Snow – End Of A Crazy World

What a Crazy World We Live In. When you step out of yourself and look down on everything happening in the world right now, you could not be blamed for thinking that your mind is breaking down. Especially if you can SEE, what the masses cannot SEE or more probable, do not want to SEE. If you visit this place often, then chances are you will know where I am coming from. If you mention anything outside of their comfort zone, these Sheep people quickly turn into rabid dogs. They suddenly stick together in their condemnation and attack from all angles to try and tear you limb from instinctive limb. But you will notice when they ridicule your warning, their response is not even sensible. It has no substance for argument, just plain Denial. Denial without the facts which you are simply trying to teach or inform.

I like to work in the field as it were. I love to observe people and see what is really going on with them inside. The eyes and expression when nobody has their attention tell all you need to know.

It demonstrates that two things are going on. The person pretends to be happy and doing well, yet that expression when they think nobody is watching tells the real story. That their mind is occupied by troubling thoughts. Yet if you ask ‘Are you OK?’ The forced smile comes and they say Yes! No wonder they feel lonely. But how bizarre it is. Some people will agree to anything said inside their social group even if they disagree because they do not want to be attacked by their mindless rabid dog friends or colleagues.

They have seen it happen to people like you and have no stomach for it. In fact, they have been part of the attack themselves. It makes one wonder how or if, those individuals sleep soundly at night.

However. It does not take an Einstein to figure out who possesses the stronger spirit and who must live with cowardice and guilt. How do they feel to gang up and bully someone who has done nothing to them in any way, just to stay in with the crowd and insure their own peace? The instigators or leaders of the pack are usually bullies who cannot face some pain of the past. As sure as politicians are as ugly on the inside as they are on the outside, the bully is a coward. Yet weak people will snuggle up to them, again, to ensure their their own safety. That is… until it’s their turn to be singled out for the pack to turn on.

Don’t you just love Karma?

It’s Snowing – It’s The End Of The world

Here we go again. The BBC and other English MS News are once again dumbing down the people mentioned above. There is almost 24 hour coverage of SNOW! I’m not kidding. The Beeb is of course is the worse culprit, being run as a Government Quango as it is.

Hang on, it’s mid afternoon, I’ll just check.

Yep, the boring people are still at it. Repetitive news telling you what they told you a thousand times yesterday. The presenters must think every day is groundhog day. Stuck in an endless infinite timewarp.

Is nothing going on in the world that is more important than people struggling to get to work? If conditions are so bad, where is the criticism of the local councils and failure to send out the ploughs and gritters? Where is the condemnation of the teachers closing schools down because of a bit of snow? An excuse of course. It seems people have seen their teachers enjoying snow activities or out shopping and so on. How these gutless people can succeed in forging strong upstanding people of the future when they do not have values themselves is beyond me.

At least the MS News is still good for a laugh. There is the intrepid reporter stood in Snow, angling for your admiration. ‘Look at me. Look how brave I am stood here in the snow so you do not have to. Risking my health and broken bones just for you’.

They really are pathetic little people. Standing there in a whisper of snow with a facial expression akin to announcing the end of the world or some tragic major accident. I wait in vain for a car to skid into them. Did I say car? I meant Snow Plough or Juggernaught. Then we can shout.. Silly bitch! You should have stayed indoors like the rest of us instead of trying to feed your vanity.

I laugh at this poor excuse of not reporting news. Especially using Snow. But to explain it, I have a little confession.

I have moved back into the Highlands of Scotland some weeks ago, so have been busy. I enjoyed coming back to my old stomping ground so much, that when my break was over, I felt as though I was leaving home rather than going home. Instinct like that is hard to ignore. I must also practice what I preach. I often say that a large town or city is not the place to be during a recession. People can become seething blame machines because the easy credit gravy train has run out of steam. So the road rage begins.

Once again I was faced with my own dilemma of Precognition. I really do not care for propaganda of untrusting governments and Media liars. I said we are entering a Depression, not Recession. Therefore, I prefer to be somewhere that I can be self sufficient if the need arises. If you have good survival skills, places like the Highlands will take care of you.

