World Predictions 2009 – Year Of The Quickening

World Predictions 2009 Introduction

Last year, I promised you that 2009 would be a year like you have never seen. Some will realize what is going on around them and take action. For them it will be the year of the Quickening, a small jump forward into a heightening of consciousness and a positive sign that those individuals are tuning into a new energy arcing across from 2012.

For others who have already been brainwashed by the media and politics, life will become a struggle for survival in the run up to 2012. The more negative and blinkered they remain to the truth, no matter how hard to believe it to be, the struggle will become harder and more dangerous as they strive to hold onto their sanity.

At some point, those who scoff at the Predictions below, will at some point in the year come face to face with truth when the greatest percentage of them become fulfilled as they have done over the past years. Cynics who still refuse believe anything even after a Prediction or event has occurred, will develop a big problem for themselves in the coming times up to 2012. I would not wager on their future sanity, but would do so on their broken minds.

Once again I will attempt to give you a time line for Predicted events. Many Psychics have been avoiding doing this for the past few years. If you read my past Predictions you will see why. Although they eventually manifested, some have been delayed almost as much as ten months or more before they happened.

In other words, please do not write off any Prediction just because it did happen on my cue. Some will but others may take longer. Life is not fixed or rigid and each event needs a catalyst from the outside.

Disclaimer and Legal information

Past Predictions from this website including the blog slog, have been plagiarized, copied and slightly altered so as to appear as someone else’s work. This year the theft stops. I will legally pursue any person regardless of age, status or location, who tries to use any original content belonging to me without my sole permission.

This is part of the reason why I have delayed my Predictions this year instead of releasing them as I have traditionally done at the New Year and chosen the Mayan New Year instead. All predictions for 2009 by others are posted now, so any further plagiarism will be easy to trace and acted upon.

If you are a new visitor to this website, it is highly recommended that you read the past 2007/2008 Predictions in order to assess my Precognitive accuracy of future events. If you agree that I am much more accurate than wrong, I will warn you now that the Predictions below may unsettle you and may be best left alone

Finally, as usual, I am required by UK law to advise readers that my Predictions are for entertainment only.

(Although I do not see anything entertaining or funny about them at all.

Levi’s World Predictions 2009 Part One

Dollar Declines, Rises – Crashes

Last year the Prediction of $2.00 to the GB Pound came within a hairs breadth before the US Dollar rallied. The comeback however was a mere illusion. The dollar is a spent force and I expect it to begin the final decline between April June with a complete crisis or crash of the currency between September, October. It may take a few more months for the dollar to become a basket currency and completely disappear to be replaced with the new secretly planned currency, the Amero Dollar.

UK Currency Battered

When the last Prediction above became fulfilled, ie $2 to the GB Pound, I could not use the British Pound as a comparison because it was also about to suffer. This year it has already taken a battering and there is more punishment to come. Before June/July is over, the UK government will no longer be in a position to deny that the country is in a Deep Depression not Deep Recession. We are currently at the start of a Depression with a capital ‘D’ no matter what cowardly political mouth pieces try to convince you of otherwise.

I will tell you of a nasty plan the politicians are going to attempt. Around the time the US Dollar begins to collapse, the British politicians will see an opportunity to use the dire state of the GB Pound as an excuse to fulfill their obsession of forcing the British to accept the Euro. There will be much unrest and trouble for politicians as the public see the attempted manipulation.

Fuel Set To Rise World Wide

The last Prediction that oil would reach $150 a barrel also came within a hairs breadth when it reached $148 dollars a barrel. Bear in mind that oil averaged or fluctuated between $50 or $60 a barrel at the time so this was an outrageous Prediction back then. We are currently seeing an all time low in the region of $36 a barrel forcing pump prices down, although they still do not match the massive fall.

Very soon, say around March April or May, Petrol/Gas prices will rise yet again. I feel the already struggling public will retaliate. Putting up prices during a depression is not only arrogant but asking for trouble which they will get. But how can they possibly do this at such a low price? They can’t yet. They are waiting for an event of terror or threat of war as an excuse. So enjoy the respite in fuel prices while you can. The event will be connected to the Middle East as usual. (Covered in more detail later)

USA Civil Unrest

When I first commented on the decline of America it was scoffed at. Yet since last September, most people began to realize that there could yet be a possibility when my Prediction began to take hold. I understand it is hard for anybody to accept that such a powerful and wealthy Superpower could fall in such a short time. It is also equally difficult to relate such a Prediction without the inevitable accusations of insanity. However, when the unthinkable comes to pass, even a cynical mind will not be so quick to judge the source in future… just in case the Prediction is not a mere lucky guess.

