Why Donate?

First a heartfelt thanks to you who have dug deep and donated to this website especially in these hard times.

It shows your appreciation and your appreciation is appreciated. However, I am still hoping that the other hundreds of visitors to this website will show some generosity at some point and receive some good Karma in return.

It is said “The best things in life are free”. Yes they are. In fact everything should be free but unfortunately the society we live in does not work that way. We have to pay for everything one way or another.

For the past five years I have taken the financial burden for this website upon myself and funded it out of my own earnings in order to help awaken those who want to be awakened. I have strived to keep those annoying Google ads and pop up windows off the site to annoyance at bay. The Web Guy tried them once in the your blog section but his enthusiasm quickly waned.

I did not nail him to a tree by his thumbs on that occasion because he was only to trying to come up with a solution to support the running costs of this website.

I have little promotions in the right hand column to help with the cost also.

After all, this is your website not mine. I just financially maintain it. Not only do I fund it but I also have to commit a lot of my personal time to it as you know.

There are hundreds of daily visitors to this website. If each one donated something, it would keep this website up and running even if it went underground. Five, Ten, Twenty Fifty a Hundred quid or more is not the issue.

Although I will not turn my nose up at a couple of grand nor a couple of hundred grand. Arf Arf!

The largest to date is was £100 from a formidable lady down under. She is not rich like some of you.

However, donations of that kind or more will earn you a free Tarot Reading.

She has even donated that to a friend. Good Karma to you my darling. Nature sees all!

It is the appreciation for hard work and dedication in my quest to awaken people. It is an encouragement for me to carry on bringing you the outcome of events before they happen or helping you see through the web of lies, deceit and propaganda spun out to you by the MS Media and false leaders of this world who do not have your best interests at heart. I need to know that my efforts are not wasted. That people are awakening to what is happening now and more importantly what is to come at this crucial time in human history.

Although I donate to a few websites, I have never used a Donate Button myself although I have been advised to do so on many occasions. I preferred to do some work instead and started up the PB (Private Blog) instead to help balance costs.

Although the PB is very time consuming because research is needed I enjoy it. It is nothing like what is written here. It is about awakening people on an entirely different level to the hidden world around us. A private place where I can talk and educate about things which are unofficially taboo in the public domain. From the Illuminati to ancient UFOs. Things that the PTB (Powers That Be) are hiding from the masses like Nikola Teslas free electricity which he tried to give the world almost a hundred years ago until they rumbled him.

Wasting their time because it is being leaked anyway as you see on the right. The ironic thing is that anyone can build a Tesla generator easily and for peanuts. That is why the faceless ones keep shutting websites down who offer it so get the info while you can. They are scared of Free Energy because it will put them out of business.

That is what the corporations who run this Planet do. They control everything and charge you for it although they get it for free themselves. The PB is different world to the public domain blog but according to the daily visits it seems that there is a thirst for the open blog.

All I am asking is that after five years of delivering to you out of my own pocket, the time has come to help keep it going.

Especially next year in 2012 because it is destined to be a turning point in human history.

This site will be constantly attacked and it costs money to rectify each time.

I would like to be here to cut through all the disinformation you are about to be exposed to. Trust me, the PTB are going to create so many distracting situations that the average person will not know whether they are coming or going. There are Earth changing events on the horizon. I have seen them and things will get rough. Take a look at my track record for precognition and you will see that my hit rate is high enough to take on board what I warn you about and consider your actions.

2012 will be full of turmoil both man made and natural chaos.

The Mayan calendar warns us about “End Times” but I wonder how many people really understand what it means. End of the World or End of the World as we know it?

Then there is the problem of a mega Sun cycle which is due coincidentally corresponding with the end of the Mayan calendar date. Are you prepared? Have you got your Tesla free energy info from the column on your right yet?

This is not the metaphysical world I am referring to. This is a factual cosmic event backed by NASA and independent none government space scientists.

The PTB want a great global culling to reduce the worlds population to save dwindling Earth resources in order to ensure the survival of the Human Race. After all, they are the elite. Masters of our destiny. We are merely “Useless Eaters” as they call us.

Psychotic bleepers is what they are. There would be no need to save valuable resources if they stopped raping Mother Earth for them by simply releasing things like Tesla technology to human kind. Unfortunately they cannot because it would be the end of giant corporations who cause war in order to steal oil so they sell it back to you and I.

There has been technology around for running your car on water for decades now but you are not allowed to access it. What would BP and Shell et al do?

How could they sponsor wars and poison the food supply in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska if you did not need their fuel?

I will not get you started about cancer cures by telling you how they too have been around for and hidden. Suffice to say that if the cure was released tomorrow, cancers would be a thing of the past but so would big pharma drug corporations who charge a fortune for their dodgy snake oil medication.

It is no secret these days because insiders have leaked this information. The sinister entities behind those corporations, banks and governments are planning to reduce the world population and control the few who survive like worker bees. They plan to hide this global genocide by hiding behind the Earth Changing events they know about and are hiding. They are going to distract the masses with war and financial depression. With false viruses and poisonous vaccines like I have Predicted and warned you about in the past.

