Japan Quake

This was written a few days before the “Second” Earthquake in Japan but problems uploading.

At the break of dawn the periscope was raised. I scanned the horizon full 360 degree circle. A storm here, another brewing there. All in all civilization was still alive. Nobody had nuked each other yet. So I came out of the “Run Silent Run Deep” mode and cracked the water hatch to “Observe” things for moment and to fix a communication problem. I cannot stay long. Much to get through. So I will take in some fresh air on this short break and update myself as to what is going on in the world.

Looks like the Earthquake Predictions are making up for lost time. First New Zealand. The situation is being monitored. I expected another but the timeline has passed. However, I am not comfortable. It seems there is another lurking somewhere this month. In fact I have made it known that the Quake had the hallmarks of an artificial one. I mean of course it had the fingerprint of HAARP.

Since then some odd facts have been discovered. Odd facts these days mean coincidences.

A gaggle of diplomats and other high ranking VIP’s just happened to be meeting in Christchurch.

The gaggle of Diplomats and other High ranking VIP’s just happened to “Leave” Christchurch “Two and Half hours” before the quake struck. It was almost as if they were there to witness something.

It mirrors Haiti where the US Military just happened to be in the area rehearsing a “Natural Disaster Drill”.

Coincidence: Wherever these meetings or summits take place something happens shortly after. Not conspiracy but facts you can check yourself.

Shortly after Athens, Greece was plunged into financial chaos.

Nah! I sound like a conspiracy nut so I shouldnt bother to mention another coincidence. One of the gaggle of guests was left behind. He just happened to be a High Ranking FEMA Agent. (Federal Emergency Management Agency) Lucky break because within no time he was directing operations there. What FEMA are doing taking charge in New Zealand is anyones guess. But one thing is for sure. This is not the first time a disaster has hit soon after a delegation has left the area.

Now Japan has suffered a 7.2. I have warned that Japan will get shook big time this year and close if not Tokyo. And as usual I would advise to watch the Indonesian Zone within the next 14 Days.

The rest of that slog blog will now be suspended but it was only about the shenanigans going on in Libya and North Africa so nothing missed and more to come on that topic because there is an agenda revolving around Libya.

Below is the new updated blog.

Predicted Warning – More To Come

You may have been so overtaken by the shocking events and footage in Japan that you have forgotten or did not know that there was a 7.2 Quake in Japan a few days earlier after the NZ Quake? As you can see above I was about write about it until overtaken by events.

Now there may be the odd skeptic out there who will accuse me of whatever. After all, anyone can post a Prediction “After” the event. Well yes they can and some often do but they hardly attract a following. Difference is that I am not one of them. I leave reporting of “yesterdays news today” to the MS Media domain.

That is why this website has held a top ranked position at the top of major search engines for the past five years for “World Predictions”. Google those two worlds then look how many millions this site ranks above.

But for all its imperfections, the website has grown because of increasing awareness of people who are breaking away from a life time of mind conditioning and discovering there is much more going on than they are told. At least we are giving them food for thought and ringing a bell inside them or touching a nerve that resonates with deep seated suspicions.

I have no time for skeptics who refuse to research or think. It is time to ignore them completely and leave them to their fate. But that does not stop them. They are like a bad itch that will not go away. In truth they are mentally ill. Do you repeatedly go to a website which annoys or upsets you? If you do then you need to see a trick cyclist or a sky pilot.

So before the little chicken hearts start sending holier than thou accusations let us shut them up before they spit out their non wisdom 2012 gobbledegook.

Gee whiz you got me! The warning above was not written a few days before the event. Only the blog was.

It was already in the 2011 Predictions written and posted last year. I have commented on the Japan Quake situation for the past few years. The Predictions are there on the left going back to 2007. (Posted 2006) Natural disaster are usually on the last page so they are easy to check. Just click the buttons. I urge you to read the intros also because I summarize on that page and comment about some of the more major events yet to come.

The link source is below and the page is worth reading again for next events. (From 2011 Predictions)

Japan Big Quakes

Japan is very unpredictable. Although they have had some decent size quakes this year although they have been relatively lucky because the quakes have mainly been the Undersea variety or remote. 2011 the luck is now overdue and about to run out.