Although there has been a rising unrest in America, I feel the last Prediction of unrest has not yet been fulfilled to the degree of which I witnessed. Therefore I am bringing this one forward.

Anytime between April and July, a ticking bomb will explode in the American People as they realize the Change their Messiah Pretender President mysteriously won an election on is actually change for the worse.

More people losing their homes, more companies going bust and the government becoming more oppressive. I truly believe the scenes I have seen of overturned cars, empty store shelves and Martial Law, is indeed America. I have continually returned to the moment and have scanned it many times in a futile attempt to convince myself this is another country I am seeing. But it is definitely America and events will be triggered by the meltdown of the Dollar.

False Flag Attacks USA Lead To Final War

It seems that there is something planned for the Americans around August to October Watch September for physical signs. This Predicted event has a very strange feel to it. Like the planned war with Iran which keeps ending up on the back burner because of unforeseen circumstances for the US political and military warmongers who have infiltrated the American government. September is an important month to the beliefs of the shadow ruling cabal.

A few years ago, I predicted three simultaneous terror attacks would shake America to her foundations which would lead them into a war they cannot win. Then came 9/11. Four attacks in all but one is said to have failed. I wrote that particular prediction in cryptic because there was a strange feel about it. When I later saw the two twin towers fall so perfectly like a controlled demolition, a lot of strangeness was answered. We are about to see this strangeness again, sooner rather than later.

I feel that a number of stage managed attacks upon America are about to materialize before the year is out. The attacks under the guise or ruse of terror will actually be black operations designed or meant to distract Americans from their dire situations as the plan to completely crash the US Dollar comes into effect. Up until now, only a very small percentage of Americans are fully aware of what is planned for them by the treacherous entities who are destroying that country from within. However, I see a massive upsurge of realization when a planned event goes wrong.

Martial Law – FEMA Detention Camps

There will be a massive reaction to the US government as more dirty secrets connected with Black Ops are revealed. The response could lead to martial law in a desperate attempt to bring order. The mystery of re-commissioned army bases staffed with guards but no soldiers, will be solved when Americans who refuse to step into line find themselves in the mystery camps operated by the FEMA agency.

American Breakdown – War Within

If by chance the American people are still in denial as all the above begins to manifest, if they still refuse to believe that they are being destroyed from within by entities they themselves elected, it’s end game as far as superpower goes. When it reaches that stage of decline, it means dire news for the rest of the world as a domino effect begins. Especially for those countries who are tied at the hip with them like the UK, France and Germany to name but a few.

More UK Strikes And Unrest

As the situation in America grows worse, things in the UK will also decline. Last year we saw strikes as I predicted. This year you will see more, many more. I said last year that the unelected UK Prime Minister would be ousted by October. The Prediction seemed imminent until the financial turmoil put it on hold. However, as things progress from bad to worse for the British public, it will eventually become apparent that the present bunch of muppets in power are not only incompetent, but they don’t have any answers either. Before, I said the Labour party would oust the unelected PM to save their own skins. And bless their cowardly skins, they at least tried until the so called Credit Crunch saved him.

This time around, the failure to remove the ex chancellor from office will turn around and bite them. The whole political party are now nearing the end of their time in power as a fed up as the overburdened public demand an election.

I think March, April will be the beginning of the above and they will try to cling on to power for the following months.

I do not know what else is going on with the situation because I see massive strikes in the Summer months as well, yet I cannot visualize the present government still being in power. Unless, that is, unless we have entered a more terrifying conflict or escalation of war. See below

Afghanistan Pakistan Escalation

Last year I warned that the US would cut and run from Iraq and move the war into Pakistan. We are seeing the beginning of that now. The new, twice sworn in President of change as already issued orders for more troops into Afghanistan. The American people will soon see the number of young troops sent into the killing fields increase rapidly as the US military begin to lose control in a war to far.

US Troops And Allies Cut Off

Khyber Pass awakes from history. I would like to believe that the Military planners would have already secured the Khyber Pass area, being of such a strategic importance to the war in Afghanistan. Apparently, I am seeing the opposite.

I am seeing a news report of the future (April/September?) about troops in Afghanistan being isolated with supplies of food and ammo cut off in a joint effort by Afghanistan and Pakistan. Although America is not officially at war with Pakistan, they are continually attacking them with unmanned drones, once again under the false guise of terrorism. See Below

India v Pakistan

This scenario will come to the very brink of Nuclear War and could possibly spin further out of control of the manipulators.

