The Babason Pyramid Resonator Project

Babason! A Circle of (who I personally regard as) High Psychics of which I am fortunate enough to be a part of, although I am not one of them per say. They are scattered here and there around the globe so time zones can make it difficult for the circle to meet at both ends.

The things we have done with the Pyramid Resonators has always been positive because that is the way the world was. But now it has changed and even Babason agree that the time has come to face their own taboos and Fight.

I persuaded them to circulate the Pyramid resonators to form a Matrix of them in order to strengthen their potency. In return I agreed to act as a spokesman for them on one understanding. That there would be times when some things we do may cause harm or worse to those dark entities or their agents who are trying to plunge this world into chaos. A necessary evil. They now have no option but to carry out such necessary evils but you do not.

If you do not agree in any way of what you are asked to do, simply do not take part. But I urge you, as I did Babason, that in order to stop suffering for the many innocents, we must sometimes throw our principals to the wind and get our hands dirty. There is no sin or wrongdoing here so Karma will always be at your side. We are trying to stop the wrongdoing and those doing it by making things go wrong for them and their agendas.

The Pyramid is a Psychic Tool for Collective Human Thought. The power of your mind is capable of more than you can imagine once it taps into Nature itself. And once a mass thinking of something taps into the frequency of Nature, the energy created becomes Omnipotent. This is not a supposition. It is a fact of reality as you will see with your own eyes when you read or see the results of your efforts. And when this happens, your spirit will be empowered to the high.

To any debunkers outside this project. Keep your opinions to yourselves. They are of no interest here thank you. Put it down to a flood of coincidences.


No Angel’s Harp

You will recognize the image above as the HAARP facility based Alaska. It stands for High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Project

I put the name in Red because although it looks like a bunch of antennas from a 50’s Sci-Fi B Movie it is in truth one of the most dangerous weapons on Earth.

For decades we have heard leaders let slip the term Doomsday Machine, especially President Reagan who mentioned it with a grin because it was on his watch when the project was stepped up. The Machine part is out of sight. See blog below for explanation on how it works.

GO TO – Sic Transit Gloria Mundi is latin for So Passes The World’s Glory.

The full name of the HAARP programme is High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Project and North Polar Ozone Depletion, Weather Disruption and Electromagnetic Warfare.

Which in fact would be HAARPANPODWDAEW but the PTB like more striking abbreviated names like IMF, WHO, TTC etc. You get the drift.

You can do some quick research at link below.

GO TO – Project Earth

Officially the PTB (Powers That Be) tell the public that it shoots a million watts or so into the Ionosphere but we can confirm that they upped that figure considerably quite some time ago. It is now in the Billions. We won’t go into the fact that this is a form of Tesla technology and has been around (or known about) since the 1920’s suffice to say that the PTB are playing God and manipulating the Fabric Of Nature itself.

If you are reading this you will most likely be in the Private Blog so will have some knowledge that there is a hidden power struggle going on by those who manipulate our society and the year 2012 figure strongly in this. We will cover this content here in detail in the next PB.

For now we will stick to the fact that Pakistan is suffering the worst floods in living memory and millions will perish when the final toll is revealed. I told you almost two years ago now that the war in Iraq would be shifted to Pakistan. It was but now it’s gone from Drones to Floods. The dark entities who control the White House have declared war on that country for reasons to numerous to mention here. In plain sight it’s about controlling the worlds flow of oil. Look at a map of the region and you will see the best way to get oil out off the area is of course Iran. China backs Iran and coincidentally are having floods. Next to pakistan is India. More Floods. Russia has interests in Iran too. They are now engulfed in the biggest heatwave ever and raging fires are destroying their crops to the point where they have had to ban all grain imports. Brazil can expect more freak weather and Earthquakes as can South America.

Oh dear. I forgot another enemy of the banker gangsters lackeys in the White House now having floods… North Korea!

Floods cut off N Korean city

It’s no coincidence that the above mentioned are BRIC countries who are breaking away from the US Dollar before the planned crash of that currency to avoid chaos.

