March Madness

Remember the old adage ‘Mad as a March Hare’?

March is traditionally a month of madness according to superstition and folklore. It is the month of transition from Winter to Spring. The month of the beginning of the astrological New Year where the Pisces of the old year passes over to the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries, ruled by Mars, the God Of War. It is also the birth sign of yours truly so we are well acquainted.

If you thought it mere superstition until now, the Aries of 2009 may force you to reconsider if you observe it closely with open eyes, ears and mind.

Recently we saw the Mayan New Year (Time). With Aries we enter the real New Year or Mother nature’s New Year. As you know, I base my Predictions from March to March but try to adapt them to what you believe is the new year in January which is ridiculous and forced on you by a man made calendar which is so out of sync with Nature, it is necessary to invent a Leap Year to keep it held together.

Did you get that… Out Of Synchronization With Nature.

That is the purpose of the Gregorian Calendar, to keep you out of sync with Nature and spiritually off balance therefore never allowing you to reach your full potential or discover who you are and what your are truly capable of.

In case any of you missed a past explanation, here it is again.

Jan 1st Or March 21st?

Our man made calendar would have you believe that January 1st is the start of a New Year. OK, so you give yourself hope for change for the best and use it as a marker to kick old habits by making New Year Resolutions. Full of determination and confidence, you promise to quit smoking or lose those extra pounds so you can look good in Summer. Only a very small percentage succeed while the majority fall back into their old habits. Before Feb is over they are smoking and eating twice as much to make up for their heroic attempt of trying to cut down. And when the real new year sneaks in around mid March you feel like a failure or have let people down with those promises you made. Where did all the enthusiasm go? Shame really, you was so close because March 21st is the start of the real new year and you are already down.

The point I am making is this. By the time the real new year begins, you are already deflated and beaten. Your confidence also takes a dive so you are in fact missing the natural point and the proper time when you should be making those changes. Bang! Now you are out of sync for the rest of the year and that is the way the powers that be want it. That is the way we are conditioned. That is the true purpose of the Calendar. The stupid nonsensical measure of time out of sync with the reality of not only nature but cosmic laws of balance.

So we are conditioned to believe that a new year begins in the depths of Winter. Think for a moment and ponder this. Is the man made calendar more powerful than Mother Nature itself, a natural force older than time itself and around long before man existed? We either seem to think so or just do not bother to think about it at all. We take it as is because that’s the way it is. In other words, we are conditioned not to question and take it for granted.

If you want a smooth and safe transition in the run up to 2012 and beyond, it is time to join or synchronize with nature itself. In doing so, she will protect and reward you for strengthening her energy. I do not have to tell you that nature can be beautiful but frightening and deadly. Like everything in the universe, it has a dark side too. Which side do you prefer? The dark side of destruction or the light side of her protection. A stupid question really unless your name is Dubya Bush.

In Winter the Earth goes into hibernation and plants die. Trees are bare and the land is lifeless. This is your new year.

In Spring, nature breathes new life into the planet. A miracle occurs. Suddenly the barren land bursts into life. Within weeks it is hard to imagine that Winter was here at all. Everything is different now. The bare ghostly branches of trees are now hidden by swaying leaves. The barren land explodes into colour and wildlife begins a new cycle. We are also creatures of nature and therefore susceptible to it’s laws and energy. We too come out of hibernation. We lose Winter fat without trying, where before by mental effort we failed. Does this tell you something?

Nature dominates a new cycle or new year, not some church invented table of time called the Gregorian calendar nee Julian Calendar. Yes, they have tampered with our measure of time before to keep the masses out of sync and easier to control. Keep them ignorant about what life is supposed to be, who they are and why they are here.

Maybe that is where March madness begins. Something inside your bio clock and your subconscious tells you something is not quite right with the actual time of the year you are in and is trying to adjust. So expect another war or shock very soon to unbalance that instinct.

