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Levi Psychic Tarot Reading

Levi Psychic Tarot Reading Consultation or Discussion.

(Levi pronounced as in Levi Jeans)

As requested, facilities are now in place to offer a limited number of International and UK psychic Tarot (Taro) readings and or Prediction Discussions over the internet.

Psychic Tarot consultation is a specialized art form and therefore not widely practiced because the reader must have a good degree of ‘Genuine’ Psychic Ability in order to pick up or tune into you and your situation.

Ads for free tarot readings are gimmicks to draw you to a website. They do not provide real time advice and are usually computer generated. Psychic advice cannot be given by machines. Seek advice one from someone reputable and experienced who truly understands the meaning of the cards especially if you need important answers to questions or problems.

My own qualifications of Genuine Psychic ability and accuracy are posted here on this website on the Prediction Pages and in the Blogs for all to see and determine for themselves.

If I can Predict such world events with a good degree of accuracy then use it as a guide for the accuracy of your session.

Psychic Consultation is much more Accurate, Dynamic and Uplifting than a standard everyday taro session.

It is best to have SKYPE in order for better reception and to eliminate the cost of the phone call and having to watch the time. It’s free and simple to download and install.

These readings are also available in most countries by land line telephone. Sorry, no mobile numbers.

Get Skype Free Download – Click Here

(Some older computers may require a phone headset but most don’t. You can buy them cheap on Skype or Ebay)

If You Have A web camera You Can Talk Face To Face In Real Time Much Like A Personal One To One contact. (Highly Recommended)

Another web cam advantage allows me to show you the meanings by specific cards relating to your situation and explain how the symbology relates to your question or problem. Sometimes Images Speak Louder Than Words.

(If your computer does not have a built in Web Cam, they are quite cheap so I would recommend this method. You can then speak face to face with friends and relatives all over the world free using Skype long after your reading)

Alternatively, try to borrow one for the session.

Otherwise it’s much like an ordinary standard phone reading except the call is free with better reception. Especially on International calls.

First A Word Of Gentle Caution. My Style Is A No Nonsense Approach. I shoot Straight From The Hip. Hold Nothing Back And Tell You As It Is.

Don’t worry, I don’t bite. But I won’t tell you everything is OK when it’s not, just to make you feel good for now. You would not like me for that later if something negative happens in your life.

I would rather tell you as it is so you can avoid any negative situations which lay ahead.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

I am also required to inform you that any kind of divination including the ancient taro is deemed as Entertainment Purposes only.

As an introductory trial, the cost has been brought down to a fraction of what other well known readers charge. (In most cases their fees run into hundreds of Dollars)

Furthermore, the full reading fee is even cheaper than a UK Premium Phone Line which would cost you a staggering £90.00 GBP or $146.00 USD per hour.

(Based on that my readings would work out around £180 or $292)

We need not go into the questionable accuracy or reputation of this method of commercial reading.

Times are financially tough. (As you know, I Predicted them) So I have come up with a Very Affordable price for you.

If you are local to my area of Marbella Area of Spain the price differs and includes Home Visits so please contact for details.

LIMITED OFFER £45 Tarot Reading – Approx 60 Minutes Plus

A genuine Psychic session is similar to being in a time warp. A hour or more will seem like half the time or less so time really does fly.

If you wish to get the most time and substance from your reading, you can proceed straight into your questions, problems, issues or situation and cover much more ground. I am here to find the answers that are evading you. (Recommended)

If a full session goes beyond 60 Minutes which they often do there are no extra or hidden charges. The price remains fixed and carved in stone.

The special offer Readings Are Averaging One hour plus

The fee for this limited offer full Psychic reading is £45.00 GBP (Approx $70 US Dollars or €50 Euros)

[Or Calculate £45.00 Into Your Local Currency Here] You will be sent a pay link after your request has been received.

Fill in contact details box below then use Paypal payment link if you have not paid already. (Or Vice Versa) for special offer £45 reading. Once payment is received your place will be reserved for you.


