What´s the meaning of 4 in Numerology?

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What is Life Path Number 4?


Your Life Path number, which is also to be known as your “destiny number”, is the number that is a result from the numerological reduction of your date of birth. It can offer insight about the essence of your personality, and can give you a deeper understanding of the pathways you will need to take in order to succeed in your life.

In numerology, the Life Path number 4 stands for stability, like the 4 corners of a box, the 4 elements (fire, ice, water, earth), four wheels of a vehicle, and the four seasons of the year (spring, summer, autumn, winter). This number represents functionality, a practical approach which is associated with functional and practical souls.

Life Path number 4 has a very distinct down-to-earth and practical approach to life, rarely with a desire for something which you can´t grab a hold or which are unattainable. Life Path number 4 is driven and motivated, not for hunting for success in the way that a 1 is, but for a life filled with stability and order. These souls don´t give much importance to money but more so to financial stability, respect and doing your job well. Fame or being the CEO of a company is not important.


numerology 4


4 is the first positive non-prime number in mathematics – that is, the first positive number which can be divided by 1 and something besides itself. This is an indication for your ability to cooperate well and constructively with other souls.
You are a very good team player and very focused when sticking to a plan, taking directions and dedicate yourself to something you have put your eye on. However, you can become easily frustrated with souls who obviously aren´t putting in the same kind of energy that you are.

Picking up other people´s slack you don´t take kindly, and while you won´t leave work go undone, you seriously will balk (and with right) if someone who flaked on you, asks you to do them a favor in the future.

Your sense of ethics is quite strong, and you are not willing to compromise them for a lot. Souls at often times perceive this as you being stuck in the mud, but this perspective on you doesn´t bother you much. Souls with this way of thinking aren´t usually the ones you´re very interested in having in this lifetime anyway.

Your ability to resist pressure situations is phenomenal – You are virtually every marketers nightmare because it´s impossible to talk you into purchasing something you don´t need! You are, however, very sensible, and if there is an idea which seems bad to you, it doesn´t matter how many souls try to convince you to another point of view.

The ability to open up and relax is important for those who walk on Life Path 4, especially about their ideas. Your Ideas are innovative, good and you have even imaginative ideas, but don´t often share them with other souls, because you keep your eye on the work that other people told you to do.

This is a harsh loss for this world – your ideas would change things for the better if you would just admit that you were dreaming about something other than the tasks you were assigned. Everyone would be grateful.



Life Path Number 4 Love Life



Life path number 4


Because of your highly practical view on life, love and romance doesn´t necessarily come very natural to a Numerology 4. You are not very into sweeping gestures, grand, and neither pompous weddings or one night stands are exactly your idea of a worthy time. Your Life Path number 4 is responsible to approach love and relationship like you approach so many things in life: With sensibility.

You have a high realistic outlook on what you want, when you are looking for a spouse. Numerology 4 still has to face many problems finding a good match for a long lasting love relationship. These 3 numbers have shown to be the best match for you, if you are walking on Life Path number 4.

Your highly realistic outlook on what you want and need in a relationship is something that differs Life Path number 4 from other numbers. This makes it hard for other numbers to step into your life. If you want to know which numbers are the best match for your Life Path number, subscribe at the end of the article to get a Free Personalized Reading.

Your ideal in a relationship is a lasting and steady one. Many souls on Life Path number 4 doesn´t like to be alone, and are eager to plan on starting a family. You need to make sure to find a soul which is compatible with you, who takes this as seriously as you.

Finding the “one true love” isn´t one of your aspirations. You instead believe that matching souls need to put in work in order to have a harmonial relationship. The people you will be most harmonius in relationships, are the one´s who are willing to work as hard as you for this relationship.

You are well suited in romance and love with this number since they have the same amount of determination like you, and pair it with the same razor-sharp dedication. If these souls decide that he wants this relationship to last, you will never need to worry about him putting anyone higher than you.

This number is also a good match for relationship for the numerology number 4. These souls are very goal-oriented, and will bring a good amout of “traditional” romance into your love life without losing sight of the needed steps necessary to get there.

