What´s the meaning of 11 in Numerology?

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Your Life Path number, which is also to be known as your “destiny number”, is the number that is a result from the numerological reduction of your date of birth. It can offer insight about the essence of your personality, and can give you a deeper understanding of the pathways you will need to take in order to succeed in your life.

The Life Path number 11 is in numerology the first of three master numbers (the others Life Path Number 22 and Life Path Number 33). There is a special mystical aura surrounding these Life Path numbers and they are very auspicious for those souls born with these numbers.
One special trait of these so called master numbers are that they can be further reduced to single-digit numbers (22 to 4, 11 to 2, 33 to 6 etc…), so you may also have some traits of the assigned single-digit number, enhancing the qualities you inherit from your master number.

Numerology 11 is known to be the most intuitive and sensitive of all Destiny numbers. Souls with these Life Path number are also the most mystically and spiritually gifted, because your remarkable sense of intuition connects you to higher forces so effortlessly.

Numerology 11 is an outstanding number for a philosopher of the spiritual, because you are willing to look into the mysteries of the universve without having the fear of being judged.


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However, the downside to this, being assigned with destiny number 11 can make you prone to fear and anxiety, because you are often faced with cosmic truth. Most Souls with destiny number 7 are dealing with these circumstance in a gracefull way, but it is nonetheless a heavy burden to carry, especially in a young age, and traumatic childhood experiences may hunt you the rest of your life.

Numerology 11 is pursuing it´s purpose the best when seeking balance, cosmic and spiritual. Religions that promote serenity, like Taoism and Zen Buddishm are a magnet for many of the numerology 11´s, but almost any religious way can provide great fulfillment and joy to the life of a Life Path number 11, provided it is not so restrictive that it prevents you from gazing, with your clear-eyed gaze, for the truth.

You are known to be what is called a visionary, and struggle when bound by other souls expectations. You have an outstanding talent at transmitting your spiritual consciousness into creative tasks, like art, and you are do not shy away to create works that other souls may find bizarre or abstract.

The energizing energy of this Life Path number also gifts you with a great skill to work well with other souls. You can become quite distressed when the souls around you are mad or upset, because you are so sensitive that you can pick up fast on their psychic state. Also you value harmony big time.

This trait of being able to sense just a minor shift in emotions from someone other can be at often times quite exhausting.
You make an excellent mediator, thanks to your powerful empathy, and you can listen to a lot of souls without judgement. Thanks to this, you can give them good advice about which path to take.

You are equipped with great inner strength, and can complete anything you start and set you focus on.

By discovering the meaning of Destiny number 11, and coming to a better understanding of how it influences your outlook on life, you can utilize these positive point of numerology 11´s destiny to your advantage, and find ways to avoid becoming consumed by the negative parts.

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Life Path Number 11 Romance and Love Life



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Souls with Destiny number 11 are faithful and sincere partners, and cannot (and should not) enter a relationship casually or without commiting spiritually. Numerology 11´s are quite passionate, and will give their whole self to their spouse, doing literally everything and more to make them happy.

Numerology 11 should seek a partner with a symphatetic and stable personality, as a fiery one can trigger the mood swings and anxiety that can haunt a souls on Life Path number 11. You shouls also look for a partner who encourages you to share how you feel and wanting you to open up, as this is a thing many numerology 11´ struggle to overcome.

Life Path number 11 is best suited in love and romance with this number, since this number and 11 are deeply connected Life Path numbers. You are profound in communicating your feelings with each other – you speak the same tongue.
This number can give you the stability and understanding that your destiny number 11 requires. In turn you can help this number to develop a great sense of willingness to question life´s mysteries.

Because numerology 11 desires a spouse who is emotionally expressive, you can have a hard time forming a romantic relationship with these 3 numbers. None of these numbers are very emotional unless they feel safe that it is ok to express their feelings. The mystical and spiritual Destiny number 11 cannot bring that feeling of safety easily.

A relationship with this Life Path number can also be a huge struggle. At first you are quite drawn to each others spirituality, but this number has a difficult time settling down, and has a very special approach to relationships that doesn´t fit into numerology 11´s emotional persona. You may not be aware of how strong his or her feelings are, because these Life Path numbers express love in a total different way.

