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Idiots like the one above must be neutralized.

His Name Is Barack Insane Obama.

Over a year ago we released a matrix of some key Psychic Pyramid Resonators.

We keep getting emails asking when we are going to release the follow up batch. But we had to give them time for the originals to tune in and feel the world.

But now the time is ripe and now you can get one.

If you are not familiar with these fantastic little Psychic Tools then you should be.

There is a new button PSYCHIC PYRAMID at the bottom of the Navigation Menu on your left or you can click below for details.

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Babason Project

Although these Psychic Tools are for personal use, we in Babason use them for all kinds of things. With the help of people out there who own the key Pyramids we have done all kinds of things. You can see a few experiments at the link below or click The Babason Pyramid Resonator Project button in Nav Menu.

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Although some may not believe that we really did break the LHC and screwed up the Moon bomb etc, well just say Baaa Baaaa Baaaaaaaa and go away because you will clearly never understand the raw power of the connected mind. So keep on fooling yourself and keep on using your favourite excuse word which is of course COINCIDENCE.

To the rest of you Psychic Warrior Spartans we are about to start entertaining the sheep people.

We are going to give them plenty of opportunities to bleat out their favourite word. Coincidence! Until they are either blue in the face or their tiny little minds crack when they realize that their in denial excuse word does not work anymore. But Hey! Feck them right? We have work to do.

So if you want to join us get yourself a Pyramid Resonator.

The War Has Begun

If you’ve been keeping up the blogs you will now be under no illusion that our governments have been infiltrated by lackeys and puppets of those who have elected themselves as the Illuminate ones. Or The Elite as they like to be called.

If you have been reading the Private Blog however, you will be under no illusion just how dark and powerful these elite entities really are. Furthermore you will be in no doubt that they are winning the fight to instill a NWO (New World Order) by stealth. But let me tell you how close they are and how bad things are going to get.

As mentioned previously I am even going to release my Predictions for 2011 early this year that’s how close things have become.

Subscribers to the PB will get them before everybody else as usual. But others won’t have to wait until March because I will be releasing them to the public around the New Year. I don’t care about the plagiarism this time around because things really are going to get that bad if these entities are not stopped.

There’s an offer on the PB on the Pyramid resonator page.

Now is the chance to stop talking and start fighting back.

In my opinion, I don’t think the sheeple quite understand what a NWO actually means. If they did they would revolt tomorrow. But as mentioned. The new regime is being implemented mostly by stealth and the sheep have not got the brains or gumption to neither see it nor understand it. That is why they are called sheep. They are the proverbial Lambs To The Slaughter. They are totally oblivious to the nightmare they are sleep walking into and that very soon their freedom will be a thing of the past.

That’s when the decline begins. They will get it eventually but alas… it will be far to late to do anything about it by then.

I will guarantee one thing my friends. They won’t be sniggering behind your back then if the PTB (Powers That Be) succeed in their grand plan.

And I for one am not going to sit around and pin my future or demise on whether the sheep will or will not wake up to reality.

I would rather fight now and cause maximum damage than depend on a bunch of zombies separated from reality.

If you are awaiting a mass awakening be my guest. But don’t hold your breath. It will come but that event may be too late. This shadow government know exactly what they doing and their minions are getting a little too arrogant for my comfort.

Next We Do HAARP

The next thing to do is mess up the HAARP Facility in Alaska.

I cannot understand why China and Russia have not launched an attack on it yet.

Look what other problems Russia is now having with the freak fires.

GO TO – EVACUATE NOW!: This is Not a Drill

The recent floods in China, India and Pakistan are obviously the work of HAARP as are the fires in Russia who are experiencing the biggest heat wave in living memory. I have warned about these weather wars going on before as are some quakes man made like Haiti and the recent one in Iran.

GO TO – Climate Weapons: More Than Just a Conspiracy Theory?

Here in the Highlands we are on the edge of the Gulf Stream and let me tell you. I’ve never known such unrelenting wind. I’m getting fed up to the back teeth with these warped entities and their games of power. If it’s not winds it’s chem trails. They don’t want us to have blue skies anymore it seems.

Worse of all is my main Prediction of 2010.

hands up guys and gals. What was my main theme which once again all other Internet Psychics seemed to overlook?

(They will probably tell you next year though when it becomes the bleeding obvious)

Global Food Shortage That’s What!

Russia has been forced to ban all grain exports and it looks like they don’t have enough grain for domestic needs to last very long. Price of bread up next folks.

Ditto for Chinese floods which will effect grain and rice. Price of rice up next folks.

Ditto for India and Pakistan who are having their food resources swept away in devastating floods. And now Cholera is predicted to run rampant. If anybody cannot see that the Global Culling of the Elite is now in progress… they need a good hard slap around the head. Forget it. They would probably sue.

GO TO – New wave of floodwater threatens Pakistan

Can you see where I’m coming from? I said 2010 would be interesting. Trust me. You ain’t going to know what hit you in 2011. The Global Food shortage will begin to bite by then and you will feel it no matter where in the world you are. Fuel too if the bastard State of Isra-Hell kick off with Iran. I believe the experts are now backing up my long standing Prediction of this long warned about war. They are saying this month before Iran can place rods in their new reactor. Otherwise they could create a nuclear fallout in the Middle East and also it could drift back over to them. Irony or Karma? You decide!

Hell. Even old Fidel Castro is backing me up.

GO TO – Fidel Castro Warns of Imminent Nuclear War; Admiral Mullen Threatens Iran; US-Israel Vs. Iran-Hezbollah Confrontation Builds On Multiple Fronts

In Plain Sight

Remember my video Illuminati – Werewolves Of London? I said they are of control. I doubt any sane person in the world can deny that now. There are far to many strange happenings going on around the world all at once. An enigma that is far beyond the old excuse of COINCIDENCE!

And It’s All Happening In Plain Sight And Under Our Noses.

GO TO – Illuminati – Werewolves Of London

It’s time to start whacking these entities with a bit of old fashioned Psychic Warfare and earn yourself some Karma points. Let’s start whacking them like they are whacking whistle blowers who are trying to warn the masses what’s going on behind their backs.

Get A Pyramid. Get it built and activated and let’s start making their plans go drastically wrong my friends before it’s too late.

Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t a fairy tale with a happy ending.

Don’t thinks you will wake up one morning and everything will be fine and dandy. These entities are masters of causing chaos and chaos they will cause before they are beaten. But that is good because when the world hovers on the brink of another 1000 years of darkness it will at least wake up and ensure that these times and those that are causing them will never happen again.

Spartans! Gather Your Shields. We are going to the Hot Gates!

And Remember How A Spartan Fights. No Retreat No Surrender.

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