Attention! Is This The Last Hurrah?

You may safely conclude your society is…Doomed. Ayn Rand, illuminati insider, Atlas Shrugged

The time I have been warning has begun. The website is slowly being taken down by cowardly entities who detest the truth and freedom of speech while hiding behind computer keyboards.

Those of you in the Private Blog will still have contact with me through another medium when the shit hits the fan. Speaking of which….

Many of you are getting a cancellation of recurring payments from Paypal. This is Paypal thing who could also involved in removing me from the internet. The system is in shambles so please do not get stroppy with the webguy, it is not his fault. PB payments are becoming due so if any subs are not payed your address will be removed from system. If you are removed by accident a polite message and proof of payment will suffice and he will reinstate you.

I have decided to bend with the wind and let Paypal cancel payments. In other words I will not taking on many more PB subscriptions soon. Sorry my friends but I have warned this would happen eventually.

A few weeks ago mentioned that if you Googled “World Predictions” this website would come out on top above over 50 million searches. Try it now and you will not find me. Same goes for “World Predictions 2011”. I have now been relegated to fourth position after six years of holding the top ranked spot so riddle me this.

How can a Website go down in ratings when said website has “Increasing” numbers?

Couldnt be anything to do with my 2012 Predictions could it? Surely the PTB are not scared of me making them public and warning of the ultimate chaos to come.

I cannot lay the blame at googles door because the top rank has declined to 3rd on Yahoo and as for MSN I do not exist anymore.

Nice timing I must admit. If this website continues to slowly be stripped of its rankings who knows where it will be by the new year or even if it will still be accessible. Do not worry if you are in the PB because I can reach you through another source so we can continue contact and you will get the 2012 Predictions before the new year as usual. As for everyone else? Should this website suddenly disappear one day soon… Thank you for your past support and I wish you all well.

Sick And Tired

Meanwhile the world continues to meltdown into insanity.

We are all to blame. We have allowed the power elite to place their patsy agents into positions of power so they can bring about the downfall of society and freedom so really it does not matter about the future of this website and others like it. They will all disappear eventually.

I am growing tired my friends. I am sick of banging my head against a brick wall. I am fed up with trying to awaken the sheep people who in return spit back venom, ridicule or send snide cowardly emails.

Do you know what? As far as I am concerned they go feck themselves. They deserve everything that is coming to them and their tiny little world of denial.

Then we will see who has the last laugh and I Predict it will be you and me because their minds will simply not cope in 2012. When reality shakes their Lulu world up into real reality and rips them from their X factor none reality world it will simply be too much to accept or digest.

I have had enough of them defending pedophile politicians who at the same time thieve and lie while bringing about their very downfall. They are far too dumb to understand that those who they obey are leading them into a very dangerous world. They sit and moan that their lifestyles are falling apart and their standard of living is in decline with no sign of a better world on the horizon. Poor sad dumb creatures is what they are.

Some of the greatest mysteries of life are the simple ones.

Ask any of those lost souls if they trust politicians and they will say no, they are liars. Yet when those same politicians force hardship on them, they simply obey without question. Go figure.

Yes my friends, old Levi is growing tired and looking forward to the day when I do not have to pay and maintain this website.

I long for the time when I no longer have to put with abuse from certain elements who demand that I make the PB free as well as this one. They are never satisfied so maybe it is time to stop this open blog altogether because they do not appreciate it and I have better things to do with my time.

They call me a money grubber because I charge for Tarot Readings which is my livelihood and helps pay for this website. They want me to work for nothing while like true hypocrites they get paid for their work. That is how stupid a sheep person is. They must not realize that money does not grow on trees. They do not get it. If I do not try to raise money this website would not exist and they would have to find somewhere else to vent their anger.

Sure, I will work for free. It would not take long for me to be put out on the streets before I starve to death.

Nor do they appreciate the agony of inconvenience I must suffer to deliver the truth to them.

Do they really think that I get away taking on the PTB who hate my very existence?

Do they really believe that those powerful sociopaths simply ignore anyone who speaks out against them?

It seems so! Poor poor dumb little creatures.

This website is randomly attacked many times throughout a year. So is my bank account and other personal services which is a frustrating nightmare to rectify and causes me untold and never ending inconvenience.

That is the price I must pay for informing people about the truth of of things and I am growing very tired of the whole shebang.

I have some serious thinking to do and the prospect of having my twilight years relaxing in the sun is an ever increasing temptation.

Besides, if I shut down this website before it gets taken down it would be a small but significant victory. It would really piss my tormentors off big time. They will have to look elsewhere for someone else to antagonize.

Yes my friends, this may well be my last year although I will continue with PB through another medium and keep in touch with my like minded friends within who appreciate being kept informed. I smile at the prospect of having only to write one blog. I am smiling now just at the mere thought of it. Yes, it is very pleasing indeed.

On The Wind – Levi

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