Just Say NO – NWO – RIP

300 Spartans – Ahroooooooh

The Elite? ……. We Shall Put Their Name To The Test

I am in battle mode. My soul is full rage. I am ready to destroy. I thirst for war with the Dark Ones.

Not even my Love and Light soul friends of Babason can or dare stop me when the Ancient Warrior Spirit in me is riled. They know better, they have seen it before. It unsettles them deeply. They will tell you.

The Elite? Don’t make me laugh! Cowards with Money and the Illusion of Power. The Illuminated Ones?

I shall put out their light. Forever. Even in death I will hunt them down. They will never know anything but tragedy.

My glass is full.

I am Sick and Tired of their financial antics.I will not tolerate their crimes against humanity.I have had enough of their greed. I am riled by their cowardice and cold blooded murder.

Watch them begin to drop like flies. Watch how things go wrong for their puppet poli tick parasites. Watch their insane so called New World Order crumble.

I give fair warning to them all this day here in public and to their little faggot spies.

A dark cloud is forming over their horizon. Ancient energies of nature have been invoked. And when they sleep, if they can sleep, the seeds of destruction will be planted. And like a seed slowly grows, so will their demise. Slowly, painfully. We will show them spiritual pain. We will show them anxiety. We will show them defeat. Aroooooouh!

All I see in people is fear and anxiety. Now I will show you how to fight like a Lion. I will show you how to turn the fear into courage. I will show you your inner warrior. I will show you victory. I will show you that they are nothing. Nothing but snakes!

Elite? Illuminated Ones. I roar with laughter at those words. They are only Elite because you allow them to be Elite. You have fallen for the Illusion they create through the dark energies they glorify.

Do you know how a Spartan Fights?

He fights as one unit with his brothers in arms. He goes forward and never retreats. He fears no injury nor death. That is what strikes fear in the heart of his enemies. He tramples them into the bloodied Earth like a relentless killing machine. He kills as many as he can before his moment of glory comes.

He does not care how powerful his enemy claims to be.

No retreat. No surrender. No quarter given, No mercy shown. Forward, unstoppable and fearsome. The more he slays, the more they run. But to a Spartan there is nowhere for them to run or hide, except in death.

Do You Know How A Spartan Fights?

This Is How A Spartan Fights

Elite? They are nothing but maggots. Maggots that feed on dead meat. Elite?

What kind of Elite pray tell me. Elite cowards who skulk in the dark. Elite cowards who stab in the back and run. Elite liars and deceivers is all I see.

And when you face them down, they will tremble in fear. Their blood will run cold like death. They will feel the icy grip of fear. I tell you all here and now. They can dish out fear and anxiety. But as with all cowards, they cannot take it back. Instead they crumble like dust to the earth.

See The Illusion

A visitor to this site wrote to the ‘Your Blog’ page. She describes how after careful saving for the future has been wiped out. Stolen is more apt. Now she worries about her families future and can feel only despair.

There are many stories like this one. There are new stories everyday and rapidly increasing. They will do so into the millions until everyone has the same story to tell. No country will escape. They same tragic stories will be told in every tongue. Those who hear it now will be telling the same tomorrow.

But it does not have to be that way. You can sop these entities of greed and power by stripping them of that power.

I am not asking you to take up shield, sword and spear to hunt down and dismember the monsters who are hell bent on destroying life as you know it.

But I am asking you to stand and fight with the courage of a Spartan. To fight the overwhelming odds of power because power is but an illusion.

Besides, why should they escape their crimes against humanity in death? Death will give them freedom.

I am talking something that is worse than death to them. Stripping away their power and wealth. Destroying and razing to the ground their dream of a New World Order. It’s easier than you think.

That is what everything is about. All the poverty and misery is for one warped dream. Their utopia of a NWO. A world where they are the absolute rulers, Kings and Barons of Power and great privilege. A world of nightmarish horrors for the people who are allowed to live.

There can be no more excuses from you or anybody. What is happening now is real. It is happening. It is no longer a Prediction of mine. A Prediction is only a Prediction until it happens. Then it becomes reality. A reality that each and every one of you are witnessing with your own eyes and fear.

An unedited ‘Fuck’ the Sheep People. I have no time for them as I have said before. Soon it will be to late for them. And when we celebrate our victory. And when we build ‘OUR New World’ the way it should be… for the People. Free People.

We will remember the sheep people and their blinkered ways. We will never let them forget of the cowardice shown. Cowardice and ignorance that has allowed the PTW (Powers That Was) to create this coming hell.

Cowards and Chicken hearts who obeyed every thing they were told to do. It is because of them, and their lack of courage, that we now have to fight in a death struggle to the end.

Not for ourselves, but for the children of the world. Innocent children who will never know freedom, only a life of abuse and servitude.

How is it got to this terrible state I hear people say. Because you let it happen I reply.

Shatter The Illusion

For years now, I have delivered Predictions to you have I not? Many times I have put my reputation on the line. Many times I have been ridiculed for bringing you the unbelievable. Outrageous claims as they were back then. But the world I warned you about is here. Prediction manifesting into ugly reality.

