Israel Threatens The World

Israel – Destroyer Of Worlds

(Prof Creveld) “Let me quote General Moshe Dayan: “Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.”

This is not the Slog Blog which was planned for today but Prediction takes Priority, especially when Israel threatens the world. The Prediction being the beginning of World War 3 started by the ‘Bastard State of Isra-hell attacking Iran’.

Also because of America’s gutless leadership and treacherous politicians against this tiny state of evil, America will suffer a mortal blow to her already declining wealth and reputation.

First I would like to make an important statement to all skeptics. It is not an issue whether you believe in the Metaphysical or Psychic ability. Do not hide behind those beliefs or excuses so you can walk in denial. Your kind think you are clever when you laugh and shrug off warnings. Especially if they originate from a Psychic source. Well that’s ok too. If courage has deserted you and ignorance comforts, then go for it because it will be your downfall when harsh reality bites. Usually I have no time for faint hearts in denial, but the sad thing is that your blinkered reality will eventually hurt and cause hardship to others who try to warn you.

Sadder still, is that there is still time to stop what is going to happen. Still time to turn the tide. But first you must look at yourself in the mirror and face hard facts based in reality. Then you must listen to your kinsmen and women who are trying to make you see. At least listen not laugh before you have assessed the facts.

Those outside America still watch in amazement how the greatest majority of American’s still live in some kind of perpetual fantasy land. Still think you are the greatest country in the world when hard facts suggest otherwise. Still think you are wealthy when in fact you are living off debt and toxic financial shenanigans. Not for long though because those countries who are keeping you afloat are about to pull the plug. Then we will see yet another impossible outrageous Prediction manifest into ugly reality. The crash of the US Dollar.

Gee guys, that’s going to make you real popular around the world I reckon!

But for now, let us suspend the art of Prediction so you cannot shrug and walk smugly away from the truth of reality. Let us step into the big bad world of ugly reality and see what is developing while your nation is split by who should or should not be a judge on the X Factor!

The quote above by Moshe Dayan is being played out in real time just now by the Zionist little state who makes America tremble. A foreign little state thousands of miles away. You say America is a great superpower. It does not appear so from where the rest of the world is standing. Seems like tiny little Isra-hell has you on a leash and can make mighty America jump through hoops like a trained poodle.

Superpower? Nah, I don’t think so! You will have to come up with something more impressive than that.

Israel’s Holy War

Not to long ago in the recent past, I made a comment about the Palestinian Holocaust carried out by the IDF.(Israeli Defense Force) We heard horrific stories of hell and suffering upon the Palestinian people. Torture was the norm and stamping on children’s heads until their brain matter spurted out was like some kind of game.

These stories of insane behaviour did not only come from Palestinian survivors but from some Israeli soldiers who were disgusted with the actions of their comrades. (Breaking The Silence)

So it was it posed a few questions. Who is putting this insanity into the heads of these young Israeli men? What the hell are they teaching them? And who is doing it? Like I said, that was a while ago. But a few days ago my question was answered and my suspicions proved true. Rabbi’s that’s who. So called holy men are the ones poisoning young minds.

There was a documentary segment on Newsnight about it. Rabbi’s are trained as soldiers and have become part of the Israeli Military Elite. It is they who spread evil and preach death. Show no mercy, they are nothing but animals is the religious mantra before battle. So when religion infiltrates the military, we have a big problem because this becomes a Holy War. A Jihad! So it looks like the young Israeli soldiers are being groomed and primed for war. A Holy War.

So there is your starter for ten and the first piece of the jigsaw.

Isra-Hell Hints – Can Nuke European Capitals

Then came this little corker of info from the man who quoted general Moshe Dayan’s: “Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.” His name is Professor Martin Van Creveld. it wasn’t the quote that arose suspicions, but seeing as he likes to quote then I will quote him.

Israel had the capability of hitting most European capitals with nuclear weapons. “We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets of our air force.”

It isn’t the first time I have heard this kind of rhetoric from Zionist Jew puppets, but under the present and growing tensions with Iran, I think we can take it as disguised threat. Nevertheless, sometimes we must wait awhile to see if it was indeed a threat or a simple bravado comment. If you read further down the article, you will see that this so called professor is a racist warmongering scum who wants all Palestinians deported.

