Merry Xmas

Merry Xmas Yo Ho Ho

As we approach Xmas and 2011 begins to wind down I would urge skeptics and sleepwalkers in denial to pause for a moment and glance back over the year. If they do this one little thing, they will see what I meant about each year getting more tense than the last one in the run up to 2012 AD. A year that will have an impact on every man, woman and child.

Not one person on the planet can deny that I was right unless of course they have a mental problem.

2010 was bad enough. It was still hungover from the financial crash of 2008. An impossibility that was Predicted here before anywhere else and an event denied by so called Financial Experts. But let us not dwell on the past because it cannot be changed. It is now water under the bridge so to speak. Besides, there is more water to pass under the bridge of 2012 yet to come. In fact a Tsunami would be a more apt description. Next year will dwarf the past five years put together. But that is another story for another day and for now I remain silent about the details except for when I release my 2012 Predictions in the PB – Private Blog to my like minded friends who I very much doubt will be surprised. Shocked maybe, but not surprised because they can have already seen the tension being cranked up by Nature and sociopathic enemies dressed in suits who have infiltrated our governments.

Yes my friends. From my Prediction of the tragic Earthquake in Japan to the worsening economy, 2011AD proved to be more tense year than the last. Even now it easy to see that as it draws to an end, it is pent up like a coiled spring ready to explode in 2012 AD.

When I steel myself to check the manipulated Main Stream Media, I have noticed that I have developed a habit of sighing and shaking my head in anxiety and disbelief. The fact that the masses still believe what can only be described as pure propaganda crap leaves me in a state of sheer wonderment.

A good example is the latest news that 75% of the UK public surveyed are in favour of the Police using brutal tactics to quell protests including the use of plastic bullets.

Hang on a minute. Who the feck are these lobotomized 75% who were surveyed?

I demand their names and addresses because they too will be classed as traitors when the time comes. It seems the government propaganda machine is getting both lazy and arrogant by choosing a convenient nice round number of 75%. Shall we translate?

That means 75% of the British Public have voted to give the government permission to shoot them when they get so desperate that they themselves will be protesting next year when the standard of living hits the extreme and their kids are crying with hunger and wrapped in blankets to keep warm because they cannot afford to eat and pay bills at the same time.

Of course the 75% do not exist. Not even the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz is dumb enough to vote to be shot at and beaten to pulp. I cannot speak for Forrest Gump however because he is one hell of dumb son of a b*tch and there are plenty of Gumps about as you know.

“Mamma says Lifes like a box of choc- o-lates” …. feck off Gumpies!

Meanwhile here is taste of what our beloved leaders have been planning for us. It is not just about plastic bullets which can kill anyway. They have a few more tricks up their sleeves.

GO TO – The militarization of local law enforcement

It is blatantly obvious that they are expecting things to get out of hand and have no intention of responding to public demands in a democratic fashion but an Orwellian one instead.

In the real world we know what is being said here. The entities posing as the government have given themselves permission to enforce a brutal Gestapo like reaction next year when the guacamole hits the fan and desperation forces the public to demand action against the real hardship lurking on the horizon.

Did I hear someone sniggering and muttering that things cannot get any worse? Yes I did. But I promise that the smile will be wiped off their face very soon when reality hits them like juggernaut.

I am getting extremely tired of issuing warnings to deaf and ignorant ears. My head is blooded by too much banging against brick walls and my arms ache from flogging too many dead horses. Buy hey ho here we go again. It has never been simpler to connect the dots.

UK? – Prepare For The Euro!

I know that it takes some time for the media to catch up on what I have said but that is what hacking the headlines of future is all about.

So as I was saying….

The Cabbage Patch Doll clone Davy Cameroon swept back into Britain in his Winston Churchill mode waving a piece of paper like Neville Chamberpot. Hes the idiot who made a peace deal with Hitler just before Britain was plunged into a war with Adolph in WW2.

Anyways. Here is old cabbage patch playing the hero by telling the Nazis in Brussels to stuff their treaty where the Sun does not shine. But as I explained, it was all a ploy as the people will find out between Feb and March next year. By the way. I am not joking about the Nazi comment. Cameroon was ordered by his puppet masters to do what he did otherwise he would have to hold a referen-dumb. The Forrest Gumps of Britain cheered.

“The Cabbage Patch clone is not as bad as we thought” they chanted in glee. Suddenly they forgot that this is the same butty boy who is piling hardship onto them. He hasnt finished doing that either as we will see.