If you divide the year into four seasons you can base the large quakes in Japan by that theory. In other words four big ones on or effecting land spread throughout the year. But March, June, August and October are strongly on my mind. Two major cities will suffer much damage.

Tokyo will be hit and another place with letters “T” and “S” or “A”. (Could be all three or three different places each with one of those letters)

WG Note: – The Epicentre was off… SendAi There was a letter “T” in a town further up the coast which was completely devastated. Or could he have been picking up on “Tsunami” at the same time?

It is also worth noting related Predictions above it on page. Printed below for your convenience. Link Below.

Even Stronger Quakes In More Places Besides Ring Of Fire

Now we arrive at the uncomfortable section which unfortunately is usually quite accurate.

Dare I say that the original Zones I asked you to watch over the years have now established themselves as future Danger Zones? Now is the time to warn of that danger especially the Indonesian zone which will be battered this coming year. At least six major quakes between 7+ and two could be 8+. But the elusive 9 pointer will make the news. Indonesia zone.

Java zone

Must brace for another massive eruption but bigger than the recent last one I warned of. Big big bang reported scores of miles away. Large quake but very strong undulating aftershocks for weeks after. Much evacuation. TWO Tsunamis very probable. This one will really blow.

GO TO – World Predictions 2011 Part 4

Liars! It Was A 9.4 Quake

More proof that the authorities are covering up the increasing magnitude of Quakes.

As we saw we saw above. The government seismic websites are winging it. They know this was a 9.4 at least. Hence the differing magnitudes from different sources.

Eventually it seemed to be more or less agreed that it was between 6.8 – 7.4 and 8.2 then 8.9.

I disagree with all of them, their warped science and malfunctioning equipment. This quake was in the elusive 9 Pointer on the old Richter Scale. 9.4 to be more precise.

I repeat. They are winging it. They are guessing what they can get away with but as more footage comes in they panic. “The public will not buy it. They have just seen an er 7.4 in NZ.” (meaning 8.4)

“They may be stupid but not stupid enough to make a comparison.”

You think I’m joking? Then ask the joker seismologists who are tasked with spreading disinformation. Government lackeys one and all. USSG? What a bunch of lying Wan***s!

But thats not it. Nor is this a diatribe. This is in fact a golden opportunity to open your eyes a little bit more.

You Have Glimpsed Into The Future 2012

Many of switched on people often wish you could see a little ways into the future. Trust me you do not. Be it good or bad. But what if I tell you that you have already seen the future?

The TV and Video footage from Japan sent a strange shiver down my spine.

It was like watching scenes from my imagination when I try to explain what would happen during a magnetic Pole shift. Especially the deluge or flood. Although on a very minor scale you can witness the raw power of Nature. The angry side of Nature. A wrath that sweeps all man made things before it like plastic toys.

Did you see the unstoppable wave of debris laden water carrying whole buildings away?

This is the kind of power which most cannot imagine.

I have often said that mother Earth could wipe us all out if she wished. Now she has demon-strated just a fraction of what she can do and how powerless you are against natural forces that have been present on this planet millions of years before we arrived.

If you have been shocked by the awesome footage, think about this.

Nature has given you a glance on a small scale of the effects on Earth in 2012.

This what happens when the Earths Axis shifts. Think That cannot Happen?

Be it a Solar Storm, Magnetic polar flip or rogue planetary body. The Japanese footage is devastating. Many people have died. Many swept away never to found. Japan on the brink of financial recovery has now had those hopes swept away also.

Time for me to say as it as it is even though in the midst of a tragedy that has stunned the world more than the Arab Uprising. No tragedy is good but good can come out of one if you apply yourself.

OK. There we all are watching the Japanese devastation. Stunned as we maybe, we are sat in the comfort of our own homes. We commiserate and wish well. But words cannot help those who have perished, buried and dying.

But there we sit and watch. Safe, warm and fed but still stunned. Yet outside Japan hundreds or thousands of miles away, most still cannot grasp the reality of what it is like to be there on Ground Zero.

