Internet RIP

Wiki Down The Wind

Are we to stand by and wish RIP to the internet?

Wiki has closed for 24 hours under protest of the draconian new bills being passed which ensure the destruction of the Internet as you know it today.

Click below to see their message and let us hope that what you see is a once in lifetime event.


Google, Facebook et al has joined the fray so things are pretty serious. My past warnings are now over because we arrived at the point where we must react this time instead of complaining.

PS. Keep your eye on Google this year because they are selling their soul and they could possibly destroys themselves when people catch on to what they are up too.

As for the CIA run facebook? I am threatening them with legal action if they do not remove my page. I and WG have tried to close it three times but its still up there. In fact it is almost impossible to leave. You can deactivate it but it still runs. Facebook claim that if you deactivate your account and do not visit for three weeks, your info will then be removed. What a load of bollocks! I’m gonna sue if they do not comply. No wonder they boast so many members. Its like the Mafia, once in you can never leave.

Why do I want it down?

If you heard what one of the founders thinks about facebookers you would kick it into touch too. The internet meanwhile is facing destruction of its present use.

As another past Prediction comes to pass about three disasters at sea, another is in the making. But one that will have an impact on every single soul who uses the internet.

For many Moons now, I have continually warned that the PTB PSNTB – Powers Soon Not To Be, were secretly pushing to gain complete control of the Internet by forcing through strict regulations. In a recent blog I explained what would happen if the likes Jay Rothschild et al succeeds in passing the bills know as SOPA and PIPA. In fact Roths stance is that the public should never have been allowed access in the first place. Now he wants the freedom to independently surf the net to be severely regulated.

I for one am sick to my back teeth of lying cowardly stinking rich thieving war mongering little bastard scum sucking parasitic lepers in expensive suits telling the rest of us what we should do and not do depending on what suits them and what does not.

Furthermore I have had it with those weak minded people who let them.

Like the Global Warming Hoax excuse to tax people to death and robbing the public blind, they are now going to try and plunder the internet. Under the guise of copyright infringement protection to combat Internet Piracy, these bills will severely restrict our freedom to surf the internet and the tin pot dictators in power will decide what you can and cannot access. The real Pirates however are the criminals in power.

This is happening now in America. The same hypocrites who rule America while criticizing China about their freedom of Human Rights are violating the people they are suppose to represent. This will anger everybody because if these bills are made into law it, the result will affect all of us.

Alternative News and Truth Websites will begin disappearing within weeks. Within twelve months or less the internet you know bow will cease to exist. It will be demoted to one big corporate and political propaganda machine.

It has been years in the planning but mainly kept under wraps although we here knew this day would come.

What we are witnessing is another major step to their much vaunted NWO – New World Order.

If you look around at events around the world it soon becomes obvious that the Elites have ordered their minions to step all agendas up a few notches. The global financial economy is being destroyed, the Middle East is at boiling point with a sudden spate of bombs going off in numerous countries engineered by mercenaries paid for by the West to make the region become more unstable.

They did the same thing in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. The same warlord who played a major part in overthrowing the Libyan rule is now operating in Syria on a US agency payroll. More Black Ops are going on in Yemen, Pakistan and India.

Expect a serious event in India within days or weeks because they have not bowed to American bullying and are continuing to buy oil off Iran.

They have bullied and threatened several countries now but I have a strong feeling that the whole world has had enough of Americas tactics around the world. Starting wars under the guise of Human Rights then plundering a nations oil as they have done Iraq and Libyan. The entities who have stolen power have morphed from self appointed World Police into a Nation of Global Terror. It gives us insight into the new order they are pushing to establish.

I will remind new visitors that the NWO is no longer a Conspiracy Theory but Conspiracy Fact and been openly talked about by criminals posing as politicians such as George HW Bush Senior and his retard son George Dubya Bush as well as European politicians. The UKs Gordon Brown is a major player in its establishment.

Now as they push for control of the internet by self appointing themselves as regulators, it once again exposes them for what they are and the dark future they have planned for mankind. This latest agenda is reminiscent of communist North Korea, Russia or the German Third Reich and would not have been tolerated in the old USA.

The people of this planet must start to fight back against the elite bankers who control puppet politicians to wage war and profit while pushing everybody else into poverty. After all, the world has arrived this very serious stage of instability because the masses have ignored reading between the lines of new laws which are later to be found as denying freedom of will or speech.

