Syria – WW3 Trigger

Syria is a country of unrest. Its on the Main Stream News which is giving it more and more airtime because a mad dictator suddenly decided to attack his own people. The situation is so bad that politicians from stalag UK, Gulag Europe and another country called United Soviet States of Amerika located a world away in both culture and miles from Syria are having to interfere on the grounds of humanitarian whatever. Its a well worn excuse but most people in those lands do not seem to care even though those same politicians are ruining their own countries under their noses.

As their standards of living continues to decline they are too busy distracting themselves to stop and think for a minute where their downward spiral ends. That period of denial is comforting until their little cocoon hits ground zero. Then its checkmate.

The folly of mankind is Amazing is it not? Ignorance on a mass scale is a recipe for disaster and the blinkered hordes will pay for the lack of knowledge they have constantly rejected.

Why some of us can see the inevitable and the huddled masses cannot is an enigma. An even bigger mystery is that although we have been here before many times in the past and said “never will this happen or again”, it seems the average human is simply not capable of learning.

Syria? A country full of rag heads that have no bearing or effect on their lives. So its back to the TV to watch the Superbowl or favourite TV addiction in the land of the unreal. Meanwhile leave it to the politicians to sort out.

Leave it to the politicians? The same entities who they condemn as incompetent liars and thieves!

Isn’t that like believing you can breathe underwater like a fish without artificial aid?

Not once does a glimmer of common sense or intelligent thought penetrate their easily distracted minds. If we could call them stupid then we would be acting ignorant also because we know damn well that most are normal intelligent beings. Then again, what is the use of having a good brain if you refuse to use it?

Every generation must be the same. This is how millions of people got caught unawares with the Great Depression and died. It happened almost overnight without warning. The few who suspected a crash could not be heard. Same happened in September 2008. No hints or build up from governments or the MS Media. The day before was quite normal. The morning after people choked on their cornflakes when it was announced that the banks were broke. Just like that.

Besides getting over the fact that banks can go broke in this day and age, there was also the suspicion of why governments claim they were unaware and they was as surprised as everybody else. Yeah sure. But let us say that they told the truth for once without turning into stone. It means they should have been replaced immediately for gross incompetence and dereliction of duty. But we know that they use incompetence as an excuse. None of them were incompetent when they were making their millions.

From then on it has all been lies and broken promises. Four years later things have got steadily worse. Four years folks. Can you see how they can string people along with the help of the MS Media? That is how incompetent they are.

What we are seeing now is the same situation as the Great Depression but in reverse.

It was nothing compared to the domino effect which killed many more millions and devastated other economies around the world. I think it was called World War Two. This time they plan to bring about another depression by using War as an excuse like holding the original blueprint up to a mirror.

What caused the Great Depression? If you say the planned actions of elite bankers on Wall Street and Europe you win a coconut.

Usually omitted from the history books is that an estimated 7 to 10 Million people disappeared or cannot be accounted for. Read the article below and the similarities of today will send a chill down your spine.

Now here we sit and ponder only to be mystified why the huddled hordes are sleepwalking down the same path of destruction.

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Hysterical Vetos

When I said we had past the point of no return last year I meant it. When the illegal invasion of Libya under the exact same pretenses as Syria happened and the people did nothing to reign in their governments, it gave the political creatures permission to do whatever their elite banking paymasters and corporate pimps told them to do.

Libya has mainly dropped out of the MS Media for now just like Haiti did. After all they do not want the world to know that the US has turned it into a massive military base and are still preventing or hampering aid from reaching people and cholera is rife. The US deny this of course yet refuse to answer why people are so desperate that they are still drinking from drainage and sewerage pipes, hence the cholera. But that is another story for another day.


Conflict gives the PTB permission to raid the public money coffers and spend it on the escalation of war instead of crumbling infrastructures which in turn guarantee decline, decay, poverty and of course population reduction of “Useless Eaters” as dear Mr David Roths and his lackeys call us.

