Great Distractions

Well well well. Looks like the Great Distraction ruses have started.

While shenanigans of the TLA (Three lying Amigos) have been boring the living daylights out of the British Public with the farcical rigged and stage managed Election debate, let’s take a look at what we are supposed to have missed.

Almost all European Air Space closed due to a new phenomena called an ‘Invisible Ash Cloud’. This new phenomena has the uncanny ability to defy nature and float against winds giving it the ability to travel in different directions at the same time. Whatever. All planes grounded. Well not al…

While the TLA droned on with words and false promises we have all before and Britain was under a deadly invisible ash cloud there was something afoot. Something big, but apparently something that was no business of the public. One of the biggest ‘War Game Exercises’ carried out to date. Military planes not affected but were grounded after the exercise when commercial planes began flying. A true propaganda slip up. But we were not supposed to know about the military exercise in the first place.

Commercial aircraft fly over active volcanoes all the time. In fact many are on regular flight routes. Millions of people watched arial footage of the ash plume on TV but few questioned why the plane shooting the footage had no engine problem. Planes fly through the heart of storms to gather data. And heaven forbid how Middle Eastern countries cope with all that sand and sand storms. They must fall out of the sky everyday when the engines cease up with sand.

I think it’s time we all stopped to ponder about flying at all.

At least until we slip the leash back on the airline companies and hit them where it well and truly hurts.

I mean for decades we have been mislead about the safety of flying. Now we are finding out that the powerful aircraft engines we trust our lives to are not as indestructible as we are told. In fact they have followed the trend of celebrity diva drama queens. The big Rolls Royce engines reputable for toughness and durability around the world have now turned sissy and fragile. Worse still is that they cannot even handle an Invisible ash cloud. So let us play the PTB (Powers That Be) at their own game by ‘Not Doing’ what they want us to do.

Make their propaganda backfire on them.

When their profits are plummeting and they are forced to put on their friendly PR face and ask.. “Why aren’t you flying”? You say… “ Because I don’t wish to risk my life by a trusting a plane that is too delicate to travel through an ash cloud who’s particles are so fine they are invisible, while a small plane or micro-lite can. No Thanks!”

Forget the Military Exercise. To me it was an exercise of how powerful the MS Media is at the art of distraction. This website was on the ball before any other. We knew it was the biggest load of BS to come from the media in a long time. To me it wasn’t believable from day one and was stated as such here in this place. Can you believe that it took another week for people to start catching on? It took the MS Media a little longer because they had to go with public opinion in order not to blow their cover.

I will lay my last bottomed out dollar that there were Pilots aviation fans around the world who thought as I did but did not have the platform to air their opinions. People in the know about aviation must have been dumbfounded that the public was swallowing this trash but after all, it’s just down to ignorance or non knowledge about a subject. (even though a little simple research would confirm any suspicions)

We saw footage of the heroic Royal Navy picking up Brits stranded abroad. Did they break off from the war games? Er, no. They amalgamated it into the drill. Remember this was a war exercise and in the event of a war, nationals and expats would have to be extracted from unfriendly countries asp.

But that’s all pie in the sky now. There is was much more afoot but still the TLA droned on and on and on.

Disaster City

Yes my friends. We have entered Disaster City. It’s one thing after another and I for one do not like it one single bit. We seem to be lurching from one disaster to another.

Now it seems that we have a major oil spill. Notice I didn’t mention the word ‘Accidental’

GO TO – US oil spill ‘threatens way of life’, governor warns.

There is a lot of strangeness seemingly going on to us mere mortals. But always remember that nothing is as it seems and condition yourself to read between the lines.

In August 2005 the same zone was hit by Hurricane Katrina. Much of New Orleans still looks like ground zero five years later with many still homeless. Why? Many commentators have asked how this can be, especially in what is supposed to be the wealthiest country in the world. The question is why? Why will the authorities not people back into their old neighborhoods five years on when they can fund wars costing billions? Are sane people in control of our well being here? And now this oil spill further up the coast from New Orleans and nearing the Louisiana Coastline. Furthermore, this rig is a state of the art super rig which has so many fail safes installed it would be almost impossible for an accident of this scale to occur.

Like the ash Cloud. As I told you then I will tell you now. There is much more to this story than you presently know, informed of, or meets the eye.

Let us wait and see if another national emergency is declared and locals are asked to move from the area as we saw with New Orleans. Something fishy is going on? Are they clearing that zone of humans completely? If so why?

Are people being herded into ‘Kill Zones’?

The New York Terror-error-ist Bomb Exercise

Today I hear another propaganda stunt. A ‘Car Bomb’ in New York City. Well knock me down with a feather. I wondered when this one was coming. London, Paris and Germany next!

GO TO – Car bomb found in New York’s Times Square

We are being regaled by heroic tales and exaggerations from the suits on how close it was to where they were. (Their own safety is all that counts) They are strongly hinting that it was meant for them so they can play the brave leaders in an act of defiance. I’m glad for them because it’s good practice for when fantasy and staged events become harsh reality. I doubt you would see nor hide nor hair of them if this was real unless they were speaking from their underground tombs.. sorry, bunkers.

The question is this. Are the PTB and Media softening you up for a terror-error-ism attack by subliminally suggesting it now? Don’t forget the suitcase bombs we talked about recently.

Of course, this could be an abysmal distraction attempt borne of poor imagination for something more domestic. After all, Barry Obama is slowly being sussed out by the ‘thinking’ American public. Problem is which scandal are they trying to distract from? Take your pick.

