World Predictions 2009 Part Two

World Predictions 2009 Part Two – Posted 22nd March. Beginning of the Real New Year.


Further Decline Of USA

America now balances on the edge of an Abyss of Economic Meltdown and a state of Fascist rule. The balance will be tipped in January by the President Elect who promises Change.

The balance I speak of will rest on one factor. It still remains to be seen if the man Elect is actually voted to Presidency. I have already stated in the Slog (Blog) that Ms Clinton nor Mr. Barky O will be President. It now seems likely that the latter has already been hand picked by the true Power Brokers in the corridors of power.

Listen my friends, this event is so strange it should not be happening. If it does, I do not see the man elect around for long. I’m sorry, but I still do not see him as an established President.

Meaning, legal issues prevent him, he is impeached very early or more than likely assassinated early in his first year.

Total Collapse Of The Dollar

It is hard to say whether this Prediction was fulfilled last year on time and as Predicted. I think has happened but the truth and reality has not yet reached the Public. So I am bringing this one forward again. Remember my real Timeline of a year is March until March, so I will say nobody will be in any doubt before or around that time.

As you probably know, during the year I make spontaneous Predictions in my Slog which do not appear on these main Prediction Pages. In one slog, I told you of Public unrest in what looked like a third world country but it turned out to be the US. Looted stores and overturned burning cars.

I have been back to this point in time on a few occasions in a futile attempt to convince myself this was not America I was seeing. Military Styled Police enforcing order (?). Empty food shelves and total civil breakdown. Troubles will start in ghetto areas of large cities and townships and spread as we have seen in other countries. (We will see scenes like this worldwide after March and peaking in September)

This kind of response is the realization of an earlier Prediction that the Credit Crunch was a Recession which would spiral into a state like the Great Depression of old. The Great depression will be apparent and undeniable by March to a peak in June and July although it has already begun. Expect much droning from Politicians in denial with no answers and empty ideas.


Politicians Live In Fear And Step Up Security

A bizarre wave of attempted and successful assassinations this year. A few before May, will be played down or not reported by the MSM. (Main Stream Media) However, before, during and after the Summer Months, there will be some high profile attacks that cannot be covered over or ignored by the MSM.

Some of the events will be Black Ops, meaning carried out secretly by Government or Intelligence factors removing obstacles that block their way or placing them to instigate conflict of some kind.

I say this because I have seen another war being played out at the highest levels of Global Power and out of public sight. It is related to the NWO (New World Order) and their attempted implementation of that Order or vision.

American, British, French, German, Italian, Spanish and other Euro politicians and dignitaries will draw suspicion as the people causing strife by the sheer increase of security around themselves. The expense and sheer presence of this personal ring of steel will outrage the public.

They will of course hide behind their false banner of Terrorism, but fear and lies will not protect them as they descend into a life of uncertainty and fear.

When this becomes apparent, there will be a considerable mass awakening from ignorance but still not enough. People will begin to see the Elite Puppet Politician of the future as he and she separate themselves from public access. User friendly Civil Servants are fast becoming a thing of the past as they award themselves more imaginary power.


USA Relocates Iraqi War To Pakistan

This would confirm an earlier Prediction that the USA is going to relocate the disastrous war in Iraq to Pakistan using Afghanistan as a base.

As the US and her criminal allies fortify their positions in Afghanistan, they are creating an upsurge of an historical event. I see news of the Khyber Pass between India and Afghanistan cutting of major supplies to the Western Troops which will experience a dramatic increase of attacks with growing casualties. Bombing will be the reaction but will do little to quell the new level of onslaught. I see some US and allied units being lured, trapped and cut off from help.

Summer to Winter months do not bode well for the West in Afghanistan and Pakistan this year.

Israel v Iran

This is the Prediction that just refuses to go away or fail completely. For those of you not familiar with the history, It was predicted almost two years ago when Iran was not part of the Middle Eastern equation. Everything was aimed at Afghanistan and Iraq or at least that’s how the MSM reported things. But I was warning of a planned attack on Iran which would plunge the entire Middle East into a turmoil that would effect the rest of the world.

The reality of this Prediction was nowhere to be seen until 2008 when the rhetoric from the usual suspects was stepped up to levels of paranoia. It also proved that not only do the warmonger politicians have a mental illness condition, but they also regard the rest of humankind as dumb animals by trying the same proven lies of WMD in Iraq. (Weapons of Mass Destruction) Stranger still is the fact that the outgoing US Warmonger in Chief, old Dubya has proclaimed that of his Presidency, he regrets the false information of Weapon of Mass non Existence in Iraq which led to that war or occupation if you wish.

