Freeman Movement – Common Law PT3

I Hope many of you are beginning to see who has the real power on this Earth instead of the illusion which has been perpetrated against sovereign citizens that people need the creatures called Politicians to run their lives for them. Do I practice what I preach? If you are a longliner of this blog you know I do.

Do I pay taxes? Yes I always pay Taxis and usually tip the driver too.

I have said it many times here in the public domain so the government have proof. No I do not pay taxes to the thieves in power. I am not part of their shambolic system of waste and oppression. It is my sovereign right to refuse to be ruled or dictated too by a bunch of self serving hypocritical sociopaths who not only thieve from the public, but lead them into costly wars that end up in financial tears for the down trodden public.

In fact I call the tax man twice a year to ask for all the taxes I have paid in the past before I got wise. They ignore me. It is ok though because I am adding interest.

If you are still unsure about summoning the courage to stick fingers up at the system and the criminal liars who run it then you should wake up and look around you.

When eyes are wide open you will see how the entities in suits are dismantling everything in society that you are accustomed to. This is no conspiracy. It is very real and it is happening now to every man, woman and child.

Question: The financial mess the world now finds itself and the inevitable hardship which it breeds is the fault of who? If your answer is the Bankers and Politicians you win a coconut.

So riddle me this. Why are you obeying them? Why are you letting them destroy health wealth and well being? You can moan, complain and blog until your heart bleeds if you like but it will not change the direction of the path you are being led down by the corporate puppets who have infiltrated your governments collectively known as scum.

You have seen them attend half a dozen lavish banquets in the past few weeks while telling you to tighten your belt. They blame the last criminals for spending/wasting or stealing all the money so why are they not in jail? Then again they can find enough money to drop bombs on Libya at £800,000 a pop.

The bill is now reaching £400 Million so why isnt the nation up in arms? They are asset stripping the UK under the very noses of the public. £900 millions worth of NHS services has just been flogged off to private companies and only a few seem concerned. The traditional Circus is about to be banned, next will be the fairgrounds under the Health and Safety Act. They are still trying to ban Xmas by making sure you cannot afford it. It get worse in America where you are asked not to say Xmas Tree because it offends Muslims. You must call it a Holiday Tree instead. Its a bloody Xmas Tree in my books and it always will be. Besides, I have yet to meet a Muslim who is offended by the term Xmas Tree.

This is the society you are living in now and it is getting worse. The rich continue to get richer while the poor get poorer and increase in numbers.

Do you know why things are getting worse?

It is because the PTB are making it that way on purpose. You see my friends, a new world order is being brought into effect in plain sight by stealth so the old way of doing things must be destroyed. It would be welcome if a new system was beneficial to the people but it is not. In fact it is so oppressive that those who are implementing it dare not tell you the truth until it is too late to do anything about it. That is why it must be done with stealth.

Here is my take on things.

If you want to stay under the yoke of Bankers and Corporations and live in a society they have created for you then that is your choice. If you want to take orders from overfed puppet politicians who tell you to do one thing while they do another, then that is your free will to exercise. That being the case, then those who decide to let these entities in suits be master of their lives have no right on Earth to complain so they may as well shut up and suck it down like a nice little gutless sheep person.

Besides, I do not know why they are moaning now. Wait until they see what else their masters have in store for them. If they think times are tough now, boy oh boy. Are they in for one hell of a shock.

It matters not whether you believe in the new world order as a conspiracy theory or fact. All that anyone has to do is look around them or see how their life is being affected by these changes. Look at the unrest in Greece etc. Those scenes will spread throughout Europe this Summer as I have Predicted. It is simple. When people protest it means they are not happy about something. A good government would simply try to find a compromise but not the new governments. They are arrogant and carry on with their agendas regardless of the consequences for the people who they are supposed to represent.

The Freeman movement is not a clever way to get away with things. It is a serious and legitimate way to break free from the crumbling old society order and stop you getting railroaded into a more oppressive one by stealth.

To be a Freeman of the Land is your sovereign right by birth but over the last hundred years the PTB through their puppet politicians have slowly robbed people of their freedom and rights by stealth. The time has come to claim back those sovereign rights and enforce the Law of the Land.

Those who wish to be nannied by a sect of sociopaths who are leading them into hell on Earth, good luck. You will need it.

I ask again. If you have a bill in one hand and your starving child in the other, which do you feed first?

Do you let a piece of printed paper scare you to the point where your child will go hungry or do you do what Levi does and tell them to stick their bluff where the sun does not shine?

Today your tutor to freedom is the formidable Rob of the Menard Family. He is at the top of his game and talks in a no nonsense style. He is great at taking complicated information and putting it into Layman Terms so anyone can understand it.

Prepare for more empowerment. Listen carefully as Rob explains the hidden knowledge of PTB. As he says. If this is not for you simply go back to sleep.

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