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Apologies that my World Predictions 2007 site has been down so long but now it is back up and running. I will be updating you on those of my predictions that have materialised so far and bringing you more psychic world predictions 2007. As you know I have coined this year the Year of Weird. Now after quite a few of my predictions 2007 have become reality you may be starting to get curious.

You may also be wondering just how many more of world predictions 2007 will happen. Not all of them will I hope but unfortunately many will. Although some deemed as failed you may see many similarities with other events Those predictions will be classed as failed. As I said before, there is much strangeness to come once the year gets into it’s stride and the Magnetic Shift of the poles will become more apparent not just in the surprises mother nature has in store but for people as well.

I have already proved this to a degree by predicting numerous earthquakes in Japan and Indonesia. Keep watching these areas.

You will begin to notice an element of increasing mental breakdowns and strange behaviour no matter where you are on the planet. You may first spot this amongst attention seekers like showbiz people and politicians. For instance George Dubya Bush playing the bongos and batty B. Spears shaving her head. In everyday life you may see it in self centred people and liars becoming delusional. In reality, their intended victims or emotional punch bags will see through their intentions easily.

Sound trivial? Who cares about those conceited look at me – how wonderful I am and I’m OK Jack types?

Because many career politicians are basically from the same mind set.

Remember – Politics Is Showbiz For Ugly Incompetent People.

When people in positions of power begin to lose the plot it spells danger for us all. In fact some politicians and power brokers are already in an advanced state of delusional madness as you shall soon see by an escalation of chaos in the Middle East very soon and other powder keg spots throughout the world.

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World Predictions 2007


I give you my world predictions 2007 as they come, in chaotic form rather then edited in a nice neat order for now while I am upgrading the site.

For those of you requesting the original predictions 2007 you will find them below and updated where possible.

Jan – March – April

Killing Fields

Fighting will intensify in Afghanistan with the U.S and U.K suffering growing casualties. The response will be to send more young troops into the killing fields. Coincidentally or not, the situation in Iraq will also worsen.

There will be political casualties also as governments try to spin the news and cover up the truth of the seriousness of the situation. The West will resort back to heavy air strikes as propaganda in an attempt to cover their defeat.

Iran Air Strike

The catalyst however will be Iran. Although they are years away from having the technology to deliver a nuclear payload equal to the west, the rhetoric will start around Feb. as a build up to an actual attack in March or April.

Israel will figure in this somewhere along the line in connection with Palestine or Lebanon or both.

Update Saturday 19th May – I am not running from this one. The dates have passed but I will soon give you a link to a leak that confirms that the U.S. had it planned around April. Remember that Bush is politically weakened and he is struggling to get war finance passed through congress. This act may give you the next 9/11 to ensure he gets his way. The attack will still happen and Iran will suffer many air strikes before the end of September. America may appear not to be involved at first and I see Israeli planes.

Israel Outrages The World

Israel is entering a dark and deciding period of history. It is a known fact that Israel is an unchecked Nuclear Power in the region. So as the rhetoric grows against Iran to justify an attack, it will backfire on the politicians. There will be calls to allow weapon inspectors check their nuclear status which will be denied and refused. This ‘I want the cake and eat it’ attitude will spread resentment throughout world sparking fierce debates. This is only the first tide that is to turn on Israel.

America is dragged to the centre of this storm when it is discovered or realised that all Israeli weapons and ammo causing the havoc, death and destruction actually belong to the USA or as mentioned they were behind it from the start.

To make things more complicated Syria will publicly side with Iran and Palestine. Other Arab nations will gather and prepare covertly.

At the time there will be much political unrest in Syria. They will be drawn ever closer to actual conflict with Israel. This is a war that Israel cannot win on the ground so will outrage the world once more as they did with Lebanon with bombs. Do not forget that they are also an unchecked nuclear power in the area and people will begin to see the double standards of western politicians.

There is also a dark time approaching for the Royal Saudi Arabian family as they begin to loose grip of their subjects or political allies through international political or financial scandal which could relate to selling arms or financing a faction of the war. I also believe there will be a number of terrorist attacks in Saudi around summer and beyond.

There are troubles ahead for Egypt although I cannot focus clearly on this for some reason. I will try again later but I feel that it involves some attempt to control their neighbours.

An unsettling time for the people of the Middle East but I would urge them to find solace in the final outcome. Like childbirth, a painful time for the woman but worth it in the end. Many political world leaders will become casualties for their involvement and others for lack of it.

9/11 The Sequels

It is becoming common knowledge that the Bush administration not only knew in advance about the attack but could have actually been involved with the tragedy of the Twin Towers. If you are still in the dark about this you can educate yourself by watching some free videos I have gleaned for you in Global Conspiracies – coming soon.

Fear Strikes USA

In the USA I see suspicious events taking place. Destruction of a landmark or famous building destroyed from within and four in all.

Reports of poison water supply in New York San Francisco or LA. The LA water crisis could be related to earthquake activity.Suicide bombers are reported in LA and a few Eastern Cities paralysing the transport network. I see the incidents but no actual terrorists although the media hype will claim otherwise.

Bin Laden Resurrection

With Saddam dead (if he really is!)and no one else to blame for their next terror attack, the Bush people will resurrect the spectre of Osama Bin Laden. There will be more shocking so called attacks of terror around March to June but not only one. There will be a string of them not only in the USA but across Europe. England France and Germany are prominent here, especially their capital cities. In London England there will be many scare tactic false alarms that do not ring true with the public spelling the death knoll of the present government.

The method behind this madness is designed to outrage and scare you so you will support the Political warmongers and justify an attack against Iran, Syria or both. Sound familiar? This time it will be these countries who will be accused of stoking the fire of terrorism. Be prepared for the old worn out phrase Axis Of Evil to be churned out through the controlled mainstream media.

Update – 31st MayThe time line is delayed because this prediction ties in with attack on Iran and Bush’s struggle to secure finance from congress in exchange for a troop withdrawal date. He has now secured finance so the prediction is still very much active.

US Assassination

An assassination attempt with be made on a high ranking member of the US government. Their life will hang in the balance. An outside entity will be blamed but the attack comes from within.

American God ScandalWhen a famous TV evangelist is arrested on sex and fraud charges.

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