World Predictions 2008 Page 3

Predictions 2008 part3. I give you my updated predictions for July to January 2009

US Dollar Unknown Territory

As in other countries, most Americans believe present difficulties are a mere glitch because the controlled Media tells them so. I wish I could agree and tell you the prediction of $2.00 to the UK Pound is now fulfilled and the danger of a further fall has bottomed out. But unfortunately there are more Woes to come.

It’s difficult to compare to the UK Pound as I did before because it will begin to get sucked in to the Dollar’s decline. But as it stands now, it would be equal to $2.50 to $3.00. Do not write off $4.

September is going to be an electric month. You may well feel that the world has gone well and truly mad. Watch for these signs from July onwards.

By September you will see signs of the US Dollar’s complete collapse. Gasoline prices will be almost double with no sign of slowing down. That may sound ludicrous to the average American, but here in Europe where we are already hammered with fuel prices, it will not seem like a fairy tale.

USA Freak Weather – Crop Failure

Most people will experience bizarre weather changes especially Floods, but something is rumbling in America.

The coming storm season as mentioned, will be the worst since records began. You will see many scenes similar to what happened in New Orleans. The Government and it’s agencies will once again show incompetence and unpreparedness.

I see the Mid West and especially the East Coast getting hammered by nature.

Expect a snow storm in Summer.

US Earthquakes – Volcanic eruptions

In fact we will see at least one reasonable sized Earthquake in July. It will be around five points on the Richter Scale. I would view this as a precursor to stronger ones. I see four in all but there could be more insignificant ones.

California will be on alert after the first but I see two big ones before Jan 09.California will also suffer more heat and emergency water shipped in. I see a hospitals inundated with Heat Stroke related cases in the space of a week. We may hear of this particular heat wave rivaling Death Valley temperatures.

There are rumblings in the Yellowstone area. I believe this more active than anyone thinks, or should I say being told. Reports of big tracts of Yellowstone closed to the public through a natural gas threat or shakes causing landslides.

There is great concern over Mt ST Helens also.

US Admin Crackdown On Public Disobedience

It is strange to say this about a country I have known so well, especially the Land Of The Free.

We have seen food riots in over twenty poor countries, could you imagine this in a country such as the USA?

There will be many demonstrations about the pure state of the economy. I see big fuel problems and profiteering. For a country designed around the automobile, this will be devastating. Most Americans will realize that things cannot be allowed to continue on a downward spiral and demand removal of the present false prophets who have infiltrated the White House.

Bush Declares State Of Emergency – Martial Law?

The responsive crackdown on US citizens will shock the world. I am puzzled here. I see Police in black riot gear but also Police dressed like soldiers in combat gear. Maybe National Guard but I’m sure they are more connected to the Police than the Military. Does this make sense to anyone in America? Do you have a new kind of Military Police Section?

The streets are full off smoke from overturned burning cars. It’s like a scene from a third world country but it takes place in the generally less affluent areas. It seems that once again, our black brothers will bear the brunt.

Iran – The Final Chapter

Terrifying times await Military servicemen and women in the Middle East.

America – Israel will launch their suicide attack on Iran within the next three months. Remember that when I first made this prediction, Iran was not part of the equation. The plan has been postponed many times over since March of 2007 because of unforeseen problems arising. Postponed, not Cancelled or forgotten.

When this danger to mankind kicks off, a Pandora’s Box will open in the Middle East. Any allies in Iraq and Afghanistan will be overwhelmed as Arabs unite against the Infidel. This has already been agreed and prepared for between former enemies. There is much hate against the occupying forces and the seething anger waits patiently for America to make the final Fatal Mistake.

While Iran is attacked and the aggressors are distracted, the military will be attacked from to many angles and entities to deal with. It’s like Black Hawk Down situation but worse and on a larger scale.

Iran holds many surprises which the US nor Israel have even contemplated. Clear and Present Defeat that America will not be able to deny. Although the US think they are in control, they are walking into an ambush led on by Israel.

Many Western casualties and losses. Israel will reap what she has sown!

Ready The False Flag Attack – US Ships Ablaze

I am bringing this forward because the timeline has expired, but I see it vividly.

The timeline passing is of no concern because it is linked to the constantly changing plans of the Iranian Suicide Attack. I see US and allied ships billowing thick black smoke. A minimum of three in all. At least one is an Aircraft Carrier but smoke makes it almost to identify the other two. You will see what I mean when you see the ariel shot on your TV.

To you who are not familiar, a False Flag Attack is a black military operation. They attack then blame someone else as an excuse to start war.

In this case, Israel will be behind it but Iran or Syria or both will be blamed. The proof will be shakier than Iraq’s WOMD and just as non existent.

That’s right my American friends. The very country your present administration is so hell bent on protecting are planning to massacre your boys. With friends like those who needs enemies.

False Terror Attacks – 9/11 Sequel


If the above is somehow avoided, an excuse for war is still needed. Therefore the ships I see burning will come later when things kick off, but kick off they will.

