Freeman Movement – Common Law Final Part

This is the final part of the Freeman movement for now. To some it will seem like powerful magic. To others it will be totally useless.

I have met people in the past who have been blown away by what is possible if you have the knowledge. Unfortunately they either do nothing with it or cannot be bothered to do a little study or research because it drags them away from their routined or habitual life like watching TV. They do not know what they missing.

Not knowing something is one thing. Not knowing you do not know something is worse. It leads to a blinkered life where you think you know everything but in reality you know nothing because you do not know that you do not know everything.

It seems that a large section of people are either apathetic, disinterested or quite happy living with worsening hardship, debt, stress and living under a regime that is about to screw them to the floor although its unnecessary.

At the end of the day it is up to the individual. A choice given by a free society but not exercised by governments.

A society governed by by statute law does not offer choice. It says you “Will” do this or you “Have” to do that”. You will do as I say and not as do and like it. If you do not like it then you will have to get used to it. If you cannot get used to it then tough luck. Go against it and you could be in trouble because the PTB have created a society that is actually a prison without bars. They have created laws or Statutes to ensure you are ring fenced in. Break one and you will be punished.

These days fair justice is a thing of the past. Apart from serious crime, the legal system would much rather fine you than jail you. Fining makes them profit by stealing money of you. Jailing you costs them money.

The court system is more of an administration. Furthermore there is no magistrate who has the power to pass sentence. But if you do not know the process then you will have to pay the fine or go to jail because you are unwittingly making “Joinder” with the system so it then becomes legal and their power becomes real. Yes my friends, you are actually volunteering to pay that fine or offering to do jail time for your Strawman. Game over!

The Freeman Movement has made great leaps and bounds over the past few years. It has gone way beyond the freedom charter of the Magna Carta where it all started. Researchers have uncovered some powerful information as they dug deeper. Information which plays the same game from the same law reference books used by the system itself.

As one of the commentators explained.

A lawyer does not work for you. He or she works for the system no matter how buddy buddy they might be.

They are “Licensed” to “Practice” Law. If you have been paying attention you will know that a license is making joinder with the system and therefore agreeing with and accepting its version of the Law. It is the Law of the Sea and because you do not understand the language called “Legalese”.

Legalese – The formal and technical language of legal documents that is often hard to understand.

Think of the small print gobbledegook on a contract. That is legalese and you cannot understand it because you are not meant to. It is the same with a court. You are scared and do not understand the system nor its language so you pay for someone who does like a lawyer. A lawyer who is loyal to the system so your case is settled before you set foot in a court.

I am posting a video as proof.

The Court system is an illusion. It scares people because it can take away your liberty and ruin your life by incarcerating you with a jail sentence.

To a Freeman a court is a place to play a game. It is an administration building which is tasked with squeezing money out of you because you have broken or are not complying with their illegal Admiralty Law.

Council Tax for instance is illegal but you can still be fined for not paying it if you comply. In other words the PTB have created unfair laws or statutes which make them money and more money if you disobey them. Therefore its a catch 22 situation. You have no choice unless you have knowledge about the system which is indeed flawed just like its architects and enforcers.

I on the other hand have never paid a Poll Tax nor a council tax as it is called these days and never will because it is illegal to pay it. In fact it could be considered an act of treachery under common law.

Why have I never been fined or jailed? Because I know what to say, what to quote and I never ever make “Joinder” with any agent or representative of your system. Although I will add that I have had my share of being on the wrong side of Admiralty Law in the past before I got wise and started fighting back. I know enough today to enable me to live an almost stress free life with no fear of the statute laws of the system.

Trust me this information works and I am going to show it working in real time. The Freeman Movement is not a protest group. It is a Free Society and perfectly legal. In fact it is more legal than the laws you unwittingly obey every day.

Sea Law, Admiralty Law or Law of the Banks. Call it what you will none of it is a match for the Law of the Land or Common Law. The ball is now in your court. No pun intended.

Magna Carta Man

In true British politeness we have dealt mainly with Canada because they are way ahead of the game. They got up and did something instead of just finding the Freeman Movement interesting or fascinating enough to debate.

Talk is cheap and Action speaks louder than words. Savvy?

You really have to put this info into use. That is what it is for. The system is conning and screwing you. It piles stress upon you and can damage relationships, families and your physical or mental health if you let it.

Here are people who have tested the system by taking it on and questioning it. The system has not won one case so far.

We will finish for now, with some British videos and a link for the Aussies. It is about setting up an Australian Common Law Party. Get behind it folks. It is the only legal and moral way to beat the PTB, their manical new world order and their puppet politics who are trying to take us into it by stealth and trickery by any other name.

Civil Disobedience is the way. Peaceful none Compliance. Violent uprising is not needed at this point and should be kept as a last resort unless the authorities themselves get violent with batons and tear gas.

That being the case, then the masses should oblige by returning the compliment and from that day on “Anything Goes”. If they draw first blood it will be the beginning of the end for the regimes which have enslaved us for so long.

Forget your ego tripping X Factor wannabes and repetitive soaps for a few days and educate yourself. Arm yourself with knowledge and you will win every time if you stick with the rules of common law. It is up to the individual. They can bury their heads in the TV or drink in an attempt to ignore the threats of debts until they come and take their houses etc. or protect against such things by arming oneself with Freeman knowledge.

Now John Harris alias the Magna Carta Man based in the UK will further educate you. There are five videos in all. If you wish to see them all just click the Youtube logo to go to website.

John Harris – It’s an illusion Part 1/5

Arrested Judge… Lawful Rebellion – Roger Haye

Some Freeman info:

Hi Folks,

We have been reliably informed from our insidersources at a Bank, that one specific branch aregetting up to 35 letters a day from the peopleasking them to “Document and Verify the Obligation”.

In other words the people are NOT PAYING any more!Alongside the fact, that the People are returning allof the Banks Sewage i.e. Paperwork, as “Return to Sender”.

The Banks simply do not and cannot cope with this, theydo not have the internal resources to take on the mightof the People of this Sovereign land.

They need to leave NOW!

We are Peacefully holding the door open for them.This summer we will educate ALL THE PEOPLE of thisland, how to NOT PAY in a “Legal, Lawful and Nonviolent way”.

You DO NOT HAVE TO PAY any of the following:-Mortgages, Loans, Credit cards, Rates, Corporate Finance,Fines, Fees, Charges, Tolls, Income TAX, and much more.

As we say …”Don’t Play, Don’t Pay, Just Walk Away!”.

We look forward to meeting, greeting & educating EVERYONE!See you all this summer, from the FREEDOM BUS crew …….

Stay well,Des of the family Cartydescarty(at)myself(dot)com

This message was sent to from:The Common Law Society | The Lane | Dublin, Dublin 0000, Ireland

Hi guys,

This from Down Under, with this man John Wilson from



Pushing for a new Australian Common Law Party.

Attached are documents for application for party membership and their own written constitution, set for 4th July 2011.

The man involved has been in and out of court and jail and his website includes his experiences he has had fighting for his and other peoples freedom.

Hope its all ridgy didge.


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