Psychic World Predictions 2008

Here are my psychic world predictions 2008 – Part1

US Dollar Crash

The dollar has broken the $2.00 barrier against the UK Pound as I predicted in Jan 2007. I also said it could go as far as $2.30 or even $2.50. I am bringing the second part of that prediction forward because I believe these figures can now become fact.

However, There is a problem of comparison here now concerning the UK Pound which is also destined to suffer this year. Never the less, there is a very bleak storm on the horizon for the USA. Expect to see a plummet of the dollar from Feb to April with trouble peaking from June to August.

World Recession Storm Clouds Gather

Current Bank problems are described as a Credit Crunch, a mere glitch. Of course it is in the interest of Financial Institutions to say that in order to avoid scenarios we saw with people queuing to withdraw their cash from Northern Rock. The banks have become extremely arrogant and hostile to their customers over the past few years. They are about to make another damaging mistake by trying to make their customers pay the losses they have incurred through their own greed. Don’t fall for it – See Below

Gold To Soar Past $1000 An Ounce

If you acted early last year and bought one ounce gold ingots you will have doubled your money by now rather than risking a bank account. As the truth about the true state of the World Economy becomes impossible to hide, Gold and silver will increase even further in price. There is still time to hire a safety deposit facility and start to buy gold ingots with any spare cash you may have sitting in an account. If the market crashes either this year or next, your electronic money could simply disappear overnight. Even if it didn’t, it would devalued through inflation etc. With physical gold this can’t happen and your money is not only safe, it will be worth more.

Fuel And Energy To Rise

The days of cheap Gasoline (Petrol) in the States will be but a distant memory as prices become more aligned with European prices. At the moment in the UK it costs £1.00 per litre, over $2.00. That is a litre not a gallon. A war with Iran will guarantee this and I predict oil will rise between $100 to $150 or possibly $170 a barrel this summer.

Naturally domestic energy will increase also

UK Economy Heads For Recession

My house price crash prediction was hard to accept at the time especially when a constant stream of liars from the housing and financial sectors appeared in the media scaring people that prices were set to rapidly increase thus creating a stampedeof buyers who feared it would be their last chance to step onto the property ladder. The victims will soon be landed with negative equity.

Now the liars are back and telling you it’s only a glitch so although property prices will not rise this year, they will steady.

Let me translate the lies for you because I see the opposite. They are worried about their greedy lifestyles because the housing market is set to deteriorate further. Another bumper year for repossessions.

If you had given up on the over inflated house market there is good news. The more people hold their nerve, the more prices will fall especially by June to August. You will see this coming before March/April is over.

UK Strikes Gather Momentum – Government On Verge Of Collapse

A Summer of discontent. At last we may see the slumbering British Spirit awaken. As the cost of living increases through more stealth taxes, the financial strain on the average household will reach breaking point. Higher wages will be demanded to make ends meet but the walking disaster now in charge will resist.

There is an extremely good chance that the present unelected leader will be forced out of office before October if he does not back down.

Middle East War Escalates With Iran

Although my USA attack on Iran has not happened yet, it soon will unless there is an Presidential impeachment first. In fact it was planned and postponed at least four times. The US administration is totally out of control and is still pushing to justify an attack on Iran. This is in spite of information from the CIA that Iran is nowhere near the level of delivering a Nuclear Payload.

Maybe because of the teetering US economy, this attack is still very much on the slate. Politicians know that war is a good distraction from the shambles they create. They see a window between Feb March and April. Problem is there is much opposition from sane people so an excuse is needed. See below.

9/11 The Sequel Is Coming

It is increasingly hard to believe that the US Government was not involved in this staged event. In fact it was turning into a good Conspiracy Theory until damning evidence began to leak. Impeachment is in the air besides an economy that stands on the edge of an abyss. A desperate red herring is needed to distract from mounting troubles and time is running out.

Although buildings could be involved again, they are vague for now because I am drawn more to an event at sea.

US Fleet Ablaze

The excuse to attack Iran will be a False Flag attack on the US Fleet in the Gulf of Hernandez between now and April/May or June. However, Feb and March is very favourable.

False Flag means attacking then blaming someone else. I see what is known as a Black Op here and a connection with Israel who figures in this somewhere. Although innocent, Iran will be blamed.

I see three or more US Navy ships ablaze with lots of black smoke. One is a big aircraft carrier. There could be other vessels involved possibly linked to Britain or other NATO countries.

Israel Massacre

If the above is successfully executed and draws the World Media, Israel will use it as a smoke screen to carry out a devastating attack on Palestine while the eyes of the world are averted.

Syria could then enter the equation and the conflict would then escalates to other Arab countries creating unstability never seen in the East before.

US Assassination Already Planned

I made the vague prediction below last year

US Assassination

An assassination attempt with be made on a high ranking member of the US government. Their life will hang in the balance. An outside entity will be blamed but the attack comes from within.

Vague because I could not recognize the face or the person. A few months ago I saw the face of the stranger on the internet. He is an American Congressman and Presidential Candidate called Dr Ron Paul.

Ironically it seems this is the only man in America who can snatch the USA back from the disastrous future it now faces and restore it back to it’s former glory. Yet the dark powers have already conspired to do the deed if Ron Paul becomes to popular as he most definitely will.

In this case I am not giving you a time line for this event. Instead the information will go to other sources where it may serve of some purpose. To be forewarned is to be foretold and advice heeded now can prevent disaster later.

The Cryptic comment – An outside entity will be blamed, means it is similar to a Black Op. An inside Government job but someoneelse will be blamed, possibly a deranged anti abortionist campaigner or similar loner. Think Bhutto assassination.


India Pakistan Troubles

Within the next three months, security leaks will begin to point the finger of accusation to Musharaff over the Bhutto assassination.

There is much unrest in Pakistan for the early months of this year. The Army will be back on the streets and economy worsens. Like any other self preserving dictator, he will begin to cause friction with India. There will be much Sabre Rattling and tensions high as troops from both sides gather to their borders.

The Pakistani Dictators rule is coming to a messy end as he tries to implement the above plan.

Predictions 2008 Continued…

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