September – Now It Begins

September – Now It Begins – Step Up To The Fear

If everything goes to plan, this is the month when the Powers That Be (PTB) will set major things in motion to begin the final phase of their utopia of a New World Order (NWO). One Global Government, Bank, Army and Religion. You may ask yourself ‘Why a world army?’. Doesn’t make sense does it? Is this army going to fight itself?

Of course not. Like ancient Rome, it will fight all other countries who resist the NWO Empire at first. Once they are vanquished they will be consolidated into a Global Army and will then be used to keep the New World Citizens in check. George Orwell’s oppressive vision of the future will become part fact but in reality it would be worse. It cannot even be called a future for those who are allowed to survive and death may be a welcome option. What do I mean by Those who are allowed survive? Well you must really do your research. It’s out there on the web, youtube etc and is not conspiracy. Because the PTB are on record more than once for saying that there are to many ‘Useless Eaters’ on the planet and so the Global Population needs to reduced drastically. That is Elite speak meaning the World Population needs to be Culled!

This is no time for non believers of reality to laugh at those trying to warn them and fall back on the old ‘Conspiracy Theory’ excuse. The so called ‘Conspiracy Nuts’ are researchers. It is the weak of mind and their lacking of courage who are Nuts. And that is to put it politely. So let them laugh now. Have their day. Because Cometh The Hour, they will crumble in shock at the reality that is about to hit them if the so called Elite are not faced down and stopped. If no action is taken or the few brave are not strong enough to stop the Elite, then those who laughed and ridiculed will wish that they had listened, prepared and fought instead.

But wishing on opportunity past is a powerless dream.

The masses are indeed like sheep. They are lambs to the slaughter. Even now as they ridicule the truth of reality, they are totally unaware that have been herded for many years now. Bit by bit. Drip by drip.

Look at America. While the masses are distracting themselves with reality rubbish TV and which celebrity is in rehab, their criminal government owned by the elite have pushed yet another law through. You couldn’t make this up unless you were making an Orwell film. If they refuse the Swine Flu vaccine (Two Actually and maybe three) they can be fined $1000 dollars per day or jailed. Considering the jails are so overflowing that recently in CA thousands of criminals had to be turned free, it becomes clear what the FEMA Camps are for.

And riddle me this my friends. Why did the authorities in CA simply move the overflow of criminals into these Fema Camps instead of turning them loose on the public? The mind boggles unless those camps are meant for something else like American citizens who refuse to bow to the bondage of treacherous criminals who have infiltrated their government. These Fema Camps are not designed for long term internment so what does logic suggest? Forced vaccination mayhap? Re programmed rehabilitation? Whichever way you look at the situation it is sinister to say the least and the non action of the public is bizarre.

Even though the lives of the majority is crumbling around them through debt and a myriad of other problems in their societies, they still refuse to see the truth. They still live in hope that things will soon be back to normal. Well this is the month when I call them out.

I warned of last September. They laughed until it came. I warned about this September. Now it is here. I will remind them all of their own words and beliefs. Not only Americans but any western country and those tied to them.

You have been giving this month of September 2009 the month when everything will turn around. The month when your life begins to return to normal. When the banks will begin lending they money they took of you in the first place. Good scam!

Now we shall all see who is right and who is wrong. My reputation as a Psychic is hung out on the wire once again. But that is nothing compared to what is going down behind your backs. So let me give you a run down what to watch for. The clues to the tactics so to speak. The things that the elite and their puppets in suits have planned in secret behind your backs. Information which is forbidden in the public domain.

September – Month Of Coincidences

Talking heads will march across your TV screens and give you the ‘Impression’ that things are indeed getting back to normal. You have seen it before but your memory is short. It came last year in the run up to September. And you bought it. You listened to the talking head liars right up until you was smacked in the face with a baseball bat. You have never recovered have you? Instead you continued listening and living in false hope rather than listening to ample warnings given.

