Moon Bomb

Emergency Broadcast – They Are Going To Bomb The MOON

The PTB (Powers That Be) are out of control. Tomorrow NASA are launching a mission to bomb the MOON.

I have been monitoring this story for a week but did not think it would be so soon.

Lunatics is an apt word in this case.

Who are these Psychopaths who now think they own the Moon? NASA, the liars and misinformation specialists who have lied about the Moon landings and recently what they have discovered on Mars are going to send an atomic missile to blow a five mile crater on the Moon.

Excuse? To see if there is any water there!

Not only that, they are aiming for one of the poles of the Moon risking putting the Moon out of orbit or at the very least causing massive disruption in it’s actions and functions down here on Earth.

The Moon! An integral part of our Planet. The body which controls the ebb and flow of our Tidal System.

Dr Strangelove has nothing on these mad entities. Bomb the Moon? They are going to cause a world wide catastrophe. What’s more they are not sure of the results.

It also proves that the so called Moon landings never took place. The mission was no more than a fly over with primitive technology at the time merely dropped on the surface.

I knew that there was water on the moon when I was I a kid. And Mars too for that matter. They know I am right so what’s the big deal and urgency? There’s something wrong here.

The USA is financially crumbling yet they can find mega millions to suddenly launch a dangerous and un-researched mission such as this. Madness is not the word.

People who signed up for the private blog.

I hope your Pyramid Resonator is up and running because something must be done. We took down the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) when mad scientists decided to play God. We made it rain during Australia’s biggest drought.

Now we must interfere with this mission before they they wreak havoc on Earth and the Solar system.

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You who are subscribed will also learn the real reason why they are doing this. I will tell you now. It is nothing to do with finding water on the moon.

Does anybody really believe that with technology so advanced, they can land a machine on distant Mars to mine and photograph that they cannot do the same on our closest heavenly body?

Something big is going down. Not only that, but it is urgent for them and dangerous for us all. Chem-trails are not enough. Destroying the financial system is not enough. Bombing the limbs off Palestinian women and children is not enough.

Now the mad entities are taking a massive gamble on the immediate future of our entire planet without thought or in depth research of the dire consequences.

Get your Pyramids ready. Babason is about to defuse this situation. Your collective thought and concentration is now desperately needed sooner than we thought.

Now you will see what your little Psychic tool can do in real time.

This request is urgent and serious. Spread this news via the buttons below to every single blog outlet you know.

You with Pyramid Resonators are key, but we will do this in plain sight because everybody must give us their energy. Babason and You shall do the rest.

I must consult with Babason to see how we are going to deal with this so stay cool. Don’t panic or be impatient. I will contact you by our private source within 24 hours.

And Do Not Forget. Spread This Story Via The Social Network Buttons Below. It’s Easier Than You Think And Will Take Only A Few Minutes Of Your Time To Buy Us Time.

Prepare for fire and ice!

On The Wind – Levi


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NASA To Bomb The Moon Tomorrow

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