Predictions – The Future Has Begun

Predictions – The Future Has Begun

If you have followed my Predictions over the years, you may have noticed the disorder in the way they unfold.

In a perfect world, events would unfold in steady order one at a time with spaces of calm in between. But the trend over the years has shifted and Predicted have been clustered with a number of events happening more or less around the same time scales in quick succession leaving us bewildered and asking ourselves what the hell is going on and concluding that the world has gone mad.

The Predictions this year are intense to say the least and take some time to digest.

Xmas and New Year has been and gone in the blink of an eye and January seems to have past in the space of two weeks. Before you know it so will February which is the shortest month of the year anyway. Talking of which leads me to another conundrum.

For a number of months now, I have had a bad feeling about this month of February. Unfortunately I have failed to nail exactly what it is for you. I mentioned that Predictions have been extremely hard this year. I also have a strong feeling that they will be my last to go public, that is why I have gone into so much detail about events and how some may link to others. In general it will seem that the world has spun totally out of control with each month bringing new surprises and shocks.

So what is it that I cannot nail down? To be honest I am buggered if I know.

Precognition can be cruel sometimes. It is a frustrating dilemma, like when an answer is on the tip of the tongue yet you cannot say what it is even though the answer is buried somewhere deep in the subconscious mind like an itch than yo cannot scratch. I can only apologize for my lack of insight and tell you what I think I know although I do not know what it is if that makes any sense at all.

In a nutshell I have a bad gut feeling about this month of February 2012.

It has bothered for me months now but at last it is here and I will be put out of my misery at last as things begin to unfold.

Maybe my frustrations are invalid. Maybe I have already Predicted the event but have got the timeline wrong. But one thing is for sure. Something big is about to go down that sets off other events.

Could it be an attack on Iran? The trigger to WW3! Nah, I doubt it. That would be April or May at the earliest if the mad bastards in suits are not stopped. Remember that a war with Iran has been a long standing Prediction and one that I will not back down from. It meant nothing in the past but now the rhetoric is there for all to see like a disaster waiting to happen.

The price we will pay is a hefty one. But I promise you this. The traitors who pose as politicians and statesmen will pay the heaviest price when people begin to see through their charade like others can can see already. Politics, including the power governments have awarded themselves will be crushed once and for all. You see this bad feeling that has been haunting me makes me conclude either one or two things.

Firstly, the cockroaches in power who plot and connive behind our backs are going to make something happen. Something big and bad.

Let me tell you this. I have no more time left for the ignorant masses. As you know I past that point many Moons ago. Let them laugh. Let them snigger at the many warnings given. Let them bleat “Coincidence” when an event happens rather than face the truth of reality. It is clear that they are not aware how dangerous “Self Denial” is to their physical and mental health. It is like pointing a loaded gun at them and they dare you shoot because they have convinced themselves that the gun is empty. Bang! Shock and bewilderment is the way they part from this life with final words like “This cannot happen”. It just has happened assh*le and stop complaining because you never showed any interest in life anyways. Bon Voyage and adios.

Its a strange thought really when you think that millions of people alive today will be dead and gone before this year is out. The 2012 death toll will be a record breaker. WW1, WW2, Vietnam? Childs play. A mere warm up.

Japanese Tsunami and other natural disasters? We have seen nothing yet.

But February? Its like a splinter in my mind. The second reason is that the PTB aka Powers Soon Not To Be are going to come at us with a number of things.

If I dig deep, the only vague clue is that one shock wave is connected to finance.

I doubt we need anymore convincing that the majority of people are huddled masses of ignorance.

They think what is happening in the world is quite normal. They allow entities to rule them although every pre election promise broken while they do the opposite. Should we envy them? Maybe it is we who see the world in the wrong light. Maybe it is the norm for governments to financially punish people and destroy their livelihoods and quality of living while they themselves jet around the world to luxurious locations and pig out on five star food.

Could it be that we are wrong? It could be normal for them live kings and plot against us in their secretive shindigs and endless meetings. They have fecked up this world and they have not finished yet as we shall see on many occasions this year.

If you physically harm a person the law will fall heavily on you.

Yet the entities in suits can commit mass slaughter by invading other countries with lies as the excuse.