Meanwhile those who control HAARP have spun completely out of control. They do indeed think they are Gods upon Earth. This scenario is like Dr. Strangelove on steriods except it’s frighteningly real.

For some reason Russia nor China seem to be unable or willing to take this facility out. Maybe they are in on the Global Culling which is now in progress. Or maybe they are just unable to get their military hardware anywhere near because after all, HAARP is a weapon.

And so it is that we will try a little Mind Power. We will make this enemy of Nature malfunction by using Nature herself against it. In other words we will lend a helping hand and boost her energy by freeing the elements from their shackles of the PTB.

I must tell you that the weather may go haywire here and there around the world for a time as Nature gains strength and she unleashes her fury. It will seem that way to us but it is in fact a recovery process same as you gasping for breath when you’ve been underwater too long and almost drowned.

Therefore You Must Make A Decision

You must use your own free will to decide whether (no pun intended) to take part in this quest. People may die but they are dying anyway. That is exactly the process we are trying to stop. Or we could all sit idly by and watch many more millions upon millions of innocent men, women and children perish as is the PTB’s intentions.

We Have Three Images For You.

Read this guide first the when ready scroll to each image and visualize as instructed.

The West Face – Ancient Spiral

If you are thinking wait a minute.. shouldn’t we using the South Face and the powerful Eye Of Ra… and not the Healing Power of the West face… You could be forgiven. Let me explain.

The massive amounts of energy they pumping into the Ionosphere is doing untold damage and tearing Nature apart. Nature is a living breathing thing and when things get to painful she will explode in a fury of which mankind has never seen in order to stop the source of the pain. Namely us! Nature keeps us alive but nature can also wipe us out in a very short time.

The psychopaths at the top of the Pyramid of power have forgotten this. They have reached a point of self appointed divinity for they are Gods of the Earth in their warped minds.

Man cannot ultimately control Nature. Only Nature can control Nature. Man can only manipulate it.

First focus on the image of the HAARP Facility.

Look at the West Face Symbol for a moment, the Spiral. Close you eyes and visualize/imagine the Spiral SPIRALING or Spinning in a Clockwise Direction. It may help some of you to simply point a finger at the Spiral and do a clockwise motion. This will help start it spinning in your mind even if you cannot visualize it spinning.

Now focus on the cloud image.

This is an actual layer of cloud that has been punctured by HAARP.

Now project the Spiral onto the cloud. You can once again close your eyes and visualize that you are actually above the cloud in real time and looking down.

Look to the centre of the cloud. As HAARP tries to open it up, you project your Spiral into it like a whirlpool. Think along the lines of a sink full of water when you pull out the plug. Watch the cloud get sucked back in downwards and in on itself like a whirlpool until the hole in the cloud has gone.

The Last HAARP Visualization.

Now the fun bit. The mad scientists within who think they are in control will be filled with fear and dread.

Look at image below.

Visualize a beam backfiring down onto the facility.

All the Antennas arc lightening with each other. Electric volts of lightening striking between the Antennas. Sparks and explosions everywhere. See bigger lightening strikes coming from the sky fiery sky as nature takes her revenge.

Finally visualize the facility as nothing more than a smoking wreck of twisted steel and cable.

You cam also visualize the little men in white coats running around their windowless room in fear. See their controls and computer exploding as the power surges into them. Smoke white sparks and even hear the alarm sirens going off in complete panic if you can. Send forth chaotic Mayhem.

Then You Are Done My Friends. We will do the rest.

Do this as many times as you wish at any time of the day. So when one part of the earth sleeps the other parts will be awake generating a relentless attack of energy upon this infernal piece of technology and those who are connected to it wherever they are. You Pyramid will find their frequencies and tune Nature’s earth Energy at them. Nature will take it from there and know what to do with them with a bit of Karma Time

On The Electric Wind….


June 6th 2012

The die has been cast by Israel itself. Babason has joined the war against those who wish to cause chaos.

This kind of Pyramid use is normally forbidden and is also against the morality of the Babason Circle. But they, and other Psychics like them, no matter how Love and Light they may be, now know the world is in great danger.