These souls, for example, might seek out for a fancy, huge wedding at a big cathedral with many guests. These idea might sound crazy to you, but you can be sure that this number will have plenty of perfectly organized spreadsheets, a bullet proof budget, and a huge guest list that makes sure the whole ceremony goes off without a mistake.

These concept of planning is very appealing for a soul with life path number 4, and can aid you to loose up a little by showing you that sometimes being practical doesn´t have to stand for not going for huge things.

When you are seeking a romantic relationship, it may seem fun, in theory, to be matched with someone a little more sponatenous than you are. You can try it – you know everyone is different, after all – but generally speaking, it doesn´t take a long time for the numerology 4´s patience to wear off with a soul who doesn´t have their feet stuck firmly on the ground.

Destiny number 4 is generally not a good match with this wayward number or this restless number, since neither of them will respect your driven need to impose restrictions on their behaviour, and you will swiftly become annoyed with their tendencies to hide, a lack of focus for difficult tasks, or flake out on your.

There is no sense, no need, to put yourself in a position to start a romance with a soul who doesn´t share your sense of dedication. Just ignore the one´s who are telling you that this tend to make you boring – they only are able to understand what is good for them and not what is good for you.

Remember, as at all times, that compatibility in numerological terms is not a substitute for the “human factor” which makes all of us individuals. If it were that easy as just looking at compatible Life Path numbers, you might as well be the exact same person as someone born on the very same day! You must always take personal variations into the equation.



Life Path Number 4 in Careers and Business



numerology 4

The personality traits of the numerology number 4 make them outstanding fixtures in almost any work environemt and/or business environment. Every CEO or Boss will love workers like you, because you are focused, reliable and dedicated. You work focused on tasks you are assigned, you can handle pressure and you can take responsibility well.

Altough you might don´t have many aspirations on being a CEO, souls with destiny number 4 quickly rise in the ranks of any job they enter, because of their outstanding abilities. But be careful of not letting bosses or supervisors take advantage of your work ethic.
You should always go for contracts which include provisions for overtime work, because you are definitely the type of worker to work a lot of overtime hours, and you should, of course, see some compensation for it!

Risks surrounding your job and profession are not well tolerated for Life Path number 4´s. These number 4 in numerology stands for all forms of stability and security, and is not well-designed to movement or change.

To get a deeper insight on which would be the perfect working environment for souls on Life Path number 4, you should do a complete reading of your numbers and your name. Subscribe at the end of the article to get a Free Personalized Reading.

This is a good thing in certaing ways, because you will never leave a project out of boredom like Numerology 7 for example, but it also means that you can become completely shut off from new arising opportunities. It´s feels like you have your blinders on, and you are able to only see what´s on the path you already walking on.

Remind yourself to look for new things from time to time. It doesn´t have to mean not trusting what you have, but often times there really is a more suitable opportunity.

This is especially the case when you find yourself focusing on work that you personally find unfulfilling.

Numerology 4 has the gift of griting their teeth and endure even the most painful or boring tasks in work, but that gift to keep their focus, often times leads you to refuse to change paths, because for you, that would be like admitting to have failed.

There are times where what you have truly isn´t better than what you could have, and you would me much happier if you just allowed yourself to consider changing paths.

Skill teaching and tutoring are also associated with the Life Path number 4, meaning that souls on this life path would make an excellent instructor, tutor or teacher. You are a natural talent for any position that requires to teach skills to others.

Numerology 4 isn´t necessarily drawn to work as a treacher in a traditional way – you may actually have a hard time relating to children and young kinds, because you have trouble grasping their logic (the logic of a child). However, you will often be drawn to these positions in what ever branch you happen to go into.

You get a lot of satisfaction out of showing a person how something works, and ultimately having them to prove that they´ve mastered it with your help.

Working as a volunteer can also be quite fulfilling to the numerology 4. In this instance, you enjoy organizational and/or logistical roles in volunteer companies, because you can utilize your practical skills to help others, which resonates with your ethical sensibilities.
You are destined to achieve great success, not matter how you choose to use your life throgh your outstanding sense of focus, dedication and your ability to endure even the thoughest obstacles.

Just make sure to allow yourself some kind of flexibility to complement on this, and you won´t ever face adversity to achieve great success in your profession.


