The Great Global Warming Hoax

Have you noticed how the mainstream media have graduated from the term global warming to climate change over the past year? Of course a warming of our atmosphere would produce a change in our climate by varying degrees, whereas a so called man made global warming would be slow and unable to produce such a rapid climate change and devastating effects that we are now starting to witness.

Scientific predictions of this nature gave us 2050 A.D. but even that date has now been brought forward to 2040 by the so called experts in a weak attempt to save face. But the truth is that our intensifying freak weather on a global scale has left the governments scientists in a state of confused flux. The kind of intense freak weather we are are now experiencing is not supposed to happen for many years to come. Also they have no explanation for increasing volcanic activity around the world so the facts are ignored because they can not link global warming to the cause of earthquakes or the increasing volcanic activity beneath our oceans and seas on climate change. But trust me, they will come up with something outlandish because the earthquakes will not be ignored as they intensify as you will see in the run up to 2012.

Global Hypocrites

I will let you into a little secret. My earthquake predictions are based on the shifting of the magnetic poles and not the manmade fear propaganda and guilt tripping the politicians and self proclaimed experts are spreading about global warming. Neither are they based on climate change of any kind because they are the result not the cause.

True, global warming is very real but it is not the prime cause of our changing climates. While blaming you and I for polluting the planet, those same hypocrites then jump into fuel guzzling cars to whisk them off to the airport to have talks in some country or another. They are the biggest polluters of the planet.

Why do Conda Lizard Rice or Tony B. Liar and other junket politicians insist on this kind of shuttle diplomacy? Have they never heard of telephones or secure video conferencing? It is a case of arrogant career politicians who have embedded themselves into positions of power by stealth. ‘Do as I say, not as I do’. Ironically the need to have so called talks arise from the problems they themselves created. I do not mean to get political but make you aware that they are failing you now and will fail you further.

It gets worse. Now the are holding conferences about climate change and global warming has become a hot issue as an excuse for another publicity junket. It is also used in the mainstream media to cover up bad news.

They can blame freak weather on you all they want. In fact every man and his dog are suddenly jumping on the global warming climate change bandwagon as holier than thou saviours of the world but words will not stop this ancient natural cycle.

Mother Nature is a force that has been around for millions of years before we inhabited this planet and the time is drawing close when the people will say…wait a minute, how does Climate Change cause all the earthquakes of increasing magnitude? We have been browbeaten into paying more green tax, we recycle, we are doing our bit for the planet but the situation will get worse.

Watch the mighty saviours and their scientists squirm as they grasp for explanations instead of the truth. Watch the self proclaimed experts drop from public scrutiny and slither back under the rock they came from while many of us will still be here reminding you who they are.

There is nothing new about global warming or climate change in planet Earth’s history. Even the UK had a tropical climate once. It is an ancient cycle that happens every few of thousand years and we just happen to be born into this moment in time to experience this spectacle.

I have been asking you to watch Japan and Indonesia this year because these locations are a precursor of what is to come. Unfortunately I have been correct with these locations a few times already this year and there is much more devastation to come in many parts of the world. Violent ocean quakes will rock countries and will only increase in magnitude as we approach 2012. I am talking quakes that will shoot off the Richter Scale. You will see headlines like Super Quake hits….!

I am not trying to prove Psychic Ability or the power of an ancient computer known as the Tarot but I will give you a crashcourse in ancient mysteries and clues left for us so we can make up our own minds and draw our own conclusions.

I am only passing a message on to you from the distant past to the not to distant future. Those of you with wisdom will take heed then take action when the time comes.

Think about why the global warming and climate change experts are not addressing the issue of growing tectonic activity happening in the Earth’s crust. They can not blame us for making a dormant volcano eruption because volcanic activity has been around since the dawn of time when terms like climate change or global warming did not even exist because we were not here.

Ancient Knowledge v Modern Science

End Times

Did the Maya hold the key to global warming and rapid climate change?

If you are not familiar with the ancient Maya, they were an advanced race of people who appeared out of nowhere in parts of South America. Research shows that they were at their peak around 250 AD to around 900 AD. Think of the Aztec but do not be mislead or confused.