In order to get their oil pipeline through Afghanistan and Pakistan, and also to keep control of the drug trade now operated by the CIA and other government power brokers, the dark forces behind the US government will start a war with Pakistan. I say US government because there are a few more events like the recent Mumbai Black Op. The aim is to trick India and Pakistan into a full scale war. The US will dupe India by promising weapons and military aid.

If Indian politicians believe the promises and accept blood bribe money, things will not turn out quite like they expected regarding their old enemy, Pakistan. Watch the new Warmonger Hilary Clinton as she struts around above her station believing she is actually the President. Like Conda Lizzard Rice before her, everywhere Clinton goes, she will leave a trail of blood and corpses.

Record Number Of Assassinations

A sign to watch for concerning the invisible war between the Elite’s power struggle for ultimate control will become apparent when we start hearing of Foreign Diplomats being assassinated. Assassination does not always come with a bullet, the deaths will be reported as accidents or suicide. Accidents will mostly related to travel as in plane crash etc.

Obama Assassination

Although this was not in my posted official Predictions, I feel we should address it for research purposes. In a blog last year, I commented on a Prediction which proclaimed Clinton would become President. I said she wouldn’t, and neither would Obama. And if Obama did become President, it wouldn’t be for long.

I got it wrong by saying McCain would be President, plain and simple. But then a strange chain of events occurred.

The cinderella man Obama came from nowhere and won. He was sworn in but the first time was not official for some reason so Obama had to be sworn in again behind closed doors away from public eyes except for a few hand picked journalists to bear witness. Strange and interesting. When I saw the clip of Obama going into the ceremony, I was struck with a bizarre flash of thought. The man did not look like he was nervous, he looked more like a man walking to the gallows. Like a man who knows he does not have much time upon this Earth.

I feel Obama is a pawn of the Elite to cause massive unrest between black and white Americans due to his assassination. Stranger still, it’s as if he knows this is going to happen and he will be martyred like ML King?

So has my comment been fulfilled? Obama was not President for long because he had to be sworn in twice. Am I placing a red herring for plagiarists, or am I picking up subliminally on a near future event? To say Not For Long, would mean an attempt on his life would have to come sooner rather than later in the year. May, June July?

European Revolt

Although the peasants in Britain are getting ugly towards the feckless government, I feel great unrest unrest gathering momentum in Europe. The movement will start either in Germany or France. It is tempting to say France because traditionally they know how to inflict pain upon their government puppets, but Germany is more prominent in my mind for some reason.

I mention this Prediction because it is laden with irony. The very obsession of politicians trying every dirty trick in the book to push Europeans into a one rule unity governed by the Euro elite, is about to experience another kind of unity far out of their control. April To September.

Yet More House Gloom

Now please listen this time. Barely anyone believed me when I predicted the housing crash. I don’t hold grudges, in fact I didn’t believe me either so that makes us equal. But come last September, the unimaginable happened and the Prediction started to manifest. I said a bumper year for repossessions and a bumper year it was. 40,000 was the number recently reported and that’s just the lying Media numbers so double it and add some more.

In normal times I could tell you that the downturn is over and things will begin to stabilize. But we are no longer in normal times. Property prices will continue to fall throughout the year. The number of repossessions will no longer be attainable so we will see a government panic and a strange deal being struck where the government, bank or building society will own your house and you will pay rent to them. Communism or New World Order? Go figure.

World Depression Felt By Summer

Not only in the UK. The Elite have pulled the money plug and have no intention of putting it back. Yet bailouts to the rich will continue and riots will break out from pure desperation,frustration and simmering anger. Some governments in poorer countries will be ousted but that trend will eventually spread as people in the West begin to see that the dire situation is both caused and being manipulated by the people they elected. Much unrest in the mid to latter part of the year.

Gold $1800 An Ounce – Last Call For Precious Metals

You must come to your own conclusion as to why Gold is being artificially held down. Especially under the present climate of stagnation and loss. However, not even the banking elite can contain everything forever and Gold will become unleashed and quickly rise to the price it should be. I see a massive run on the banks as reality sets in and a massive rush towards precious metals like Gold and Silver. Silver has been performing extremely well if Gold is out of reach.

Part Two Coming Soon

Part Two Will Be Posted Another Day Soon covering Escalating war in Middle East, More conflict in Georgia, Turkey, Big Earthquakes in USA, Japan, Indonesia, New Zealand, Alaskan Russian coast and other undesirable stuff you really don’t want know. Pass the Prozac.

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