What´s the meaning of 3 in Numerology?

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Your Life Path number, which is also to be known as your “destiny number”, is the number that is a result from the numerological reduction of your date of birth. It can offer insight about the essence of your personality, and can give you a deeper understanding of the pathways you will need to take in order to succeed in your life.

If you are a soul with Life Path number 3, your core essence is driven by creativity. Numerology 3 is considered the number of creation by definition. Your soul is romantic in the historical sense of the word – you put importance in self-expression as a way to be a part of this world.

It varies from individual to individual how the Life Path number 3 chooses to express, but all Life Path 3s need some form of creativity that conveys their feelings to the material world.

You are very deep connected with your own feelings, which leads you to feel very in tune with yourself and the greater universe. Your way of introspection is well-tuned, but never self-indulgent. You are able to very effectively self-critizise, but you don´t bath in it.
Destiny number 3 or Numerology 3, is the way of the artist. You are very good at communications, expressed by performing and visual art, speaking, writing and presenting. Souls with the Life Path number 3 are known for their very charismatic persona, which draws individual souls to you and your creations.

Numerology 3s are very generous and most often optimistic, and always tend to take the best possible sight towards your fellow souls. You can brush off a lot of your shoulders, and not likely for holding grudges, unless someone has really harmed you.
Your Life motto “live in the moment” – you are much more into making the most out of every single day rather than limiting yourself for improving your chances the next day. You want to live every single day with wonder and joy, and have a childish sense of curiosity about this world, your fellow souls, and nature.

Your take on life is infectious, but unfortunately, its is far from unusual for you to end up cutting yourself in the foot by living the present day so fully that tomorrow ends up really annoying.

You have the most issues when it comes to managing money, since you would rather tend to spend than save. Shouldering responsibility is not where you best at, and when you feel a sense of boredom, wounded on a emotional level, or artistically held down, you tend to withdraw and get moody.

It takes quite a lot to bring you down like this, but once you are at this point, you are down. Using numerology, souls on Life Path 3 can acquire a better and more rounded understanding of their own artistic and naturally creative traits of personality.

By discovering these, you can then find a good way to use them in order to find your path for success and achieve your goals. By encoding the path meaning of Life Path number 3, and grasping a fuller understanding of how it influences your outlook on life, you can use the positive light of this path to your advantage, and find ways to not becoming entrapped by negative light of this path.


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Life Path Number 3 and Love



life path number 3


A successful relationship for Numerology 3 should be one which is founded on your sense of joy, optimism and creativity. You are compatible at best with a soul which shares the same amount of spontaneity, altough someone to wild (for example, another 3) can at times cause issues, because there is no grounding provided to this relationship.

A substantial amount of grounding is very important, but a lot of it can be exhausting for Numerology 3. Your Individual self-expression will be very important to you, no matter who you decide to get into a relationship with, and you are not keen to give your whole self over to another soul. After all, your individuality is too sacred to you for that.

This is perfectly fine, of course, but you should make sure that your siginificant other is on the same page as you when it comes to this. You would not want to get into a relationship with these numbers, and then not understand why they´re mad at you all the time.

You will have big success in relationships with this number, as they are adventurous, brave and spontaneous, and share the same “live in the moment” attitute as Life Path 3s do. They will bring out the best in you.

There won´t ever be a dull moment in your relationship, altough there might be a few problems, because you both tend to live life to its fullest extrend that you may sometimes get each other in trouble.

Numerology 7 is also a good choice for relationships with Life Path number 3, because they are very intuitive and thoughtful, and will bring out the best of you in terms of your creative and artistic personality. They don´t tend to live the wild and crazy lifestyle that you might seek to live, but the two of you can create a very happy balance.

Your emotional traits are very compatible, and you will not be at all destined to drift apart. Relationships with the more “grounded” signs like these ones, may cause problems, because they will be constantly be turned off by you for your flakiness, and you might simply find them too boring. Your views towards the world are just in complete opposition to each other, which will make you struggle to get along.

But it is important having a couple of these numbers in your life, since they can show you a side of the real world when you start to drift away, but romances with them aren´t generally suitable for both of you. You just don´t have the same innate world views about this world, or about how a relationship should look like. This fact can be extremely energy draining to share a love life together.

Remember, as at all times, that compatibility in numerological terms is not a substitute for the “human factor” which makes all of us individuals. If it were that easy as just looking at compatible Life Path numbers, you might as well be the exact same person as someone born on the very same day! You must always take personal variations into the equation.



Life Path Number 3 in Careers and Business


In numerology 3 is a number which is known to be very independent and not one that fits perfectly into other souls categories. This is great for art, but suboptimal for business.

Many souls with destiny number 3 are having a hard time choosing a career, settling down for a job, or persisting along one profession path for very long.

However, with an understanding of your life path meaning, you can analyze some of the issues that so many numerology 3s face in the business world.

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It is from upmost importance that you consider your path in your career hard and long. To follow your passion may seem like sound advice, but the issues is that your passions can change in a matter of seconds, unexpectedly and with high frequence. Following your passion in this very day might lead to a profession that means zero to you tomorrow.

You surely are not likely to stick through it, so another path of choosing one skill set and working on it in an extend to become the best isn´t exactly optimal for you either.

If choosing a business path where the whole path is full of joy, and working so extreme along one path that it becomes joyful, are both such hard ways to go about seeking a job for Life Path number 3s.

Everyone´s choices will be unique, of course, but you will do best by taking a few things into consideration:
What can connect most of your past interests? Some souls with Life path number 3 are drawn to art, some by efforts for humanitarian work, some by finding joy when working with other people .