And so it is why I laugh at the attitude and reaction of the press. When it snows here, it SNOWS! In fact, it is Snowing now. Heavily! But people have toddled off to work in the wake of snow ploughs and gritters. The kids up here are hardy little souls too. They say it’s not fair that English kids don’t have to go to school because of a little snow shower, when up here in the Highlands we have real snow. Unless that is, if you live on the West coast. It gets so deep in places there, that it is almost impossible to guess where the road is and where it bends or indeed, if it bends. Some parts on the East coast generally get hammered with snow drifts.

Some places around here have six foot markers along the roads. Tourists sometimes get curious as to what is their purpose. When you tell them they are markings for the snow ploughs to see where the road has disappeared to, they think you are joking. Granted, it is a bit hard to swallow in Summer, but not today.

Some of you here who live in similar locations will know what I mean. You simply adapt, and don’t make unnecessary journeys. When it gets to a foot deep and the snow is still hammering down, you can’t travel anyways so become snowed in. But an amazing thing happens…. the white stuff begins to thaw!

BBC – Stone Heart Productions

So what is it that the BBC do not want to, or cannot report?

Where to begin? Maybe it is because of their most recent cock up. They have refused to air an appeal for the people of Gaza and the Ongoing Holocaust in Palestine. The persecution of innocent children, women and men by the brave IDF aka the Israeli Defense Force, (Defense?) has left the lives of those people shattered, broken and scarred for what uncertain amount of time they have left on this Earth.

Whole families have been exterminated and wiped out in a heartbeat of no compassion. Homes once full of laughter and tears, are now mere mounds of bloodstained rubble.

For myself, there is an eerie feeling to those images. Imagine getting up in the morning, not knowing you only have hours to live. Life is just another day and within no time you blend in to the swing of normal everyday life.

Or whatever terrifying horrific existence passes as a Normal Day in Palestine.

And when I see those scenes of destruction, there are no bodies. They have been bombed out of existence… literally! I think, How weird. Only a few hours ago, there were children playing there. The wives were busy with chores and so on. There was life there. Little human beings who have not begun to live yet. And now they are gone without a trace they ever existed. No remains to bury.. just gone in the twinkling of an eye.

As for the those who have survived until now? They are in need of serious help. They need everything from food to medicine. Basic and urgent needs to stay alive and treat the children mutilated by the courageous Israeli Animals.

But the BBC refuses to help with an appeal that would no doubt save lives and ease at least a little pain. It might even satisfy a little political guilt, although that is extremely unlikely. But the BBC will give unlimited air time to the latter.

They will let waffling windbag politicians of zero value to no one babble on about nothing.

I’m not talking more Bad Exposure for the Beeb here. I’m talking Exposure with a capital ‘E’.

They have exposed themselves as what I have said all along and the reason they can kiss my patella before they get any more license money from me. They won’t even prise it from my cold dead hands. And still they threaten legal action. And still I rile and taunt them to carry out their threat. And still they are quivering gutless assholes who are in truth scared of what I have up my sleeve and the questions they are frightening of answering. Why? Because if I get my day in court, I will use other media sources against them. And once you know the truth about the BBC, I doubt you will hand money to them anymore, resulting in what should have happened many, many years ago. The abolishment of the TV License.

People outside the UK struggle to grab the concept that every household is required by law to buy a TV License or face a heavy fine. Refusal to comply with the fine means you will go to jail for six months. Whether we watch the BBC or not, we have to pay them over £100 each for the privilege of their now useless existence. This means every year, Billions of pounds flood into their coffers. This also means they can produce utter mind numbing crap. (and do so)

As mentioned, strange world. Channel 4 and other independent channels who produce far more quality, are forced to scrimp and raise cash. They have to be competitive to stay afloat. Whereas, the Beeb can afford to be arrogant and cozy in their little snug and profitable clique. More champagne and caviar Henry old boy?

Here is another good one for you. The BBC has been trying to establish a Persian channel to further their government propaganda in the Middle East!

And being the sneaky little creatures they are, they knew the hard bitten Brits would have had a relapse if they knew their TV Fee was funding a channel in a part of the world that has nothing to do with them, only to the political war mongers. So when the news was leaked, leaked because the BBC felt it was none of OUR business, they quickly lied that the channel would be funded by the Foreign Office.

