What´s the meaning of 9 in Numerology?

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Numerology 9


In this article we explain the meaning of the life path number 9 in Numerology. If you already started to discover the secrets of Numerology, you can find a tool to calculate your life path number at the end of the article.

Note that life path number 9 is just one of many numbers which are influencing and dictating your destiny and ultimately your life path. Although the life path number is a very influencual and important number that defines the pathways of your life, there are many more keys, knowledge and insights to be found through the meaning of numbers in your numerology birth chart.

Also this number is said to be the sum total of all the elements that one can study in a lifetime. Associated with the divine, spiritual creativity, and universal love, inborn natural talent and the various aspects related to karma. All these traits may or may not be related to their previous lives, but they surely do play an essential role in dictating the lives of people who have this number in their names. A lot of thoughts, actions, and words form the basis of this number according to the energy that the individual creates within and around him.


Your protection Planet is Mars


This number is represented by the planet Mars. These individuals are often very creative, imaginative, emotional and brave but also at times quite unrealistic and dreamy. They are very sensitive souls as well and often think about this life, what it has offered, what it has not and how the karma cycle works. They often find themselves not in sync with life, perplexed, sometimes off-track and often times unloved which tends to create a negative vibe.

These souls often feel that they are despised and therefore tend to be aloof in spite of being fortunate enough to have loving parents and relatives who care for them. At times they also repent for what they suffer from and complain about how life treated them in an unfair way. These souls can only feel better once they know about the Law of Attraction, it´s positives and negatives. When they find out how this whole cycle works this can give them some comfort.


Numerology 9 = Wisdom


The Number 9 symbolizes initiation and wisdom in Numerology. It is known to be the last number before the start of the next harmony. The remarkable number 9 combines all the qualities of numbers 1-8. If you add up 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 you will get 36 and if you add 6+2 you get to the number 9. This number is highly spiritual and emotional. Numerology 9 holds the key towards mystical and ancient knowledge.

Individuals with this particular life path number (9) do care a lot about their spirtual state of mind and about the sacred comfort of their soul. They can recognize from a young age that material goods are not of value for their soul. Individuals wiht the life path number 9 are very intuitive in realizing the imperfections of the world around them and have often their own highly idealistic worldview.

Sometimes they find it hard to balance between reality and the ideal world. Souls with the life path number 9 are showing tendencies to save the world. They are prone to get influenced by their emotional swings which could lead in turn to depression and melancholy.

The perfect and sacred world that they formed in their mind is far from reality and that can make them depressed, unhappy and melancholic. Souls with Numerology life path number 9 are often quite vulnerable. Often times it is hard for them to make decisions. Ideally they want to help everyone, at any time, but at the same time they wouldn´t want to hurt anyone (” It is impossible to make an omelet without cracking a couple of eggs”).

Number 9 often feels alienated from the world they live in and could be considered crazy or very wise and intuitive by others. The other side of the coin is that their idealistic mindset and view on the world could be seen as weakness by other indiviuduals.





Blessed with a lot of potential


These souls with the Life path Number 9 are blessed with a lot of potential at birth, but unfortunately not many of them are able to handle it and fail to realize their spiritually given talents at their full capacity.

It is not uncommon for souls with this life path number to fall for their negative side. At times they can become offended very easily and sometimes egoistic for no apparent reason. It is a result of their vulnerability and dependency on others.

This negative side could make indiviudals and souls become demanding and/or conflict oriented. This often happends when they feel that they didn´t get what they deserve.

If you are a Numerology 9 you will have to learn how to give without thinking what you will get back in return for it. People with the Numerology number 9 are prone to dramatize things and to exaggerate.

By resorting to criticize others, they are able to hurt them deeply. Since they are trying to merge reality and ideals, they can easily shift from joy to depression.

Possible negative traits of life path number 9 are: emotional polarity, too much idealism, attracting trouble and closing inside themselves. If these souls fall into the negative side of this number, they start to see only the dark side of the world and their environment.


Life path number 9 is about spirituality and wisdom


If you are a Numerology 9 your life goal is to change the world, bring good and bring spiritual enlightment to the world without asking anything in return. You are good in attracting money but only if it is needed to do good. Money indeed is able to change the world if it is used for charity, to help the poor, animal care and so on.