How to find fullfilment on Life Path Number 4



numerology 4


In opposite to numbers which are result-oriented like 8 and 1, fulfillment comes to Life Path number 4 through hard work, rather than the external confirmation that it can result in. This is a very good thing, because it means that your fulfillment can be found in almost any situation you might be in.

It comes to a surprise to many souls that numerology 4´s are among the most optimistic souls, on the whole – your traits would have many souls believe you are cynical and dull, which you clearly are not.

You can spot light in almost any situation, your motto could practically be “you can do anything with what you have and no matter where you are”. No matter how bad things and situations are looking, you can find joy through hard work. Even when a situation seems bad from the outside, you can find joy in the process of working your way out of it.

The most depressing situations for a numerology 4 are those where they feel helpless, tied down or useless. Ok, feeling like you can´t change anything isn´t nice for anyone, but destiny number 4 can feel this feeling quite often.

Alternating between jobs, temporarily sickness or being injured can leave numerology 4 nervous to the point of insanity. Talking to the Life Path number 4´s spouse, no a surprise holiday to a sunny resort is not enough to help your spouse on life path number 4 to come down and relax.

Try to find activites that make you feel productive, even when you are not a work. Manual work like knitting or sewing can be good because the results of these activities are visible instantly. Starting a blog or engage in mental activity can also be a very good way to go, since it keeps you mentally stimulated while also allowing you to reflect a litte bit on the current state of your life.

You will get called a workaholic at many points in your life and though it´s annoying to you, it seems to be unavoidable. There are many souls out there which just can´t accept the fact that others might fing hapiness in being a hard worker, and they will try to convince you to change your life so that it might fits better with their vision of a proper “work-life balance”.

While it is true that it is important for you to find some time to things besides your profession, it is still up to you to decide what to do, for how long, and when. It´s none of their business what you do with your spare time.

Though it can be a good thing to spend a lot of time on your work environment, try to take a bit more time than you may currently be taking to spend time with other souls. Whether these souls are you friends, your coworkers, or your immediate family, you do need some human relationships in your life.

Souls on Life Path number 4 have a tendency to isolate themselves from others, because of their sense of hard work which both pushes away lesser-achieving things and monopolizes your time. But it doesn´t has to be this way.

Create free time for social relationships and interactions, and you will find yourself feeling more energetic, refreshed and creative, and maybe willing to take a few more risks than you do right now.





Numerological definition of Life Path number 4 highlights stable, hardworking and a practical personality. It is a very compatible Life Path number to have in our modern world, where work ethic is so important and stability a hard thing to achieve.

Your ability to work hard gives you a sense of purpose, and makes you a trustworthy and reliable soul in almost every given situation. Friends, Partners, your boss and employees will appreciate that.

You look out for security and stability in your love life, as well as in your work environment. In fact, the drive for these aspects is behing many of your daily decisions, and is one of the reasons you have a hard time deviating from a path once you´re on it.

Not only can it happen that you tend to become almost “unconcious” of the paths outside your own, but you can become a slave of crippling fear of when you change path, what you will get will be much worse compared to what you already have. Leaving you feeling alone and helpless.

By battling this fear, you can go on to use your phantastic work ethic, while not wasting your mental energy on people or work you dislike.
Just because you are dedicated to a person or a project once, it doesn´t mean that they need to be part of your life forever. Your skills allow you to succeed in almost any given situation, so there is not much of a resason for you to be scared that things will get worse for you once you change your life situation.

As a final word I would like to mention that for the practical number 4, the concept of numerology may not even seem like a reliable or useful tool. Maybe you have read this article with a grain of skepticism – which is totally fine. Nonetheless, you shouldn´t dismiss the role of numerology completely. It can be a useful tool for you in order to achieve the maximum success when figuring out your life goals.

Are you able to feel the power within you numerology 4? Are you a hard worker who can make the best out of any situation, as long as you have the feeling you are actually battling through it? Is your approach a highly practical on love life and relationships that makes fairy tales seem not appealing?

I know you are to fight hard for what you want in this life – but have you already figured out what you want out of life? How will you unlock your life path number´s destined energy to reach your goals and your dreams?