2012 Psychic Pyramid Resonator

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Psychic Pyramid Power. Make things happen to your advantage with your personal key to harness the Earth’s Metaphysical Energies with a 2012 Pyramid Psychic Resonator.

This Psychic Pyramid Resonator is an extremely powerful Psychic Tool.

It not a toy nor a gimmick. The 2012 Pyramid resonator has a track record which you can check on this website.

You could fill an entire book with the feedback results and amazing stories of what these fabulous little Psychic Tools have accomplished for people.

There are two ways you can use this Psychic Tool.

Mainly this is for Personal use to attract positive energy to yourself but also send to others including health and healing.

Could you use extra money or a windfall perhaps? Maybe you could do with more all round luck.

Are you looking for a new partner or do you want repair a broken relationship?

Could your health do with a boost? Or maybe a friend or loved one’s health needs improving.

Having trouble with a bully or negative people including work colleagues or neighbors.

This Psychic tool can change all that. No Kidding. No Joke! This Pyramid resonator can and does make things happen. Feed in your needs or desires and let work it’s magik by resonating with Nature’s frequencies.


Also for Project Babason where you will link up to a matrix of Key Pyramid Resonators scattered around the Globe. We use them to correct negative World Events with amazing and sometimes unbelievable results.

First For Your Own Use

This is not a selfish suggestion or act. But you must first use the Pyramid Resonator for yourself so it can tune into your life force or frequency and vice versa. Remember that this is a Psychic Resonator so the measure of energy and belief you put into it, the more it will respond.

What can it do? Well the sky is the limit literally. If you believe…. then you can have! Simple as that.

You can attract Health, Love, Money or something you have always wanted. But more importantly it will protect you from negative people or influences. Anything or anybody working against you will find the process backfire. Even without you knowing there are negative forces against you.

Once you have proved to yourself that this little gem really does work, you can tune it into the Babason Matrix if you wish to occasionally join us.

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Each new Pyramid will strengthen the matrix and in turn, each new Pyramid will be strengthened and become more potent in it’s efficiency.

There is a template with easy instructions how to construct and personalize your Pyramid along with an instruction E-book which will guide you easily through the process of activation.

There are Four Sides or Faces to a Pyramid and each one has a different function so it’s quite easy to learn. Each side also has a specific ancient symbol.

One face is for Luck, Money and Wealth.

One face is for Health and Healing others.

One face is for Relationships or attracting the right people to you.

One face is for Protection and dealing with negative people or situations.

The 2012 Pyramid is extremely potent once you begin to use it so must treated with common sense and respect. After all. It is allowing you to tune in to ancient Earth and Cosmic Energies so you must use it responsibly. Don’t worry too much about what is right and what is wrong. This powerful tool will not function if you are trying to use it against someone who does not deserve your wrath through trivial feelings like dislike or jealously.

The 2012 Babason Pyramid resonator works for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is active even when you sleep.

It also enhances your own natural Psychic Abilities or Instincts.

There are many things to be said about this magnificent piece of ancient knowledge and ways you can use it but that is left to the accompanying instruction e-book. (Over 30 Pages)

There Is Now An Online Version To Compliment The E-Book Version Which Is Easier On The Eye.

There is also a bonus addition about how to enhance the power of your Pyramid Resonator with different Crystals and which faces to use them with.

This is the first batch to be released since the Key Pyramids were distributed over a year ago. So there will be a special discount when purchased from this website.

The second batch when released publicly will cost more and this offer will no longer be available because it may be sold through other vendors.

The Special Price Is

£18.00 GBP or approx. $28 USD.

Or You Can Take Up A Second Limited Offer.

Subscribe to the PB (Private Blog) for a little extra. This option is £25.00 GBP (Approx. $39.00 USD)

This option costs only £7.00 GBP Extra. (That’s Approx. $10.00 USD) and get the 2012 Pyramid Resonator e-book too.