If you are able to develop an expressive, open relationship where you learn to interpret each others´s emotional hints in the spirit in which they were meant, you can be a very powerful and passionate couple which are able to overcome and achieve great things in this world.
Avoiding certain numbers before entering a relationship with them, can spare a numerology 11 a lot of trouble and wasted energy.

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You dont seek a quick relationship, because you are a lot more interested in the spiritual than the material.

However, you do have a strong passion for love and companionship, and there is no reason for you to let these desires be unfulfilled. These can be paths to a higher consciousness when putting it in the right context.

Try to be honest and open about your feelings in any relationship, and how you feel about it. A crucial factor in any relationship is the importance of communication, and more so for a numerology 11, who can sometimes be caught up in the spiritual world and have a hard time relating to souls who are more “down to earth”.

Try to intentionally build good communication to ensure a healthy relationship. Remember, as at all times, that compatibility in numerological terms is not a substitute for the “human factor” which makes all of us individuals.

If it were that easy as just looking at compatible Life Path numbers, you might as well be the exact same person as someone born on the very same day! You must always take personal variations into the equation.


Life Path Number 11 in the Business World


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A business career is not something that Life Path number 11 generally gives a lot of value to. These souls are not majorly attached to material success, and career choices that are based on material success are not of interest for numerology 11.

Instead you should seek for work that is appealing to you, your spiritual, ethical and moral personality traits. That´s the reason why many Life Path number 11´s tend to start a career in arts because theyy find fulfillment in arts. The income you make off of it only serves to be enough to make sure you can keep doing it.

Numerology 11 is also well-suited in tasks which involve spiritual and mystical teaching. You would be a very good religious leader or counsellor, assuming that you are able to find a religious path that fulfills you completely.

You can be a good listener and sincerely listen to their concerns, which is why souls are so reliant on you as a confidante, making you an outstanding counsellor.

On the other hand, some souls with destiny number 11 are likely to choose medicine or teaching, as they feel that these paths are very effective ways to bring happiness into the world, which is something that is very important to numerology 11´s.

Because this Life Path number, especially the ones who also inherit a strong influence from this number, are outstanding communicators, they would also be quite successful in a profession that involves communications. 11´s can be very good interpreters and/or translators, and those with a fascination to interpersonal professions do well in marketing and public relations.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Edgar Allan Poe, and Hans Christian Anderson were all 11s, all questioned and protested in their time, and have created some of the most iconic art in modern Western culture.

Very well suited to the gifted abilites of the Life Path number 11 is work that involves communicating opinions between two parties or groups with different opinions on the world. This makes you a great choice for positions in negotiations and international affairs.
The UN forums are crowded with souls of Life Path number 11, who have as a profession to successfully mediate between groups with conflicting interests while keeping disharmony at bay.

You are very gifted at disarming conflicts in general, which makes you a very interesting hire in many businesses. CEO´s and supervisors often seek people who can mend problems rather than fueling them, and numerology 11 is perfect for this.

Keeping this in mind, you can be suitable in any jobs in almost any branch or niche that you are interested in entering. You can charm your way into many positions with your thoughtful, sincere and calm persona.

This makes you very good at job interviews. A lot of companies can benefit from a few employees with this Life Path number, because they can bring moral stability and peace into the work place.

Altough you generally not spend much effort on seeking success in the business world, being a lot more interested in seeking of the spiritual and mind work, a profession that can provide you both with work that stimulates you and resources to pursue the work of the mind can be invaluable to souls on Life Path number 11.

These kind of jobs can give you a sense of stability, as well as giving you a forum in which to do work that improves the world. This is of high value for you.



How to find fullfilment on Life Path Number 11



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Numerology 11´s are already on a good path way towards fulfillment, and most of 11s come with a strong intuitive sense of what has to be done in order to become happy and fulfilled in their lives. You have a strong awareness of your purpose, and you bring a powerful sense of how to pursue this purpose.

One of the best ways a numerology 11 can operate in order to find fulfillment is to collect the bravery to act on your visions of perfect fulfillment. Don´t be scared of it because your outstanding intuition will guide you in the right direction.

