s share of selfish and bad people. But there is still a share of good and kind ones also. Unlike this place where nice or genuine people are becoming harder to find by the day. Instead of uniting, they are fragmenting. They have developed a selfish attitude of self survival. I’m alright Jack, stuff you and yours.

Of course, this is another stage of self denial. They do not have a clue how to survive the times they are willingly being manipulated into. Then once again, they will realize they have been duped when it is far to late.

Meanwhile, I will sit and watch the edge of the abyss creep nearer and wonder how long it will take the lemmings to spot how close it is.

Maybe something magic might happen. Like in a fairy tale. Maybe the lemmings will suddenly realize that they are about to jump to a certain death and turn back into people. They would wake up in shock as to just how close they came to giving everything up.

Jesus Christ! they would say. That was a bloody close shave. I could have been a goner then! Let’s all get sane and stop this madness. Let’s start holding those responsible to account for their deeds, not reward them, They would proclaim.

I hope whatever freak of Metaphysical nature caused me to slip into this alternative dimension of time, soon reverses itself and returns me to whence I came. Give me old Earth anytime, warts and all.

A shiver went down my spine just now. I had a horrible thought.

What if I haven’t slipped into another dimension?What if everything around me now is real and I didn’t go anywhere?What if this is really my reality and my ordinary Earth?

Nah! I’m just being stupid. My imagination was just running wild for a moment…. wasn’t it?


Peace – Levi

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