To purchase both separately you would normally pay £33.00 or over $50.00.

In other words this option will give you the Pyramid Resonator Tool and Instructional E-Book plus access to the Online Version entirely for Free!

This is the best offer because the Private Blog is being further developed and will soon include Video Blogs which will not be released elsewhere. The price (£25) includes a one year subscription. (No other costs)

We averaged two per month last year sometimes three which is good considering the work and research needed to supply back up links to the content. Some are the length of a mini ebook but with the new Video Blogs the output will increase dramatically.

And Thats Not All!

Access To the Old Archived Private Blogs.

Not to be outdone when it comes to giving value for money. Levi has agreed to give access to the old archived PB’s. So if you ever wondered what goes on in there now is your chance to gain access to a years worth of past Private Blog posts.

To raise funds for the upkeep of thid website I will be creating an e-book of the archived blogs soon and there will be a charge but price undecided yet so I can’t estimate what you will save with this added offer but it’s a very generous one.

This Offer Is Only For The Pyramid Resonator And Subscription To The Private Blog. It isnt Applicable To The Pyramid Only Offer.

The PB is not like the public one. It is more educational and informational dealing with everything from conspiracies to ancient hidden knowledge. Things can be said in private that cannot be said in the public blog for fear of getting shut down or attracting legal issues.

Talking of website shutdowns which is already planned by the Powers That Be.

The function of the Private Blog is also a backup. If the website encounters difficulties you will still get the PB link and passwords by other email sources whereas the open public blog would not be accessible.

And of course the World Predictions which are released to Private Blog Subscribers before they are publicly released.

Even as you read this there is a storm of controversy growing over Google’s plans to create a two tier Internet system. If they go ahead this will create the Micro – Payment System which this website has been warning about for the past few years.

GO TO – Protesters denounce Google plan for ‘two-tier internet’

In other words the death of the Free Internet as you know it today. So you can see that the PB has a dual purpose and you will always be able to access this websites content no matter what happens.

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Private Blog + Pyramid Resonator


Why Can’t I HaveOne?

Life is a strange bedfellow. Some people are not meant to have some things and a Resonator is one of them.

It’s like meeting a mysterious stranger in tatty clothes on a lonely path one day. He offers you a little wooden box for a few pennies but tells you there is a big gold nugget inside worth much much more.

How many of you would take up his offer? Not many I reckon. Because you would simply not swallow his story. Be honest. Why should he give you something worth much more than you are paying him? You would think there was a catch somewhere because you have been conditioned that since childhood so it’s a natural response. Most would say thanks but no thanks and be on their way completely unaware that they have just turned down a golden opportunity. They would forever wonder about it though.

If it was you, what made you turn it down? Was it because he was dressed in rags so must be poor? Surely he would keep the gold himself and buy some decent clothes and food. But never judge a book by it’s cover. How do know that the stranger wasn’t an eccentric billionaire like Howard Hughes just dressing like a tramp to gauge the reaction of those good hearted people who deserved his gift?

Me. I wouldn’t believe him either. But his clothes would tell me that this guy was down on his luck and needs food so I would give him the money anyway and tell him to keep his little box and sell it again for more food later. But men like this would absolutely insist that you take the box anyway because if he wanted a free hand out he would ask for one. He wouldn’t offer something if he didn’t have anything to offer. It would be a pride thing with him.

Or was there a more mysterious force at work here?

Was there some invisible energy like karma at work that thought you didn’t deserve the gift so made you react negatively to his offer?

It’s the same deal as these Psychic Pyramid Resonators. The clue is in Psychic and Resonate.

They won’t come to you if you don’t deserve what they can do for your life.

You simply won’t get one because something will make you not believe that they really do work or maybe other circumstances will prevent you in some way.

There I would advise you NOT to get one because the other key word here is BELIEVE. If you don’t Believe in them they simply will not make things happen for you. That’s why they are called Psychic resonators. They are a Psychic tool which Resonate with your own thought process so if you don’t believe then don’t get.

