Internet – Too Big To Fall

The Internet Is Too Big To Fall

So, the gutless so called Lawmakers in the US backed down from their first attempt to regulate the Internet big time and disappeared from public reach faster than a politician can lie or quicker than a banker can rob a child.

Now that is what I am talking about. It is called “People Power” my friends.

A point where the slumbering masses are awakened back to reality by a short sharp jolt. They actually came back to life folks. They actually began to realize what a government controlled Internet really meant when it dawned on them that governments are not in the business of promoting fun, progress or anything beneficial to them. But lets not get excited about a mass human awakening yet because we like to deal with “Truth” here no matter how tough it is to accept.

In Truth, if it were not for the big boys like Wiki and others shutting down in protest and major complaints from Google et al, we would all be surfing a different kind of internet by March or April. The frustration of trying to surf the net while the transition took place and of course while you could still surf freely and access your favourite websites while you still can would be soul destroying task because the internet would slow almost to a stop while regulatory software and hardware were being installed and put into effect.

Unless of course you were visiting a Government or Corporate website selling goods or spreading propaganda.

The thing that most people do not know is just “How Close” they came to losing the internet as they know it. Trust me. While this Nazi criminal Law was being fast tracked through congress, IT crews were already preparing to do the dirty deed without question.

At this point I wonder if your internet service has slowed down spasmodically since this farcical episode began.

Mine has been acting up but then again it always does when I begin releasing my Predictions even though they are not released into the public domain yet. When I do, I may as well take the week off because it is more than my internet service that gets messed with.

Dont you just love the cowardly government paid cowards who snipe from the shadows to protect themselves?

Talking about cowards. The scum who have skulked away for now will be back. Its just that I know how they work and react when beaten. They not only hate it, they will simply not let the outcome stand. Like spoiled little brat like ankle biters they will throw a screaming tantrum, stamp their feet and sulk until they get their own back by doing something spiteful. Like a spasmodic rolling internet slowdown.

In the UK and Europe the scum dog millionaire puppet leaders were crouched waiting and ready to pounce if the US succeeded in the establishment of the new GI or Gestapo Internet.

Guess what? Their guys had tools in their hands ready to go also. They just could not wait could they?

Let me tell you something else that is sure to piss you off when the news eventually leaks out at some point. In fact we will exercise our lateral thinking abilities at the same time. It is just one of those little things that you miss and are surprised that you missed it which leaves you in wonderment so ask yourself this..

Are we to believe that the creatures dressed in suits and run their countries off medication are not really into the internet? Think about it for a moment.

It seems like every poli-tick has no personal use for the internet. Their mere backing and blessing to regulate it swears evidence to the fact. They wont miss it because they never use it? Is that what we are to believe? Even when they are surfing for child porn and other perverted pastimes we keep hearing about.

Yet they are never off a Blackberry so they do not actually hate technology itself. They just think that the internet is a waste of time in its present form and would best serve as a big shopping experience and political agenda packed launch pad. Any website not connected to corporate and politics would incur a fee. In other words shopping and politics would be free. The websites out of those categories would be ultimately boring.

Nor you would you find any ranting Levi’s or truth behind the scenes sites even though you would eventually be willing to pay for them before dying of sheer boredom. Even if website like this was allowed to stay up on condition the rhetoric and anti government talk was toned down to silence, the website itself would not receive any payment but governments would rake in a fortune in taxes.. I mean fines on top of planned Micro Payments to be introduced in the near future. I doubt they plan to share the revenue with the victims of copyright theft or the Micro Payments with website author.

If any of us tried these kinds of mass theft we would be jailed for eternity.

Talk about theft of intellectual rights? The very excuse they are using to regulate the net.

I still have not decided which is the most incredible.

The bent poli-ticks doing it or the people who are willing to let them.

Sneaky Slimy Little Devils

These entities have had their day. They have totally lost the plot and reached the dizzy heights of Hypocrisy by taking it to another level. It means they get payed for your work and labour and I would be paying for the privilege of publishing on the internet while getting shafted at the same time.

Here’s a good one.

The IMF are demanding more money from countries so they can bail them out by giving it back to them… Plus interest of course.

Its a bloody good herb to be on let me tell you. That is if you are lucky enough to find anyone daft enough to fall for it which apparently they have. Millions and millions of them collectively known as the Public at large.

But heres the kicker and answer to the earlier question. Are the poli-ticks not bothered about losing the net like the rest of us?

Damn right they are! So why are they backing and calling for a regulated internet? After all its like shooting yourself in the foot!

The answer, although maddening to the point of frustration is easy. Its called “Privilege” or entitlement to perks.

