Greek Tragedy Or Game Plan?

So the Greek Tragedy PM Georges Papanadreou shocks the G20 by offering his people a “Referendum” on whether to accept the latest IMF bailout loan. Yeah Right!

Even many switched on people have been caught with this latest ploy. Have you?

I am disappointed to see how many websites have fallen for this clever move but not this one. As usual I will give you food for thought by giving you a peek behind the propaganda and spin as we go Psychic Hacking behind the security walls of the G20s as they draw up their “War Plans”.

Last time I mentioned that in time for the 11th of the 11th of 2011 that I will give you a little insight into the Private Blog which is very much different than the public one. No name calling by slagging Politicians down or diatribes. There is no time for that because it is about waking people up to reality instead of walking the illusion.

Today I will conduct a little experiment by showing you how easy it is to be controlled by the MS Media which in turn is controlled by the PTB. When you learn to question and read behind the lines you are halfway to beating the new system which the Politicians call the NWO aka New World Order, the exact subject we will go deep into in a special open PB which will be printed here free in the Public Domain.

I have two reasons. Firstly to try and trigger an enlightenment switch deep in the Psyche and secondly because I feel like upsetting the PTB and their spineless lackeys who are now selling out the people in plain sight. If that does not worry you the I am afraid I cannot recommend anywhere or anyone to go to for help. My only suggestion is that you not only “Read” the following but “Think” about what you are “Reading”.

There is a huge difference between reading like a robot and reading as an intelligent human being.

Having said that. I know many usually sharp people who were taken in at first with the latest EU mafia chess move about Greece having a referendum. Until that is, they became deeply suspicious when past knowledge is combined to do a little “Parallel Thinking”.

There Will Be No Greek Referendum. Savvy?

First I must doff my hat to my adversaries in the EU and IMF et al for planning such a clever move.

It is not necessary to like your enemy but it is necessary to respect them no matter what. Never underestimate them because the “Art of war” is a very complicated affair with much smoke and many mirrors set to confuse. A very advanced game of chess if you like.

I will prove that I am right about this before I even start with a simple Prediction.

This so called shock announcement by the Greek PM which the MS Media reports as having rocked the latest G20 meeting and stunned the EU and other leaders. Video footage attempting to show this anguish on the faces of Frances Sarkozy and Germanys Merkel was to me a master class in “Bad Acting”. We saw Barry Soetoro alias Barrack Obama striding up and dvwn like the long legged Mack daddy he truly is.

What the hell has Europe got to do with him? What is he doing prancing around like a rock star while his own country is in the grip of an “Occupy Wall Street” protest which has spread faster than cancer to over 2,300 cities and towns across America with no signs of abating.

In Oakland the police are proving what outsiders have been warning America about for years. That the land of the Free is in fact heading towards a fascist state. The impostor President with no birth certificate has given himself and his Admin power never seen before in the history of all world dictators put together. As we have seen lately, he has been using them. He can have any American citizen who opposes the government or himself assassinated without trial or question. He is literally above the law. But that is not it.

Demonstrations are growing because hardship is growing as the greed of the central bankers begin to remove money from the system as part of the bigger agenda hidden from the public. There are now over 15% of Americans depending on “Food Stamps” and 45% living below the poverty line. I think it used to be 13% before the US Government got infiltrated.

Yes folks this is America we are talking about. Who would think only a few years ago that this was the richest most powerful country on the face of the Earth?

Now it is bankrupt in all but name. Both financially and morally, yet the US Admin are still invading sovereign countries while the whore of Babylon H. Clinton is jetting around the world stirring up more trouble in Pakistan and Syria. The US is now sending drones in to other North African countries now that Libya is done.

The mad dog state of Isra-Hell is pumping up the rhetoric for an attack on Iran yet again and is supported by the usual war monger culprits like the unelected leader of the UK Davy Cameroon, Sarkozy and Merkel et al.

Are you getting it yet?

The mist of war is the financial meltdown distraction for a real devastating one.

In the open PB to be posted in time for the 11 11 11 will explain more. Meanwhile let us cover the facts.