That would be my advice because your life force or energy has not reached the right level yet.

In addition they are called 2012 Psychic Pyramid Resonators and the 2012 title is also for a reason.

Talking on a non physical level. I won’t go into 2012 to deeply here and would rather keep it to the PB where like minded souls reside and have a better grasp on the intricate details but I will try to give a hint.

Everything on this and other Planets Resonate at a different speed or frequency. Like the strings of a harp or piano etc. The only difference between your flesh and a rock is the speed or frequency resonates. Otherwise all matter is made same thing. It’s all made of Star Stuff. Savvy?

In 2012 the Planet earth and it’s neighbors will go through a dramatic transition because the frequency of life will change. Many will not make it for a myriad of reasons which are too many to go into here. But in a nutshell they will be in the wrong place at wrong time because their physical and mental energy will be resonating with negative Earth energy. In other words they will be drawn to where the major upheaval trouble spots are be they human or natural occurrences like mega quakes and floods etc. etc. etc.

But these little Pyramids my friends, help you tune into Natures positive Earth Energies. They will ensure that events in your life will lead you to be in the right place at the time in 2012/2013. Whatever strange forces are that make the universe tick, they are sorting out the Wheat from the Chaff.

Some will come out of the great transition unscathed. Other will not. maybe they will physically perish. Maybe their minds will break down completely to live in a constant state of fear after the transition because they cannot resonate to Nature’s new frequency. I’m saying to much but will continue with you PB’s in next weeks Blog.

The Pyramids help to resonate your life energy or frequency in harmony with those energies because it is your born natural psychic ability that is doing it. The Psychic ability which any genuine Psychic past or present will insist that each and everyone of you are born with. Any one of you can do what I do. Any one of you can make seemingly impossible world Predictions that later come true against all odds. And I mean any one of you.

The only difference being is that I could not be conditioned as a child because I wasn’t to be.

But you was since the day you began your government education. They conditioned that Psychic ability right out of you. Well not out actually out of your mind and body but conditioned you to suppress it subconsciously. Maybe they replaced it with the disease called Religion. Who cares.

The fact is that it is merely suppressed and is still there waiting to be unlocked.

To unlock something you need a key. A Resonator is a key. It’s a Psychic tool which is proven to work.

It’s not for me to say why. But the feedback and stories I have heard about these little tools are amazing and sometimes way out there.

Maybe some higher energy needs your life to carry on the way it is now for whatever reason. Karma wise if you are struggling.

For others who I call nice people I would strongly advise to get one for personal use if not for Babason. Especially if you are struggling or worried about the future. These Pyramids are called 2012 Pyramid Resonators for nothing. They will protect and guide you. They will provide when you need.

I’ve used them for over thirty years now and would feel naked without one.

Some people ask me why things fall into place for me all the time. Some think I’m lucky but I’m not. Others think my life is one convenient coincidence after another.

But like the stranger on the path. If I told them it was down to a little Psychic Pyramid… would they believe me? I think not.

So if some inner voice tells you not to get one, don’t despair because it simply means your are not meant have one in the first place.

Yes I would like a Psychic Pyramid only.

Pyramid Resonator E-Book & Template also the Online Version.

£18.00 GBP or approx. $28.00 USD.

Or The Special Offer

One Year Private Blog Subscription, Past PB Archive Access and the Pyramid Resonator E-Book With Template and Online Version.


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2012 Psychic Pyramid Resonator

Psychic Pyramid Power. Make things happen to your advantage with your personal key to harness the Earth’s Metaphysical Energies with a 2012 Pyramid Psychic Resonator.

This Psychic Pyramid Resonator is an extremely powerful Psychic Tool.

One face is for Luck, Money and Wealth.

One face is for Health and Healing others.

One face is for Relationships or attracting the right people.

One face is for Protection and dealing with negative people or situations.

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