When looking into the future, it’s not as simple and cut and dried as most people think.

There are two paths to walk because Nothing Is For Certain until the path has been chosen. One is Dark. One is Light.

The circumstances of life lead up to the crossroads where those two paths begin. Or a fork in the river where the flow is forced to go split in two directions. Once the path is chosen there is no going back. And if the wrong one is chosen we must wait until the next crossroads and try to rectify our mistake.

Meanwhile, until that opportunity arises, we must suffer the consequences of that mistake. Even if we take the correct path next time, it can still be a road to recovery instead of ‘Just Like Nothing Happened’. And like a scar, the tragedy of the past does not simply disappear. The ‘Past’ cannot be undone.

But the ‘Future’ has not happened yet so can be changed. For the better or the future depends on which road we take.


When we as Babason practice Remote Scanning or Psyching Hacking, we must view both paths. Much like a scout for a wagon train in the days of the pioneer. The scout is an integral part of the wagon train. He makes sure that pass ahead does not lead to a dead end or the trail ahead is safe and doable. But sometimes the Wagon Master does not listen to the scout’s advice. He may decide to take the shorter more risky route than the long way around to save time which sometimes can have dire consequences to the people he is guiding. Because he didn’t listen to the scout, some will never finish the journey to their new life.

We as Natures Children and Guardians of Planet Earth are failing her.

She is wounded and bleeding badly as we can see in the Gulf Of Mexico. She is screaming in pain as we see with increasing Volcanic activity. And she is trying to get our attention with stronger Earth-Quakes and showing her anger of betrayal with increasingly violent weather. She tries to cleanse the man made filth off her with ever increasing and more severe floods.

We are failing my friends.

Failing because we are ignoring her signs and cries. Failing because we are allowing dark souls to rape her. And Failing because we are allowing ourselves to be led astray.

Led down the Dark Path ahead by dark Souled entities.

Why have Babason decided to go against there highly held morals? Because the crossroads which lay ahead is a major one. It has a path that is so dark and dangerous we cannot emphasize enough. We did not travel down this path to much. We did not have to and did not want to. It is so destructive that we must put up barriers so no one can make the mistake of seeing the horror it holds for the human race.

Babason and others have cleared a path to these Crossroads, this raging fork in the river. We have laid traps and set mines for the dark souls who are ready to lead you all down it. You, your families friends and children of the future.

It’s a set up and a death trap. A point of no return.

We have never encountered such a dark path in our thirty odd years of scanning. Nor do want to experience another like it.

It shook everyone us to the core.

We do not want to go down it again. We know it’s there and that is daunting enough and the task ahead will be an arduous one.

The Fight

If this goes against your principals we understand. You must ignore our request. This quest is for ‘Spiritual Spartan Warriors’ only.

We are going to simplify this because you should all be familiar with your Pyramid Resonators by now.

Visualize the Eye Of Ra on the South Face of your Pyramid.

Step One – Imprint it on one image at a time. First on Benjamin Netanyahu, the PM of Israel. [Image Above] Imprint on his forehead. Visualize it turning red then bursting into flames and drop him to the floor.

Step Two – The same as above to the Flag Of Israel. But instead of a flame, visualize the flag been buffeted by a strong wind. (Hear it howling) Visualize the Flag becoming more tattered as pieces get torn off it until the ‘Sar Of David’has gone.

Keep the image of the Eye Of Ra in your minds eye or in the back of your mind so your intention of destructive karma is clear.

Now You Are Done. Thank You.

please do this ritual at least three times over the coming week. More if you can.

If any one of you is worried about reverse Karma, don’t be. This man is much worse than he appears to be. The Flag ritual will make cause many reversals in Israel’s fortunes and weaken it to a point where they will be far to busy surviving to cause the chaos they have planned.

As mentioned above. If you do feel uncomfortable with this, then ignore this request. We ourselves do not want to use the Pyramid Matrix in this way but for the sake of the future it is absolutely necessary. Trust Me!