Riddle me this my friends.

Why do think I went public knowing I would be open to ridicule? Do you think I like being laughed at and insulted? Do you really think I get some kick out of bringing you bad news? Anyone who knows me will tell you the opposite.

Here’s the truth so suck it down. I saw what was coming. Not yesterday or a few years ago. I saw this time coming when I was a child. Did not know when, how or why. Didn’t even understand what it meant completely until 1999 and 2000 AD. That is why I risked everything, to catch your attention.

I don’t hold grudges against those who did not listen to my warnings. I’ve said before that I don’t blame them because I wouldn’t believe me either. Now it’s water under the bridge.

The Past cannot be changed but the Future can be. It hasn’t happened yet has it?

But To Conquer The Future, You Must First Conquer The Past.

And you can start by telling people to wake up and take off their blinkers instead of remaining silent. Not ask them, TELL them. Won’t listen? Walk away. Chicken Hearts cannot fight. They fear courage itself. In ancient Sparta they would have been put to the sword at birth anyway like all runts were.

Leave them to their guilt laden future because a coward suffers many deaths before he physically dies.

Go find the Lions. Go to them on every forum and give them the ‘Magic Word’. The word that will bring down the puppet criminals in suits pausing as politicians and their unbalanced mega wealthy paymasters and their corrupt corporations.

JUST SAY ‘NO’! That’s all it is. I have told you many times that the word NO is the most omnipotent word/expression no matter what tongue it’s spoken in.

NO, you won’t inject poison into my kids.

NO I will not pay your rising bills.

NO you will not pry into my private life.

NO I will not vote for you.

NO I will not listen to your lies.

NO I will not bend to your fake power.

NO I will not fall for your illusion.

NO You will not steal my taxes

NO I will not buy your propaganda newspapers.

No I will not watch your propaganda TV Media.

NO I will not pay your illegal taxes.

NO you will not destroy my country’s sovereignty.

NO you will not take away my freedom.

NO I will not obey.

A simple word of expression. Two letters thats all. One Consonant. One Vowel. But a word that can bring down Empires, Governments, Kings and Queens. A word that crush the mightiest of men. A word that can crumble any power on this Earth.

No riots, that’s what the PTW (Powers That Was) want. Just say NO. Civil Disobedience. People Power. Just say NO!

Think about it. What can a handful of unbalanced out of touch leaders do against a nation of citizens peacefully refusing to obey dictatorship like orders by saying, “NO Thanks” I won’t do it?

Think about it deeply. Even the biggest idiot in government can figure it out. Millions of people just saying NO against a handful of self serving entities.

What can they do about it? Jail the entire country. Knock on every door in the country? Not only are they vastly outnumbered, they do not have the balls.

If there is anything on Earth they cannot control it is this word. NO. They fear it like nothing else. And they pray that you will never use against them because if you do, the game is up.

Checkmate. You Win Period.

Trust me. Their power is an illusion. You give them power by saying YES, to every freedom robbing law they sneak in behind your back. And when they get away with one act of treachery, the will get away with another and then another and then another until the word Freedom disappears from memory

And I hope you all realize that you are but a hairs breadth off that moment.

Matt Did It

Matt who is a contributor to this website recently took what I said about this powerful word. He realized it’s potency like real magic. He got off his butt and starting posting it in forums around the web. Let me tell you, he got his response alright.

With a little effort, work and determination, he has singlehandedly done the impossible. He has removed the blinkers from the blinkered. He has awoken the sleepwalkers. He has turned lambs into Lions. Lots of them and the message is picking up momentum as each new discoverer of the sheer omnipotent power of this little word, spreads it around the internet.

Now if one determined man do that singlehandedly. Think and dream what 300 Spartans can do. And then 10,000. Then 50,000. Then a Million. Then 50 Million!

Will you stand and fight? You have nothing to lose from what I have seen planned for you by your enemy the government. Absolutely nothing. But you have absolutely everything to gain. Your future and that of the children.

Spread this message. Give those in fear hope. Use those social buttons below and any other means you can find. Twitter It, You Tube It. Facebook It. Do Whatever It. Karma will reward you for saving lives and giving strength.

Elites? We Shall Put Their Name To The Test!

Let me your war cry. AROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUH!!!!!

On The Wind Of Defiance – Levi

Bothered by your ever increasing dictat system. Become a Freeman not a Strawman.

The worst enemy you have in these terrible times is your own Government and the Criminals in Suits who have infiltrated it to create these terrible times on purpose to bring about a New World Order Orwellian society and total control ever every aspect of your life.

I became one years ago and I bow to no Government nor politician. I do not participate in the oppressive system they have created and am totally independent from it.

If everyone became a Freeman/Freewoman, the NWO crowd would only have their own little oppressive society and each other to lord it over.

Take Back Your Power Now! This is war! Governments have declared war on their own people around the globe. It’s time to declare one on them.

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