I’m sure his comments of self salvation will not go far for the Iraqi people and others who have lost everything including their lives. But here we go again. The US and especially Israel refuse to acknowledge the truth by inspectors and America’s own CIA who state beyond doubt that Iran is almost a decade away from a nuclear missile. On the other hand, Israel is armed to the teeth with a nuclear arsenal.

America is in no condition to take on yet another war with Iran at this moment in time. There are to many unknown factors. So we can assume that Israel has already been told this and to cool the propaganda against Iran at least for the near future.

Unfortunately, Israel has her own agenda. The history of backstabbing treachery is alive and well. They are planning to draw America into an attack on Iran by conducting air strikes alone and testing American loyalty. This plan is deemed risky so an event is planned. See below.

Attack On US Navy Fleet

I am in a quandary with this Prediction having made it last year. I saw a burning ships bellowing thick black smoke, one of which seemed to be an American Aircraft carrier. A few months ago a friend of this website sent me an article link which I failed to post. But it was about a US Naval ship on fire. It was an accident and the smoke was white and not a lot of it. The fire was quenched and the ship did not sink. Therefore I feel this was a Metaphysical coincidence and would like to bring that Prediction forward.

I still see trouble igniting in the Gulf of Hormuz off the Iranian coast. I still see three ships on fire after an unexpected air attack. Iran will be blamed but not responsible. Same as the accusations against Pakistan and the Mumbai incident.

The Iranian attack has been sidelined so many times that I have lost count. But it is worth bearing in mind that something keeps blocking the plan. Unexpected events and shifting political power and wealth and so on. Yet Israel will not take the hint that it is not meant to be.

Israel do not see the obstacles as Metaphysical Warnings. They see them as mere coincidental setbacks to their folly. But some of us know that the event is unavoidable because it will sow the final seeds of the destruction of Israel as you now know it.

Look for this False Flag Attack (Black Op) anytime from march, April to July with that date again 22nd of the month or thereabouts. Depending on the unforeseen events which can effect the plans of the mightiest of men and force them to postpone, look to September and October if the latter dates do not materialize.

Spate Of Terrorist Attacks America, Canada And Europe

Within the next few months I am expecting a wave of Terror attacks or threats thereof, across America, Canada and Europe.

However, something strange is afoot and it seems much of the public will become suspicious of the events rather than believing them to be genuine. This could be due to a Government Black operation going drastically wrong and leaving a trail back to the true source rather than the accused source. It will create great political turmoil.

European Tinder Box – Decline Of The Union

We do not have to look over the Atlantic for unrest because it will wash upon the shores of Europe and here at home in the UK.

As mentioned in part one, I am seeing this spark off in France or Germany, quickly rippling throughout the European Union. This will probably manifest as things get worse but politicians will not admit that the Recession is indeed my predicted Depression.

The second part of the Summer Of Discontent I warned of last year.

Euro Political Cabal Loses Nerve And Grip

The current crop of so called elite Euro puppet politicians are long overdue for some sleepless nights as they begin to reap what they have sown and are about to sow.

As public anger and desperation spreads like wildfire throughout Europe, ruling parties will attempt to sacrifice their sacrificial lamb leaders in order to cling on to power. Especially Britain, Germany and France. Spain, Italy and Poland may follow.

European Union Fractures

As the above prediction begins to manifest, it seems there will be a conscious awakening of people towards their respective governments.

The Union begins to fall apart at the seams as the architects of the New world Order we keep hearing about begin to get removed from power.

I think there will be another trick up their sleeve. There may be an attempt to use the Euro currency as a caretaker currency as the US Dollar crashes beyond repair. I have mentioned this possibility before. However, I feel this political sleight of hand will also backfire in the favour of the Yen or a basket of currencies.

European Martial Law?

We must watch America for the first signs of Martial Law. Because of the unrest mentioned above, the same may be attempted here. Once again, a desperate political attempt to cling to power when they are not welcome nor wanted.

There could be a sneaky conditioning process first where curfews are enacted.

Whichever way but loose, it will expose the true agenda of the NWO they are trying to enforce and that it is oppressive rather than good for the masses.

Politicians will begin to deny they are politicians if caught amongst the public.

European Energy Crisis?

Normally I would not bother with this one but there must be a hidden message within. There is panic over energy issues, but it’s not in the winter months when panic would be expected.

I see the problems stem from Britain, France and Germany or said leaders. It also concerns the new energy kings of Russia. It seems at some point, our great leaders are going to inflict more damage and hardship upon us by upsetting Russia, now Europe’s prime energy supplier. We have seen Russia use the energy they now control, as a political weapon before when they turned of a nations gas supply for not paying bills, or at least that was the excuse.

The only way I can see this scenario is that we have succumbed to combined American/Israeli demands and become embroiled in an Iranian conflict. This would make further sense that iran would cut oil production or supplies to Europe along with other ties, while Russia can do likewise with gas and oil.