Hmmm. Even if true, who the hell pays the FO? The taxpayer of course. They either blabbed that excuse out in panic or they really are as stupid as the mistakes they keep making. Otherwise, it pure arrogance that they can say what they want and you will believe it.

Not to worry though. The Iranians saw it for what it is. A Government Propaganda Machine. So they have seen the Beeb off as other Mid Eastern countries are now doing. This is good sign that the days of the BBC gravy train are drawing to an end.

Meanwhile, it’s a poor show when we have to depend on Iran to clip the wings of the Beeb while our Politicians stay silent in conspiracy against the British Public and the robbing thereof.

The Mystery Of Jim Solved

Finally, I would like to say what a bunch of intellectual venom spitting animals you are. I thought I could speak my mind but some of you have far excelled me.

I refer to poor Jim Gaines down there in Kentucky Fried Chicken land. He of the Bowling Green News assault upon the Metaphysical. Did he rectify his article? No, it seems he is a man who is never wrong. (What’s new?)

In fact, he has responded as I hinted he would.

(But I will wager he will be hurt like a little child and pissed off deep down inside)

Here’s Jim in Italics.

Someone brought my column to Levi’s attention, and he – apparently having nothing else to occupy his time – summoned all the fury of the spirit world to harass me.

Er, no Jim. Mediums deal with the Spirit World. You know.. Is there anybody there…

He goes on..

The funniest bit, however, is contained in the title and his closing summons to arms. Levi calls out to all his loyal readers and faithful psychic believers for – I’m not making this up – “300 Spartans” to assail me.

Yes Jim lad, you are making it up as usual. Assail? Show me where I said go Assail Jim. You must really pay attention.

Amid the rambling and poor spelling are a few shots from the obviously deranged, including what seems to be a physical threat. I’m not sure; it’s too incoherent to really decipher.

Whoops, now he’s getting personal. The spelling we must agree. Yet again he has not read the site. I am not a journalist and do not spellcheck because it’s a simple blog not work of art and I do not have time. Besides that point, I spell in English not American, but try to blog in both because it is a well known fact that Americans cannot speak English, they speak American English. Through or Thru? But now he implies that I am deranged. He then entertains us by showing us who is really deranged by accusing me of attempted murder.

If that’s the level of inanity we’re asked to accept, then with just as much justification I can accuse Levi of trying to kill me.

During this week’s ice storm, my car skidded a bit on the 11th Avenue hill. I didn’t hit another car, or even the curb – but I could have! I could have hit something really hard and been hurt, or even killed! Why, Levi must have used his paranormal powers to hex the weather and send this ice storm to get me!

A ridiculous claim, you say? Unsupported by any evidence? Wildly improbable?

HA! Shows how little you know of the “psychic” racket. Prove he DIDN’T do it! And use standards of evidence that I can change whenever the argument goes against me! Use Lots of Exclamation Points!!!! Add RANDOM Capitalization, and you’re Well on Your Way!!!!

Wrong again Jim boy. I was not trying to kill you. Just jacking with you. Whoooo! Never the less, please be careful when driving in the future. You never know what lies around life’s corner. Just jacking with you again… maybe!

It may not surprise you that his response is yet another waffle of none research and false insinuation. Does this guy actually read anything correctly or could it be a short circuit in his head? After all, he is now accusing me of attempted Murder? But it’s not that which worries me. You see, he has revealed his secret fetish.

I don’t intend to make this column a record of regular e-mail volleys; let Levi buy his own publicity. If anything truly entertaining pops up after this – should Levi appear at my door in chest-grease and thong – I’ll let you know.

Look Jim, I don’t mind gay people, and with my chiseled body and handsome looks, I probably would look good in a thong. But the chest grease thing is a little kinky don’t you think? But live and let live I say. Having said that, if we all did get greased up in thongs and went round to Jim’s pad, he would crap himself before calling the police.

You must read the rest of Jim’s article. He goes on to say I’m a publicity seeker? Could it be the other way around could it. After all, jumping on a simple metaphor like 300 Spartans is a little desperate. He has got a response and he’s wallowing in the morsel of fame for a but a moment of time. Unfortunately, it’s the kind of attention most of us can do without. Like those idiots on Fox News who insult people as a cry for attention.

