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Mother nature is preparing to unleash a series of earthquakes. Most will originate from ocean-quakes beneath the sea. My predictions of those around Japan and Indonesia have shocked and surprised many of you who are not used to Psychics who say things that actually happen. Let me surprise you even further with a little secret.

My predictions concentrate on the quakes which you will see in the mainstream media. Not all earth tremors are reported either because of other news or they are not severe enough. In a way you could say that I am psychic hacking news broadcasts of the near future.

So now that I have your attention and if you are willing, let us take a journey into the future around some of the hotspots of the world which are becoming unstable. Glimpse into the second half of 2007 the year of weird.

In June the year begins to get into her stride as a summer of chaos begins to take shape. In this section I wish to focus purely on earthquakes and their locations. I have also supplied a real time earthquake map so you can keep track of my successful or failed predictions yourself.

Japan Russia Alaska

June To September 2007

I will start with Japan because there seems to be some kind of connection here regarding other parts of the world especially Indonesia and Russia.

Japan will continue with more undersea activity after the recent lull. My last prediction concerning Japan also said there would be ocean quake in Indonesia soon after. Although this happened within five hours of each other and the prediction seems to be fulfilled, I feel it is not yet complete. There will be a similar domino effect with two or three different Indonesian locations. See Thailand below.

Meanwhile in Japan itself it would be wise to watch the signs I told you earlier this year. Two or three successive undersea quakes. One in the North (Hokkaido), one central in the Yokohama area (Honshu). This will effect Tokyo and one further South either Shikoku or Kyushu. There will be further activityon the West coast of Japan (Sea of Japan)

A severe earthquake in Tokyo can be prepared for by these signs I give you between July and September. Three ocean quakes close together, North first, South second and Central third. These will be backed by activity on the far side of Japan from Sado right down to Yama Guchi. The latter will be felt in South Korea.

Off the coast of Hokkaido and the Kuril Islands effecting parts of the Russian coast. There will also be rumblings around the Aleutian Islands which will be felt on parts of the Alaskan coastline. It is this part of the world (Aleutian Islands)which will eventually see land rising out of the sea between now and the next few years. There will be no serious threat to Alaska itself but the fishermen must proceed with great caution.

Undersea activity will create many unpredictable conditions at sea along with freak weather.

The Far East

Thailand (Andaman Islands) Malaysia Singapore (Batam Bintan and Kep Rian)Sumatra Java Borneo Celebes.

Moving from Japan in the direction of the Far East a darker story emerges. There will be much instability in the areas above.

The Andaman Islands disturb me with undersea activity originating around this area. This will effect the coast of Thailand as did the boxing day Tsunami. This time you may see the nearby Nicobar Islands linking in to undersea activity and therefore effecting the tip of Sumatra and Malaysia which could be felt in Penang.

Singapore is an unusual exception. Although many tremors and rumblings will be felt here, there does not seem to be mass damage by earthquakes but there is plenty of freak weather here linked to water. Watch for floods June to September.


Moving further from Sumatra toward Australia. Like Singapore, Sumatra will feel earthquake tremors yet remain stable. For Java (Diakarta) Flores and Timor is another story.

This string of Indonesian islands which run through to New Guinea will become more and more unstable the closer we get to 2010. This growing activity will effect both the coasts of Borneo and Celebes.

The Timor ocean quake will effect some of the Australian coast. Use Darwin as a reference point. However, I see this part of Australia suffering from freak weather like Singapore rather than mass earthquake damage. Again there is a strong element of water here. Either to much or to little in this case.

Australia New Zealand Tasmania Papua New Guinea

Australia as a whole will remain quite stable in years to come as will New Zealand, the latter seeing much volcanic activity (South Island) and will experience tremors but nothing to worry about.In fact as the Earth’s crust goes through massive upheaval towards 2012, New Zealand will actually be pushed higher where some Indonesian islands will become partly or fully submerged.

There is still more undersea activity to emerge in the Tasman Sea near Tasmania itself. Look at an atlas and you will see Tasmania at the bottom of Australia and Papua New Guinea to the top. On your right you will see the Solomon Islands and you will also see disaster there before the year is out. I do not think this area qualifies for the so called Ring of Fire. Maybe there is a new fracture in the Earth’s crust or an ancient one we do not know about yet but I will tell you there will be large undersea quakes from Tasmania up to the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea over the coming years. Watch for this precursor between July and October, especially the Solomon Islands.

Update 7th July – Two five point ocean quakes in this area on this day.

A reminder that the above will effect some of the Australian coast, Melbourne to Sydney where a mini Tsunami will force water to the steps of the Sydney opera house.

New Predicted Earthquakes

Vatican Earthquake?

Rome will be shaken by two earthquakes this year. The first will be minor but the second will inflict damage in the Vatican itself. Religions will cry – Wrath Of God. This will originateoff the coasts of Sardinia and Sicily (Palermo)


Two or three big earthquakes to come this year, two will be in summer around September October but I feel the precursor warning will be in or around July to August.

I feel Istanbul will suffer one of the larger ones. Another will be somewhere in Southern Turkey. This will be felt in Cyprus and Syria.

Afghanistan Pakistan Iran India

More traditional earthquakes (not ocean quakes) will rock Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran. India will suffer most damage along with freak weather and floods.

United Kingdom

That’s right the UK. One has already occurred in southern England during May. My original prediction was two or three quakes. One in south or central England, one in the region of Wales and one in the Highlands of Scotland. I feel the Scottish Highlands tremor will be more likely than Wales.

UK earthquakes are very weak and rarely felt or even noticed but I am including them here as more proof that the coming earthquake phenomenon is not limited to traditional places any more.

I will update you if and when I can see the picture more clearly before the events.

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