If this does happen in Summer, something has gone tragically wrong on the political landscape. By that time, the present unelected leader should not be in power or the entire ruling party should have already lost an early election demanded by the public when their over stretched patience snaps.

Could it be remotely possible that the Brits will do as the Americans have done and jump out of the frying pan into the fire? Does Day Follow Night or vice versa?

National Unrest In Canada

We don’t hear much about Canada but that will change this year as unrest reaches their own shores. They, like most of Europe and America, have been infiltrated at the highest level of government. The Present leader is yet another clone in a blue suit and will soon be embroiled in a scandal. There may be rumours in January or February but his time will come before the Summer months. He is about to betray the Canadian People and sell them out to the American White House Cabal and their NWO elite Charles Ponzi schemes.

This could very well be connected to allowing frantic American energy exploration for plunder in Canadian waters. Remember that America recently set off nine nuclear explosions in Canadian owned Arctic Waters without permission or knowledge of the Canadian people. They were sold out by their leader Stuart Harper, another elite puppet clone in a blue suit and indeed part of the European political elite private club.

When he has been exposed and deposed, there will be other attempts by wealthy elite to replace with another of their own. You will see the same thing in Europe with Sarkosy et al. No leader in the cabal you see now in Europe will survive 2009, that is when it is hoped people will awaken and make sure the elite’s choice is thwarted.

North American Union

It is hard for the rest of us to believe that Canada could be dragged into Americas mess.

Traditionally there has been rivalry between the US and Canada. Although nothing serious, there is no love lost. But suddenly America is not taking the mickey out of Canada any more.

The same way America has humiliated France for the past years, even in film and TV because they would not originally enter a war. Perhaps childishly they renamed French Fries to Freedom Fries.

Or the same way they have looked down on Mexicans and called them wetbacks.

Suddenly America’s leaders have become two faced and are now firm friends of the above. France because they are part of the NWO experiment and of course war buddies.

But the change towards the Canadian and Mexican factors are because of the forming of the secretive North American Union. A name for the annexing of Mexico and Canada into one big American super state. I say American because they have named the new currency the Amero.

The Amero will be introduced when the dollar has been successfully crashed. I think it is also meant to be the new world currency as the dollar was in the past. To put it simply, if the dollar crashes, many other currencies will crash with it into basket currencies likened to the third world.

A footnote. Mexico is in the grip of a brewing civil war translated in the media as a drug war. US troops are strangely involved in helping the Mexican Government keep order.

Expect the US to be poking their nose into Canada’s domestic affairs before the year is out.

Drought USA – Exodus California

I am fully aware of how my last prediction of snow in Summer yet with a contradictory statement that there would be a drought in California. Yet both happened.

Although the USA will suffer this year, the state of California is the one to watch as a thermometer or guideline as to the rest of the states. Here, I will deal with resources not unrest.

July to September will see many people uprooting and leaving California. This state will break down before all others. I have covered the social unrest elsewhere but besides increasing violence, the main reason will be power cuts and more importantly lack of useable water as a serious drought sets in.

California has always been a people magnet for people from all over the world. The golden state of opportunity. The trend is now over and the magnet will now begin to repel rather than attract.

There are extremely bad times coming to this state as well as others but California will suffer much more than other resource struggling states. Mid west will encounter similar problems.

California Bankrupt?

Problems keep mounting for this once wealthy state. I feel the fact that California is already bankrupt is being politically hidden the same as the true situation of the whole of America is actually on the verge of bankruptcy. The cuts will start here that is why I urge you to watch this particular state.

First water, then fuel will become affected. Energy blackouts next followed by food shortages which will be related to strikes by transport unions or Teamsters complaining about unfair treatment in regard to Mexican drivers.

US Power Cuts

I am getting an unusual amount of power cuts in America this year or shortage of energy problems. I have placed this info in the California section because this State will experience most.

On the other hand, the North East Coast to the Mid West and or central North America seems to be in chaos later in the year, although some problems of energy shortage will appear in the Summer months between May and September.

A major city will suffer a complete blackout for more than three days before everything is back to normal. New York? Chicago? Washington?

(Also See – European Energy Crisis)

Goodbye Hollywood

The Hollywood Film Industry is beset with problems, scandal and strikes as the legendary Movie Town slides into a slow painful decline due to the dominance of the corporations who own them.

Other countries will emerge to dominate a massive chunk of film revenue especially Eastern European Countries, Bollywood and others independent of the USA.

When the famous HOLLYWOOD sign either falls or is destroyed by quake or fire, take that as an omen to this Prediction. But one thing is for certain.

Hollywood has lost it’s stardust and has already entered a period of great decline.

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