People with this life path number need to figure out how to find balance in their own souls. These strong traits are perfect traits for helping others.

Other positive qualites of Numerology Life Path number 9 are generosity, mercy, wise intuition, understanding, charity and wisdom.
Professional traits of these souls are: very good in working with other human beings, they can adapt very fast, flexible and a inner drive to serve others for the greater good.

Optimal fields which could help these souls to realize their full potential (but not only limited to) are: philosophy, parapsychology, psychology and alternative healing. Their attained results are mostly very good, but they need creative work and not boring routine.


Not the optimal leader in a working environment


In leading positions souls with the life path number 9 need to have trustworthy, faithful and responsible employees, since they usually don´t like to boss around and control others too much. Money will come easy once they realize their life path but they need to be responsible and careful not to spend it too fast.

Remarkable fact of the Numerology 9 is that they are often greatly influenced by their father.  Sometimes they find it hard to fully dedicate themselves to a single person because they have a strong desire to dedicate themselves to everyone around. They have a very strong need for freedom which means are relationship with a controlling part wouldn´t work out that well.

Souls with the life path number 9 could seem very hard to get but they have one big mistake they tend to make in every relationship, which seems to happen everytime. Subscribe at the end of the article to get a Personalized Free Reading”.

Sometimes these souls find it very hard to change for others. If you want to find out with which life path numbers the number 9 resonates the best in relationships and love, you need to fully analyze your numbers – Click Here to get a complete Numerology Reading.

Here is a list of famous people with the life path number 9: Mohandas Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Elvis Presley, Bob Marley, Morgan Freeman, Jim Carrey, Harrison Ford, Chuck Norris, Dustin Hoffman, Kirsten Dunst , Sharon Stone, Andrea Bocelli, Cher, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Prince, Yoko Ono.

Your birth given potential can only fulfill itself when you discover how to unlock it, how to embrace it and invest your energy in it.
Personal birth chart reading (as well as other ways of energy-informational analysis) can really help you to better understand how you can live a fulfilling life of purpose.


Number 9´s sacred month is September


The energies and attributes of the Numerology number 9 come into play at some point of the month of September, making it a month of conclusions and endings, opportunities to see matters from a clear perspective, integration and the ‘three worlds’ – physical, intellectual, spiritual.

The vibration of the wide variety of this number nine gives us the capacity to recognize our own non-public truths and stay with integrity. September is a month where you can bear in mind all you’ve achieved (or not achieved) so far this year, then make appropriate plans to either maintain up the fine flow, or dismiss the situation/s if they’ve no longer are serving you as you’d like them to.

September is the month you should put into effect a good deal and needed changes as you’ll be setting up the cycle for the subsequent twelve months. The 9 in Numerology denotes the completion of things and a time to clean your thoughts and space. Let go of these unneeded items, muddle and old clothes so you can make room for the brand new in your life. Just allow them to go. Give them away. Remember, one humans trash is another’s treasure.

The 9 is all about wrapping matters up and the endings of things so September is a exquisite month to complete projects that have been unfinished for months. You will find you have got the physical and emotional power to deliver them to a conclusion.
If you’re in need to get rid of your house, put up that “For Sale” sign; and in case you are seeking out big change, September is the time to get things done and take the plunge.

The 9th month is likewise an wonderful month for doing something unique and exquisit for yourself. If there’s a place you’ve continually wanted to go to or visit, September is the time to go! Spend the weekend at a stunning hotel, experience the view and make an effort to clear your mind.

Your intuition can be very correct and insightful at some stage in September in particular, so take unique observe of any wonderful messages at some point of this time. If you experience a career change is coming or is desirable, do not hesitate to search for an interview for a new process or position. If you are satisfied in your current position, bear in mind ways to reinforce your function and amplify the efficiency of your workplace.





This remarkable number can be a strong and powerful tool to connect with the divine and the spiritual in many ways. These souls believe in intense feelings, selfless love (which unfortunately can harm their relationships often times) and deep compassion who feel that there is barely nothing of importance than living and being in harmony and that we are made up of our accumulated past experiences.

The only credo for them is to practice selfless loe and to connect to the divine in all the other souls and break themselves free from the cycle of birth and rebirth by reaching liberation of the soul.