What´s the meaning of 7 in Numerology?

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Life Path number 7 can be considered spiritual, but not much into classic religion. As a matter of fact, the age-old question of what this life is all about, what´s the reason why we are here on earth, who really am I, and so on, are essential in the life of 7s experience of life. Unless he/she find the answers to these questions he/she will not stop looking for them until his/hers last breath of life.

The 7 can be aloof, doesn´t like gossip and is protected to small-minded backstabbing. Money is not important to him/her and will hardly ever make a decision or a choice based on an expected financial outcome.

There is a dry, often times misunderstood sense of humor to the 7, yet he/she is unable to recall a single joke. He is hardly ever superficial. His/Her taste is excellent and and has is naturally attracated to art, creative and abstract things.

Often times the 7 happens to completely ignore and dislike fashion trends and is drawn to unpopular, eccentric people. The popular “pretty” but shallow people bore him/her to death. He/she has a strong sense of justice but is usually not interested in any sort of politics.
Often times 7s happen to be physically tall and lanky, but not athletic and not that much into sports. They are not known to be warriors, but you may find some of them in the military, most likely as analysts or in strategic positions.

However, more often you will find them in the world of science and academics. Laboratory researchers, detectives, and other careers where methodical, logical analysis of facts are the main pillars of these jobs.

7s tend to be opinionated and think to know something about everytyhing, which can be quite annoying for friends, family etc. Often times they are not honest, often resorting to a more “ineresting” truth than the actual truth.

Many people are not feeling comfortable around a 7 due to penetrating eyes and the sense that even when he/she seems to be listening, he/she is actually constantly analyzing the expression of your eyes and the crevices of your earlobes.



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What does Life Path Number 7 express?


Your Life Path number is also known as your “destiny number”. The Number results from the numerological reduction of your birth date. I can offer deep insight about the core essentials of your personality, your fate and also will give you a better understanding which path you have to take to succeed in life.

Numerology number 7 is a intellectual, cerebral number, with a mysterious aura surrounding it, and a tendency towards philosophy that can either be quite cynical or incredibly creative and inspiring. Life path number 7 has the opportunity to be some of the most enlightened people of any Life Path, or in worst cases, some of the most dangerousl self-destructive. It is up to you which path you may take.
If you are a Numerology 7, you tend to appreciate a quiet life, with plenty of time for introspection and solitary thinking. You are quite introverted and often times you find large groups of people exhausting to spend time with.

However, if you do not take part in a few meaningful relationships with other people who can truly understand and appreciate your mind and soul, then you tend to become cynical about the world and spiral down into a state of melancholy and depression.

Once down the rabbit hole you will find it difficult to drag yourself out of it. It can be very challening if you are a on Life Path number 7 to come to a harmonious balance between what they need for their own sanity, and what they need to do to retain a place in the outside world.

These Souls find the mere idea of attempting to find a place in the outside world hard or even not appealing at all – they keep asking themselves why they should change for others. As a matter of fact the 7s need this world as much as the world needs the 7s. You are the wise philosophers who encourage people to seek meaning and truth.


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Without you the world would be cold, brutish and mean. But this happens to be a symbiotic relationship, because without the coldness of the world, you would have no higher purpose to seek after. One sad story of a 7 losing his balance between cerebral and the real occured in recent memory with the tragic death of Heath Ledger.

It is well-known that his incredibly authentic performance as the Joker in Batman – The Dark Knight took a toll on his mental state, affecting his ability to get sleep because his head could not stop thinking about it, which eventually led to his overdose on prescription sleeping and anti-anxiety medications.

Unfortunately he is not the only 7 who has met a dramatic end – Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe were both also on the Life Path number 7. This does not mean that you are destined for bad luck by any means, but it does mean that you need to be careful of the effects of your own world you life in, on your health.


Julia Roberts, Taylor Swift and Leonardo DiCaprio are also assigned with the Life Path number 7. You can be proud to belong to such a creative bunch. These souls are prone to this tipe of hyper-overthinking, which can lead them to severe states of mental instability if they don´t pay attention. Do you recognize yourself in this sentence?

You need to find the balance between calming down your formidable mind, while also not ignoring the details of the material world, however tempting it seems to be to give them all up and retreat completely into a loner-like life of devotion and thought.

By unlocking the meaning of Life Path 7 ways, and to come to a fuller understanding of how it influences your general view on life, you can use the positive points of the Seventh Path to your advantage, and find ways to avoid being entrapped by the negative parts.


What about Love and Romance for Numerology 7?


