Egyptian Distraction PT1

I will wager they are loving the events unfolding in Egypt. In fact I’ll bet they are wringing their clammy little palms amongst furtive grins like all sneaks do when they get their way.

Who? All the gilt edged traitors at the top. Obama, Cameroon and the rest of them because this is the time to bury bad news. Do not be fooled. Do not get swayed. Stay alert.

So I would like to upset the apple cart and remind you what they get up to behind your back while you are looking the other way and preoccupied by their propaganda MS Media tool to make you see one side of the story and not the covert two faced practices they are now indulged in.

I agree with Henry Makow’s suspicions that the black hand of the NWO architects is at work here. In fact every time you hear “Colour Revolution” you should automatically become suspicious.

Breathe through your nose. Can you smell it? Sniff again deeply. That is the stench of the Khazari Jew. You can follow the scent all the way back to Isra-Hell and across the Atlantic to Israeli controlled America. And when the war criminal Tony B.Liar’s smug grin turns up on national TV offering his bullshit you can guarantee his Khazari Jew dog handlers are skulking in the shadows because he’s on their payroll as warmonger in chief for the Middle East. A scum dog who should have been jailed then executed for crimes against humanity years ago.

Your suspicions should have kicked in with other events too.

In the first days of unrest in Egypt, the shitty little state of Isra-Hell were once again stirring up tension by calling for the Egyptian Government to quash the protests and demonstrators with “Force”. Big talk as always. First diplomats to abandon their Embassy and scurry back to the safety of their rat holes in Isra-Hell too as People Power began to take grip.

In Egypt we see the same old hallmarks as the attempted uprising in Iran last year. We saw it in Bosnia and Serbia. We saw it in Georgia, Indonesia and a myriad of other hot spots around the world. Order Out Of Chaos.

Or do we use the coincidence excuse again so we can turn a blind eye?

Tunisia, Algeria, Yemen, Jordan blah blah blah. There is much more than going on behind the scenes than the PTB would like you to know. Unfortunately the “Order Out Of Chaos” theory seems to be going wrong. Luckily for the unsuspecting people in the world who have had the wool pulled over their eyes, there are other unseen forces at work making sure that anything which can wrong for the architects of the NWO (New World Order) will indeed go wrong.

Before I continue I will remind the anti semite brigade to stick their heads where the Sun dont shine.

Those two faced organizations are not bona fide Jews. They are Khazari Jews. Take a look at Obama’s dog handlers if you wish to be able to tell the difference.

For instance. Only a few days ago the MS Media was promoting an entity as the new saviour of Egypt called Suleiman. Isnt that a Khazari Jew name? Doesnt really matter because the canny Egyptians were not having any of it. But watch this entity anyways because he is an Israeli plant.

The same happened when a local Iman was replaced by a government one. The worshippers kicked off against the plant and was driven from the Mosque and was replaced by their own Iman.

It seems this particular NWO attempt to replace the old traitor with a new one is going terribly wrong.

After thirty years of the same rule, the Egyptians are not going to to jump out of the frying pan into the fire as was intended and the NWO entities are not happy bunnies.

Good things are happening here though if you open your eyes and ears then engage your brain matter.

What more proof does anyone need to see the BBC for what it really is?

BBC And The One Million Protestors

The BBC is run by scum, Presented by Scum and is Scum straight from the dregs at the bottom of the barrel of humanity. It is not a “People’s Corporation” but a government propaganda machine and if you still pay their illegal license fee to them then shame on you.

Let me explain. The Egyptian people called for “One Million People” to protest. It was a metaphor right?

It meant “We Want Many People To Turn Out And Protest”.

And indeed they turned out. Other TV channels talked in hundreds of thousands in one square and millions when combined with Cairo and Alexander and so on. I think it went into many millions across Egypt and TV Footage showed this was clearly the case.

But not according to the BBC who went off on a tangent and started debating the numbers. They referred to “Tens of Thousands” not “Hundreds of Thousands” like everybody else.

Jesus H Christ. What a bunch of brown nosing losers posing as journalists.

“Do you think they will ever reach anywhere near a Million Protestors?” they bleated in the studio.

It was yet another blatant attempt to diss the uprising and make it look like it wasnt working.

Making a Big Deal out of numbers is not news folks. Its called PROPAGANDA!

BBC? British Bullshit Corporation! Turn off this crap and Sky news too. They are controlled by the Khazar Jew who like to be called International Jews. Go to Al Jazeera, Russia Today or Press TV for proper news and your eyes will be opened. Compare the info and you will see what the rest of us already know.

If you are a sheep person though, keep watching the Sky and BBC propaganda to stay ignorant and be left in the dust of progress.

