NWO Crumbling?

Is The NWO Crumbling?

Just a quick word about the Euro debacle.

First of all we hear the French horizontally challenged Sarkozy who suffers from the Napoleon Complex blaming Davy “Cabbage Patch Doll” Cameroon for the breakdown of the Euro salvage talks although Hungary abstained also.

So let me give you a master class of how not to get fooled by this lying bunch of vipers and propaganda press.

Today many anti EU critics will be doffing their hats to Cameroon. Good old Davy, they will say. Old Cabbage Patch is not all that bad after all. Maybe he is on our side and indeed is against the UK joining the Euro after all as he said during his campaign. Hi hip hurrah! Three cheers for the Cabbage patch Doll!

Fools, each and every one of them. Know it alls who know nothing and obviously have not yet realized that anything said by the MS Media is either a lie or a half truth at best. Deniers who will hang on to anything that sounds like the truth out of sheer desperation and believe the media whores who read the news.

I kid you not my friends. I hope they too get punished and jailed for treachery after they have been publicly flogged when everything has been done and dusted and the people have taken back their countries and governments.

How they sit there smugly on their overfed fat arses paid for with an overblown pay cheque and promote lies day after day is beyond me. As long as they get paid to lead a semi privileged life while feeding their over blown egos they do not give a damn about the masses who they are conning nor the propaganda they blurt out which leads closer to war. Personally I think they deserve to be hung by the neck in the new world because they are no better than the cancer of the human race we call Politicians or Poli-Ticks as in blood sucking parasites.

Enough of wasting breath on the media whores and pimps. Allow me to set the record straight so you do not fall into the next trap which is being planned.

To do so I have to step slightly out of the PB territory for a moment.

First it is important that you understand that the myriad of “Save the Euro” meetings we have been subjected to over the past months is not all that seems. In fact cast your mind back when Sarkozy and Merkel said they had found a solution and they would reveal all in three weeks hence time. Back then I wrote here not to hold your breath because they did not have any solution. Being the pathological liars poli-ticks are I am surprised any body actually believed them. Common sense dictates that if you have a solution to a desperate crisis you do not tease everybody by saying we will tell you what is in three weeks times while the crisis deepens. But ho hum, common sense is becoming a thing of the past and yet another ability the human is losing.

Slip forward to the present. The Chinese have refused to donate to EU begging bowl and throw good money after bad. They know that the EU Zone and Brussels is nothing more than a big black hole where once passed into nothing ever emerges. It is gone for ever. Was that the big idea of Merkel and the little Napoleon?

Now let us see what has really been going on.

The NWO Crumbling Or Is It Part Of The Agenda?

First of all let us be clear on one thing. Like all politicians Davy Cameroon is scum. A two faced liar and media opportunist who knows that politics is show business for ugly creatures who nobody liked at school nor outside it.

While people raise a glass to him today I will be spitting nails and shaking my head at the stupidity of people who fall this anti Euro hero.

You see my friends, Cameroon had absolutely no choice but to reject the latest EU bailout package.

The idea was as always planned. The next step to a new world order where there would be Europe wide tax, a central EU Bank and government complete with a President of Europe for life. Tony B.Liar is a candidate.

Such a set up means that sovereignty for all countries involved would be a thing of the past including all the rights of freedom which sovereignty entitles by birthright.

Now old Davy Cameroon has been playing both sides of the coin up to now. He says he is anti Euro but keeps giving British Tax Payers money into the fund while at the same time the Brits are having to suffer austerity measures to pay for the bailouts.

Then the two faced dog refused the British right for a referendum only a few weeks ago. The mind boggles!

But therein lies the clue to the answer.

The governments of Europe all know what a UK referendum means. A landslide “No Thanks” to the Euro. It has always been that way but even more so now that none Euro countries have seen the mess it has created in Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and dear old Ireland et al. In fact any country involved with the EU zone is now suffering. None Euro countries are now thanking their lucky stars and can now say “We told you so”!

You and I would probably admit the idea has failed. We tried but it just did not work so let go of it and be done.

We know it is not only illogical but sheer madness to carry on with a failed idea because it can only lead to ultimate ruin.

Not the poli-ticks though. They are paid to suck everyone into the EU because it is an integral part of the new world order superstate. It cannot be allowed to fail but they need the UKs money and influence to complete the house of cards so it can be collapsed.