Maybe it is normal to enforce hardship on the people they represent and we should believe them when they say there is no money in the public coffers while at the same time spending billions on war after war after war.

The final batch of Predictions will be released soon and the rest make uneasy reading. This is a year when one Prediction after another manifest in quick succession more or less around the same time.

For instance. In the Natural Disaster category (which has never been so big) I mentioned extreme weather intensifying. Today I see that Eastern Europe has been plunged into a cold snap with “minus twenty” degrees and killing a number of people.

Get used to it folks because again I say we have not seen anything yet regarding extreme freak weather.

Earthquakes? It scares me even to try to comprehend the strength and regularity of them.

My advice to the Japanese is simple. Leave!

For decades the old Psychics have Predicted the “big one” in California year after year but has been so elusive they have given up trying. But yours truly never jumped on that band wagon because I knew they had wrong. Ironic because as they have given up I am saying “Look out California” because this is the year you will be shaken to the core.

As if we do not have enough to worry about with record number of natural disasters laying in wait this year, it seems the masses think it is quite normal for governments and the scum therein to invade another country even though they have left Libya on the brink of civil war. I said it would become like Iraq and indeed it has. Yet there they are trying for another regime change in Syria instead of solving the dire situations in their own countries.

Syria? What more proof does anybody need to see that the entities in power are mentally ill to insane?

Its quite simple to them. Take Libya and its oil first because not much oil will flow from the Middle East soon. Syria is the final obstacle to the main prize… Iran.

The Western powers are about to get their little candy asses kicked and no prizes for guessing who will suffer in the aftermath while they crawl back under their stones.

They are so drunk on power they are ignoring the warnings of “Two” superpowers. China and Russia. I mean serious warnings. Hands off Iran or else. Yet we allow scum like Hilary “The Whore of Babylon” Clinton to jet around the world stirring up war in countries and cultures which have nothing to do with new Soviet Union of Amerika which has worked hard to win the World Title for hypocrisy with the UK and Europe competing for second place.

Someone tell me it is all a big joke and I am simply just not seeing the funny side!

Bleating Human Rights as an excuse for war while tear gassing and beating their own people back home for protesting. In Oakland CA, 300 people were arrested last week alone while the police who have sworn to “Protect and Serve” the people have now started using “Flash Grenades” against protesters and trust me, they have other toys in their arsenal yet to be revealed. Hi tech ones designed for the sole purpose of crushing any civil unrest.

Police! What am I saying? I do not see anything that resembles a policeman unless the force has become militarized because they all seem dress more like the special services these days.

Land of the free preaching about human rights in other countries while crushing innocent protestors with the brutal force of a fascist regime back home.

Why millions upon millions of people allow a handful of arrogant bastards in suits rule them like a modern day Gestapo and do everything that the people want is way beyond me.

My advice to Americans? Leave or take your country back from those who serve only the elite bankers on Wall St and oil corporations. The same applies to the rest of us.

Soon the speculation will stop. Most Americans are not aware of what their illegal President has done behind their backs. He has already trashed the constitution and bill of rights. He has awarded himself the power of a dictator and he is about to stir up trouble when he tries to disarm Americans by abolishing the rights to carry firearms. Should be interesting because I dont know any Americans who would willingly hand over their guns with a smile, but the fakes in suits are going to try anyway.

There is no doubt in my mind who will triumph in the battle between people and those who have infiltrated Western governments in the end.

Unfortunately the stormy sea of chaos must first be traversed.

Trust me, if people knew what they are covertly planning behind closed doors, I reckon there would be good old lynching. No trial needed, especially in the US because the imposter in the White House and his dog handlers have made it legal to arrest any American citizen and incarcerate them indefinitely without trial or legal representation.

Think of Guantánamo Bay. Another broken presidential promise and breach of human rights.

Quite simple really. Governments have declared war on their own people so they can enforce a new order where freedom will be an illegal word.

Take a look at this video but more importantly look at the camo pattern. These vehicles are not destined for desert warfare but urban. Nor are they tanks as such but look more like personnel carriers the kind that put down public unrest. As mentioned we are in for a very busy and scary year.


MIlitary Train rolls through Morgan Hill Jan 2012


Stay Positive – Levi

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