As for you talentless annoying “None News Presenters”… watch your backs amongst the public. Your time is coming too.

USA Mind Your Nose

It did not take Hilary “Whore of Babylon” Clinton to start spewing her shit stirring crap as per usual. This lying megalomaniac bitch needs to be ignored by the world. Like her illegal alien boss squatting in the White House, they need to put their own house in order first before sticking their unwanted noses into other countries business which does not concern them.

They still dont get it do they? The outgoing Egyptian President has been a lapdog of the CIA for 30 years. Remember that he came into power through assassination. He is an army entity or dictator if you like. That is why he is stalling and clinging on. Its so Isra-hell through their lapdog US er… Diplomats, can make sure whoever takes over can be fully controlled by them as indeed Mubarak was and still is for a short time.

As for the teleprompter king Barry Obama? Falling US Dollar, getting financially trounced by China et al, rising unemployment at an all time high, millions now on food stamps, millions more dispossessed and living under bridges in Tent Cities, looming food crisis, getting ass kicked in Iraq and Afghanistan and a bullet with his name on it… the list goes on. A sane leader would be concentrating on his own country’s growing hardship rather than interfering with the problems of others. What a flake this entity is. What a bleeding hypocrite. What a dope.

You can apply the above to the Khazari Jew puppets in the UK hung and illegal government too.

I saw little Wullie hague playing nanny government hero by informing Brits in Egypt that planes were being chartered to fly them home. Big deal. Isnt that a governments job to take care of its sovereign citizens? Isnt that covered by tax payers? Apparently not. Little Wullie adds.. ” But the air fare will cost you £300 quids”. Wanker!

At last, the rest of us who can clearly read between the lines as easy as reading a cereal box are beginning to see a great awakening. But there is big trouble ahead.

Violence Erupts

The architects of the NWO will not simply walk away now that the unexpected has happened.

The next step is send in their Black Op Teams and start some violence in the guise of Pro Mubarak government.

Its a stall tactic until they can buy, threaten or blackmail whoever takes power. Order Out Of Chaos!

And if they cannot achieve that, they are quite willing to cause chaos and leave it at that for now until they can sneak through the backdoor again.

Dangerous Times Ahead

Be in doubt my friends. What is happening in North Africa is already spreading to the Middle East and it too can become even more unstable than it is now.

What I’m saying here is this could be a primer for the planned WW3 should the PTB lurking in the shadows get their evil way. See my Predictions. That point has not been reached yet but…

If you see clashes between Egyptians for change and supporters of the old regime over the next few days, you can bet your shirt that the old regime protestors are actually police and or Military in plain clothes trying to cause the chaos theory.

What we are seeing here is the truth about governments. Arrogant leaders who refuse to bend to the will of the very people whom they are supposed to serve. Leaders who would rather quash free speech and free will. What kind of government turns violent against its own people? A fascist one no doubt.

Do not think this cannot happen in the West either. You will probably see the British Police caving some ones head in with a truncheon on a street near you soon when the same hardship in N. Africa begins to bite when the Austerity measures begin to kick in.

When I said there would be strikes and riots across the world including Europe I wasnt joking.

Most Brits still dont believe me. They think I am an idiot or something like a conspiracy nut. But as proved in the past. “He who laughs last, laughs the longest”.

I know most of Britain like America is heavily sedated. Dont laugh! It was on a medical news release

Yes siree! Prozac Britain it was called. One in four Brits are stressed out and have developed Mental Problems. And theres me thinking it was the crap they put in the food chain and fluoridated water that was causing a nation of apathetic people. However, its only a matter of time before this mass mental illness backfires against the government once hardship pushes them over the top.

Heres the kicker.

Prozac is supposed to be a course of medication of around 12 weeks then your done. Unfortunately many people are left on it indefinitely. Too many people get addicted to Happy Pills but like any uplifting drug there is a downside. What goes up must come down sooner or later.

I saw little Nicky Clogg talking about depression like some tabloid agony aunt.

This little backstabbing traitor lecturing like some wise old man complete with sym-Pathetic face and all.

Yes little Nick. The Nation is depresses because you, your cabbage patch doll boyfriend and the rest of your droning acolytes are causing the depression. Jesus! Must be a new tactic to depress everybody into Cameroons Big Society!

Nuff said. I’m almost at the point where I’m going to keep my mouth shut about what the entities in suits are up to. The time of flogging a dead horse is almost over. I have better things to do so I’ll finish for now until the proverbial SHTF.

Meanwhile for those of you who awake or becoming awake watch these flakes in suits.


To Be Continued… Next The Egyptian Distraction.


On The Wind…

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