Psychic World Predictions 2008 part 2

Welcome To Psychic World Predictions 2008 Part 2

Hope these will give you food for thought for now although there will be another page once the year gets into swing and some of what you have already read have manifested into fact. There will be more predictions posted through the blog as usual.

US Election Scandal

Twice now the USA Presidential Elections have been rigged and the third will be also. However, this time much anger will spill from the public. The government reaction will shock the world in the brutal way it deals with protesters. If you had any doubts that the Land Of The Free is being purposely destroyed, this year you won’t.

Vatican Scandal

Rarely does any news leak from the secretive Vatican but this year it will. The present Pope is not what he seems and will cause more upsets to other religions especially Muslims. He has some kind of agenda and a power struggle within the Vatican will result in scandal. The church in general will become more splintered because of events which will come to light. Time to realize that the Church is not what it seems either. The mystery still remains why the Vatican is trying to destroy and discredit other religions.

More UK And European Livestock Culling

Expect to see more than usual outbreaks of Mad Cow, Bird Flu, Blue Tongue etc in livestock throughout the year. Suspiciously many spates of the disease like last year will appear from nowhere when the government is in trouble.

New Deadly Virus Threat

For human sickness we will see both old and new virus strains appear. (Allegedly)

Alternatively this could be a new strain of an old virus. It will be around for a while but will not make mainstream media until March/June onwards when it suddenly becomes widespread. Not many who contract this disease will survive. I feel it will start in Asia or the East but quickly spread to the West especially Europe. Although it will have a scientific name at first, (example= AB140) it will eventually have a public name that could contain any or all of the letters ”S” – ”I” or ”U” within the name.

There is something suspicious about the whole thing and I believe the outbreaks will be started on purpose similar to the myriad of livestock disease outbreaks in the UK and Europe last year, non of which were remotely believable. Could they have been a test run for human spread diseases?

Watch The Skies

There will be news of quite a few Cosmic events this year, and a meteorite related story will make the news. This could be an impact or near miss. It will be more of a spectacle than dangerous.

However, an unusual amount of UFO sightings on a global basis will capture the public imagination especially in the Summer months.

Watch The Skies For More Chem trail Activity

What are our governments spraying us? A Chem trail at a glance appears nothing more than a white vapour trail left by aircraft in the sky. Look again ten minutes later and the vapour trail has expanded instead of disappearing. You will see the sky littered with these and even criss crossing. I will be blogging this subject soon with photographic proof taken by myself not from the internet. Yet again another conspiracy becomes fact.

Natural Events

Volcanic Activity Warning to Japan and Indonesia

I am bringing this one forward because I feel it is still yet to come. Two but probably three simultaneous volcanic eruptions will signal a rash of powerful earthquakes. Japan will experience one of these and Indonesia and Papua New Guinea also. This could be the sign of quakes becoming stronger as predicted earlier. Although five pointers are strong, they have now become the norm. This is the year when Seven pointers will establish themselves.

Krakatoa Revisited

A massive volcanic explosion will rock the Indonesia or Philippines area between April to September. Many places will be at risk from Tsunami threats. There will be undersea activity in the Indian ocean with Sri Lanka in the news.

New Zealand Rumbles

Although the South Island is awakening to more frequent seismic activity, there will be between two and four rumblings on the North Island this year. Most active around summertime.

Australia – Drought To Deluge?

Parts of Australia have experienced strange weather in the past few years resulting in drought. This will continue and water could be rationed by the government because of an extremely hot summer. Just when things look bad, the rains will come due to freak weather over Philippines and Indonesia. The rains could be more monsoon in nature so expect floods here and there. The Northern Territory coast and Western Australian coast will be mostly affected but the rains will be widespread.

Australian Fires Doused By Rain

Australia will endure more than the usual amount of bush fires this Summer until nature steps in at last. Just as it seems the fire season is taking a firm grip, the freak weather mentioned above will be suddenly be very welcome. The resulting deluge will also rectify the drought situation for now as reservoirs fill to the brim. Restrictions will stay in place for a while as a precaution.

Caribbean Storms

Freak weather out of storm season caused by hotter than usual Summer. Bigger storm season to come with stronger winds with more intensive hurricanes and typhoons. There could be seismic activity this year also. I will try to pinpoint the danger areas as we get closer to the time. At least seven of these super storm cycles will have the USA in their sights. See Below

Big Storm Season For USA

Although much devastation will be avoided in the Caribbean, at least seven or eight of the super storms with gather more strength before hitting the USA. The scale of damage will be on par with New Orleans. In fact this will be similar to that season with possibly the Gulf of Mexico suffering the worse activity. most potent storms will develop when the scale reaches the letter F, ie Hurricane Fredrick.

Peace – Levi

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