You see my friends, while your IP or Internet Provider is slowing and regulating your service, those who have worked towards it will have service as normal. Completely unregulated and as fast as ever. When the news leaked you would be told that their positions in politics makes it necessary for them to have a regular service for reasons of national security meaning their own security.

It kind of works on the same principal as money. We can have it but you cannot.

23 out of the 25 UK cabinet are millionaires or multi ones. All have banking and legal backgrounds. Italy, Greece and now Spain have all had ex Euro bankers parachuted in to act as Prime Ministers. You will see this trend continue in other countries until the elite bankers, Illuminati, Bilderbergers and Black Nobility including Queen bitches of England and Holland et al have taken complete control every aspect of your daily lives…

Until they are stopped that is.

I feel there is no need to justify or explain the actions of the PTB aka Powers That Be and their government lackeys because most of you who pass through this place already know damn well what comes next after this hollow victory. It must be a great feeling for those who think the quashing of this agenda is over and victory is theirs. Let them celebrate and enjoy the moment. Unfortunately for the rest of us no such respite is available yet. The eye must be kept firmly on the ball because it aint over until the fat lady sings.

The clue is in the complaints. This regulatory Internet Bill was “Badly Written” or looked as though it had been “Slapped Together” without forethought.

Well of course it was. Neither is it anything to do with “Incompetence”. They knew exactly what they were doing. Using the same old tactics to see “how much they can get away with”.

So as they beat a hasty retreat, they do so with a sly grin because you know and I know that entities who destroy “Values” are like a bad rash. They never go away while they still wield power. Instead they redesign.

I expect of this bill to pop up again around Springtime or early Summer. Probably by stealth. They will introduce a slimmed down version with lots of hidden “national emergency or security” clauses. It will be snook through on a day when “its a good day to bury bad news.

In other words when the MS Media is focusing your attention on some other global event.

And you will see by this years Predictions there is many a Global Event yet to come so no problem there then.

Look what has happened to the excellent Iranian news channel “Press TV”…

While the likes of the usual suspects Sky and BBC have continually covered another fishy story about the cruise ship disaster, Press TV has been removed from the Sky Satellite platform. Its a tragedy because you could find out more about what is happening in Europe and the world than local national stations are willing to report. Aljezera News next anyone? or will RT – Russia Today be next?

Sadly this may tie in with two Predictions in the section to be released to the PB this week. War and problems with the internet which could be related to freak weather as well as government interference.

The Plotting Goes On

What other “Stealth Tactics” are on the drawing board only few can see?

“Cyberwar” thats what. We already have virtual wars in reality like the manufactured regime changes taking place now from Libya to the Middle East or the virtual WMD aka Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq and so on and so forth.

Between Spring and Summer expect a Virtual war in the virtual world of cyberspace full of cyber attack accusations between countries like the US, Russia and especially China who already stand accused of hacking and spreading viruses by those who are really doing the actual hacking. No prizes for guessing the obvious.

Yes my friends. The mad buggers in charge are taking their none existent terror-errorism into cyberspace as well as every other country in real life who does not bend to the will of the AAE – Anglo American Empire and controlled by the elites through their political bag men.

For those passing through who are not familiar with the content within the PB it goes something like this.

In a nutshell the entities who control your societies by keeping order have done so for a very long time.

They have three bases to ensure the transition of the old order morphs into the new one.

The Vatican – Spiritual Base of Control. Mission – To destroy Islam and all other religions to clear the way for a new world religion

London – Financial Base of Control. Mission – To remain in control of the worlds currency by replacing the a new one after crashing the old financial order. The IMF criminal consortium also resides here.

Washington DC – Military Base Control. Mission – To crush any nation who refuses to accept the above as well as reducing the global population. NATO and the US Military is the Army of the new order. That is why countries seem to be streamlining their forces as tensions rise.

The world has moved on from the days of steam and gas lamps to the age of technology where even a child takes a laptop or mobile phone granted. Therefore the old order must be put to rest and a new order must be created to keep up with modern times. In other words it has survived until now by making minor changes. But at some point it started to break down and the elites began to lose control.

I can tell you that the phenomenal growth of the world wide web played a major part and caught the PTB out.

It must be Karma because it snook up on them while they distracted themselves with greed and planning wars the same way they sneak up on us…. Where was I?

Oh yes. For decades the PTB have kept order by using media manipulation to control the opinions of the masses. The internet got off to a lacklustre start. There wasnt much content on there at first and to be honest nobody really knew what it was about except maybe a learning or fun thing. Then it happened. The money crowd jumped on the bandwagon by turning into a money machine. Along comes the dotcom boom then bust. People got scammed by the money crowd and the internet reputation took a hammering for quite awhile.