The USSA and its soviet states UK and the EU entities along with Isra-hell have already caused chaos in North Africa and the Middle East. They interfered there too on the grounds of Humanitarian rights and left their stink of death behind them.

The ignorant masses need not panic because the annihilates have not yet released all of their dogs of war.

If the masses are enjoying their ride into poverty and life without freedom we must envy them because there is much more misery yet to come.

How much more is entirely up the masses and how long they insist on trying to ignore the obvious.

China and Russia know the Syrian agenda of the West. Even yours truly has explained it many times.

Syria needs to be conquered because it is the final hurdle needed to launch an attack on Iran.

That is why Russia have sent more warships there to strengthen their military base.

While Western governments have been busy causing wars to steal oil, the Russians and Chinese have been busy doing deals for energy by signing contracts and building pipelines with Iran to secure energy for their growing economies.

Meanwhile the Khazar Jewish run Western alliances have been getting their bottoms kicked in Iraq and Afghanistan. They have also realized that getting oil for free by force was a bad idea because those two wars alone have cost 100 times more in weaponry than they would have spent paying for it like everyone else.

I apologize. I mean it has cost the downtrodden people more because it was their money being stolen and used to subsidize those illegal and pointless wars as is the case today. Unfortunately it is impossible to explain to the slumbering masses that this is a major reason why they have Austerity Measures forced upon them and having to suffer hardship.

The MS Media is reporting how angry the Western governments are at China and Russia’s decision to veto a full scale military action against Syria. They are outraged and throwing little hissy tantrums because they did not get their own way. They desperately need a fix to satisfy their addiction for war, death and blood. If China and Russia had agreed then they could warmonger to their hearts content while making themselves look innocent at the same time.

It is easy to see the fingerprint of Isra-Hell here. We can do whatever we want and nobody is allowed to stop us.

The USA, UK, German and French puppet governments have adopted the same attitude as Isra-Hell because they are secretly run by the same international Jewish bankers.

This veto bullshit is a load of old cobblers. MS Media propaganda.

We here have been talking about this for ages. We know the situation is a lot more intense than the treacherous media is making out.

We know that that both Russia and China have previously “warned” the West not to interfere with Syria nor Iran or else there “Will” be a retaliation. They have no intention letting the Western bankers take Iranian oil and gas. They need it themselves. They have stood by for far to long now and let the US and NATO pull the same trick in Iraq and Libya and so on. Now the Israeli run US, UK and Europe want it all.

They want to control the worlds energy as well as its money and food chain.

Control those and you control the masses. Control the masses and you are safe from retaliation.

They want to own the world and trust me my friends, they have no qualms about starting WW3 or even a WW4 to achieve it.

If they cannot have what they desire then neither will anyone else. Especially China with its booming economy and status of an emerging economical superpower. The Western banking elites cannot let it happen because their power over you and I and everybody else’s lives they have controlled will ebb into nothingness.

Without control of the worlds reserve currency they are nothing except the value destroying scum they are.

Yes I have Predicted war this year. WW3 is being prepared by your beloved leaders and the effects of it are coming to a town near you in the form of shortages and rationing and endless news clips of young dead soldiers return from the killing fields in coffins. A sobering thought born out of mass ignorance.

If millions of people are scared of taking on few thousand cowards in suits then the human race has decided its own fate and continue like lambs to the slaughter.

In a way I hope the little puppet farts in suits do bite off more than they chew by invading Syria because maybe it will be the ass kicking the sheep people need to slap them back into reality and realize that their governments have been infiltrated by traitors who serve the elite bankers and corporate powers in the quest for complete domination.

When you have so much money that it does not matter anymore and there is nothing left on planet Earth to buy, only power can give you the adrenalin fix. It is as simple as that. A fix that everybody else has to suffer for. Now that is what you power.


To Summarize

There is more that I cannot say at this time. Those of you who have read my 2012 Predictions will understand completely even though there is another batch yet to be released this week.