All the EU leaders dress in the uniform of the Bilderberg Group. The dark Blue Suit. It is similar to Gestapo attire minus the shiny silver buttons which will be added later when they have every one over a barrel if they are allowed to get away with what they are getting away with now.

Brand this onto your brain.

Nobody and I mean nobody can by a leader of a European Country unless they are approved and invited to join the Bilderberg Group… Fact!

The must be fanatical supporters of the EU, otherwise they have no chance.

We have witnessed this with the UK PM who claims he is anti EU yet has recently denied the UK public a referendum. Anti Europe? Yeah sure!

He dare not let the Brits decide for the same reason the Greeks will not be able to decide and that is a resounding “No” vote.

Look what the Euro has done to Greece, Italy, Portugal, Ireland et al and the guacamole has not even hit the fan yet. That my friends is a pleasure we have yet to savour.

ESM – The European Stability Mechanism

I will wager that not many people have heard of the ESM because the EU cabal try to avoid its meaning while sneaking this devastating treaty through behind the backs and without the permission of the EU Zone public.

I will explain in detail next time and if anyone is still naive enough to deny that it is the introduction to the new world order I pity what is coming to them and their families. Ignorance has a price.

The Greek PM nor the Greeks cannot decide whether to leave the EU because there is no clause to do so.

It is like a Mafia Mob, street gang or cult. Once you are in there is no way out.

So when you heard the big talk coming from little Sarkozy giving an ultimatum to the Greeks as if he is Emperor Napoleon, you know for sure that the wee French dwarf is full of bullshit. Furthermore if he is not aware of this gem of info then he is simply not fit to rule. Even on build shoes.

As more than one commentator has said; “You can check out of the EU but you cannot leave”. It is that simple. you are a member for life. Try to leave and they will chase you to the ends of the earth for their money back plus interest. Refuse and they will bankrupt that country ten times over just for starters and make sure no other member country trades with it in any shame or form.

However forget that for now.

Come ye none believers. You have heard and seen the threatening ultimatum with your own eyes and ears.

After all it has headline all over the world.

“Pay up or get out”.

The translation is a simple one. Greece “Must” accept the IMFs next bailout like or not.

In the real world it is called “Extortion”! It is also a shot across the bows of every other struggling country in the EU zone just in case they are thinking of jumping the sinking ship.

The crash of the Euro is not new to many of you here because I have been Predicting it for a few years now.

Having said that I did get it backwards so far by saying that the US Dollar would fold first and the Euro would be a temporary caretaker currency for a while until a new “World Currency” is put in place. But there is still time yet because the PTB aka Powers That Be are constantly moving the goal posts in contrast to the unstable mood of the people.

Please re-check the Predictions. I warned of riots across Europe etc did I not? Now they are happening and there is more to come. The point of denial has passed so it is illogical to keep denying Predictions that have not yet manifested into reality.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Simple as simple is!

Even the Vatican is pushing for a “One World Currency”. I will explain whys next time in the the next PB which appear here in the free open blog as mentioned before 11 11 20111 date. The truth of what is planned and what is to come will shock you right down to your cotton socks. Trust me.

Do you know what the real tragedy is here?

The entities in suits who have infiltrated Western Governments and are who are causing all the hardship are playing a game of bluff which the majority of self deniers are sadly falling for.

To them I say this. Boy oh boy oh boy. You have no idea just how bad things are going to get. If you think times are bad now you are sadly mistaken. This is a picnic in comparison compared to what lies around the corner and I will not have to wait very long to be proved right this time around.

That is the truth and reality of how close the European superstate of the NWO agenda is. In fact it is breathing down our necks now.

My conscience is clear. I have said what I can see. My warning can be heeded or discarded. Only the individual can decide On that.

If still in doubt I suggest you do not miss the next PB which will be posted here for free. That is how serious I am about showing you what nightmare is about happen if nothing is done.

Meanwhile do not hold your breath for a Greek referendum. It is not allowed. It is merely a clever ploy and the Greek PM has no say against his masters no matter how much he appears to be in charge or how brave he is by standing up to the EU Bullies.

What A farce…


On The Wind – Levi

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