Only if you allow yourself to be stopped by doubt or fear, your path will remained unfulfilled. Many times, you can feel overwhelmed by the force of your spiritual connections, and become hesistant to act on them because you feel they can´t all be as guaranteed as they may seem.
Avoid this mistake at all cost. Only by acting you can achieve great success.

Deliberately practice acting without fear, as not being able to decide can be one of the big limitations that numerology 11´s place on themselves.

You should also gather a strong group of friends around you. The perfect circle is a circle that has a wide variety of different spiritual and philosophical views on life. This can help you to open your mind even further and regularly expose you to new worldviews, which can help in strengthen your natural given empathy.

Surrounding yourself with souls who have a lot of viewpoints will also prevent you from slipping into overly moralist or even behaviours which one can describe as cult-like, which is something that some souls on Life Path number 11 are risking to do.

You love to share your strong sense of spirituality with others, and you believe everyone should have the same dedicated ethical view of spirituality that you inherit. Often times this can translate to that some 11s can be taken in by leaders who communicate a good game but have questionable views of morality.

You will find great joy in using your intuitive sensitivity to the feelings of others in order to help the souls surrounding you. You can be of great help to your friends by being an outstanding listener and trustworthy problem-solver.

Build your relationships with other souls in a meaningful way, building serious connections with your family, friends and your potential spouse by practicing opening up to them in an emotional, spiritual and intellectual way.

Don´t be scared that you come across as strange – people who feel you are strange don´t have a place in your life anyway, and you only save time by removing them immediately rather than trying to hide your true persona to keep them around.

To summarize: A numerology 11 can find great joy by embracing rather than fighting the spiritual and mystical depths of her true self. Your given destiny of inspiration and wisdom will carry you safely through hard times, if you are willing to put your trust in your destiny number.






Numerology 11 definition can seem at times to dreamy in our hectic modern world, because of its excellent focus of Life Path number 11s incredible concentration on religion and spirituality.

These have been sacred valuable fixtures of humanity since the beginning of time, but the modern western society has increasingly replaced them with the knowledge of logic and science.

Though you will never be a denier of the value of knowledge and science, you also need to become more at ease with tapping into your deep spirituality. Don´t be ashamed of it.

There is no reason to deny its impact on your life or in the world as a whole. If you don´t accept and embrace that, will put a strain on you. If you accept it it can bring you to an ever higher place of enlightenment and happiness.

You are able to do the best in the world by taking of your spiritual abilities to guide other souls towards a more fulfilling life. You like to do good in the world, and improve other´s lifes, whether thats through your expression of art, spiritual counselling, or a more down to earth field like tutoring children or giving medical care.

How you bring happiness into the world does is up to you, but you must also concentrate on bringing happiness into your own life through valuable relationships. You need a circle of steady and stable people souls around you, in order to give you a strong foundation from which you can achieve great works.

That´s the reason why relationships that have their focus on companionship as well as trustworthiness appeal so much to Numerology 11´s. It can take some effort and time for you to become fully emotional open with other souls, but once you manage to do it, that souls becomes your strong foundation in times of turbulence.

Do not dismiss the importance of trying to better this world. One of your greatest source of fulfillment is Altruism, and it is highly important to you.

You wil find it much more satisfying if you are willing and able to accept that that is something that has more value to you than fame, money, or any of the other trappings of success that are worth pursuing for other Destiny numbers.

By discovering the secrets of Numerology 11 meaning it can help you develop a lifestyle that is more in tune with your internal, personal desires and goals. By having awareness of some of your tendencies – even the negatives – you can avoid the negative parts of this Life Path number, and stay focused on the positive ones, leading to a more balanced and highly successful overall life experience, and this big time in relationships.

Do you feel your unlocked potential of your Destiny number 11? Do you feel a strong spiritual intuition that you sometimes struggle to get a hold of its power? Do you love the feeling of improving the lives of others, especially through your fine tuned sensitivity and ability to creat a balance in communications between people with different worlviews? How will you unlock the power of your Life Path numbers gifted energy to reach your goals and fulfill your dreams?