There are now two men claiming to have had gay relationships with Obama including a cocaine fueled gay orgy in the back of his Limo. A Kenyan official has confirmed that Obama was indeed born in Kenya. To add weight to that claim, his pretend wife recently let slip that her husband was a Kenyan. Obama officials still refuse to produce his birth certificate or any other records of who he really is. They are spending millions of dollars of taxpayers money to delay a myriad of court cases trying to get them to simply provide proof of his ID and put the conspiracy to rest once and for all.

The indomitable Pastor Dr James Manning of ‘Obama is a long legged Mac Daddy’ fame, is closing in too with a looming trial. Should be interesting to see if this one is thrown out too. If so, the judge must be investigated.

GO TO – The Obama Sedition And Treason Trial Soon

Goldman Sachs Doing God’s Work

Another story failing to be subdued is a confirmation of what many thinkers already knew.

Goldman Sachs are on the fiddle. A finance company makes record profits in a financial crash! Duh!

Can you see how nature is beginning to bring ‘Exposure’ into the equation?

You see my friends, there is another ‘Bank Crisis Planned’ within the next coming months. You have been warned so don’t be outraged when they ask for yet more from the public coffers. And don’t get too pissed off when they put two fingers up at you again as they transfer it into their bank accounts via bonuses. Just shrug your weary shoulders and say “Oh Hum”, here we go again. Cheeky little Monkeys” as the standard of living plummets.

Trust me. This is coming if we continue down the road we are on now.

What is really worrying (more so for Atheists) is the comment from a top Goldman Sachs exec. a few months ago who amongst a turbulent financial market uttered the famous words.. B> “We are doing God’s work”.< Which God does he serve me wonders?

May Day Marches To Victory

Amongst all the staged election debate, invisible ash clouds, oil spills, car bombs, Goldman scandal and illegal gay Presidents etc. we are seeing something of a panic amongst the PTB and their Media machine also. Don’t get excited yet though. After all some like the ash cloud, car bomb and war exercise are dry runs so they can fill the gaps and rectify any mistakes.

The May Day Marches around the globe were so big that the MS Media could not afford to ignore it. Remember about the lip service. If they don’t cover everything we want then they expose themselves. Seeing as the media is their most potent weapon they have to keep it loaded by pleasing us every now and again.

There was an obvious air of discontent about these marches and demonstrations. People are beginning to feel the pinch as more companies go under and jobs are lost. The dark feeling of insecurity is starting to creep in. From the PTB lackeys in governments point of view, they are more concerned about what would happen if these peaceful marches and demos metamorphosed into the Greek and Thai protests? They are feeling the cold sweat running down their backs. It’s a quandary because they have a strict timeline to adhere to.

Rubber bullets are now being used against the Thai protestors and they are not wearing the red shirt because the wearers are being targeted and arrested. After weeks of peaceful protest the mood is beginning to change. Once again we see a PTB US run lackey government refusing to do what the people want them to do.. Step Down! Same attitude is coming to a government near you soon. Mark My Words.

Bear in mind that these lackeys I speak of are spineless cowards. They are chosen for that trait, amongst others, so they are more easily manageable or blackmailed. Lacking courage is a vicious circle disease. So those lackeys who have penetrated the Greek Government have a dilemma. On one side their Elite pawnbrokers, on the other side, ie, the people whom they are betraying, are both demanding something off the middleman, the ‘Management or Government’.

The Elite want their payment debt and the ‘Greek Suits’ don’t have it because somehow, they have spent that too on top of the original loan.

Here they have met the litmus test.

“Where do our priorities truly lie? With the people who entrusted us to take care of their affairs or our masters Elite?”

The balance has been set. They have chosen to pay the Elite by taking the money off the people. Only half of the problem has gone away. Now they are having to deal with another wave of public unrest. They were stuck between a rock and a hard place. Now they need another loan to quell the angry public by injecting back the money they plundered to pay off the elite bankers system of usury in the first place. Money for old rope as we say. So here’s what is going down. The lackeys placed within the Greek Government have been negotiating the sale of much of the Greek Islands without permission or consent of the Greek People. Greece like every country is a Corporation run mainly on debt. It’s a business. The business is failing so the banks are calling in their loans with interest. Can’t pay because of economic breakdown? No problem. We’ll send in the receivers.

The ‘Receivers’ are now estimating a value for the Greek Islands. Royalty is covertly involved here also.

Don’t be shocked. The deal was done a long time ago behind closed doors. Same deal with Tony B.Liar when he sneaked of to sign a contract selling the UK off to Euro Brussels. Who in turn I might add, have succeeded only in slowly dismantling the country and caused intentional chaos for the society. Hey, it’s business. Every country is a business. Some close down and sell out while larger ones continue to go forth and prosper. The same old strategy as the super-stores. The more local shops you can put out of business, the more people depend on you. When all small shops have closed because they cannot compete, game over. Now we own the public and they will eat what we decide to give them.

Load up the salt and sugar boys. We play golf with our Big Pharma Drug colleagues. Let’s give them some action too by slowly poisoning the peasants. Hey, don’t forget the water guys and the big bakers!

This is the world we are living in now. Yet look around you and how many people do you see who don’t have the slightest inkling what is going on?

But looking at May Day around the world and witnessing the peoples discontent in Thailand and greece with other to soon follow…

I would call that a sign of an awakening… Wouldn’t you?

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