2012? – Bring It On

Do you really think that you are born to work and sleep with minimum leisure time? Of course you do. You have been conditioned that way since the day you could think. Fortunately, some human beings slip through the net. Old souls who have tread the Earth before and somehow have the ability to retain memories of their bicameral past. They look at life in a way the system will never teach you because it will make you to dangerous to those who seek to dominate your life the way they see fit. And the only way they can enforce that control is if you believe those who create and maintain the system.

As for those who see clearly past the veils and layers of lies, you are made to believe they are mad, eccentric or other little negative descriptions. They cannot be controlled or brainwashed. They smell a lie like a dog smells fear. So the only thing left for the fat controllers is to make sure you don’t listen to them. It is their biggest fear. So if you listen to someone who can see truth, then you will be classified as an eccentric too and the controlled and brainwashed sheeple will oblige the system by spurning you. Cowards is the only word I can conjour just now. Like a pack of wild dogs they stick together in numbers because they don’t know what courage is nor have experienced the pain of it. So it is easier to obey and follow the gang as it were. Turn against those individuals who dare to step out of line.

It is impossible for them to think with their own minds or even draw their own conclusion. It is far easier to let some entity of authority do it for them.

These people are extraordinary in the capacity of human weakness.

These people will struggle to hold themselves together when strength of mind is needed most and that time is fast approaching. The future does not bode well for them at all.

If they believe the none qualified idiots and sensationalist doom mongers about 2012, then I’m afraid that will become their reality.

As for you and I. 2012 will be a welcome time compared to their nightmare. And when the time is right, I will show you how to have an easy transition. Not one 2012 self proclaimed expert has mentioned what my kind know. The most important thing has not, nor will pass through their thoughts because they create their own negativity and will attract such in quantities they are not prepared for.

I have said many times that the thousand years of darkness is almost over, not beginning as you are supposed to believe. It is the end of the world as you know it. We should embrace that fact. Nature and Earth cannot survive the way things are going, nor can we.

Meanwhile, strengthen your presence of mind. Find alternative news sources instead of the utter nonsensical babble of the MS Media and waffling hot air of treacherous bastard low life scum who pose as politicians and pretend they have the answers when in fact the opposite is true.

You will see a weird but amazing thing happen to such people of that mind set over the next two years. Their words will sound like confused babble to you as they begin to lose the plot. Whatever dark force of nature that has protected them for the last 3,500 years is now coming to end. Where they could convince you before, they will no longer have that ability. You will see through them without the smallest effort.

And that my friends is yet another fear they have.

You see they know about the 2012 event. It is in many ancient texts that supposedly do not exist. They know but do not understand.

Hell, I know a car needs an engine but I wouldn’t know how to strip one down to fix it. But you can bet the shirt on your back that I know things about 2012 that they cannot yet comprehend, nor will they. La la land awaits their broken minds. Poor bastards? I don’t think so. I prefer to say it is merely Karma at work. And by their deeds and treachery, they have created and piled much bad Karma for themselves plus interest. Their time is also nigh along with the oppressive world they have created.

The time is coming when a politician will deny he or she has ever been involved in politics in public for fear of their own safety. But remember what I said. You will see through them without effort because the dark energy protecting them is already dying.

They can run, but they cannot hide.

If they told you your heart is beating, you wouldn’t even want to believe them.

2012? Bring it on. It’s going to be an exciting bare knuckle ride with a grand finale of epic proportions and rewards beyond your present imagination once the cycle is over.

And if you want a true definition of deluded insanity it this.

The ancient knowledge that they know and keep from you has an ending already written. They know their time of power and deceit is drawing to an end. They are scared and desperate so much, that they are now trying rewrite it and cause what the doom mongers preach.

The only thing left to say is this. Who do you trust the most? People like me or those playing the bluff of power?

The ball is now well and truly in your court.


Think Positive, Speak Positive Be Positive. And Fear Will Become A Thing Of The Past. Levi

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