We must send these two bills into oblivion along with its architects.

Who or what gives a few bored rich tossers who hate mankind to destroy the freedom of the Internet?

Especially American Jew bored rich tossers who have no say in other countries but unfortunately who have puppets on their payroll in Europe, UK, Canada, Australia and beyond.

Meaning my friends that we will be next.

The Battle For Your Mind

I remind you that I took precautions against this over a year ago and can take my content underground so if the low life scum in power manage to pull this off and this website along with others get pulled down, I can still communicate to those subscribed to the PB – Private Blog. If they try to interfere with that I will interfere back because it is private and out of the public domain. However, it is then only a matter of time until they regulate everything connected to the internet once people have gone through cold turkey and adapted to what amounts to a corporate online shop and political stage for disinformation and propaganda.

They have taken Press TV off the Sky platform which is a pity because it exposed the many shenanigans of Western powers. I can still receive it but if you cannot, just visit the website if you want to find out the truth behind events that Sky News and the BBC conveniently ignore or twist.

The reason for this big push is a battle for minds of people. To establish the order where we are poor peasants and the privileged rich are above our laws, it is necessary for the PTB and their lackeys to control how you think and effect your decision making by loading the masses with propaganda that suits their agendas.

Critics of governments or those who give you the truth behind the spin will simply have no voice over the internet. In fact the time will come when you can be jailed for a comment against authority because this event is not only a sign but proof of the dark Orwellian future our governments are trying to lead us into.

In America, the land of the free, we have seen protestors being bludgeoned, tear gassed, pepper sprayed and dragged like animals by their own police force who claim “To protect and serve” its people. Who could ever believe that the American Dream would turn into a Fascist Nightmare in such a short time?

The same entities are causing trouble in other countries where the same is happening because US backed puppet leaders refuse to stand down.

You can clearly see the fingerprint everywhere. Infiltrate a countrys government and replace it with your own greedy minions then you can destroy it from within. But when the public catches on then we see the true face of those lead us. They come down on innocent protestors like a brutal sledge hammer. They are nothing but violent thugs in suits who are obsessed with total control. However, once they have total control and are above the law, they will eventually destroy anything of value left before the final destruction. They call it population reduction.

In a nutshell it boils down to this.

Figures show that people are opting for the internet rather than TV. They are surfing for news outside of the controlled MS Media and quickly realizing the MS News is full of twisted information and blatant outright lies.

This cannot happen. They must get you to believe their version of an event which is usually a lie. The MS Media is the most potent weapon in the PTBs arsenal. The newspaper has been losing appeal with the public for sometime now and the business is in decline because likewise they have turned to the internet. A major blow if you belong to the megalomaniac club.

The same thing cannot be allowed to happen to TV News but it is happening and the PTB are not happy little bunnies so something had to be done. The equation is simple one. If governments and rulers fail to control the way you think by telling you what to believe, then their power of rule begins to ebb.

Look back and see how quality TV has declined over the past decade or so and been replaced by politics and politicians who wish to be treated like rock stars. There is no escaping them these days thats why my TV remains off more than on. Besides, it is hard to enjoy any decent program stumbled across because TV commercials have spun out of control by constant interruption.

At this point in time I am unsure when they will introduce Internet Micro Payments. An agenda we spoke about here a few years ago. This means you will pay for every website you visit thus limiting your choice. It is doubtful that you will be able to access sites like this one or Rense, WDIM, Camelot and so on. In fact any website or Blog which either tells the truth behind a story or criticizes authority.

On a lighter note I see a massive backlash of anger against this illegal bill. It is draconian. It is Communistic. It is tantamount to a Third Reich law that the Gestapo would embrace with open arms. It is an assault on every persons freedom of choice. It is also a glimpse into the new world order that your politicians are trying to push us into. Trust me, if you think this is bad, wait until it gets established.

Fortunately I doubt it will but the fight is not over until the fat lady sings.

Time to say enough is enough and remove these entities from power before they bring destruction to this world on a scale never witnessed before.

Should this be made into American Law, let us warn out leaders in other countries that it will not be tolerated elsewhere.

GO TO – Wikipedia joins blackout protest at US anti-piracy moves

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