Large Hadron Collider – 13th Nov 09

We need you all to look at the SOUTH Face of your Pyramid. The Eye Of Ra.

Run over your main instructions again to refresh if needed.

Rotate any hand 1 or 2 inches above Pyramid in an anti-clockwise direction for 20 to 30 seconds then stop.

Hold the symbol Eye Of Ra in your minds eye.

Then look at the image of the LHC and imprint the Eye Symbol on it.

Click On The Image Above For Larger Version

Visualize the LHC overheating with smoke coming from it.

Visualize the sound of alarms going off and scientists panicking and scared.

Visualize them screaming orders to shut down with much fear.

Visualize the symbol again imprinted on the image of the LHC in RED or FIre.

Visualize the LHC having power cut off like a burnt out motor and spinning down to silence.

When the spinning whirring noise has almost stopped, visualize the LHC clunking to a sudden stop like a ceased up engine with no oil.

Visualize the South Face Symbol The Eye Of Ra emitting a beam of light like a laser into the sky. Blue/Red/ White in colour. It does not matter.

Visualize the Eye Of Ra upon the machine and leave it there.

Do this for a minute or so whenever you can between now 13th Nov 09 and the 17th Nov 09.

Try to donate three repeats if you can between above dates.

Then you are done.

Thank You All

October 9th 2009 – The NASA LCROSS Moon Impact Mission

We have already placed the energy for this mission on the Moon last time. Now we must boost that energy.

We have two examples of proof that the energy is functioning. A few days after we set the initial energy an Indian Research Satellite wandered into it’s path and developed problems. Then as the energy grew, this happened. India loses Moon satellite links

Then on Sept. 28th we hear that Nasa have suddenly decided to change the impact location from Cabeus A crater to the proper Cabeus crater. LCROSS Team Changes Target Crater for Impact


Their explanation? There is more Sunlight there so the cloud will be more visible from Earth! The idea was to find ice in a dark crater out of and away from the Sun’s light. NASA has also dropped the mention of the missile and letting people assume that they are only going to crash this expensive piece of technology into the surface. The missile isn’t powerful enough to damage the Moon as such, but to impact an explosion at the Poles could slightly wobble it’s orbit and maybe cause problems with our tides down here.

For Conspiracy Researchers. Well maybe there is a darker agenda. Are they trying a base of some kind? Also we know the the Moon emanates a frequency which has led some experts in the past to imply that Moon could be hollow. Also we have seen a similar satellite impact recently by the Japanese. What is this new fad of crashing things into the Moon of late? This folly has been going on longer however. The same thing happened in Sept. 2006. Sept/Oct? Sept 2006 – Moon probe set for impact finale

Why these months? Are we closer to the Moon mayhap? Or is that another excuse.

Whatever it is, they have no right to mess with things which belong to humankind. It is not theirs to mess with. And why suddenly change the location so it can be seen better from Earth. Are they trying to demonstrate something to the rest of us?

Whichever stance you want to take. This is an irresponsible scientific mission if that is what it is. So let’s make it difficult for them so whatever it’s purpose, it does not happen as it they anticipate. Pyramids at the ready.

Click For Large Image


We need you all to look at the SOUTH Face of your Pyramid. The Eye Of Ra. Run over your main instructions again to refresh if need be.

Rotate any hand 1 or 2 inches above Pyramid in an anti-clockwise direction for 20 to 30 seconds then stop.

Hold the symbol Eye Of Ra in your minds eye.

Then look at the image of the Moon.

Click On The Image Above For Larger Version

Visualize a Big white or silver Pyramid sat on the surface of the Moon as though you are there.

Visualize the South Face and Symbol facing Earth.

Visualize the symbol imprinted on the image of the Moon in RED or FIre.

Visualize the LCROSS Satellite approaching.

Visualize the South Face Symbol The Eye Of Ra emitting a beam of light like a laser. Blue/Red/ White in colour. It does not matter.

Visualize it losing communication with Earth and slowly breaking up and disintegrating.Then you are done.

Thank You All

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