My thoughts? I wonder where all those people disappeared too. Some bodies will be found others wont. They have disappeared period. The ones that have been found so far are described as being in their hundreds. Imagine finding piles of corpses swept up together in one spot. A scene you never want see. A scene that some Japanese rescue workers will be haunted by for the rest of their days.

But you wont. You have been spared. It can never to you. Besides, your country is not known for Earthquakes. The UK has about 400 a year but you dont feel them they are so weak unless it is a 4 pointer. Very rare. maximum damage? A few roof slates and an old fallen chimney here and there.

Now here this.

In the case of a major Earth change event, what you saw in Japan will be happening in many parts of the globe but on a much larger scale. There will be no outside help because each country will have its own problems.

I cannot paint a picture terrifying enough to what we have seen. Yes it does look like the end of the world. Anyone Psychic Scanning for the first time would be convinced there is nothing left after the event and no one could blame them. Even Hell On Earth is too mild of a description.

Did you know that more than one person has prophesied that Japan will one day slide beneath the waves because of where it sits?

So when I saw the big black relentless wave swallowing the land, was it an eerie glimpse into the future?

The Tsunami moved more like an “Inundation” or the movement of water effected by an anomaly in the Earths rotation. Think of the Earth coming to stop for a reversal. Water does not stop by gravity so would continue to Roll Over the land.

Was Mother Nature showing us what can happen without warning? Was she waking us to the fact that Nature can strike anywhere? Like when Europe was snowed out twice in two consecutive years? (And a worse one this year!)

London! Thames Barriers? Useless. The barriers are not there for show. They were built because those in the know knew many years ago that London will be deluged by at least a metre one day. This was in the days before greenhouse gases renamed as the Global Warming Tax Excuse Hoax. However, since they built them many Moons ago, technolgy has moved on enough to tell the authorities that what is coming is bigger than expected and the Thames Barriers will offer only minimum protection. Basically they are ineffective.

London will be flooded in a rising sea level situation. Did you also know that there are contingency plans to move central government North to either the Birmingham or Manchester area? Sound more like a Tilt than a simple flood where some Southern areas succumb to water. This info is over 40 years old!

The point I am making is that our Planet is going through a change. A cycle that happens every few thousand years or so. I can understand why not many paid attention to 2012 ten or even five years ago. 2012 AD was a million years away. Besides it was a “Conspiracy Theory” and such things could never happen. Right?

Now in this space and time it is 2011. Less than two years until December 2012. Just over 21 Months!

Cast your mind back or check this site. I said the time will come when the PTB will not be able to deny what is going on the closer we get to 2012 because of intensifying freak weather and stronger Earthquakes. (No matter how much they try alter the Richter Scale)

How skeptical can you be now?

While Japan has been the focus, there have been other quakes and freak weather in other locations.

Even here the rain has been relentless for a week after a few days break from the last downpour, thunder, lightening. The mountain road has had minor rock slides. They clean it up. It pours. The road gets strewn with more rocks. Mobile signals completely disappear at random, the list goes on…

New Zealand and Japan have been in the news but China, Peru/Chile and other places away from the “Ring Of Fire” Quake Zones have been hit.

Axis Shift? What else could be?

Besides. I had been feeling uneasy for the past week or so. A feeling of dread which comes and goes. I know other have been experiencing the same or similar like magnified stress over the smallest thing.

Is this sensation merely our bodies adapting and realigning to a Magnetic Shift? The Earth has slightly shifted several times over the past five years. One so large that the GPS or Global Positioning System had to be reset.

Then there are other anomalies off Planet but I will leave for the PB. But it does appear that something off planet is affecting Earth and our Sun. Nuff Said!


Stay Alert

When something does not get posted or happens when it should, it is usually due to a reason.

Its like when something like a Tarot consultation gets delayed for some reason or another. It usually means there are events not yet completed or more yet to come. Its no good getting info on a situation either too early or too late because the information is outdated and another reading may be required to see where the new situation is leading. Old things must run their course before the new course can be set out. So if someone books a reading to soon but maybe anxiousness makes them rush, Karma is sometimes kind and saves time and money by rescheduling for us. Over thirty years I have discovered that such delayed events are usually followed by very good flowing readings and sign of a more positive phase or cycle ahead.

In the case of Japan things are much more serious than a rescheduled Reading and far more devastating.

