Signs Of End Times

Are these some signs of End Times?

I recently asked you to watch the Indonesia zone for an Earthquake shortly after the one in Japan.

March 13th – Now Japan has suffered a 7.2. I have warned that Japan will get shook big time this year and close if not Tokyo. And as usual I would advise to watch the Indonesian Zone within the next 14 Days.

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Within the past 24 hours a 6.7 pointer struck off the coast of Indonesia. We know not to trust the USGS measurements because they are doctored so we can safely say it was actually 7 points or higher on the old Richter Scale. It does not matter though because there will be another one within a week to ten days. It will be stronger and even the USGS will have to admit the strength was at least around an 8 pointer meaning closer to a 9 pointer.

Now hear this. It has never been proved but I have claimed for years to watch these two zones because there is a seismic link between Japan and the Indonesian zone. Although there are many countries in the ring of fire these two seem the most connected when it comes to quakes.

There will be one or two more stronger ones in the Indonesian zone then another Japanese Quake shortly after. (Up to 2 weeks or 3 weeks time) I believe closer to Tokyo this time. In fact another nuclear plant could be in danger but do not expect the authorities to come clean. They will try to keep it out of the MS Media in the same way they keep playing down the true extent of Fukushima.

The fallout of the Indonesian Quake or Quakes could trigger some freak weather or goings on in parts of Australia maybe due to a big bang. Volcano? Volcanic Ash? Jakarta zone?

We can expect an increase in natural Earth events in the run up to 2012 Earth and Sun Cycle. But the real threat comes from men. Not Men as in macho but entities who have no right to be called real men. Entities who have wormed their way into power is the greatest threat to us now.

While they secretly make preparations for themselves, they are wasting money on more wars. Your money which should have been used to make preparations for the people they are supposed to serve. What they cannot steal they waste instead. Seems to me the PTB are making sure we do not stand a cat in hells chance in a CME event. (Coronal Mass Ejection) The 11 year Sun Cycle in 2012 is already starting to kick off, causing freak weather around the world. Nature wise we are in for some fun this year. (Sarcastically stated of course)

Meanwhile what are the good and great world leaders up too? Demonstrating their insanity of course in a “Whos the maddest competition.


BP pay executives record bonuses for “Best Safety Year” despite the ruination of the Gulf Of Mexico?

BP have also been awarded rights to begin drilling in another part of the Gulf while the last damage still spews oil?

American politicians push through “Anti Union Laws” to make striking illegal?

The poison French dwarf Sarkozy not being satisfied with the invasion of Libya now takes France another step closer to all out war by sending 300 more troops to the Ivory Coast to back up a captured airport?

Allied forces now bombing innocent civilians and rebels in Libya by accident of course?

The same thing has been happening in Afghanistan for longer but more people die for protesting the burning of the Koran stirred up by a mentally unstable American Pastor who claims no responsibility?

Yet another cowardly American Drone attack wipes out more civilians in Pakistan?

The UK informs its invading forces in Libya that some of them are to lose their jobs because of Austerity Measure cuts to the military?

Syria leader duplicates his deposed North African and Arab colleagues desperation of clinging to power by firing his government yet promotes a former member to start another government and hopes protesters wont notice.

Shall I stop or do you get the message because I can go on and on and on.

For instance British MPs are sneaking a “Pay Rise” through for themselves as I informed you they would despite hanging the public out to dry with hardship measures.

After weeks of lying the Japanese government are forced to admit they have lost control of a leaking Nuclear Reactor but continue to lie by pretending they are going to super glue the crack together despite the contamination spreading around the world.

Allied forces create a no fly zone in oil and water rich Libya while Saudi invades Bahrain and Isra-hell continues the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

Yemeni police fire on protestors injuring over 400 people. No Fly Zone there then despite a US Military presence.

Protests are spreading around the world and are becoming more and more violent as regimes kill their own people.

The British Olympic sham is becoming unravelled because the bastards in charge have already emptied the coffers yet have nothing to show for it.

Meanwhile, I stand open mouthed in disbelief while I observe the madness that is sure to bring the world into rapid meltdown faster than the Japanese Nuclear disaster.

