Conspiracy Into Truth PT 2

While civil unrest spreads from Africa to the Middle East, the Western politicians are showing that they are no different.

They are all trying to jump on the bandwagon for their two minutes of fame in support for the Protestors. So it will be interesting to watch them change their tune when revolt spreads to Europe and Britain anytime from April but especially in Summer when they have slapped more hardship measures on the public.

Be in no doubt my friends. Their tune will change and they will set the police on protestors in Europe and the UK to protect themselves and their power base and my Prediction of politicians in fear or their own people will manifest into reality when their hypocrisy has been on full display. But for now lets look what they are doing while you are distracted by the riots.

Oh yes, guess what Barry Obama has done? The illegal alien squatting in the White House.

Prepare to be outraged because he has just spread 200 Nukes through Europe without permission. The world is getting sick to the teeth of American policies which are really Israels. US Politicians lost their teeth a long time ago when they let the Israeli lobby bully and blackmail their way into controlling America.

America is finished as I Predicted. Few Americans already know the writing is on the wall while the majority are Pig Ignorant and blind to their crumbling Empire of the most debt ridden society on Earth.

But this latest move which will no doubt be kept out of the MS media unless some Euro poli-ticks grow some balls. But as we know this is an impossible task. A blackmailable coward must obey like a mongrel. So we are on own because our governments are full to the brim with entities who have it in for us. I am not ranting here. I am deadly serious. There is no difference whatsoever between North African and Middle Eastern regimes and Western ones. They are just dressed up better and present a friendlier face although a two faced one.

America is going down and this latest revelation should have you concerned because it looks like they are planning to drag the rest of us down by starting WW3.

Bizarre. Especially when the MSM recently reported that the USA and Russia agreed to cut their nuclear arsenals. So this is a very dangerous U-Turn.

I kid you not. People must shake themselves into reality and fast.

They must open their eyes to the entities who claim they are politicians because they are not. They are neo conservatives who are shepherding the world into a nightmare new one world regime. None of what you see in North Africa is as it appears.

As for the pig ignorant idiot section in America? This is how dumb and dumber they are.

They do not see or understand why the world is turning against them.

OK lets help them out.

The whore of Babylon Hilary “Rambo” Clinton. Thats the lying two faced bitch who claimed she dodged bullets on a visit to Iraq when her hubby Blow Job Billy Clinton was not having sexual relations with that woman. This cow.. because there is no other description was later exposed as a fantasist by people who were there. They were puzzled because she landed in a safe zone. There were no bullets only champagne.


Lying scum sucking low life. But thats not it. Has the whore of Babylon forced her opinion on the world and gave words of encouragement to the protestors and rambled about democracy and freedom while praising the the role social networks like Twitter and Facebook played…

Her government back in La La Land Amerika were busy crushing freedom. First by extending the the so called “Patriot Act” by ninety days but moreso fighting for the right to penetrate her own peoples Twitter accounts. Hint to dumb nut Americans. Gestapo? Heil Hitler? Nazi Germany? Get it? Of course you dont that is why America is finished as I warned years ago. The time is nigh.

GO TO -Wikileaks Row Intensifies As US makes Privacy Move against Twitter.

Hypocrisy at its best. Land of the Free? The world quietly laughs down its sleeve. Amerika is now a prison without bars. By the way. The “Gestapo.. er I mean “Patriot Act” has been extended by 90 Days because it was the weekend so they did not have time to debate it?

GO TO – Senate Passes 90-Day Extension of Patriot Act

Jesus H Christ. Surely one American out there must scratch their head and say “You knew it was going to expire months ago so why was it not debated then”?

God help those Americans who can see what is going on and what is coming at them.

Meanwhile the dumb nuts still think they are a rich country while propped up by debt and the Chinese. They still think they are “The” worlds Superpower not realising that they have been overtaken by China both financially and military wise.

Fact! China could invade and totally control Amerika in “Six Weeks” flat.

(US Intelligence not mine)

Superpowers do not fold in six weeks. Nor do they get their ass kicked in Iraq and Afghanistan. Worse still is the escalating problem of mental breakdowns in the US military. In Afghanistan alone over 300 soldiers have committed suicide. I believe this is related to the drugs injected into them. Apparently many of them are on Valium. No wonder the casualty rate is rocketing. Going into a war zone high as a kite and not giving a damn is not a good idea.

But when it comes to self destructive America planting 200 nukes on European soil tells the rest of us that the psychotic entities thousands of miles away are ready to nuke the hell out this part of the world. Who the hell do they think they are and why are Euro leaders allowing them to do it?

Because as I have often said. They all work for the same elite power base. They are ALL puppets and traitors and must be ousted from power before they can start WW3. (Which they have planned. I Kid You Not)

Wake up people. See past the expensive suits and MS Media propaganda because if you do not…. prepare for the emergence of a frightening world of chaos with shortages of essentials like food and fuel etc. Think “Great Depression”. Triple the hardship and you have a good idea.

Wake Or Die

To us it is an enigma. Why can the masses not see what we can clearly see?

The entities in suits and power are enemies of the people. If hardship measures do not bother people especially while Banks lash themselves up with mega bonuses, then maybe what is coming will shock them into reality. People in the UK and EU have no clue what their respective governments have planned for them. I warned about this months ago. I warned that things are so bad that governments dare not slap on all the “Hardship Measures” at once for fear of scenes like Egypt et al. So they revert to what they are good at. Dishonesty and stealth.

Sneak them in because the public is so stupid they will never know.

Look at the alleged plan to sell off British Woodlands.

These entities have no legal right to sell off a heritage that does belong to them. Nor do we. Caretakers of this planet is what we are. The responsibility to preserve for future generations. Were they serious or was this another smoke and mirrors?

Or was it my suggestion to keep the Woodlands and dump the right royal parasites.Good idea I say. The monarchy too is running out of steam. Bye Liz. Not nice sharing the same space and time with you and your dysfunction brood.

Wake up folks. See them all as they really are.

The Woodland sell off was a farce from day one. Like the cabbage patch doll Davy Cameroons Big Bullshit Society.

I still cannot my head around why people are believing in this idiotic idea when even Cameroon himself cannot explain what it is so old Levi will explain it.

Its A Bigger White Elephant Than Blairs “Millennium Dome” Is what It Is.

Every PM must have his little war and white elephant it seems. Sick bastards.

And no you are wrong if you think I have broken into a rant. I am very calm and collected. Worried is what I am. Worried that the masses may not open their eyes and see the truth of what their poli-ticks really stand for. Betrayal!

Here is another example of hypocisy. If this does not piss people off I dont know what will.

GO TO – ALF of council chiefs earn more than the PM: Despite protesting about cuts, they won’t give up fat salaries

There you have it. They pretend they serve the people by condemning bank bonuses while they parasite of the people.

They make savage cuts leading to hardship for the people while they live in a lap of luxury. As mentioned last week. Most of the British Government cabinet are millionaires and like the tightfisted council leaders will not feel the hardship tey creating for the people.

Oh you little Hitlers. Your time is coming and I for one cannot wait to see again in realtime. You will run and hide. All of you. So enjoy your false positions and ill gotten gains while you can.

I simply cannot wait to see how the masses react when the next wedge of hardship is slapped upon them while their so called leaders live the life of Riley.

I will say it again and again to the sheep people.

Awaken from your slumber or die in your sleep.

Next Time… Knowledge Is Power. And if you want to survive the great Earth Changes ahead and Global political upheaval it is important to start educating yourself.


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