The Royal Wedding Farce

Beware Of Tunnels In Paris Darling Katie

Come on people! Did you really think I would pass this opportunity up?

Tomorrow, is a day of national embarrassment for the UK as the rest of the world looks on and laughs at the many British flag waving Idiots and Morons who think they are being Patriotic.

As for me? I will be avoiding TV for the weekend unless I hear of an “Event” during this farcical circus.

I dont know whether to laugh or cry for the flag wavers. I am torn between pity and scorn for them.

For all of you in the Private Blog will know where I am coming from because there have been revelations about the so called Queen of England aka QE2. Also you will know that she and her dysfunctional brood of weirdos should be tried for treason and betrayal of the British People.

Here we are in a state of hardship. Governments screwing families into the ground with Austerity Measures yet can conjure up billions to drop “Bombs” on Libya. [Maybe a hidden clue there]

Then along comes the so called Royal Family who make the Addams Family and the Munsters look normal.

There they will be, ramming their absolute wealth down the throats of the poor and downtrodden. Many of which will be flag waving and cheering the Royal Brats. Dumb is not the word. Imbeciles may be?

Have you seen the unwashed camping out already? They have their little toy crowns on their heads too! Must be dole day on Friday. Lazy bastards. Get a life!

Jesus H Christ. If they only knew the truth about the Windsors. A bunch of Khazar Jews in bed with the Rothschild clan, another scourge of the Earth.

Heres the real kicker.

While the cheering morons wave their little flags in patriotic fervor, little do they realise that they are cheering a Jewish wedding. The brat Prince balding Billy does not have to wear a wedding ring and they are breaking glasses afterwards in traditional Jewish style. Probably quality crystal which most people cannot afford. But hell, the public are paying for it. Not one penny will come out of skinflint Queen Lizzies bottomless pockets because she has very short arms. Richest female entity on the planet too!

Yet the very public who she has betrayed on many occasions will be out in their droves.

Poor dumb little feckers is what they are. If they only knew about this brood of Satanic spawn of freeloaders.

Patriotic? What a bleeding joke. Even tradition is being broken because the Royal parasites have moved the goal posts. Apparently, if the first born is a girl, she is entitled to the throne. Something going on there then. Maybe its because the male Windsors are all mental cases like old Dumbo ears Prince Charles who preaches eco values while traveling by private jet and train to spread his message and polluting the world in the progress.

I cannot help laughing at their decision for the royal brats to travel in the jinxed car which has just been repaired after it was attacked when Charlie and his horse Camilla turned up for a Royal Variety Performance. Isnt that tempting fate or what?

Then there is Princess Andrew. Another idiot with a bad taste in women in the form of gobshite Fergie who was trying to extort money from an undercover reporter in exchange for an intro to her ex husband who is supposed to be an Ambassador for British Business but in truth spends his time on the worlds best golf courses before taking back handers.

Lets not forget the darling Queen Mother. The nations favourite horse gambling junkie who kept her vast properties heated all year round even though she was not in residence. At the expense of the tax payer of course. May she rot in Hell! Amen!

Queen Liz is just as frugal. As I reminded recently, she applied to the poor fund for help with the electricity bill for the Palace. Cheeky tight fisted cow!

A “Poor Fund” set up for the section of the public who struggle to pay utility bills like old age pensioners and such. The biggest land owner in the world with vast riches! Penny pinching bitch is what she is. Lets face it folks. I am only writing the truth here, not making it up. There are many things I am not aloud to say in public but trust me, those in the PB or those who have done their own research will know what the Royals really are.

Furthermore I can guarantee that they and myself will not be flag waving like demented morons.

I Hope It Pisses Down on their parade

Behind the facade there is something sneaky going down here. All very rushed and out of the blue. Changing protocol and so on.

Clue? The treason I mention has caught up with QE2. Its probably lined up for Wiki Leaks release so shes having to abdicate the throne using bad health as an excuse.

Princess Dumbo ears is far too mentally gone to rule although hes next in line. Plus the British public is none to keen to have a horse as queen. The palace will not admit this of course so they will use the Edward and Mrs Simpson excuse where they cannot marry a divorcee. Really it was because Edward had close ties with the Nazi party and was selling Britain out to them.

Yes my friends. The Windsors have skeletons in their cupboards that would make your toes curl, trust me.

What a sick display of self centredness this farce is going to be.

Watch the poli-ticks take time off their little wars so they can feed out of the royal trough. Take a long look at the guest list. International war criminals abound.

This event is one of the biggest “In Your Face” insults in the history of royal insults to the public. It is one big piss taking event.

Lets hope it all backfires and something takes the piss out of them.

Odin.. Odin.. Hold back the waves and send in the Rain. Odin.. Odin…

On The Raging Rain And Wind – Levi – Master Rainmaker and Thunder and Lightening Specialist.

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