The natural disasters we face alone are enough to cope with without imbeciles in suits making things worse in our personal lives. Whether they are using war to distract from the coming Earth upheavals or using them as a cover to distract from their thievery and shenanigans is neither here nor there. The main issue is the last we thing we need at this point in Earth history is another great depression leading to a world war or a world war leading to another great depression while nature is wreaking havoc around us.

Let us put it in a nutshell for those who watching world events.

If Syria falls victim to a regime change like Libya, Egypt, Tunisia et al, we can expect the same result of turmoil there too.

The Syrian people know that Western backed mercenaries are responsible for the killings there and not the army. The same soldiers of fortune were in Libya not too long ago led by the same entity. Furthermore it is the exact same blueprint. Kill innocent people then use the MS Media to twist the truth and blame the government forces in order to outrage the world and therefore give the oligarchs and excuse to invade and plunder resources.

Think Iraq. They went in to save the people from Saddam. Who they financed in the first place to attack Iran

Years later they are still there and Iraqi oil has been sold off to Western corporations without permission of the Iraqi peoples.

Same old tactics. Same old war mongers. Same old criminals against humanity. Same old scum that should have been wiped out over a hundred years ago.

Heres the real kicker.

Americans, British, Europeans and their allies are being set up for the kill by their own governments. The elites have no intention of winning against the East. They are in the business of destroying economies so they can revive and control them later. By the time they sue for peace, both the Western and eastern economies will be devastated while the vast fortunes held by the elites will remain intact. So any country needing help will once again be controlled by the hidden PTB.

Think about this for a moment.

We all know about Greece and other struggling EU zones. But have you thought where all the money is disappearing too while millions of people starve?

Swallow this bitter pill. Billions are being spent on a military build up and Zorba is turning in his grave.

While Greeks are rioting and protesting against hardship, their shitty little ministry has recently placed an order for 60 Euro class aircraft costing almost €4 Billion. But thats not it. Merely tip of the iceberg.

They have also ordered another €6.5 Billion on German u-boats, French Frigates and US Apache attack helicopters. Remember that in 2010 they spent over 3% of the budget on arms while people were still protesting. Only the US spends more of its national budget on the military.

How can a country like Greece who’s main industry is tourism and olive oil afford this kind of money you may ask. Easy, they borrowed it in the form of an €80 Billion loan at loan shark interest rates which is nigh on impossible to repay back. Many future Greek generations will be bullied, ordered around and blackmailed because of this loan. The last leader knew the score and tried to call a referendum but we know the story from there. A quick regime change replaced by an ex Euro banker and GS employee who is paid to yes to the IMF et al.

What should be of concern is why is a tourism country like Greece with no international enemies to speak of arming itself to the teeth all of sudden to the point where it is bankrupting itself?

Anybody? No? Maybe its geo location can provide the answer. Especially if Turkey kick off in defence of Iran now that Isra-Hell has upset them with the slaughter of the Freedom Flotilla.

Are you saying this war will spread to the Med Levi?

If Syria kicks off yes. That is why I keep saying the effects of this conflict will land on every doorstep in Europe and the Middle East will suddenly not seem to far away after all.

When this scenario is happening in Greece you can bet your plummeting Euro, bottomed out dollar and sinking Pound that the same deal goes for Spain, Italy, Portugal and Ireland. All of which have Europhiles in power who serve the elite and their agenda.

In other words my friends, not only are the poor subsidising the rich arms dealers such as Davy “Cabbage Patch Doll” Cameroon et al but obviously building up to a war not yet experienced in modern history.

As for the folly of man?

We could put an end to this insanity overnight by removing the puppet government traitors from power. People buried within the elites infrastructure are working towards this goal but even they will say cooperation and help from the public would ensure victory because as yet the outcome is too close to call.

Otherwise sit back and watch the guacamole hit the fan. (From a bunker preferably)

Er… Um… Stay Positive – Levi





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