Freeman Of The Land – The Takedown


Q: How can you escape oppressive Government Laws and their increasing Dictatorial Power?

A: Become a Freeman/Woman!

You do not have to a NWO (New World Order) Conspiracy believer to realize that your freedom has been ebbing away each passing year or your political leaders are becoming more detached from the public they are supposed to represent. Nor is it hard to be consciously aware that they are doing so with much arrogance. Corruption in Governments is rife around the world because the Governments themselves have become corrupted. They have been infested by lackeys of the Elite Banksters et al who are trying to bring about a Totalitarian world society in which they rule supreme without question and you will nothing but a number who’s life will only exist while you are of use to them.

First you must understand and come to realize that things are not what they appear to be. Everything you know about society is an illusion. Government, Religion, National Health, Inland Revenue Tax, Law Courts and so on and so forth are nothing else except Corporations. They are businesses who make profit out you throughout your life. You are a commodity of a Corporation from the day you are born. In fact you are already a ‘Number’. Your ‘National Insurance Number’ keeps tabs on your worth to the Corporation you call a Government. All these Corporations are owned by the Elite and run by their hireling sycophants. They include Politicians, Judges, Tax Collectors and the like. They are mere Employees of the Corporation.

So you see my friends. A ‘World Order’ is not a Conspiracy at all. There has always been one. You and your ancestors have been part of it for longer than you would care to imagine. This ‘World Order’ now enters it’s final phase of complete domination of the human race. That is why it seems like your Politicians and Leaders are making life harder, destroying your wealth and standard living. In fact, doing exactly the opposite of what you think they are supposed to do or exactly the opposite of what they promised to do when you voted them into power. So when you or I vent anger towards them and call them incompetent fools. It is us who are the real fools because they know exactly what they are doing. They are Employees of the Corporation who are paid well to carry out orders against our interests and subjugate us into the New World Order. There has to be a ‘New’ one because we are becoming to many to control and that scares them.

Almost every oppressive law you obey is illegal. They are ‘Laws of the Sea’ or ‘Admiralty Laws’ not Laws Of The Land’. Furthermore your ‘Birthright as a Human Being’ entitles you by the ‘Law Of The Land’ to reject the Illegal laws of Admiralty Law or Law Of The Sea. Yes my friends. Even the Tax you pay is illegal but you pay it voluntary without question.

Time to educate yourself. Because if we ‘ALL’ became ‘FREEMEN/WOMEN’ tomorrow.

The Elite and their fake Government run systems would simply crumble overnight….

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