Maybe no one taught him that Israel is the squatter of sixty years and that the country has been called Palestine from biblical times. Without going off on a tangent, look at his disguised threat above. According to him he is informing us that Israel can launch an atomic attack on most European Capitals.. Including Rome.

Presumably he is referring to the Vatican because it seems Israel’s war in now a holy one, a Jihad.

Israeli Prof – Israel ‘Can Take The World Down With Us’

Netanyahu – The Rabid Mad Dog

Now if you think the good professor is penny short of a pound, let’s look at a real mad fecker!

The Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. You don’t need to be psychic to realize this entity is insanely evil, you just need a photo. You could also be forgiven for thinking this unbalanced entity is auditioning for the spot of the Anti-Christ.

His behaviour is typical of the Zionist International Jew. One sided view. Nothing else matters and nobody else is right. One blinkered vision, one road to hell.

The professors outburst now takes on a different and dangerous tone when the same threatening language comes from an insane entity in power with the power to carry out the threat and deranged enough to actually do it.

It’s also an insight to Isra-hell’s double standard Schizophrenic one sided policies. They have many Nuclear Warheads but refuse any inspection by the relevant Nuclear watchdogs. Yet they scream and stamp their feet about Iran’s nuclear ambitions and accusations of weapons of mass none existence. ‘We can do whatever we please but the rest of the world can’t’.

But now mad Netanyahu and the hundreds of nuclear warheads at his fingertips has gone completely off the rails. He has made exactly the same threat as the mad professor, but this time to a superpower. Russia! Not only that, he broke international protocol to deliver his threat.

Is there any non Zionist supporter out there who can say this was not a Psychotic Action? He has turned up uninvited to slap the slap the Russian Bear in the face.

Israel Warns Russia “We’ll Bring Whole World Down With Us”

Coincidently, there are other events. Rockets hit Israel from Lebanon

Once again the black hand of Israel’s agents leave their fingerprints. Fire rockets at themselves so they can blame some else as an excuse to go to war. Similar to the accusations against Iran.

As mentioned, Isra-hell forbid any nuclear inspection themselves but insist they know more about Iran even though the nuclear watchdogs have insisted that Iran is not trying to produce a bomb.

UN nuclear watchdog says Iran threat ‘hyped’ They simply demand that the world should bow down to them and believe every lie they spin on the road to plunging the world into darkness.

Will Isra-hell drag The US Down With Them?

As we see in the main article, the mystery of the disappearing ship is solved. Israel’s black handed dealing are evident. They were trying to set Russia up as the fall guy by accusing them of supplying Iran with weapons. And in true spoiled brat style, because the set up went wrong, the mad bastard Netanyahu sneaks into Russia and demands the arrested black op perpe-traitors to be released in order to cover up evidence of their dirty work. Furthermore, backed up by a threat to drag the world into a nuclear abyss.

This secret society of Zionist madmen have already destroyed the financial well being of innocent hard working people and they have not finished yet as you will see in the coming two months. Their big pharma corporations are trying to spread a non existent virus threat to inject a dangerous untested vaccine into the global population. There have more woes planned for us yet.

And slapping the Russian Bear? Well not a good idea. The Bear has growled back. What did they expect?

Putin Warns Against Iran Attack

So for skeptics and truth seekers alike. isn’t it time to put these anti human entities in their place once and for all before they unbalance the world?

Can you begin to imagine what the world will be like if they are allowed to keep getting away with their psychotic actions?

One final thing i will tell you. Israel is full of BS. They do not have what they claim to have. That is why they are scared of nuclear inspections. Their bluff will be exposed. Yes they have nukes but outdated ones when it comes to technology and accuracy. Yes they are capable of a limited nuke attack on Iran but the consequences will be dire for them.

They are also placing a dangerous gamble that America will come to their aid. They don’t even entertain the concept that powerful entities in America itself might be setting them up for the kill. After all, America is a depleted superpower. It is struggling with Iraq, Afghanistan and stretching itself with a third front in Pakistan.

China hold most US debt and are silently unloading their declining dollar reserves for gold. They have refused to take any more US toxic debt. They are not happy how the US banksters have conned them. They are also sick and tired of keeping the US admin afloat so they can spend the money on yet more wars.

So while the warnings of awakened Americans fall on deaf ears because the X Factor is more important than their own demise, the mind of the outside world continues to boggle.

The proverbial crap is about to hit the fan.

And what do we do with ‘Mad Dogs’? We put them down!

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