World Predictions 2009 Part Three

World Predictions 2009 Part Three – Posted 22nd March 2009

This Section Will Deal With Natural But Increasing Phenomena.

Even Stronger Earth And Undersea Quakes

I did not give much priority to Earthquakes last year because I felt it would be quieter than previous years.

As Predicted, Earthquakes become stronger in 2007 with Five Point strength increasing to 7 point on the Richter Scale. 2008 would again increase in strength with seven being replaced with 8 pointers as the norm but because last year was fairly quieter than normal you have missed this fact. But 2009 will leave you in no doubt that our planet is going through an amazing but frightening phase.

What we classed as normal quakes a few years ago measuring 5 pointers, this year most will be slightly under 8 pointers in the first half of the year but you will see this becoming the norm.

However, we will begin to see the devastating 9 pointers (or slightly under) introduce themselves. After a sleepy year, the zone we call the Ring of Fire Zone will awaken and become more active this year as you will see on the news.

The Aleutian Islands will rumble more to signal a warning of what is to come for Japan and Indonesia, Peru and Chile, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Russian and Chinese coasts.

The most active will be the Indonesian zone which could possibly record the first 9 plus Pointer. June to September and October is the time to be alert. I have something big tied in with Jakarta during this period that could be of a devastating volcanic nature.

I will try to be more accurate with the timelines as the events get near and will update in the Slog as with other Predictions.

Below are the ones which I doubt the media will be able to avoid because of their seriousness.

Japan Quakes

Previously I have predicted Japanese quakes in threes. Usually a warning for a large one on land has been given by two smaller ones off the coast under the sea bed. Unfortunately the media omit their importance so you must check them out on the Earthquake Map on this site.

Japan is volatile Earthquake zone and has been shook a couple of times last year but nothing seriously devastating. This year will be different and should be monitored closely as a warning to other areas of the world for increased seismic and volcanic activity.

Watch from the end of April to the end of Summer where I predict at least two major quakes but six reasonable sized ones also not including undersea quakes off the coast of Japan of which there will be eight or more in all.

Tokyo central will seriously be hit this time at least once but the surrounding area will be hit twice or very possibly three to four times.

I am only dealing with quakes up to the end of Summer but please do write them off because of the timeline because I feel a more serious one is still to come after Summer.

Indonesia Quakes

A few years ago I urged you to watch quake activity in Japan and Indonesia because these two countries would become entwined regarding both undersea and land quakes. Which they have. This year will become even more apparent to support my claim. When Japan is hit, Indonesia will be hit within hours or days. This can work the other way around of course.

June to August is the time for Indonesians or tourists to be alert. I want to out on a limb here with a timeline which I know I shouldn’t but the 22nd of one of those three months mentioned is bothering me. Take note of that date or of course somewhere close to it.

Philippines, Malaysia Quakes And Extreme Weather

Although I expect a large increase of seismic and volcanic activity in the Indonesian zone, you will see news of Malaysia and the Philippines experiencing the same. Both of these zones are connected to weather so expect news of worsening floods and mud slides besides tremors.

Jakarta Massive Indian Ocean Quake?

I have mentioned Jakarta before but this year, news of something big will be reported. In fact there could be two or three different incidents involving the Jakarta Zone.

Volcanic explosion and Seismic Quake are two.

But the third event is linked to the Indian Ocean and massive undersea seismic activity between the Cocos (Keeling) Islands and Christmas Island. The latter may not be an ideal place to be if this event manifests into reality.

If this event is correct, you can expect the coast of Australia in the area of the Perth coast to be effected in some way.

Papua New Guinea Quakes

I see at least seven throughout 2009 but two or three of them will be very serious around June to July but do not write off August by any means. In other words, all three could manifest during those three months. Otherwise the three will occur very close to each other. (See Oz Below)

Australian Quakes

Strange as it may be, I was laughed at a few years ago for even mentioning Earthquakes or freak weather in the same breath as Australia. Maybe quakes are not as devastating as other countries but I believe at least four were very noticeable last year. The freak weather now needs no explanation whatsoever. If you missed the quakes or are still skeptic and believe that Oz is quake proof, I think this is the year you will be forced to rethink.

Look at an Atlas or google map. See the coast opposite Indonesia or where Darwin is.Then look to your right at the top of Queensland and down the West coast, opposite Papua New Guinea.

I feel both these coast will make the news regarding quakes and Tsunami warnings besides extreme weather.

Australia Extreme Weather Rainfall

Although I feel most of Australia will be a relatively safe zone during the great Tumult of 2012, the freak weather there is not over yet. Maybe Oz is getting rid of the worse conditions early so she does not have to do so later. The freak weather has to go elsewhere eventually.

Meanwhile, let’s see what is in store for our friends down under.

2009 is a bizarre year weather wise. However, I feel this is because the years of drought is now coming to end so more rain is to be expected. But has mentioned before, when it rains it pours and there will be floods in many parts of Oz where there has been none before.

Other Quake Zones

Increased seismic activity this year will also involve these countries.

Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan. All high 7 to high 8 points on the Richter Scale. I feel Turkey will suffer the worst one.

Greece and Italy will begin to experience a precursor of what is come mainly by small quakes or tremors as tectonic plates in other parts of the world begin to shift.

Europe and Eastern Europe Quakes

In most cases as in the UK, European quakes rarely make the news because they are not news, being able to only muster 4 pointers and usually much less. This year we will see those weak quakes or tremors increasing slightly in strength regularity.

During Summer until October we can expect to feel or hear about them in the UK, France and Germany. Possibly a larger one in Spain.

Parts of Eastern Europe or Russia will also become active with Siberia in the news. I also get the Kazakhstan zone or a name sounding very similar.

Caribbean Storms

Unfortunately, my warnings of a number of close knit big storms during the storm season was correct. We saw the Cayman Islands escape the major devastation while Cuba bore the brunt and the US East coast took a pummeling.

I’m afraid there is more bad news this year. The Storm Season will be much worse than the last one. The Caymans will not escape so lucky this time. Please remember that like the Indonesian zone, the time is coming when many small low lying Caribbean islands will disappear beneath the waves. This includes the Cayman Islands. I doubt it will be this year but I’m sure this year will leave many in no doubt that the time has come to prepare to move to safety.

California 7 quakes And 3 Big Ones

Although the warnings from Prophets concerning the doomsday Earthquake, California is not yet set to sink into the sea. But the year of 2009 will be an awakening to the fact that the Big One is getting closer which will be 2010 and especially 2011.

The first reasonably large one will occur around April but more specifically around the months of May, July and maybe two in September.

Strangely, the more damaging ones come when California is already in crisis. L.A will be experiencing sporadic outbreaks of violence and unrest due to financial decline, shortages of resources and other problems, but tension will crank up from racism and immigration issues stirred up by political agendas. Buildings will burn not connected to season bush fires, but more in line with nationality of owners of those buildings.


That’s all I have for now. A further page will be posted later in the year when some of the Predictions above have manifested into reality.

Don’t forget, I give you further predicted outcomes to events as the year progresses through my periodical Blog Slog.

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