Calculate A Time For Your Reading by clicking the purple link (Convert Your Time Zone) below. Any difficulties and we will work out for you by details you send in box. Country State etc. So just send your convenient times and days.

Please note: Levi is only available between 10-AM To 10-PM European Time.

But Saturday and Sunday Weekend Readings are no problem.

If the times are impossible for you please email by using the ‘Contact Levi’ button in the navigation menu on left or the address below.


In some cases time exception can be made but cannot promise or guarantee that your time zone will be convenient.

Telephone Readings.

If you cannot access a computer for a reading, an ordinary telephone reading can be arranged in most cases. This service can be offered to both UK or International clients with a permanent Land Line only and not Mobile or Cell Phones.

There are no extra or hidden charges for this service. The prices are fixed so remain the same. The cost of the call is in the price so you will not be charged.

This service is STRICTLY FOR LAND LINES ONLY. Sorry, but NO MOBILES or CELL PHONES So Please Do Not Ask.

The link below will tell you how many hours difference you are to Levi’s UK time.

Convert Your Time Zone To My European Time – Must Be Between 10AM to 10PM European Time.



Book Your Reading/Consultation By Filling Form Below.


You Are Done.

You Will Be Emailed You To Confirm Your Time And Reading with Pay Link.

Request Tarot Reading/Consultation With Levi

Book A Tarot Consultation With Levi

Recession Buster £45. Approx 1 Hour Plus Reading. Very Limited Slots Per Week.

Full Readings Also Still Available. Go To Link Below To Book Your Choice And Contact Details.


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Readings By Internet Skype Or Telephone. (Sorry No Mobile or Cell Phone)

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£65 Full In Depth Tarot Reading Book Here.

If you require the long version reading where you can ask me questions of interest to you after the reading is complete you can pay here.

These readings are in depth and usually run between 2 hrs to 3 hrs and still only cost £65.00 and will still seem like only one hour has

What Others Have Said

Dearest Levi,

After decades of educating myself in the metaphysical realm, the psyche and the human condition, traveled over 32 countries and lived in 4 different continents always searching… there was never an instance where the author of any of my gathered material resonated 100% with my being. Then I found you. Ever since, I have been in awe not only because your accuracy for predictions is like none other out there, but more so, because in addition to the prediction you are able to read into the thought pattern, the conditions and the circumstances surrounding the event to such detail, it is mind bending.

Throughout my life I have only sought psychic advice once before, but it was more like a visit to the counselor: based on what I was saying, the “psychic” would reply with possible events happening in the future, the truth is I could have told it to myself.

Then I had your reading… It has been a little over 10 days and several things you predicted have occurred just as you said it; not only were things that I did not even know where coming my way, but the details and the sequence of the events have been so accurate that as they are happening it almost feels surreal! You even described the facial expression of my Doctor during my post operative check up!!!

If I had not been reading your predictions for all these years and I was not mentally prepared to face your accuracy, I would have probably fainted. Also, if you would not have told me what to look for coming along with a business transaction I would have completely overlooked it and made a huge mistake…. the list goes on to more personal matters, but it is simply incredible.

There are not enough words to thank you for making the time to give me a reading and easing my worries; your words of wisdom, your incredible insights, your infallible accuracy and this wonderful gift you have, make you one of the best assets this planet has to show. Where were you 20 years ago?

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart,

Love and LightVirginiaCalifornia

I booked a reading with Levi with more than an ounce of trepidation because of the ferocity of his slog blog. But I signed up for his private blog and found a different attitude so I risked it and glad I did. He hit the nail on the head with every thing I wanted to ask but didn’t have to ask. Amazing!