There will be stuff that connects the majority of things you´ve been passionate about, and you can make the conection that work involving this will be of interest to you.


numerology 3


You should seek out work that has frequent changes. You are not the optimal choice to participate in an work environment where you doing more or less the same thing over and over again. Jobs that involves problem solving tasks and puzzles seem to appeal like positions in co-ordination for the 3s with a more social personality, or web development for the ones with technical talent.

Give your best to seek out for a career that gives you some spare time to pursue other interests. Work like contract or freelance can be extremely appealing, since you can take breaks between projects to pursue your hobbies and passions. Being your own boss however, isn´t always the greatest idea, though, because you may find you lack the discipline to get work done on time, or at all!

A numerology 3 who has a job that they´re willing to dedicate their while energy to for many years to come – is rare. Most 3s are happier when they are provied space to do some other things. Seek to work with people who share the same playful attitude and which appreciate your creative spirit.

Being together with a bunch of boring coworkers is even worse to many souls with destiny number 3 than doing a job that you can´t enjoy. Brave, esciting people can bring joy into even the dullest projects.

You will surely want to spend more time to experiment with different career paths. While this is ok for some time, be careful of spending too much time “exploring”.

It´s tempting to drop every profession when it gets boring, but this won´t serve you good in the long run, because even the most interesting jobs are subject to dull days, and sometimes it is better to endure them than to start all over again.


How to find fulfillment on Life Path Number 3?


Numerology 3´s meaning motivates people with this destiny number to go for their creative and passionate interests. Life Path number 3 will find purpose in the expression through creation, art and communication with others.

Because it comes so naturally to you to be creative, you might be thinking of it as “common”, believing that everybody shares the same source of inspiration that you have, and are just choosing not to express it because to much of it can be a bad idea. But this can´t be further from the truth.

In fact, this way of thinking is one of the greatest roadblocks that many numerology 3s have to face when they are trying to figure out a fulfilling life path. Every individual is creative in their own respective paths, but your approach to the world is very unique, and other souls don´t think creativity is coming as naturally to them as it comes to you.

Once you realize how fantastic and special your skills are, you are on the path to find a lot more success and fulfillment implementing them. You can go ahead and start showing them more freely once you become aware that other indivuduals are not hiding these personal traits, and therefore that there is no reason to let them be hidden.

Life path number 3 it is of importance to find tasks and activites in life that you can fully relate to, going against your natural tendencies to always shy away swiftly from one thing to another. By commiting to a few things in a more long-term way (whether these are things in careers or friends), you will be able to express your creative skill set to optimal use.

Your creative drive can only do so much good things when it is channeled towards the same thing for weeks or months. There is a lot of good to be done when you can focus it to somehing for years, even a lifetime, as long as you really are focused to it. Your dynamic persona with other souls is positively contagiuous, which can also be a good way to find purpose.

You should buld a lot of relationships with a wide variety of souls, and you soon will find yourself on a life path full of joy. Relationships that are full of joy and humour are optimal to counteract your occasional emotiional downs and moody phases, while not very usual, can be hurtful when they occur.

Also be careful not to cutting yourself off from others. Though you are very socia, at times, you can feel like no one is able to really understand you.

You can fall to feelings of being the only one in a crowed room, where you are surrounded by fellow souls but don´t feel connected with any of them.

Take care that your circle of friends includes some probing individuals who you feel you can completely open up to, as well as some more goofy friends.

By making sure to surround yourself with a diversity of friends, and pursuing a diversity of interests and projects, you can keep your life healthy, and avoid the feelings of stagnation and dullness that trouble a lot of 3s.


numerology 3




Life Path 3 Pros: Romantic and Creative

Life Path 3 Cons: Impatient and Unpunctual

Life Path 3 Lucky Color: Crimson Red

Famous 3s: Mark Twain, Abraham Lincoln, Jodie Foster, Winston Chruchill, Alan Ada, Rudyard Kipling



Final Thoughts


Once you fully grasp Life path number 3 essence, numberology can aid you make choices that will show you the path to a joyful life. Your personality and aura are extremely positive traits, and they will have even more positive effect on your life when you unlock ways to use them to your best advantage by gaining some focus.

Love life usually is not the foremost problem on the mind of mosts life path number 3s, but a relationship with meaning can be very beneficial. You will have to make sure that you are getting together with someone who has an attitude of joy and optimism that is like yours, but who may has a little more sense of being down to earth.

A healthy combination of seriousness and joy is the key for so many matching relationships, and that goes triple for 3s (no pun intended), who sometimes are rushing it too far to the side of joy, and neglect the practicality.

By implementing some creativeness into your job (either by finding a profession that gives you a lot of freedom to express your creativity and stimulates your intellect, or by doing stuff that provides you with enough spare time to pursue other interests, or at best both, you can keep your perfect lifestyle.

While there is no need to be have a single mind like Life Path number 1 or as practical as Life Path number 4, you should seek some sort of consistency and stabilitiy in your life, to avoid feelings of being not in the moment, or, from a more realistic point of view, problems like low paychecks and suboptimal relationships.

But the good thing is, along with all your natural life joy, numerology 3 has a natural resiliency that will make it effortless for you to drope even the ugliest situations to go for something better.

Understanding the Life Path number 3s purpose can help you develop a lifestyle that happens to be more consistent with your internal and personal interests. If you pay attention of some the the tendencies and it´s potential downsides, you can avoid the bad ones, and keep track with the good ones, leading to a balanced and quite successful overall life experience.

Can you see the potential of your Destiny number, Dear 3 ? Do you see yourself as a spontaneous and crative soul with a extended interest in intellectual and artistic pursuits?

Are you struggling to stay focused to a single path? How will you unlock your Life Path numbers energy to fulfill your purpose and reach your dreams?