There are many things I can warn about. Many problems I can find answers to. Many lies and distractions which I can expose when the PTB are bombarding you with falsities and disinformation in 2012.

Thing is this. Do I give this information to those who want everything for free or do I reserve it for the loyal ones in the PB and those who have donated?

Come on people. Credit where it is due. This website is falling victim to the times I myself Predicted.

Some of you listened to my advice about buying Gold a few years ago. “Get your money out of the bank” said I. “You will not regret it I promise you” I cried. Some bought at $400 per ounce, others caught on later and bought at $600 when they saw my Prediction taking shape. Up and down it went. Each drop will be followed by a rise I said and I urged courage to hold your nerve. Then I Predicted Gold would reach $1800 dollars an ounce, a Prediction that almost got me laughed off the internet until it too happened. In fact it exceeded my figure.

It has dropped a little since so watch it skyrocket again soon and especially next year when it will fly to the Moon.

You aint seen nothing yet my friends.

And so it is that I wonder about those who have tripled their money on my free advice. Will they be generous or nay?

Will they say “Stuff you Levi, Im alright Jack. Just keep on throwing your valuable information and guidance my way for free”? At least they will learn one thing if that be the case. That they are tightwads and need to look in the mirror. Arf Arf!

Then there are wealthy visitors sitting on tons of cash in the bank and elsewhere.

I would expect them to be extremely generous and shock me down to my cotton socks. After all, that money may either devalue soon or even become inaccessible. At least I can put it to good causes besides my own.

Come on my rich friends. Give the old dog a bone and show a little appreciation from the money I have saved you losing over the years with my free advice. You cannot take it with you and there are no pockets in shrouds.

Yes my friends. We are fast arriving at the zenith.

I warned of the September crash in my 2008 Predictions. It was unimaginable then wasnt it? But it happened as I said it would.

Your governments and experts played it down and lied to you. But I guided you through that bullshite also.

I advised not to listen to them. They lie when they say it is mere “Credit Crunch” said I. Things will get worse year by year because as always, they are hiding the truth because they have a sinister agenda against each and every one of us.

We are still not quite at the point I have seen yet. Not quite. Things have not hit rock bottom yet until the greedy bankers derivative cons and scams begin to surface.

Then the guacamole will really hit the fan.

I am no different than anyone else in the situation the PTB are creating. Everything is going up in price so sacrifices have to be made in order for money to be used in more constructive ways and time spent on preparation for the turmoil ahead.

I will never abandon my PB nor donators. The big question is whether to keep this website going by pouring money time and energy into it.

The fact of life is that I, like you have other expenses to meet and responsibilities which are more needy. They could benefit off the cost I pay for this website and off course the time I can invest in them to raise and get things they need.

I have been in this quandary for some time now. Stuck in limbo as what to do and which direction to go.

Advice from others pulls both ways and I can see both sides of the argument.

Without this website I will have more money to use for other interests and most of all more time to invest in others. So I decided to stop being the trail blazer for awhile and throw the problem to the wind so destiny can decide.

As web Guy said to me when he argued for a Donation Button.

“You have given your time freely for over five years and wrote who knows how million words. Words of wisdom, words of advice, words of comfort and words that others want to say but dare not say. All for free. Yet a person has no qualms about spending hundreds of pounds a year on magazine subscriptions full of rubbish and shallow topics. So why not ask the hundreds of people who pass through here daily to show their appreciation. Like you said. It is their website after all, not yours. If they dont want it by not making a contribution so be it. You have your answer”.

A speech worthy of Martin Luther I thought. But he is right. I must put the daily visitors to the test and give them the opportunity to help out here. Most truth websites have to post these pleas for donations a few times a year. I know because I contribute to them. Most have to supplement with all kinds of annoying and distracting ads. It is not by choice but by necessity. Websites are like anything else.

They cost time and money to keep running. Especially when they are interactive like this one where blogs have to be written, forums need to be edited and research done.

I have done my best and kept this website afloat under my own steam for five years now. I think I have done my bit.

I am willing to donate the time it takes to keep posting the free blog which is the mainstay of the website but unfortunately not the finance. It is your site not mine, so if you wish to keep it going especially through the troubled waters ahead, please show your determination and willingness by donating.

If I am willing to carry on donating my time freely, you should be willing to make a donation of some kind.

Come on Spartans arise to the battle cry AAAAAAAAAARHUUUUUU!

The lackeys of the PTB have been wanting this website to disappear for years now. Hell knows how they have tried.

I repeat. Yes it costs money to get it back up and running when it has been interfered with also.

Just imagine their hidden ugly faces quaffing Champagne in celebration if old Levi quietly walks into the night and finishes the job they themselves have failed to do for the past years.

That should get your goat up.

Thankyou again to those of you who have already donated and thanks in advance to those intending to donate and keep up the faith. I am sending good Karma and luck.

Please do not send a penny if you are financially struggling. Just send some goodwill and that too will be appreciated. Look to your own first and foremost always. I will send good Karma to all of you.

On The Wind Of Gratitude – Levi

Please Give Generously



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