Amanda Canada

Being a man I suppose I am a bit skeptical about such things but Levi’s reading was a total eye opener. I only booked because of a major life ruining problem I could not solve in a last ditch attempt of wishful thinking. It was a very complicated situation so I spent the night before writing it down in the easiest format so I could explain to Levi. I wasted my time. He got straight to the problem without information except a yes and a no question then breezed through the intricate problem like a knife through butter. Levi, thank you for solving this for me and my family. I don’t know how you do what you do but I am no longer skeptical. (Well not with you anyway)

John Nevada

I had lost faith in Tarot Readers. I have been to some well known ones and paid through the nose for what I hoped would be useful information but felt let down and disappointed. Commercial Phone Readings? Forget it. £45 for 30 mins or £90 for an hour of generalization. You can pay £120 upward in London if you are stupid enough to sit and listen to nothing but con men/women. (which I have been) Never again. None even come close unless you give them the information first.

Then a friend recommended this guy up in the Highlands called Levi so I Googled him to check him out. I liked his no nonsense approach with his blog so checked out his fee and thought his price was reasonable but a bit on the cheap side considering his reputation. (Cheap usually means lack of experience or an inferior quality reading in my personal findings) But my friend is no fool and her recommendations are usually sound so I decided to risk it. Wow is all I can say. This man never stops talking and answering before you ask. Simply wonderful and enlightening. I have found a real genuine psychic at last and I will back.

Take note other tarot people. My reading with Levi lasted one hour and forty five minutes, no hidden charges as claimed. Take a leaf out of this mans book.

Nicola London

I thought I was being set up for a practical joke at first. I have readings before but never with someone who knows so much about your situations or innermost thoughts. I was losing concentration because I was racking my brains trying to figure out who could give this person so much information about me. The he really freaked me out by saying ‘You think this a joke don’t you darling’. I was speechless. I don’t know if Levi did it on purpose but the next thing he said was about something nobody knows except me. Then I knew this person was for real. A big hug and thank you Levi.


I don’t know how this person does what he does but whatever it is he’s good at it. (That is if he is a person and not an angel of some kind) He found every answer to my numerous problems which were seriously affecting my health and relationships. Now I don’t know if Levi actually heals you while he’s talking because he doesn’t claim to on the website but from that day my depression lifted and I stopped my medication. I feel reborn and regenerated. My doctor is lost for words and so are people around me. Nobody can believe my new attitude to life including me. Levi, I am indebted to you.


Jesus H Christ Levi! Your info was spot on. You saved my business and my marriage in one fell swoop. I admit I struggled to take on board what you said about ‘that trusted person’ running my business but boy oh boy, you nailed it through the heart. Unbelievable. I would never have suspected until it was to late, (and it nearly was to late as you know) A million million thanks for dragging me back from the brink my brother.


After many disappointing Tarot Readings it is wonderful to find a genuine psychic. No fishing for information or other tricks. This is what people expect from a reading so where are they all going wrong? Levi, can you not teach these people how to do a proper tarot reading? People are paying hard earned money for inferior quality. Lot’s of them charge much more than you do as well. How can this be? You eclipse them all. Deepest gratitude and thanks for your time. (Yes you was right about M)


Hi folks,

I would just like to recommend Levi to any of you that have been let down or disappointed by past psychic readings as I have. This man is the real deal not to mention extremely generous with his time. My reading lasted two hours but Levi sorted a tricky and almost impossible situation for me. Uplifting experience. No extra charges like it says on the tin. One in a trillion. Highly recommended six star psychic who truly knows what he is talking about.


It really is like being in a time warp with Levi. My reading seemed short until I realized the time. What seemed like 20 minutes was in fact nearly two hours! Now I know the differences between a ‘Standard Tarot Reading’ and a ‘Psychic Tarot Reading’. Quality, accuracy, superiority and even in depth details. Yes Levi actually gave me letters of a persons name so as not to confuse the culprit with an innocent party. Mind blowing stuff and elating experience.


What’s that word you use when someone is stunned and speechless Levi? Gobsmacked, that’s the one!

Well your reading left me Gobsmacked. It took a little while for everything to soak in and I didn’t think I would remember it all even though I was scribbling notes. But your words have a delayed reaction and things are still coming back to me when a situation is beginning to show. Simply the best psychic advice and guidance I have ever come across. How you get information without being told beggars belief. Thank you a million times.

(PS – Are you a human or something else like an Angel in disguise or an ET?)