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Tutorial Video Course

Tarot Reading for a living? Learn the Psychic Tarot Spread from a bona fide Psychic Tarot Reader with over three decades of practical experience.

You will be shown a secret technique of how to become a competent full or part time Tarot Reader/Consultant within a very short time. In fact this technique will quickly establish you above most local Tarot Readers.

The secret of your success lies in a few things which immediately allow you to gain the edge.

Firstly The Tarot Spread

Most commercial Tarot Books promote the use of the Celtic Cross Spread.

Secondly many of the Books themselves are flawed with some translations of the Tarot Cards not suitable for modern times and situations.

Tarot practitioners in general do not often write the books you buy to learn the ancient art. Authors and researchers do. There are literally hundreds of books on the market not much different from each other because they are clones of each other although not identical.

Nothing wrong with that. You can only copy and slightly change something so much without losing its essence. But get something wrong from the beginning and the mistake travels until it gets embedded as true.

There are different versions of the Bible for instance but they all tell the same stories at the end of the day whereas tarot Books can vary widely. Hence the confusion and frustration of which books do you believe.

Tarot Reading does not afford the luxury of giving flawed information. Your client is depending on you. Wrong information can lead to them making the wrong decision and making a real live situation much worse. This Video Tutorial Course will eliminate such inaccuracy.

Levi is more than a Tarot Reader. He has been making World Predictions online for the past five years with uncanny accuracy. His consistency has paid off, keeping his website in a top rated position for five years.

You can check out his credentials here:

GO TO – Levi Tarot Website


Or simply Google search – 2011 World Predictions. He should be near or at the top of page.

It is doubtful that many authors of Tarot books or otherwise can supply you with a bona fide track record of credentials on line. You can trace his Predictions back to 2007. (Made in 2006 for 2007)

So Let A Genuine Practicing Psychic Tarot Reader Explain.

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The Psychic Tarot Spread Is Fluid To Say The Least.

It is far more versatile than any spread you care to mention. Furthermore I would put this spread technique against any in known existence. It can and will, blow them all out of the water for simplicity and accuracy.

Once you click with this spread, it will “Click with “You”. Once you know how… everything else will fall into place from then on. It really will amaze you.

No “Reverse Card Meanings”

It also eliminates the bane of most people’s complaints. The dreaded translation of the “Reverse Cards” scenario. (Upside down cards) My spread will tell you if a Major card is negative or Positive without the need of it being upside down.

I simply do not entertain the reverse translations because I do not need to owing to the fluidity of the Psychic Tarot layout or spread.

Which of course means that I have just cut your tuition in half. Furthermore, cut out the most frustrating and confusing part of it.

The rest is easier than you think using my technique.

It is simply a matter of this.

The majority style of Tarot Reading being practiced today is out dated.

I have proved this fact by the standard the spread delivers and would like to make it more widespread. After all, a Tarot Reading is not cheap so its only fair that the client gets the information they seek be it good or bad. Genuine and accurate information gets you ongoing custom and recommendations.

Whats Included?

Levi’s – Psychic Tarot Video Tutorial + Bonus Videos Below

• Levi’s Psychic Tarot Spread.

• Major Aracana 22 cards explained Simply but Deeply.

• How to Use the images or symbols.

• Minor Arcana – How to use them to translate the above.

• How to conduct a Tarot Session and confidence builder.

• How to set up a Tarot business.

Bonus Gifts

• How to do a 4 or 6 card spread to answer a question fast.

• Cheap effective advertising methods.

• How to read a client almost anywhere in the world online cheaply.

• How to earn from £250 to £400 + in one day reading the Tarot.

• Working for Premium Tarot Lines from home for a regular Income

• And More little known gems of information to get you up and running.

As you can see. This is not about showing you something then saying “Good Luck!”

I will take you through absolutely everything including how to read the Tarot like I do, set up and start working.

This course is not purely about giving you the extra means to beat financial obligations while spreading a little positive energy.

It is about wisdom for you to grow so you can help others more. After a few months of using this spread technique, you will find many answers which may have eluded you in the past. Plus of course you will be Tarot Reading like an old pro and people will ask how you do it so accurately.

My Cunning Price Plan.

To glean an estimate about Digital Products online we contacted some Internet marketing guys . It is always worth contacting and asking them what they would estimate whatever it is you have. Especially if it is a digital product like this is where you download the videos and burn onto your own CD if you wish.

The estimated market prices varied wildly which was interesting but not much help. Their Prices hovered around £320 to £360 Upwards.

However, because of this varied price response, the Internet Marketing price estimation has been abandoned for the moment.

Both the Limited Discount “Early Bird” offer and Final Price price was fairly based on your first earnings.

In other words, when I have taught you to read and shown you how to set up and start making money, your first batch of readings should have paid for the course. All is explained simply.

And as mentioned. I will show you how to make between £250 and £350 in one fell swoop in one day. Course paid for period!

This trial structure has made the course cheaper for now because Marketing sources will not be invited in as affiliates at this point so the price does not have to cover commissions and other expenses.

This also enables a “One Off Limited But Generous Discount Offer” for Early Birds. There is also a secondary offer available with a lesser discount but still a better deal than the Full Market Price. For More Info Click link below.

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