To change the EU Treaty yet again for the umpteenth time means that people from every country would have to pay an EU tax. That means pay more money into the EU abyss so Brussels can waste and pocket even more money. The word “Federal Tax” has been used. Think the Federal Bank in the USA which is owned by private European Bankers and not the US Government as most believe.

Unfortunately such a change for none full members like the UK means that law dictates that the UK Government would have to call for a Referendum. The last thing that the cabbage patch doll wants because the result is already written in stone. No thanks and no way. especially after the debacle we have all witnessed this year.

Who in their right mind would join a failing project or investment?

That is why I am spitting nails. Davy Cameroon is on a high at his new found popularity as MR No To Europe.

He has no choice because it would be the end of him and his two tier government. In fact it would be illegal for him to even try to sneak through without public permission or knowledge. But that is not it.

Cast your mind back to my previous warnings that sooner or later, a treacherous bunch of entities pausing as a British Government would try to railroad the UK into the Euro and kill the GB Pound so it too could be ruined like all the other EU countries who are now suffering with the worse yet to come.

The double act of Sarkozy and Cameroon goes on. He slagged off Cameroon a few weeks ago yet at the beginning of this meeting he was giving the friendly pat on the back then blaming him for the breakdown of the talks afterwards. They either have their heads up each others asses or like sociopaths they hate everybody else including their own colleagues.

I have mentioned many times in the PB and hinted in public that there are secret and semi secret organizations who have penetrated or infiltrated the elite banking organizations so they can keep messing up the NWO Agenda as the Elite lackeys have infiltrated our governments.

It is ironic that the elites must employ and recruit flawed personalities who can be controlled and manipulated by either greed or blackmail. But a flawed mind is a broken mind so it is not logical to use these sorts and trust such a big agenda to them but that is exactly what the elites do which proves my point that they too are warped minded and that their agenda cannot work in the end just like their EU dream and the financial system they have put in place.

All their fine agendas and utopia of a new world order where they remain supreme while everybody who survives the culling will be enslaved is crumbling around them into chaos. And that my friends, is what unsettles me if people do not wake up fast.

Order Out Of Chaos

The title above is a mantra of the elites. They cause chaos then appear to fix it usually at a price both financially and in loss of freedom terms. They were going to cause this chaos anyway. It was always part of the agenda. So is crashing the US Dollar as well as the Euro. But this kind of chaos needs to be controlled by them.

What happens when chaos itself takes over and it cannot be controlled? Chaotic Mayhem thats what!

I will say it again. Psychotic they may be, but stupid they are not. They always have a way out.

I will hint to you that all these meetings to save the Euro have another purpose.

Behind the scenes certain entities are meeting behind closed doors to discuss war tactics and sanctions against Syria and Iran. In other words WW3.

Until the entities who have infiltrated our governments have been removed, then the a third world war is still a very strong possibility. The USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Spain and even the UK people need to remove and replace the governments who are dictating now and ruining their lives. If any of us was as incompetent as them we would be fired on the spot.

Until then, those of us who can still think and see the shenanigans of the blue Bilderberg suits must watch for the next move because even in defeat they will not give up.

What we are all witnessing with the latest debacle is another crafty ploy to sucker none EU countries into the abyss and to join one massive superstate by consent or conquest.

The treacherous entities like Cameroon are hinting at the same time just how damaging it will be for everybody if the Euro should crash.

Does that sound familiar? Is he hinting about what I have warned?

It is all planned folks. If the Euro collapses which it will early next year, the true state of the US Dollar can no longer be hidden and that too will go down the Swanee. In that scenario there is only one answer according to the PTB. They will have to quickly establish a “Temporary” new world reserve currency. The Vatican has already called for one and where they are involved you will always find corruption. The Vatican Bank is the fourth drug money laundering bank in the world.

This new currency of course will not be physical but digital and only accessible via a Credit type Card. Yes my friends. The NWO Biometric ID Card. No matter how much the idea has been rejected by the public the lackeys of the elites will not take the hint and give up. They are determined to make people accept it one way or another like it or nay! Like I said. Unless you can play chess sixteen moves in advance do not play it with these entities. They are more way ahead of the masses than is realized.

As for those who agreed to new rules between themselves?

Let us pray!

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