Many numerologists state that the Life Path number 7 is the least likely destiny number of all to engange for the long term. Your need and desire for independence, paired with a difficulity opening up to others, are not quite the best qualities for a long-term engagement.
However, it would be wrong to suggest that 7s can´t have good relationships – in fact, fi healthily paired and adapted with people who understand them, a engagement with a 7 can be one of the most meaningful and fulfilling of all the numbers.

“There is one special circumstance for 7s which tend to ruin most of their attempts to stay in a long-term relationship. To get to the root problem and to a solution on how to fix it, you will need to dig deeper into your Life Path and not only analyze your Life Path Number but also your others numbers. Subscribe at the end of the article to get a Personalized Free Reading”.

Your inner peace and happiness does not revolve around a long-term relationship, and you are far more inclined than many other life path numbers (4 and 2, for example) to find life as a single desirable. If that is the case for you, then keep walking on your path.

This Life can also have a myriad of benefits, which you should absolutely enjoy to the fullest way possible. If, however, you are one of many Life Path number 7s who is seeking a relationship but is unsure how to perform lasting and meaningful romances with others, we suggest to get your personalized Full In-Depth Life Path reading.

You should seek a significant other who is your match on a vibrational and intellectual realm, or in other words – you want an intellectual challenge. It is also very important that the 7 chooses and partner which is as introverted as you are.

If you try to romance an extrovert, you probably will burn out very quickly, because your partner needs a lot more interaction, while you need more time for yourself, within your realm to reload energy. In the realm of Numerology it is not unusual to find introvert and extrovert Life Path numbers accross the board.


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Also all have some range of intellectual level. If you want to know which Life Path number is the most compatible with the 7, this individual Full In-Depth Reading will show it to you. This number which happens to be the most compatible for you, will always challenge you and never bore you.

There is also another number which would be amazingly compatible with you though they are a little too unfocused for you you, and you may see them as superficial.

However, the powerful optimism and imagination of this number may be very beneficial for pulling you out of your melancholic phases. If not for a relationship you should at least surround you with souls with this Life Path number in your friends circle.

7 is not generally well-suited to relationships with these 3 numbers, since all three of these signs are very focused on the material side of this world, which does not resonate well with your spirituality. You may also feel that 2 and 6 are overly sentimental, although some have a sense of spiritual empathy that resonates well with you.

Relationships with other 7s or with Numerology 9s, can be very philosophically deep, but have the risk of being extremely distant and cold, since neither of you will be very willing to open up to the other.

Again, these Life Path numbers are better as friends of partner than romantic interests. Keep in mind: Remember, as always, that numerological compatibility is in no way a substitute for the “human factor” that makes all of us unique and special.
If it were as easy as destiny numbers which are compatible, you might as well be the exact same person as anyone born on the very same day. You need to take personal variations into account at any time.


Life Path Number 7 in Careers and Business


Souls assigned with this number don´t always have an easy time when it comes to succedding in business. In numerology 7 represents the spiritual and not the material, which means that pursuits based mainly on the material world (the way most business are operating) don´t resonate well with 7s.

You have an especially difficult time doing work that you are not entirely morally behind. If a 7 goes into a culture of banking, politics, or any type of big business, they will get painfully cynical very fast and also disillusioned to such an extend that it will be a struggle to even get up and go to work, much less put in the effort when they are there.

When taking this into consideration, the primary thing that a 7 should do when choosing a career path is to evaluate the moral and ethical situation of the prospective career.

Many 7s are drawn to put in their energy for non-profit organizations, research or museums, since humanitarianism, the preservation of history and art, and developing new wisdom are all things that appeal to the morals of a 7.

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Life Path Number 7 is very well suited to careers in academics, since they are so intellectual and such a good problem solver. Research in the hard sciences is quite appealing, but so is work in social sciences, in the humanities, or in liberal arts.

Some of the greatest philosophers of history have been Sevens. It is only natural that if your destiny life path number is 7, you would be similarly drawn to these topics.

You don´t have a very strong competitive drive, and you are much more likely to voluntarily forfeit than put up a fight in a competition, which means that you should avoid any career while being aggressive is a necessary trait.

You simply won´t make it in such a field, and you will quickly develop a feeling of futility surrounding it.
Ensure that your work does not involve you into constant interaction with people – complete solitute is not a requisite, but you will do much better if you are not dealing with a ongoing barrage of people asking the same boring questions over and over again. Your patience would quickly turn into cynical frustration.

Also try to head for work that allows at least one of the following: Some degree of autonomy in terms of exactly how you have to spend your time, a variety of different types of projects and work that will challenge your problem-solving and lateral thinking skills, and/or a reasonable amount of free time, in which you can pursue other interests outside of the workplace.

