False Prophets

Beware Of False Prophets PT1

Although there is still time for the doom mongers Prediction of Comet Elenin to destroy us, my counter Prediction that it will not is getting better and better everyday.

We have survived the ninth of September already and have now passed the next danger date of the 26th which will extend into late october when we pass through its debris ridden tail and get bombarded with hundreds of thousands of meteorites which will allegedly alter the face of the Earth.

Today the ninth is the beginning of that danger period so I say again, do not worry yourself by listening to those who crave sensationalism. They know nothing trust me.

They do not even know that they are losing their sanity.

There are three trains of thought about the Earth Changes to come.

Those who shrug in defiance and say bring it on with a grin and a hint of sarcasm. I cannot say whether this attitude is false bravado out of ignorant bliss and deep seated fear because they simply do not want to hear anything which upsets their cocooned world and I doubt they can either. It is a dangerous attitude to take in any situation. The same denial of the 30’s when the “Great Depression” caught people off guard and led to millions dying of starvation because they said “It could not happen” and therefore did not prepare.

It is a few years ago now in the good times since I warned that a Great Depression was looming on the horizon. At the moment we are only in a Depression, a term which your great leaders dare not utter so they substitute with terms like “Recession” or “Double Dip Recession” instead of “Great Depression” because they regard the public so stupid that they will fail to grasp the true situation which reflects just who the stupid ones really are and how out of touch with the people they are betraying and reality itself.

A tactic which will reap great bad Karma upon them all when this phase of evolution is over. Amen to that!

Fast forward to today and the Bank of England are hinting about those dark days of the 30’s by comparing what is going now with the Euro and the US Dollar. Are you getting the drift yet?

Get your money and physically hold it while you can because another mass public theft is on the way. Leave only enough to pay your direct debits etc. This would deliver a great blow to the banks who are planning to fleece you… AGAIN! You have been warned.

This same “In Denial” group mentioned earlier is split within itself because that is how hypocritical or confused they are.

They are also the doom mongers who claim the end of the world is nigh literally and with it the end of mankind. In short they are Predicting your death as well as their own, although they have never made a metaphysical Prediction in their miserable attention seeking lives. I defy them to show me where in cyber space their psychic websites are so we can check their track record and credentials because I for one cannot find them.

I remind them of my simple wisdom and common sense.

There is no harm in listening and taking something on board even if you do not believe or agree with it at the time, just in case your assumption or judgement is wrong and it actually does happen. At least it lessens the shock and you are semi prepared.

The second category are those innocents who do not know what to think because all this stuff about comets, ancient writings about rogue Planets, mass solar ejections, magnetic pole shifts, violent Earth changes and Mayan Predictions about End Times is beyond their normal way of life.

They are pulled in two different directions. Unfortunately the greatest pull like any mass is towards the greater mass. In this case that of the opinion of blinkered sheep people. Safety in numbers attitude.

A long held fallacy and folly of mankind.

Unlike the former, they at least take it all on board because of one glaringly obvious thing. They have the common sense to realize that because all these things are running in the same direction and are to due clash at more or less the same date of December 2012, it is beyond mere coincidence.

It is just that it is very hard to swallow because of the unreal reality of it all.

We rarely realize that we live on piece of rock floating around in space in a very precarious position to a giant star which could burn us to a cinder at anytime. Yet that great destroyer we call the Sun also gives us life and we cannot survive without it nor can any other living thing. It is a good thing that we are able to block out such thoughts, otherwise we would struggle living day to day through worry and stress. But the truth is that it “Is” the truth. We live in a delicate situation which could end in heart beat and there is nothing we can do about it except kiss our asses goodbye.

The third train of thought are those of us who are awake and have no intention of going to sleep or being caught short and keeping an open mind. Those who can see the many signs around us with our own eyes both natural like increasing quakes, freak weather but also man made events like the crashing world currencies, protests, riots and increasing global instability that only a fool unto themselves would ignore.

So my friends it is up to us to perform our duty and sort the wheat from the chaff.

The first category of people are of no concern to us. Their time has been and gone. They are set in their ways. They pretend to know it all and blinker themselves from the reality and real time events around them although they see and read about them in the MS Media. Their attitude speaks for itself. We are idiots and they are not.

It is the middle group who we must throw a lifeline to. It is up to them whether they chose to grab it, remain neutral or side with the ignorant. I think we dare use the words “Fate and Destiny” here because it is not only the elite globalist who advocate a mass culling of the world population to save Earth resources, Mother Nature will do her share also because many who ignore her warnings now will suffer the consequences later.

I think we dare use the words “Karma and Common Sense” also.

Meanwhile those lost souls trapped in the middle do not have much time left whether to decide to use the common sense they were born with nor listen to their inner instincts.

We have to spare a thought for them because they have a great battle to fight in making up their minds which side to fall on. To us it is obvious.

Assume the worst just in case.

If nothing happens, great. At least we hedged our bets.

If something does happen, at least we are prepared both mentally and physically.

After all it is not rocket science but plain simple common sense.

Unfortunately the MMB or Mass Mental Breakdown phenomena which I warned about is now a very real thing. It is something you can witness yourself by taking a look at the strange or eccentric behaviour around you. Maybe within your own family or social circle and indeed the strange and nonsensical actions and non logic of politicians. et al.

There is very strong chance that those stuck in the middle will gravitate into the MMB vortex if they fail to start using the brain that nature gave them and start using the simple process of thinking for themselves and concluding the outcome.

There are two sides to everything in life and nature so decisions are not as complicated as many think. There are three if you count the middle but that is neutrality and is of no use. You either do something or dont. Period.

Like Night and Day, Dark and Light, Hot and Cold, Good and Bad. You get the message. Same as nature produced two physical sexes.

Yin and Yang. Polar opposites. Unfortunately both pull in different directions so decisions have to made based on knowledge and common sense which leads to sound thinking and is usually produces the right outcome.

Those stuck in the middle have the first group of “I know it all” to contend with who have convinced themselves that all is well and nothing out of the ordinary will happen in the very near future even though it is happening around them now so this blog is dedicated to helping those stuck in the limbo of the middle.

It matters not if they listen to you or not. You have done your bit and your conscience is clear. Let those who laugh, laugh. Let those who scoff, scoff. Leave them to their fates because they have chosen and are no longer our responsibility.

They know everything but know nothing. Que Sera Sera!

Tomorrow – False Prophets PT2

On The Wind – Levi

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