So the PTB and their talking heads are doing it again. They have all the proof they need that the general public is indeed stupid beyond belief. So listen to them again while they set you up. Everything is OK and the Recession is easing. Recovery is on the horizon. But how far is the horizon? Which planet is it on?

I said Israel will never be out of the news this year and they haven’t been. So watch for the next clue.

They have continued to pump up the rhetoric about Iran’s nuclear ambitions. It’s a similar take on Iraq’s Weapons Of Mass none Existence. but the shadow world government know the public is stupid as mentioned above. Therefore they are pulling exactly the same old trick as they did with Iraq. No proof needed. weapons of mass destruction all over again. But the Elite owned and controlled MS Media are not telling you that Iran have already invited the Nuclear inspectors in even before the ‘September Deadline’. They keep inviting talks but the scum pond life that crawls and slithers in the US and British governments scream out ‘It’s a delay tactic’.

These entities do not want talks because talks would prove them wrong. They want war and a false excuse to go to war. It’s an exact rerun of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. And if the general public fall for it again, September will be the start of chaos.

There’s that month again. It just keeps on cropping up doesn’t it? September as in 9/11. Another coincidence.

So watch for growing tensions between Iran and Israel. But wait a minute. The PTB may be insane but they are far from stupid. They need the support of dumb sheep people so they will come at you from all sides.

Expect high level hype about swine flu and communist style ‘Mandatory’ vaccine jabs. Even though nurses and GP’s are refusing it, the sheep people will roll up their sleeves in panic in an attempt to save their miserable doubting existence. Most GPs may reject swine flu vaccine

Those who do not die will never be the same person again healthwise. Remember the ‘Culling’ the Elite have informed you about? 1+1=2.

Also remember that they are not Psychic but have predicted with all surety that there will be a Swine Flu epidemic in the Fall/Autumn. You can translate that to September and October increasing into Winter. Why?

Could it be that Winter is when people are more likely to get ordinary Flu? I can see them panicking now. The first snivel of ordinary Flu will be self diagnosed as the so called Swine Flu hyped up as deadly when a growing band of bona fide medical experts are warning that it is no more deadly than any other Flu Strain. They themselves will not take the vaccine because it is the vaccine that is deadly not the Flu.

So let us sum here of things that make you go Brrrrr, but don’t be the least surprised when they happen.

Watch For These Signs

After all the hype of financial recovery for a short while, the opposite will happen. There is a strong possibly that the US Dollar will fall when rumours spread of it being removed as the global reserve currency status which it has held for the past sixty years.

Israel may strike Iran but will need to drag the already overstretched US Military into the fray. A fray that will escalate into a war which will decimate the US War Machine. So Watch for a ‘False Flag’ Attack. For those who are not familiar, a false Flag attack is a covert terrorerrorist attack done by Government Black Operations and blamed on someone else as an excuse to react against the innocent accused.

It’s hard to accept another 9/11 style attack because of growing world suspicion against the PTB involvement. But neither would I ask you to rule it completely. After all, they are very close to their goal and will have to show their hand as to who is really in charge of governments sooner or later. I would watch for a rash of explosions across America and some in European Capitals to ensure allied help against Iran.

I still think the Persian Gulf zone will be in focus. I still see ships burning. This could escalate by Israel or US and allied forces blocking Iranian ships as part of political sanctions tied in with Iran’s non existent nuclear threat as with Iraq. In other words Provocation because blocking Iranian tankers by force can be classed as an act of war according to International Law.

America will be the testing ground so expect bumpy times there.

Swine Flu Panic. Dollar Worries. Natural Disaster. Man made disaster. Food And Water Shortage. Power Shortage. Very Possible Staged Attacks At Home Or Abroad. Possible High Profile Assassination.

Oh yes before I forget. Anytime from September onwards there will be some kind of massive disruption to your internet. You may have already found your connection slowing down. This is your own government testing their new power. They have now sneaked through yet another law. They can shut down the internet in the event of a ‘Cyber attack’. America, the land of paranoid government?

Not really. Just another step to the NWO by stealth. FEMA Camps

On The Wind – Levi.


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