I am lost for an answer as to who is the most insane. The entities in power who are working hard to start WW3 or the people who shrug all the above off as if nothing is going on except their favourite TV show.

So if anyone out there is still under the illusion that old Levi has all the answers, its time for them to see a shrink.

You see my friends, us here who “can” see, know that we are witnessing “End Times” as the ancient Maya predicted. Even non religious people are reading the clues in old texts like the Bible and Koran etcetera and researching age old prophesies from many cultures who have warned of these signs in the lead up to the destruction of the world as we know it. The End Time has begun. All we need now to ensure the old prophets and seers were correct, is for the Middle Eastern and African troubles to escalate into the Predicted “Third World War”.

Predicted by the Satanists who are instigating all that you see happening now and the nightmare yet to come.

Yet the world of people continues to sleep or ignore as if nothing is going on. If they only knew what a rude awakening awaits them. Furthermore, when they are jolted into reality they will wake up in the middle of a nightmare when its too late to do anything. Why? Because they have laughed and scorned at many of you here when you have tried to educate them about the truth of what lies ahead!

You will see the change in their attitude. You will see the shocked expression on their faces. You will here those famous last words. “I wish I had listened”. You will reply, “Well you didn’t. Now that you have made your bed you will have to lay in it I’m afraid”. Others will put on a brave face as though they do not care one iota. A kind of public face bravado while in private they will tremble and shake in fear. Many a night they will wake in a shivering cold sweat because they cannot shut down the subconscious mind which they have tried to ignore all this time.

Can you now see what I mean about Mass Mental Breakdowns?

People are dying in Afghanistan as you read this. Not by the usual killing of innocent people by so called allied forces but because of a religious book called the Koran. (Quran) If I were a Muslim I would simply smile and have me a Bible Burning and watch the hypocritical Christians scream outrage.

Unfortunately that is not the way things pan out. The power elite lackeys have already told us about how they intend to start WW3. A war they say, that will end all wars. A war so terrible it takes a giant stretch of imagination to picture it your mind. A war that has been Predicted by ancient seers to Nostradamus and beyond. The human culling we have been promised by the secretive devil worshipping elite who claim that more than two thirds of the Global Population needs to be wiped out to save on dwindling natural resources like oil, food and water.

All typical illuminati bullshit of course. Insiders have told us its because they need a population that they can control. At the moment there are far to many people for them to manage should the masses wake up and realize what is being done to them now and what has been done to them in the past.

How would you feel if you have lost people close to you through Cancer when there has been a cure locked away for many decades?

What would your reaction be if you found out that your friends or family members have died fighting for oil not freedom or imaginary terror-errorism? Then imagine how you would feel that dying for oil was unnecessary after all because Tesla “Free Energy” technology has also been hidden from you for almost a hundred years. Did you also know that an everlasting battery has been kept from you since the early 1960s? Thats right. By a famous battery manufacturer too! What good is it to them if a battery lasts a lifetime and can be passed down to the next generation? No profit in that. They need batteries to run down so they have to be replaced. Re-chargables run down even faster.

Like Tesla technology. The PTB cannot put a meter on free electricity so they hide it and tell you oil makes the world go round. They hint that oil is running out so war is the only option if a nation needs to survive. Reality tells us a different story. Oil is the excuse for war and the culling of the innocent because warped entities think they own the world and everything in it. To many people they say.

Too many people? Then the Pope and the Catholic church should be brought into line first because it is their constant preaching to their flock that condoms and birth control are against their Gods wishes.

The church must also be held chiefly responsible for the spread of the killer Aids because of its anti condom preaching to people who are too weak to control their own lives and need a supernatural entity to guide them through self elected representatives here on Earth. Show me the contract between God and them and I will convert tomorrow.

Alas, they cannot or will not. I know because I have been asking these religious Sky Pilots since the day I was old enough to understand. Show me Mr Nazi Pope!

However. I can prove that the same entities have hidden most books of the Bible and even show you where to find them in the next private blog. How Holy and trustworthy of the church is that? Is not “Deceit” a sin?

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