World Predictions 2007 – Continued

Welcome to the second part of my world predictions 2007. As before I give you them as they come in chaotic order.

Energy Crisis

The people of the West must help the people from the East by removing the people in power along with their little acolytes before it is to late. Unfortunately we won’t so we will suffer fuel and energy shortages and of course massive rises in cost. There will be signs of this before or early summer of 2007.

Fall of the US Dollar

My prediction for the $2 (US) to £1 (GB) is drawing closer and will be in force between March and May give or take a cent. In fact it gets worse for the American economy because it could sink as low as $2.30 or even $2.50 before the end of 2007.

Update 1st May – The dollar passed the $2 mark during the last week.

Update July 4th – Independence Day and also the day when my prediction becomes official and the British Pound breaks the two dollar barrier by two cents making it the highest rate in twenty six years.

UK Interest Woes

In June 2006 I predicted six interest rises before July 2007. The fourth came in Jan. 2007 as a shock to many. Two more must occur before July to complete this prediction and the one below on houses.

UK Housing Crash

Feb 12th – The media experts inform us that the housing marking is strong with no chance of decreasing prices in sight. I disagree strongly. I have already said this will be a year of house re-possessions because the next two interest rises will push many over the top. Those who are smart will drop prices for quick sale in order to avoid the latter and spoil future chances of a future mortgage when it eventually stabilises.

Stock Market Crash Imminent

Investors beware from July onwards to Sept/Oct. There could be a Stock Market crash due to a scandal bigger than Enron and could be linked to the Federal Reserve which will be plagued with increasing problems. It could be the Federal Reserve secretly printing more dollars than it should which would devalue it.

More Federal Reserve Woes

A shock wave of anger will sweep across America when it is revealed that the Federal Reserve which basically rules and dictates their lives is actually a private organisation and has no government to answer to. This will spark mass protests and debates that Federal Taxes and control are illegal.

[Not many know this fact and those that do are usually ridiculed including me. I eventually found a video for sceptical minds.]

US Government v Internet

Maybe because of much of the previous predictions I feel there will be an attempt to close down or massively restrict the internet by the US Government. Similar to the restrictions put on Google by the Chinese Government. They will greatly underestimate it’s power.

In Feb. the US Government took the first step toward fulfilling the above prediction. They have picked on blogging and are trying to halt freedom of speech. Yes, if you are an American Citizen you can now be arrested for speaking against the Masters of the Universe, sorry I mean the Bush Mafia/Administration.

Euro Begins To Replaces Dollar

More countries begin to take interest in replacing the Dollar for the Euro following China and an increasing number of South American countries as we get to September and beyond.

Update May 1st – Dollar now $2 to £1 as predictedUpdate July 4th – Happy Independence Day! British Pound now worth Two dollars and two cents. Lowest dollar rate against pound in 26 years.

China Rise Fall Rise

As China emerges as a future economical power there will be covert attempts by the USA and it’s supporters to upset or ruin it’s economy which will succeed for a short time in the second half of the year between July and September. Eventually this will backfire on the plotters.

South American Oil Strike

Either Venezuela or Peru or both will discover a vast natural resource. America will wish they had better relations with them to late when these small countries continue to refuse to deal with them.

Air Travel Misery and Mystery

Record year for the the number of air travel accidents and delays. At least five planes will disappear this year in the southern hemisphere one of which someone famous or powerful will never be heard of again. This will involve two planes at first but later it will be know that a mystery third plane was involved. I think this will happen in the Indonesian islands area.

The UK government will try to put the cheap flight operators out of business with unfair penalty taxes of some kind. Think of taxing fresh air. However, the government actions will later be found illegal. There will follow an air price war and very cheap flights for at least three to six months.

Update Early Feb – The UK government slaps a ‘Global Warming’ tax on UK flight travellers. Well, that’s Climate Change sorted!Update 4th July – Laurel and Hardy style attack on Glasgow Airport triggers delays all over UK as other airports panic and close down. Many holiday makers suffer.

Earthquakes From Hell

Massive earthquakes will hit the news along with major Volcanic activity from either two or three volcanoes.

This is the year you may begin to realise what I have been shouting from the rooftops since the year 2000. The Magnetic Poles are on the move. They are heading from Canada towards Siberia. It is this Magnetic Shift that is the cause for climate change not Global Warming. Watch off coast Japan – Indonesia – Papua New Guinea and the Aleutian Islands (off Alaska).

This massive pull on the Earth’s crust will increase pressure on the plates in the areas known as The Ring Of Fire. I will focus on the most violent places to be affected or disaster areas. See Rolling Thunder.

Japan – Same area as my last prediction which came true in Dec 2006. This is undersea of the North East Coast of Japan with another of the South Coast. The last is the biggest and a precursor for a number of quakes inland in a forty six mile radius of Tokyo which will suffer great damage. There are many more violent ones to come here as we build up to 2012. This could also disrupt the world economy.

Papua New Guinea – Tasmania – Australia New South Wales

I don’t think this is in the Ring Of Fire or even if there is an ocean floor fault here but there will be.

Years ago I predicted on radio that land would rise off the Papua New Guinea coast after an undersea earthquake or Ocean Quake. (It happened while a scientific documentary TV crew were in the vicinity as luck would have it.) Watch this area for something interesting.

Sydney Tsunami

I get a lot of activity between the same area of Papua New Guinea and somewhere off the coast of Tasmania in the Tasmanian Sea in the direction of Canberra in New South Wales. This will cause a small to medium Tsunami. The sea shall reach the steps of Sydney Opera House. June – Sept?

There will also be a few quakes in Western Australia over a period of six to twelve weeks. Darwin could face a Tsunami threat from an ocean quake originating in Java or other Indonesian island.

Thank you for reading my esoteric rantings and ramblings. – I will post more as they come to me.

Peace – Levi

If you would like to duplicate any of my content for your own website just drop me a quick email for permission, apart from that it’s free.

From original site

Earthquakes and Severe Weather Increase 2007

2007 will be a roller coaster as mother nature vents her anger. Watch out for major undersea earthquakes in the North Pacific where new land will rise from the sea.

The area around Papua New Guinea, Australia and Indonesia will experience violent undersea activity. Expect more Tsunami activity.

Watch for a major earthquakes in Turkey, Afghanistan, China and America including Alaska.

A new category of hurricane will be introduced when devastation hits parts of the Florida pan handle and the Gulf coast. The East coast will also suffer. The worst will come next year.

More undersea activity of the East coast of Japan will cause at least three major inland Earthquakes including the Tokyo area.

Volcanic Activity Increases World Wide especially 2008 when a new category of earthquake will be introduced after a string of eruptions hit the southern hemisphere of such magnitude and frequency that will leave the scientists baffled and the old Richter scale struggling to measure.

2007 will see more simultaneous volcano eruption than ever recorded.

More coming soon.I have not told you the whole truth yet.But all will be revealed as the time is right.

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