Lets Play The HAARP

Babason really wanted to do the HAARP project on the 3rd of Sept. But at the time of writing I had an uneasy feeling some natural event but could not be sure where so I said we would do it between the 3rd and the 7th. This was also in the Predictions for 2010 below.

Then comes a relatively quiet period from the end of July through August and early September. However, when I say relatively it means just that. Because the sign you must watch for during this period is a rash of minor tremors or rumbles.

However, from September proper, October until November is the time for an 8 pointer plus to strike.

The point being we did not to shoulder any blame for a natural quake such as happened in New Zealand.

GO TO – Strong earthquake rocks New Zealand’s South Island

At this point I will remind the residents of California not to rule one, two or three eye opening quakes in September and October.

I am reminding everybody that we do the HAARP thing, there could be a few strange things happen around the world weather wise but do not rule out further quakes. After all, in HAARP we are dealing with a weather weapon which can also generate quakes. However, we feel any side effects created will mainly be connected to freak weather.

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Another Prediction In Progress

The whole aim of trying to throw a spanner in the working of the HAARP facility boils down to this.

The PTB Are Out Of Control.

I will appeal to any skeptics to research HAARP and the NWO (New World Order) rather than writing them off as conspiracy. In fact the NWO can no longer be held as such by those in complete denial because out Politicians and leaders are openly telling us now. Another word they use Globalization but it’s the same deal.

I Predicted for you a global food shortage starting in 2012. Now the PTB are causing it by using such weapons of HAARP to manipulate the weather. Chem-Trails will also be somehow connected it to form some kind of grid in the atmosphere but thats another subject.

The link below will confirm my main Prediction for 2010.

GO TO – UN calls meeting on food price concerns

The link above is an old subliminal trick to condition you slowly for what is to come. Slowly because the authorities do not want you to start panic buying food. They need to control food so they can control the population and keep order while they make the transition into the NWO which must be implemented before December of 2012. I wont go into the whys and hows here because I cover them in the PB.

What I will say however is to control the money you control the country but to control the food you control the people. Words of the NWO architects not mine.

To the blinkered here is a hint.

Russian crops are burning because of a freak heatwave never known before in that location on Earth. I recently mentioned that they had imposed a ban on wheat exports. They have now extended that ban probably indefinitely because they desperately need it themselves. In fact they do not have enough as it is. 60% when they actually need 80% so they need to import to make up the shortfall.

Lets not stop there. China is suffering the opposite of fire with floods which are wiping out their crops. As I warned, watch rice prices go up along with other food staples. You can throw North Korea into the same situation. India and Pakistan too.

By the way my friends. The comment below is yet another meeting of the elites to discuss the next part of their agenda.

The meeting will take place on 24 September, probably in Rome, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization said.

Remember their arrogant statements saying that if people will not accept the New Order willingly they will be forced to accept it. Well I think controlling the world supply of food will give them a massive edge. Our society takes food for granted and I have tried to explain many times what would happen and how it could happen if the supermarkets suddenly ran out of food. If anyone thinks it could never happen then I’m afraid they are doomed to a life of stupidity and worse. And when their stomach rumbles with hunger and their children cry from hunger pains… Check and Mate.

As you will see in the article food riots in Mozambique have killed seven people. (I like the way the BBC sneak the news on their website instead of the mainstream)

If you think what is happening in Mozambique cannot happen in your country then I am glad I do not posses your blind optimism.

Finally, I’m not going to run through all the countries which are experiencing the freak weather which will leave us all with a food shortage and sky high prices next year because Im sick of flogging a dead horse.

All I will say is that if care to engage your brain and connect the dots you find all these countries are in or deal with the BRIC countries. (Brazil,Russia,India and China)

These countries are splitting from the Western Economy and also the NWO so pose a great threat to the Grand Plan of the Elites to establish that order and control everything besides everybody. Hence those countries are being warned by what is taking place in them now and a shortage of food is a clear and present warning to them. The elites are psychotically unbalanced but they are not stupid.

They are aware that when a population gets hungry they get desperate and take things into their own hands.The first thing to go is always the government. No government on Earth can control their population. Their power is a bluff. They do not have the man power nor the resources. There biggest fear including that of the so called elites is unification and lawful rebellion. None compliance to their agenda will sink them overnight.

But as mentioned. I do not have that kind of blind optimism so I won’t hold my breath for that little miracle.

So my friends. Now you can see the method of Babason’s madness and why the HAARP facility and similar weapons of terror must be interfered with. And for those of you who take part, do not have any guilt when things backfire in the personal lives of those operate this facility and their puppet masters because they a danger to mankind and traitors of the human race.

Let go get em!

On The Wind Of War – Levi


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