GO TO – Did the UK just leave the EU? Bilderberg decided six months ago that she’s in forever?

Anyway here is how the farce will pan out so you can “Try” to explain to the ignorant if you still have the heart.

“Things cannot get any worse” the sheep people will bleat. Surely!

“Dont call me Shirley” you will reply. Then your frustrated explanation begins which I Predict will be a complete waste of time until it happens.

Because of Cameroons bad acted heroics, the UK becomes more isolated from Euro cabal. They start putting all kinds of Trade sanctions on the UK. More businesses go bust because of lack of revenue. The dole queue swells to an all time high. The scenario I have painted many times because reality as we sink into a time resembling the “Great Depression”. Those still lucky enough to be working will buckle under the pressure of having to pay out more to the growing cost of paying the swathes of unemployed. Then my friends it happens.

The news comes from the traitors in government who pretend to be sincere and surprised.

The British public will be informed that the UK now has no other choice but to join up to the collapsing Euro. This of course will be after a period of extreme hardship when the public spirit has all been but broken and they “Cannot take anymore, Captain! as Scotty would say.

That is the mission of Davy Cameroon and his shadow partner. The illegal coalition government and its good cop bad cop farce who have gotten into power without a majority vote. I said this government would be worse than last bunch of thieves and it is. But it does not matter because all three feed out of the same trough and get paid by the same old puppet masters. Now have come in a complete circle because somewhere in the midst of all this, the downtrodden masses have enough and will try to strike, protest and demonstrate for the removal of the government.

But the PTB are far too close their agenda to pay lip service to the public by wasting time on another round of Farcical Elections. And as mentioned at the beginning according to the er… survey, three quarters of the represented public have given their permission to be shot by plastic bullets, Tasered, Tear Gassed and bludgeoned so no problem there then.

Why bother with human rights when you can simply kick the holy shite of the peasants right?

Also it is wise to remember what the PTB have said many times.

“The new world order will be established by Consent or Conquest”. Kind of says it all doesnt it?

Is There “Any” Good News Goddammit?


Well Xmas is coming and I do not want to put a damper on it because looking at the retail sales it looks like it is going to be a frugal one for many people anyway.

I hope anyone who has denied my past warnings instead of listening will now reflect.

I warned about a financial crash 2008 but that is now water under the bridge so it is pointless lingering over it. But it is also something to be learnt from because every year since then, the governments have lied that things were getting better. Likewise every year since then yours truly has begged to differ.

Question is who will you believe now? The liars in suits or the Truth keepers? Will the deniers of the past awaken and earn their badge of wisdom or will they earn their Forrest Gump badge?

I have to give it to you straight. Things will get better eventually but only after a time of great tribulation. How long that time will be is entirely up to the people and their snapping out of the slumber they have been enticed into. I can say that it will be rude awakening through necessity because the point of no return has been and gone.

I think the time has come where people should take a long look at the entities in their governments and see them in true light for what they really are… the enemy!

Entities who have a secret agenda that is not in the best interest or well being of the people. Having said that. The time of their exposure by their own actions is approaching.

Yo Ho Ho – Merry Xmas

Meanwhile I hope you will put aside the problems of the world at Xmas time. After all, it is only for a few days and I think you all deserve a little break.

Please spare a little thought for those who find Xmas a painful and lonely time. That is who I feel for at this time of the year. Those who have lost someone close and experiencing their first xmas without them. Kids from poor families who can only envy and hurt at the presents of better off kids. Especially those kids who are going hungry in parts of the world.

But then again maybe Xmas is about forgetting for a while and injecting a little enjoyment into the misery around us so let us keep it Light!

Never mind about the yearly holocaust we inflict on Turkey population. Poor buggers.

Forget about the damage we do to the environment by decimating millions of xmas trees. Arf Arf.

Xmas is a time to make merry. A time for giving… Which reminds me…

If you are feeling generous and want to give old Levi a little something back for all his hard work to keep you informed, just click on donation button below and help keep this website up and running. That w

It will be greatly appreciated and you will reap some good Karma. Something that will be very welcome in 2012 as will information from this website so please do not let it die. No amount is too great if you are moneyed or small if you are not.

Which reminds of an old rhyme.

Christmas is coming. The geese are getting fat.

Please put a penny in the old mans hat.

If you dont have a penny, a halfpenny will do.

If you dont have an halfpenny the God Bless You.

My Musical Xmas Card To You.

If the Video does not respond just press Youtube and you will be taken to original version.

Merry Xmas. – Levi


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