Furthermore to clear up the confusion, because this blog was delayed then it is more probable that there is yet another Major hit due in Japan. Remember my main theme is centered very close to Tokyo. Although this Quake was felt there it was not as severe as I saw it. Parts of Tokyo will actually suffer major damage so caution and alertness are the order of the day.

Also take note of the warning about the Indonesian Zone and then keep vigilant because there is going to big hit there and as you will see in part two Papua new Guinea is in the frame.

What points am I making? Wake up ones I hope.

For a detailed answer we must go back to the beginning and why this website exists and is painfully maintained.

This is not about me. Those who know me well also know I shun the MS Media. (Certain MSM factions have tried to set me up a few times in the past) But the same is not true for Internet sources. I will be doing a net radio interview for Sancho soon. (Will announce here when)

However, in the past I have informed those mainstream sources that I would be delighted providing I talk about 2012 AD and a couple of Government and Power Elite conspiracy facts not theories. Guess what? Its not allowed! Its Taboo. Forbidden, Prohibited, Banned, not allowed, restricted until choked.

Shows that most main stream journalists are scared of stepping out of line for fear of their jobs. They know there is a higher power that muffles free speech.

Much the same way that an Earth Change is beginning to take place and of course the same way they are interfering with Seismic Data to cover the truth.

The essence of places like this here in cyberspace is to bring awareness about a major Earth Change Event in 2012/ 2013. To hold a calm steady course through the growing storm of confusion spread by a growing number of instant armchair experts who spread the belief that 2012 is the end of mankind. Its becoming an epidemic of misinformation.

Qualifications? Watch a few Doom mongering 5 minute videos on Youtube and Bobs your uncle. A fully fledged commentator on “2012 End Times”. The footage from Japan will serve only to reinforce their belief. My advice to them?

Stick to your pizzas, big Macs and cola in your mothers basement and give the rest of us a break.

This website is meant to inform you that the higher echelons of the PTB (Powers That Be) and their governments know full well about 2012 AD and that they have “No Intentions” of helping the ordinary person on this planet by making preparations for their populations. Or “Useless Eaters” as we are called.

It is at that point where this website goes into limbo and hovers on “Conspiracy Theory”.

So what is this site in reality, a Prediction website or a Conspiracy Theory one?

Well its both. The Predictions are meant to make people aware that some Conspiracy Theories are actually “Conspiracy Fact” and many are are simply the product of someones vivid imagination where other are spread by disinformation agencies. The aim is to steer clear of the countless thousands of “Conspiracy Theories” and concentrate on “Conspiracy facts”. To cut a swathe through all the disinformation so the individual can arrive at their own decision armed with common sense and simple wisdom.

Those two attributes alone will guide you through what is to come. “Common Sense” and “Simple Wisdom”.

You will need those tools to even begin to grasp what the Human Race is facing soon.

Have no doubt that many or most people will be caught out like we have sadly seen in Japan.

In 2000 AD I said in a radio interview that we wouls see stronger quakes and freak weather in places which have never experienced those things before. Snow in hot countries, drought in wet countries and so on.

Yet there is a general attitude of invincibility. “It will never happen here”. “It will never happen to me or my family”.

We have seen these Earth Changes happening with our own eyes.

Here we stand on the brink of the great abyss. Chaos among the stars and Cosmos. Polar caps melting on neighboring Planets like Mars. Saturns Rings changing. Anomalies with the Giant storm black spot on Jupiter.

Nothing to with Global warming down here methinks no matter how the poli-ticks try to blame and tax us for it.

If you are passing through or fairly here check some past blogs to familiarize yourself. Like many here I know something like an Earth Change is hard to grasp at first. It is never taught to us in schools so we will not be prepared for one unless you educate yourself.

But I will wait quite calmly and patiently because I know that before this year is over, over two thirds of the global population will no longer be living in a world of self denial because all the evidence needed will have already been seen. That I know.

But what I would like to know is how the Governments will handle the situation when lies and excuses have run out.

Can you see what I mean when I say the day of the modern self serving politician is almost at its end?