The episode almost destroyed the net because nobody was in hurry and the novelty had worn off.

Eventually things began to take off again and the super highway began to get new traffic and grow in different directions as small businesses began to spring up at a steady rate, also as did later the corporations and governments who were initially slow to cotton on to the internets potential.

Today the internet is a massive “Virtual World”. Furthermore it has been built by the people not the governments. I am talking about the commercial internet not the hidden internet we covered in the PB last year. That one is far bigger than the one you see dominated by search engines.

Ironic that when the military and governments have had the internet since the cold war, they did nothing except mothball it until Tim Berners-Lee came along and invented a use for it.

In real life if there is such a belief that the best way to keep a prisoner is not to let him know he is one. Savvy?

This prison without bars in which we live gives us the illusion we are free. Yet the PTB do not see it that way because they keep order from the shadows so if we are being controlled we are not free. Unfortunately for them, we have found a new kind of freedom on the internet and evolved as a global village where news can be spread to the world in a matter of minutes or seconds.

What bothers the PTB is not the internet itself but “What Is Being Said” on it.

Until now they have controlled by the MS Media which they mostly own so what you know is only as good as what you have been told by the MS Media. Ideally it works both ways by not telling you something they dont want you to know about. Meanwhile the net is still growing at a breathtaking pace. I forgot how many new surfers per day but its a lot.

The PTB see the phenomena as a virus that could easily kill them because it is becoming unstoppable.

As more people discover the net, the TV and Media become old fashioned. They make you listen to their story and their version of it or their insane version of what they call Entertainment. The internet imposes no such narrow boundaries and you are free to get the real story from the country an event is happening in first hand and without being twisted. You are free to watch what you want to watch instead of being force fed mind numbing rubbish and subliminal mind suggestion of what you should eat and buy.

The self imposed masters of Earth cannot allow free will. It is important that people only know what they want them to know. They cannot have too many people straying and finding out the truth of something. It could expose them and strip them of power and in most cases life.

So you see it is a real agenda. I informed this time was coming many Moons ago. It was classed as a conspiracy theory since then until recently. Now you have the meat the answer is simple.

The old method of control itself cannot keep up with the new order people are creating for themselves. A new unfettered means of communication and organization outside of the old order guardians control. A reality that must be changed and changed fast.

If you remember, the original agenda to regulate the net was to use Porn as the excuse. Until of course politician after senator after judge after VIP etc got caught indulging in the same.

A rethink was needed.

Child abuse and pedophilia the next big excuse until the church was exposed for decades of indulgence of the same. Dirty old bishops.

A rethink was needed.

Now the excuse is piracy. Another rich one coming from professional pirates like them. But guess what?

Internet Porn is not going to be banned. The only catch and hint of regulation is that there will be an “opt in” request so people can be tracked and have their sexual preferences profiled.

To think not too long ago they were on a crusade to protect decency and wipe porn from the internet forever under the pretense of protecting children from smut.

Thats rich when soap operas are showing gay kisses and affairs before the nine o clock watershed when children are likely to be in bed! And how thick are the parents who let their kids watch this kind of stuff. Let them be kids first. There is no need for them to have this stuff on board at such an innocent age.

I will wager that many of them still complain about the sexualising of their children at the same time. Go Figure!

The biggest fear for the PTB as mentioned above is the ability of the masses to “communicate and organize” should a revealing truth of an agenda ever leak out.. of which there are many yet to come.

There we shall leave it for now. Maybe this battle has been won for now but the war in general has yet to be won.

All you must keep mind is this.

Now you know the reason they want to control the internet is because they have to. It is not negotiable. You can find out too much or discover something that exposes a part of their lies or exposes their propaganda. If you walked in their shoes would you allow freedom of information? Especially at the point where you are trying to create a new world order for you and your cronies. A new set of laws which will allow you to control for another few hundred years before it needs tweaking again.

Have a heart you guys. Have a little pity for these lost entities and political weaklings consumed by greed and power. It is not easy for them.

It is hard work making enemies with everyone else as an excuse to go to war while trying to play the victim at the same time.

Especially when you are busting a gut trying to destroy the old order financial system at the same time while nicking money from it. So show a little appreciation you bunch of scruffs.

In fact the poor little possums are so busy trying to create mayhem that they hardly have time to spend their ill gotten gains and thirteen pieces of silver they received for the betrayal of the human race. Forgiveness is the key.

It is all about Love and Light this year. You Love em and I’ll light em… with a match and a can of petrol.

Stay Positive – Levi


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