Here is more wisdom from Jim.

The first tactic is to personally insult whoever has noticed your failure. Levi does this for about three pages. It gets tedious.

It seems that he calls human response a tactic. He is hurt like a little child here. Can you see what I mean about these sorts.

No Jim, you drew first blood boy. That is what big bullies do. They can hit you, but you cannot hit back. Well Jim. you can stuff those one sided rules where the sun don’t shine because I don’t play that way. I hit back. It seems by your article that you can dish it out but can’t take it yourself. I’ll wager that goes for physical pain too. Yes sir, you are a bully and a bully is a coward.

The only wish I have concerning you, is that you lived near enough to meet in the flesh. I doubt you would have the courage, strength or skills to back up your bravery. I doubt I would even need to grease my chest and don the old thongs for a big talking man like yourself. Now that comment is neither vague or shrouded. But I understand that you are hurt from a past event that has made so bitter towards others. I hope that is not ‘too incoherent to really decipher’.

Too? He slags my English off?

And bringing a joke like Randi into the fray shows your true ignorance about such things. It says on your website that you report (if thats the word) on Town, State and County affairs. Why don’t you take some advice and stick with what you know before drown in a sea of tranquility.

And Finally

It is obvious that most of you were puzzled as to how the article could even be deemed as Journalism or indeed how Jim could be considered as a journalist by such amateurish pen work. So just for entertainment, I decided to try and solve the mystery. There is a lot of the Gaines family on the team of the BG News. Nuff said.

However, you can look at Jim’s past work in the archives to see that he is not a professional journalist.

He recently claims to have covered Obama’s crowning ceremony. So our hero is scanned for weapons like everybody else and bleep, he gets pulled. It turns out that he had a camera in his pocket which he forgot about. I’m serious, read it for yourself if you don’t need to learn anything about that day. An historic day so they say, first black man and all that. But our hero forgets he has a camera. Now that’s professional journalism.

Oh yes, the metal scanners bleeped again. He then realized it was the Buckles on his boots.

I wonder if the buckles have anything to do with the chest grease and thongs thing?

The rest of that article then proceeds to render you unconscious by boredom. He has a dig at the Police security of course and suggests he could have been an armed terrorist. I don’t know how much damage can be done with a little camera and shoe buckles, but it must be serious.

But if you are looking for useful information about Barky O’s day and the very event he claims to have covered, you won’t find it there.

As for your $1 Million challenge. Tell Mr Randi that he lives in the past as you do. A million bucks is a laughable gimmick from the days when the dollar was actually worth something. Also Mr Randi’s so called tests are scientifically impossible.

To raise public awareness of these issues, the Foundation offers a $1,000,000 prize to any person or persons who can demonstrate any psychic, supernatural or paranormal ability of any kind under mutually agreed upon scientific conditions. This prize money is held in a special account which cannot be accessed for any purpose other than the awarding of the prize.

Did you see that. Mutually Agreed Upon. They cannot be Mutually agreed upon because they are unfair and one sided gimmick.

However Jim, my proof is already there on my website. Don’t try to tell me everybody knew back then because they didn’t. Or are you the hypocrite you appear to be?

You claim to be a journalist. You claim to know everything. Then why wasn’t you warning people about the falling dollar, recession, housing crash as I was back then when everything seemed so good.

Let me answer you Jim. Because the truth now shows that you knew absolutely nothing. That’s why. And you have the gumption to ridicule others. Take a long honest look in the mirror Jim. Do you really like yourself?

My Predictions will be released soon. I invite you to read them. Some you will not believe. I hope you ridicule them. Because when the time comes and things begin to happen as they do, and as you have been independently told they do, you will have exposed only yourself.

Sorry to hear about your stomach problems. Stress I believe.

And to my Spartans. You are warriors of courage against the misinformation spreaders of this world who we will remember in the next. I hope Jim was only joking about you getting greased up in Thongs! I worry enough.

Aruuuhhh! – Levi

(That’s The Spartan Battle Cry so Jim doesn’t appear as completely lost)

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