When this is all over there will be not one ounce of trust for those entities. Especially when they abandon us and flee to their bunkers. Have they even contemplated that “WE” might not let them out of their underground tombs?

How stupid are they!

Like I said. I will challenge any and all 2012 Data and forecasts who predict most of mankind being wiped out.

In fact although many places will have a rough ride and many will indeed perish, especially the ignorant ones, 2012 AD need not be as bad as you think. “It depends Where Your Mind Is”…

No Theories Only Facts

So now I hope that we have established to newcomers that the website is about our future not about old Levi.I am merely a messenger. To listen or ridicule is of no consequence to me. Once I have spoken it ends there for me until next time. But something is working somewhere. There are regular visitors to this place who not too long ago were total skeptics and against almost everything I said. But they kept coming back for a laugh until they gradually began to see and connect the dots.

Remember that “Conspiracy Theory Researchers” are made out to be eccentric nut cases when in fact they have an ability to see through the smoke screens and distractions set down by respective governments. They are very intelligent but their powers of research are seen as a threat to the global agenda and are labelled as harmless nut cases so the public at large will laugh rather than listen. Sheep follow sheep right?

So the idea is to become a shepherd of those sheep and take off their blinkers so they can see the “Truth” no matter how bizarre the truth seems. If you are in the PB you will know there are many things going on which are being hidden by the PTB that the majority of people have no clue whatsoever. I fear for their future sometimes or lack of one. But you cannot help those who wont even help themselves.

Lambs to the slaughter comes to mind. They will only realize when they see the slaughter man put the electric probes on their head.

All anyone has to do is question things which do not add up. For instance why has the first Japanese quake a few days before not been mentioned?

Like New Zealand, I was about to criticize the strength of it. If you have been following the global Quake situation you will know that the authorities have interfered with the old Earthquake measurements to make them seem weaker.

I know Nadine in Canada knows all this because she has an ability to monitor Quake activity in her spare time.

Thats all it takes folks. A little interest and a little effort. Once done a whole new world of truth and treachery will open up before you like Ali Ba Ba’s cave.

This interference of Quake measurements should make people suspicious when related to my own claim years ago after I warned that an Earth Changing Event in 2012 and 2013 is very real. The sign I gave for your observance was that Quakes would get stronger and freak weather would increase.

I understand that those like myself are not taken seriously. Like the conspiracy researchers, Psychics and such have also been down graded to the “Entertainment Only” section of society so please do not take anything I say seriously. If I happen to be right it is purely to down to coincidence it seems. Thats me off the hook for now then!

However. You must always believe Politicians because they never lie so you must take them seriously.

Lies have become truth my friends. Evil is Good and Good is bad.

Why governments should propagandize us as fools leaves a sneaky feeling that they are frightened of some things we say. Things we have got to close too but nevertheless things that they do not want widespread.

Like a magnetic Pole Shift in 2012/2013 for instance.

Or that the next eleven year cycle of the SUN is expected to be up to 60% stronger than normal. A force that can reverse our magnetic poles when bombarded with massive Solar coronal eruptions and ejections. Coincidently the Sun Cycle corresponds with the date of December 2012 the same as the ending of the Mayan calendar and other anomalies.

2012 AD does not exclusively correspond with the Mayan Calendar. Although the multitude of copycat experts think it does. But I have another sneaky feeling that people are not taking them seriously otherwise we would be plunged into anarchy already.

If you believe those whos knowledge barely stretches a few years to those who can combine thousands of years of knowledge be my guest. But I will give you one little piece of advice…

Do not go and do something stupid thinking it wont matter because the world is going to end.

Because when it doesn’t, you will have to pay the price of your wrong doing.

Breaking News – The Japanese Quake has now been upgraded to a 9 Pointer.

(Yeah. Try 9.4 to 9.6 and we may believe you.)

Continued Tomorrow – Hidden Agendas Of 2012

What did I tell you? How do you “Upgrade” an earthquakes strength? A magnitude reading is recorded data.The USGS et al have proved that they are not giving true data. Or does is their equipment so advanced it can “Upgrade its own data? In which case they should be so advanced that they can Predict Quakes well in advance which they cannot. Go figure.





On The Wind – Levi

PB Now Posted.

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(I always make up lost ground

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