Prepare for possible Terror attacks across Europe as well as America or at least very convincing scares. There is a bridge connected here somewhere as well as a building with more glass than usual. There could be attacks on financial building like Wall Street.

Most US Embassies will be forced to close and return home. This could be the same choice of British and French Embassies also.

In any case, Iran will be blamed as the cause indirectly.

The reason for these actions are twofold. One to strike Iran and the other to keep old Dubya in power. It’s like a nightmare April Fool.

Hell No He Won’t Go! – Dubya Bush Does A Mugabe


For American’s, nay, everybody in the world who is tossing salt over their shoulder, stroking their lucky rabbit’s foot or on their knees praying that another war can be avoided just long enough for the Decider War President to finish his term, don’t waste your time. For I am the bringer of gloom.

Let me clarify. There are only two possibilities but both have the same outcome.

If Dubya goes, then things should change in America. The world could breathe a sigh of relief and begin to turn again. But there is no sign. This means whoever takes over is continuing down the same road to oblivion. Or the same man himself stays in charge. Much like a dictator would. I feel the present Admin will cancel elections until Iran has been dealt with and Idiot In Chief can attempt to instigate Israel’s Third War War.

The US President’s whirlwind around the world goodbye tour recently was far from how it appeared. Every country he visited, he used as a platform to drum up hatred and fear against Iran. Audiences in Europe were stunned. They could not believe their ears. A one trick pony rehashing the old Weapons Of Mass Non Existence lie all over again. Either he is stupid or we are. Not the actions or aura of a man about to step down.


USA – Introducing Your Next Puppet President


I was told of some Psychics on Coast To Coast claimed Ms. Clinton would be the next President. I said the opposite. I also added, Neither Will Obama!

Have you figured it out yet. Clue. A man who has a questionable Military Record like the current President. A walking disaster that has caused deaths of his comrades in peacetime. A man who gets off on war. Not the guy in the Die Hard films but his namesake nevertheless.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I give you puppet President in waiting 2009, the Silver Badger himself John Mc Cain. A far worse prospect.

Just thought I would mention that what the rest of the world cannot figure out, is why the only Senator with Abe Lincoln qualities and the only man in American politics who is capable of snatching the US back from the jaws of destruction is being silenced and ignored.

Your Real President Dr Ron Paul.

Do not write off this man yet.


Has Gold Peaked? – Is The Pope Pagan?

Well he probably is, but that’s for another day.

To many Emails to cope with on this question and can only answer random ones so I will post here for those are concerned.

No, Gold has not peeked although the Media talking heads tell you otherwise. It will rise to near $1200 by August. But wait…there’s more.

Figure around $1500 and possibly $2000 an Ounce by early next year so don’t unload it just yet. I know this sounds bizarre, but so did my $1000 an ounce prediction in Sept 07 and again January 08.

Has Oil Peeked?

Another prediction that was hard to imagine in January.

But let’s remember what was said. $100 to $150 or possibly even $170 Per barrel this Summer.

We are presently seeing over $140. I think it would be wise to give this one a cap of $200 before Feb of next year, although it may seem to steady or fall slightly before the big one. Please do not ask what we will be paying at the pumps.

House Price Meltdown

Again it is necessary to update this prediction because many think has been fulfilled.

August, September, At least a third of the price wiped off your house. Next year almost 50%. Prices will eventually recover but do not bank or plan on it happening overnight. We are talking a time span of 18 months to 2 years.

For those already struggling, contact your mortgage people and ask for an interest payment plan. Most are doing this now because repossession is becoming pointless. Why take a house and loose a customer forever when you can’t resell?People Power! You cannot repossess 85% of the country without putting yourself out of business.

Besides, the people determine prices not them. If you have to take a hit with loss of equity now and drop price for quick sale, at least you can come back when prices hit rock bottom. There are still people who can buy, but they are waiting until the price drops to a reasonable level. Your Call.

Summer Of Discontent

Another of my terminologies plagiarized by the MS Media. Thanks to all you eagle eyed people who are tipping me off.

We have already witnessed this with the Tanker Driver Strike. Well Done My Friends. Even Government Council workers are threatening to strike and other sectors will follow. Threats will grow in July with September bringing most of the country to a halt. Widespread Public anger and discontent with the incompetence of the present Government.

Election Demanded – Brown Steps Down

To be more accurate, the unelected PM will be pushed rather than asked as his problems mount. However, this could take until October because the Ex PM is secretly advising him on How To Hang On To Power When Nobody Wants You To.

People will be demanding a snap election but Labour parasites will tremble in fear. They will offer the unelected PM as a Sacrificial Lamb in order to cling to their over paid jobs and perks. Watch Shadow Jack (Straw) and his long knife.

However, we are entering strange times and this tactic will not save the Labour Party. The end of their nanny regime and obsessive spying on the public whom they are supposed to serve are over.

By 2009 we will see an early election and Labour’s descent into the political wilderness by a massive landslide defeat which is destined to bury them.

But Heed My Warning British People. Beware Of Tories Bearing Gifts In The Night. They are just as bad if not worse. Out of the frying pan into the fire, so to speak.

