MS Media – How To Translate PT1

The most frequent question I get asked is “How do we wake up the sheep people.”

I shrug my weary shoulders in hopeless limbo because anything short of electric shock treatment will not work. The MS media has got them completely under its spell.

The Media is supposed to report the truth to their public who pay for its existence. Instead it has been hijacked and the “Freedom Of The Press” was gagged a very long time ago. It is now a giant Political Propaganda machine run by filth of the earth. Nothing more, nothing less. On the upside, more people than ever are turning to the alternative news on the internet where they can get a more accurate view about a news story without having to listen to the endless unfunny banter by babbling ego tripping retards who are under the strange illusion that they are professional news readers who have now descended into talking gibberish.

On the downside, the Media moguls want more control for the internet to silence it so they can continue to peddle their lies and agendas. In other words, you are not allowed to seek the truth.

After people left the MS Media in their droves for the net, the MSM cockroaches followed and established an online presence because without “people” like any corporation cannot survive. especially Rupert Murdoch who poses as a media mogul while secretly pushes the political agenda of the NWO (New World Order). He and his dark brood are the true definition of filthy scum and pathological liars.

Once this low life had clawed a few deserters back online, he showed his agenda by trying to charge them for his crap. Fortunately for the human race he soon found out that people had rejected his bullshit media outlets in the first place because they grew tired of it. When they refused to pay and went back to their newly discovered online media, the Jew Murdoch threw his toys out of his pram. There is only one law to the likes of him and that is his law of wanting the cake and eating it. So it came as no surprise when one his toilet papers were caught hacking peoples phones because its quite normal for scum of the Earth to do whatever they damn well please and feck what everybody else thinks.

Now heres the kicker. He has apologized to the victims unreservedly.

I did a double take with that news. Thought my hearing had packed in. You see my friends, SCUM is not capable of regret. Remorse and guilt are dirty words to them.

Had a miracle happened? Did I hear right? This slimey conniving pathological liar apologizing to his victims! Maybe their is an almighty God after all because that is what it would take for this particular psycho bastard to apologize. But then reality dawned and a cloud of disappointment descended over me.

You see, I completely forgot that he trying to buy complete control of the British media through BSKYB which is causing much controversy. Can you see how slippery these entities are. I wish someone would hack into into his many dirty secrets. He would go bananas like politicians do when they are caught out with their dirty dealings.

The world they live in is like showbiz for ugly entities. They live in a twilight world of delusion where they convince themselves that everybody likes them.

I can here you laughing but its true. They really believe people like them in return for shafting them every day of their lives.

Look at the expenses fiddle (THEFT) of British Politicians.

Behind closed doors they cursed the scumbag peasant public. In public they ate humble pie and apologized deeply. Out of camera shot they continued to pour scorn on the public.

My point being that their false regret lasted about a week or so before they went back to their arrogant ways and carried on thieving. Do not be angry because they simply cannot help themselves. Theft and lies are like crack or heroine to them and they need the MS Media to feed their overblown egos. Like I said. Showbiz for ugly dirty entities.

One day soon the Main Stream Media will be brought to bear the consequences when the people rise and take it back from the cockroaches who have infested it. Meanwhile we all have to endure the lies and disinformation. Until then the MS Media is a very dangerous machine that can lead the world into war and destruction. Something has to change. People need to wake up and ignore it. Without suckers it will die an agonizing and embarrassing death.

The media is a powerful entity. Over 65% still believe that anything said on TV or in the Press is to be taken as gospel truth. That percentage of people are a danger to the rest of us because they are susceptible to the MS Media propaganda. These are the people who will argue and defend what they have heard on TV no matter how much evidence you try to present to them. You can have a twelve inch file of facts in front of you, but their five minute news item will always win in the end because they shut down all logic and reason. So what can we do?

We can educate them by teaching them to “Read Between The Lines” like this.

US Gov Shutdown?

USA. The American Government threatened with shutdown? I have never heard of this bluff before.

There they stood in their Bilderberg nazi uniform dark blue suits. They rambled to the American public something about Abortion holding up the talks. What has happened to America? Shutting down the Government over an abortion issue!

I have heard some whoppers in my 172 years on Earth and this one is definitely top of the shit pile.

Travellers told there could be a visa delay as a result but military personnel told their salaries are going to be delayed, similar to British troops in Libya being told they are to lose their jobs even though they have volunteered to get their heads blown off. Thats what you get for fighting their oil wars for them. Its not about protecting the country any longer. Its all about political backhanders and profit by entities who have no problem sacrificing human lives be it man woman or child. Oil, Wealth and Power is everything.

Government Shutdown? Reflects the times we have entered as the world goes in to phase two of global meltdown. It proves a number of things if you know how to “read between the lines” which is a necessary deftness where the MSM (Main Stream Media) is concerned under the present regime.

Something “Big” is going down behind closed doors as the Israeli controlled government and congress meet some resistance as they push their agenda. The destruction of Americas infrastructure, wealth and superpower status through unsustainable wars and massive debt with no industry to pay that debt because it has been outsourced to other countries. 46 million Americans are now government dependent, but as the number increases, the government edges closer to collapse into bankruptcy.

Thats what the threatened colure is all about. Its all a game of bluff of course to scare the public and cause a bit of disruption. You see my friends the PTB do not dare tell the American public that they are broke.

It is important that people should know an important fact.

The Federal Reserve is not a Government department. It is a Private Enterprise owned by an elite cabal of international bankers mainly European and black nobility. (I cannot say more than that here but the PB members will know exactly what I mean and where Im coming from)

The Federal Reserve has fought tooth and nail to avoid being audited. They are a law unto themselves. If it was government owned then it would have been audited since it was formed over 90 years ago.

Now here it gets interesting because the Fed has 99 year lease to print money for the US Government.

Guess when that lease runs out? 2012 AD. Now these greedy banking elite misfits want another 99 year lease but some patriotic power mongers do not want another 99 years of underhanded dealings so the Fed owners are “Blackmailing” the US Government. In fact it is they who are threatening to crash the dollar if they do not get their way. Thats what all the talk of the much denied but proven new dollar called the Amero. The new currency of the North American Union. An alliance consisting of the merging of North America, Mexico and Stuart Harper land formerly known as Canada. Enough said!

It is important for none PB’s to know that “ALL” countries are actually businesses as in corporations. Prime Ministers and Presidents are like managing directors and are all answerable to the Board of directors who again are mainly banking elite.

Barry Obama (or whatever his real name is) for instance is the public face of the corporation called the United States of America. He his called the President (Of The Board).

You will never hear a US President being introduced as The President of “AMERICA” because that is the name of the physical country. America the land, does not have a President as such. It has a President of the corporation called United States of America.

Chew on that one! But its true folks.

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