Many people think the Spanish Conquistadors wiped out the Mayan race in the sixteenth century but this is not quite the truth. The Spanish tried to wipe out all evidence of their existence on the order of one Bishop Diego de Landa in 1562 and destroyed much of their art and manuscripts. The fact is that the Maya had already mysteriously disappeared before this act of mass vandalism by at least 400 years. So what was the threat? What was the church so afraid of that they thought it necessary to wipeout all trace of a civilization of a race that no longer existed?

The Mayan Calendars

The answer is knowledge. The Maya were not a warlike race but observers, they measured time instead. They were ancient astronomers who possessed much knowledge about the Sun, Moon and Venus when we still believed the Earth was flat.

The evidence is still with us today in the form of picture books scientifically known as Codices. For your reference they are named after the cities in which they reside. The Dresden Codex and Madrid Codex both deal with astronomy and the Paris Codex deals with more arcane knowledge like rituals and astrology. There is to much to mention about the Maya so you can do more research later with the link at the end of this article while I give you a condensed version.

The key to our immediate future lies in the Mayan accuracy. Before telescopes were invented they could measure the distance of the Moon to within an inch. They knew more about the cycles of Venus than we do and the most amazing fact is that they knewit took 365.2420 for the Earth to travel around the Sun making one solar year. Modern science has given us it’s version of the same cycle of 365.2422. That is only a difference of two decimal points but believe it or not the Mayan calendar is more accurate than our invented Gregorian Calendar.

Here we have an ancient race not only using decimals but understood the Earth revolved around the Sun which was blasphemyeven centuries later. Again, it is further proof that the powers that be have been dumbing down civilizations for centuries.

The Mayan Calendars have predicted all our eclipses with great accuracy but then something strange happens. They stop deadin the year 2012. They end just like that, on December 22nd 2012 at the winter solstice. This is what their prophesies call End Times when the world will turn upside down. In other words a reversal of the Earth’s Magnetic Poles or a magnetic flip.

I am using the Maya as an example because of their proven accuracy but other ancient races have left clues about this event and that Earth has been through this cycle many times in her history. In fact this is a good contender for the extinction of the dinosaurs and would solve the riddle of the Siberian frozen Mammoth found still standing with fresh vegetation in it’s mouth and stomach. Imagine a climate change so fast that you are frozen stiff before you can fall down. Does that sound like global warming to you?

Ancient manuscripts and biblical tales tell us of times when the Earth and stars stood still and biblical floods of epic proportions. Legends tell us of great lands disappearing into the sea from many languages and races. Can global warming or climate change do all this?

Now allow me to throw in an unsettling scientific fact into this ancient arcane equation.

We know the Sun’s solar flares can knock out our communication satellites during a solar storm.

The Sun’s cycle is an eleven year one.The next cycle is going to be 50% stronger.The next cycle happens in 2012.

Coincidence? Did you also know that the Magnetic North Pole is no longer in Canada? In fact it is heading towards Siberia in a zigzag fashion while Siberia itself is thawing rapidly. So any climate change at this speed is a little hard to swallow when blamed on global warming.

As this shift grows stronger you will see many earthquake predictions from me become reality. They will become more devastating as 2012 grows closer. The magnetic shift will cause great strains on the Earth’s crust but mainly on the Tectonic Plates beneath the sea.

In the Bible it states there will be earthquakes in divers places (Not diverse places) meaning the ocean floor.

Meanwhile watch the climate change bandwagon grow as fakes and value destroyers carve themselves a nice little niche for themselves, that is until the inevitable happens and they will have to answer. Meanwhile, let them paint themselves into a corner while we seek the truth because very soon mother nature will expose the great global warming hoax herself.

Until then we will sit and wait and watch feeling helpless as some of the Indonesian Islands are swallowed by the sea. Will the governments still cry climate change then or begin evacuating the doomed souls from the danger zones of the world? Will they say global warming is to blame? Or will they start scientific research into these areas now even to give us the benefit of the doubt? Of course not, they will be to busy taxing and laying the blame on you whilst they thrive with blood on their hands. But – What Goes Around, Comes Around And They Shall Reap What They Sow.

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