UK Floods Yet Droughts

As we resign to the fact that we have reached and passed the Summer Solstice, that each night we now encounter is shorter than the last, I still feel a burst of Summer to come. In fact, two heat waves at least. A Summer that has usually disappeared by now for the past three years.

But expect big storms also. Parts of the country will have hose pipe bans while others will be deluged. Water companies are heading for a collision with it’s consumers. Big trouble ahead. They will be forced to slash most of the recent 40% hike through fear of regulation. I see some paying massive fines for price fixing.

UK Shortages

There is something unnerving about the remaining Summer months. I see rashes of panic buying especially car fuel yet again. But this time more serious. To reach the scale I see, it suggests that the problem stems from problems and tension in the middle East. This could mean that we are at war with Iran by then.

I also see power cuts from the back end of Summer to December.I see water stand pipes in parts of the country.

Let me clarify this. Like when I saw troubled scenes in America, I had to keep returning to that point. I kept looking around trying to find something to convince myself that this could not be America I was seeing but somewhere that resembled it. I did the same with the UK. Surely things will not decline further here. Even people with money are feeling the pinch. So grim news if I am correct, which I emphasize, I hope I am not.

Japan Indonesia Zone Quakes

Before September ends we hear of another big Earthquake in South Japan.

Indonesia can expect another big one within weeks after Japan but probably days would be more accurate. We have seen this in the past where these two countries seemed to be linked to quake activity time line.

There is a big bang coming from Indonesia Zone also, Volcano?

New Zealand

Big Rumble on North Island. increased Seismic Activity on South. Watch August to September especially.

UK Quake

Another rumble for the UK around September months. decent upper four or five pointer. Lancashire to mid England going South.

More Severe Floods

More floods to come in the Philippines, Thailand, India and China Zones. There will be many others including Europe but these three will bear the brunt.

Australia Drought To Deluge

Although Oz is still suffering a growing serious drought, the rain will come. It will be Godsend for firefighters at the time, but when it rains, it pours. Expect floods here and there.

I will mention to you good people in Oz who watch conspiracies closely, that your weather could be being manipulated during this time for recalling your troops home from Iraq. A move, by the way, that has been quietly admired around the world. Your new leader is either Psychic or he has insider information of what is going to happen there soon and sand soaked in Australian blood is not for him. Well Played.

I don’t have to tell you that money will be tight there also. Not many countries will escape the coming Global Recession. We are all in the same the boat until we decide to swim for it instead.


And Finally…..

Someday, I hope I can deliver good news instead of the disturbing scenarios above. I’m not here to upset you, but to warn of what I have seen and make sense of vague events. I am only a pipe that carries water from the mains to the tap. I don’t control the source from the mains nor do I have control of the tap, you do. If there is to much water coming out for your liking, simply turn off the tap.

There is a pattern to the detailed predictions above. Most are linked to an attack on Iran. Should Natures metaphysical energies continue to plague and foil the instigators, things will ease considerably.

Unfortunately, the people who have infiltrated our seats and corridors of power, are a different mindset than you or I. They will not take the many hints they have been given. A point comes in time, when ancient forces say enough is enough. So be it! And then they begin to cleanse by man’s own folly.

It sends a message to us all. We are responsible for letting these entities reach the point they have done. We turn a blind eye to their corruption and illegal wars. Not to mention the starving and killing through illegal deals and illegal wars.

They have changed the rules to protect themselves while they continue to rob you of your hard earned cash. Do you have spare cash right now as you did only three months ago? Most of you don’t because they have taken it off you by stealth. Higher prices for everything almost at once.

They are also in the process of changing the rules to rob you of your freedom and civil liberties. Why? To make you powerless to resist or retaliate.

They intend to have this plan in place by 2010. Even with the Irish rejection of the Lisbon Treaty and their 50 million thankful supporters throughout Europe ringing in their ears, they continue to push ahead regardless. What does that tell you?

As you know I love irony. I look around me and can’t help but smile at people moaning and complaining as they struggle on. Not because I am evil, although I probably am, but because each individual does not have a clue that it is they who have the true power. There are millions upon millions of you to one of them.

And that I will remind you, is what they fear the most. Mass realization and unification.

Trust me, they often wake up cold sweats at the very thought.

For instance. If only 75% of people said stuff your 40% energy rise, I’m not paying it! What would happen? It’s mutiny! But one thing is for sure..they are up a creek without a paddle. What are they going to do, take everybody to court and loose 75% of business so effectively bankrupting themselves?

You the people, the great masses are the real power of this planet. If everyone got organized while you can still socialize and simply say, No More, The Buck Stops Here! It’s end game. Simple as that. The people have spoken and put them back where they should have stayed, in their place.

They know this would strip them of power in the twinkle of an eye. And that is why they are pushing the Lisbon treaty through whether you like it or not. To render you powerless first. To make it illegal to protest or demonstrate.

We have one chance left. We either take back our Governments and Countries or let destiny do it for us through fire.

Whichever way the game tilts, you can be sure that the world will bounce back without them as it has done throughout history.

Er, have a nice Summer.

Peace – Levi

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