By finding work with these qualities, you can prevent the sense of entrapment and boredom that gives so many 7s a hard time in the work environment. Instead you can harness the number 7s meaning of skill an interllectual energy in order to be successful, in the work place and beyond.



How to find fulfillment on Life Path Number 7


Despite the prevalent common association of very good luck attached to the number 7, numerology provides a much more nuanced picture of the possibilities for a 7.

However, the fact that 7 is considered the “Lucky Number” ( 777, Lucky 7 you name it… ), numerology provides a much more detailed picture of the possibilities for a 7. It is a number with a deep meaning and indicates for many a great deal of fulfillment if they can find a way to be successful in the material world as they are at their spiritual world.

People with this Life Path are very in touch with the vibration of the universe, which is why so many are remarkable in fields like philosophy and spirituality. If you are a 7 you have a profound sense of “something greater” in the universe. You are eager to fully understand it and tap into it.

If you can develop the psychic and spiritual skills to truly tap into that realm of univerasl energy, it can bring you remarkable good fortune in your life.

If it is something you choose to keep an eye on, you can develop psychic powers that border on the supernatural, which can bring you, when channelled correctly, incredible good fortune in your life, to maximize your success and to vibrate on the highest vibrational state.
If you choose to be a 7 that not follows that specific path, there are still plenty of good opportunities to use your feel and understanding of universal energy to your benefit. You have a very good intuitive sense about people, and swiftly see through lies and scams.

While this can make you quite unpopular with liars and fake people, it sets you up for a lot of fortune and success because you aren´t drawn in by dishonest schemes.

The Numerology 7 can also find fulfillment by pursuing art, which can help you articulate your feelings about the world. It´s important that you explore ways to “put yourself out there” rather than keeping your feelings shut inside you all the time.

You can go to dark places when left unchecked but often times you don´t want to be “checked” by someone else. Putting your energy into art ( wheter poetry, painting, or even just blog entries ) uses your intellectual mind to “check” your emotional intelligence, since you have to put your feelings through the spiritual process of translating them into art.

One major, crucial part of this scheme for finding fulfillment as a 7 is not to cut yourself off from other people. It is not only easy, but understandable for 7s, especially in their youth, to get into a “woe is me, no one understands me”, mindframe, and if you start out thinking like that as a little child, it can be relly hard to get out of that vibration pattern as an adult.

Let me assure you: there are people out there who understand you. But it´s your part to go out and meet them. If you keep yourself walled off from everyone, then of course it will feel like no one understands what´s going on inside of you – you´re make it hard for others, just give them a chance to get to know you.

By developing a strong network of likeminded friends, both who share your philosophical nature, and some who are far more realistic and grounded, you can come to a much healthier aand stronger place, where your philosophy does not impair your ability to function in this world.


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If you are a 7, you own one of the most complicated Life Path numbers. Your deep spiritual intelligence is so powerful that it often times is hard for others, or even yourself, to fully grasp at times. It sets you up in opposition to many structures of the world, which are built without much spirituality behind them. This leds to a struggle for many 7s in life, because they don´t fit particularly well into the structures that are expected of them.

Nonetheless, the numerology definition of 7 would be remiss if it didn´t take into account the centures of auspicious traditions surrounding this number. While you may encounter struggle in life, especially in the parts of life that are subject to conformity to the standards of others, Life Path number 7 will serve you very well in fortune and protection.

Some of the aspects that may make life as a 7 a challenge on the surface, like your probing nature and your tendency to introversion, are also tendencies that will be extremely beneficial to you, if you go into fields that reward them.

Choosing a substantial meaningful career is one of the most important steps that a 7 can take towards finding life purpose and success – by choosing a work path that appeals to your ethical and moral standards, you can become genuinely invested to it.

It commitment will aid you learn to work better with people, and not to introspect so deeply that you become riddled with melancholy and self-doubt.

To summarize, developing a honestnetwork of friends and fellows is crucial to the 7s mental health. You need to find people who can relate to your philosophical and spiritual side, and also people who can help you see the world in a more optimistic and brighter light.
By finding these kind of people to integrate into your daily life, you can become more balanced, and avoid the tragedy that has faced some unlucky 7s.

A strong support net is crucial, and can help you bring you to all the success in life that you can possibly imagine or desire.
Can you already feel the power Dear 7? Are you a deeply spiritual individual, always dipping your toe into the mysteries of the universe, the human soul and life´s meaning? Do you sometimes feel cut off and isolated, as if no one on earth understands your feelings and no one will ever accept you for expressing them?

How does your plan look like to harness your destiny numbers´s faith given energy to fulfill your dreams and reach your goals?

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